Belfast Newsletter - 16 February 1738


BELFAST. Last Week John Bateson, Esq; near Moyra in the County of Down, was marry'd to miss Cuppage, a beautiful young Lady, of fine Accomplishments, and with a large Fortune.


Yesterday a strolling person, resembling one of them mentioned in the Proclamation to have been guilty of the murder of Lieutenant Hume at Roscrea in the King's County, was seen in this place, who called himself by two different names, having left a Harp at the Widow Mc. Commons at the Long Bridge near Belfast, where said Harp still remains: It has carved on it these words, This Harp was made for Sir Henry Piercy in the Year 1722; but, notwithstanding strict search was made for him, he could not be found. Another strolling person was apprehended on suspicion of been one of the said murderers, but on examination before William Johnstone, Esq., he was discharged; and on father enquiry, it was discovered that two persons had lately lodged two nights in a public house here, and by the description given, one of them appears to have been John Leadwell, having a large cut on his face, and the other Thomas Leadwell: They seemed very uneasy for want of an opportunity of a vessel to transport themselves out of the kingdom, who would have been willing to have gone in any kind of a boat or vessel, either to England or Scotland, and enquired if there are any of the Dublin News Papers in this place, but not getting an opportunity of a vessel, they made off to Donaghadee in the county of Down in order to take shipping there. And forasmuch as this paper is generally received in many parts of the North of Ireland, where some of those barbarous murderers are or may probably come; therefore the publisher thinks proper to insert the following advertisement taken out of the Dublin News Papers.

Over and above the reward mentioned in the proclamation published by their Excellencies the Lords Justices and Privy Council of Ireland, bearing date the first of December, 1738, Thirty Pounds will be paid to any persons apprehending and securing and any Goal or Prison within the Kingdom of Ireland, George Leadwell, John Leadwell, Thomas Leadwell, Carden Bennet, Thomas Bennet, and Bryan Hunt, or anyone of them, but Capt. George Johnston at Lord Chief Baron's Yard, Dublin, upon producing a certificate of their commitment.

John Leadwell is a slender black man, about forty years of age, five feet nine inches high, thin but smooth faced, a reasonable blush but not to call fresh coloured: He has a large cut or hollow on the side of his head, a good eye but heavy, and heavy brow'd.

George Leadwell, is a low man, about five feet seven inches high, 37 or 38 years old, a pleasant good round face, fresh coloured, and a fleshy man, but not to call fat, a little mark'd with the Small Pox.

Thomas Leadwell is a lofty tall robust man, near six feet high, about 34 years old, well and strong made, a very comely good face, black and well arched brows, and ruddy complexion but not to call fresh coloured, a fleshy and every way a good like Man, a dark full eye. his nose tolerably large.

Carden Bennet is a strong made man, about 30 years old, five feet nine or ten inches high, a blushy countenance, much marked with Small Pox, a big nose, but comes small towards the end.

Thomas Bennet is low squat man, five feet six inches high, 24 or 25 years old, full faced and much marked with the Small Pox, gogle eyed, and squints, a pale look, and light brown complexion.


To be sold,

THE Lease of the Quarter-Land of Moyaver, in the Parish of Ardmoy, and County of Antrim, whereof 13 Years are yet to come and unexpired [formerly in the Possession of Neal Mc. Laughlin, Gent. and jis Under-tenants] subject to the Payment of 23l. 10s. yearly Rent, with Receiver's Fees and Duties, to George Macartney of Belfast Esq; which Lease was lately purchase from the Sheriff of the County of Antrim, by Clotworthy O'Neill, Esq; and is worth about 24l. profit Rent yearly. Whoever inclines to purchase the said Concern may applly to John Cuppage, Esq; at his House near Ballymoney, or to the said Clotworthy O' Neill at Shane's Castle, where the Lease and the Sheriff's Deed of Sale of the same may be seen. Dated the 1st Day of February, 1738-9.


THE Dwelling-House now possessed by Mrs. Mary Wills, next adjoining to the Hanover-Quay, in Belfast, is to be lett, at a reasonable Rent, from the first Day of May next. Enquire at Mr. James Mc. Clure's.



THAT the Town and Lands of Gilgad, and Part of Town and Lands of Tannibreak, belonging to the Rev. Purefoy Collis, situate along the Side of the River Kells, within five Miles of Antrim, three of Ballymena, and fourteen from Belfast, consisting of several fine Farms of good Arable and Pasture Land, with sufficient Moss and Meadows therein, wherein are several fine Holms well adapted for Bleaching-Greens, are to be Lett for a Term of Years from Allsaints last, or Allsaints next, to solvent Tenants, by the said Purefoy Collis, at his Lodgings in Mr. John Cole's Dwelling-House in Antrim.


THE TYTHES and DUES, great and small, of the Parish of Killinchy, in the County of Downe, are to be sell, for three or seven Years, from the first Day of June, 1739. PROPOSALS to be received by the Rev. JOhn Brafeild, at Ballylinch, near Thomastown, per Gowran or by Mr. John Shee, at the GOLDEN-BALL, in Michael's Lane, DUBLIN, who will forward the same to the said Mr. Brafeild, so that Answers shall be given to such as propose a reasonable Rent and good Security, as early as possible.


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