Belfast Newsletter -Friday, 13 April, 1832


On the 5th inst. at Waterloo Place, Derry, the Lady of Capt. M'Clintock, of the Londonderry regiment, of a son.

On Saturday last, the Lady of Sir Robert Gore Booth, Bart. of a daughter.

At Omagh, on the 31st ult. the Lady of George Wade Esq. Sub-Inspector of Tyrone, of a daughter -- her nineteenth child.


On the 3d inst. Mr. JAMES MOORE, of Pullans, near Coleraine, to Miss ROSSBOROUGH, of Kilmoyle, near Ballymoney.

At St. Mark's Church, Dublin, on Friday last, FRANK MANSFIELD, Esq. of Castlewray, in the County of Donegal, to MARY, third daughter of the late Sir Samuel Hayes, Bart. of Drumboe Castle, in same county.

At Stickney, Mr. WOODTHORPE, blacksmith, aged 71, to Miss BRADLEY, schoolmistress, aged 52; the young bride hobbled to church on crutches. -- Stamford News.

At Thetford, Master WILLIAM BUSSEY, schoolmaster, a stripling of 25, to Mistress JUDITH MILLARD, a faded dame of 74, whose charms are in her coffers. From 400 to 500 persons formed the returning escort, and the dulcet harmony of pots and pans, of cow-horns and tin-kettles, mingled with the uproarious acclamations of the assembled multitude.The bridal party afterwards adjourned to a beer-house, and here the happy bride joined in the mazy dance with more than the agility of 16. -- Leicester Chronicle.


On Monday last, aged 82 years, Mr. ROBERT BURNS, sen. an old and respectable inhabitant of this town.

At his residence, in Downpatrick, on 7th inst. Mr. JOHN TATE, aged 41 years.

At Straid, near Carrickfergus, Mr. WILLIAM CALDWELL, after a few days illness, at the age of 66 years, he was a good husband, and an affectionate father.

On Friday last, at Woodtown-house, Miss GRISELDA JOY, sister to the Lord Chief Baron.

On the 27th ult. in the 11th year of his age, THOMAS, son of the Rev. John Kerr, of Newry.

At his dwelling in Maghryhu, Parish of Raphoe, on 27th March, Mr. MATHEW RUSSELL, aged 86 years.

At Antrim, on the 9th inst. WILLIAM JOHN SKELTON MAGILL, son of the Rev. Robert Magill, in the 5th year of his age. Though merely in the dawn of existence, he evinced talents the most promising, and furnished a striking proof of the mediatorial doctrine that "out of the mouths of babes and sucklings the Redeemer perfects praise." Gifted with an exquisite voice he was enabled to sing several of the Psalms with great effect; and blessed with a most retentive memory, his attainments were much beyond his years; but the powers conferred upon him by Jehovah, are now exercised in a better world than this. He has been taken away from the evil to come by the sovereign call of Him who has said, "suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of Heaven" -- And therefore it is that he now sleeps where the wicked cease from troubling, and the weary are at rest -- and; in reference to his salvation, his father has long since adopted the sentiment inscribed on a tomb-stone in England, viz. --
          Bold infidelity turn pale --
     Beneath this stone four infant's ashes lie.
          Say are they lost or saved?
     If Death's by sin, they sinned because they're here --
          If Heaven's by works in Heaven they can't appear.
          Reason, ah! how depraved --
          Revere the Bible's sacred page, the knot's untied.
          They died -- for Adam sinn'd;
          They live -- for Jesus died.

M. MARTIGNAC, the well-known Minister of Charles X. who procured for that unfortunate monarch, by prudent measures, a short-lived popularity.



The steam-ship Corsair, Peyten, for Liverpool, sails on Tuesday, at eleven o'clock forenoon; and the Chieftain, Owens; on Thursday, at twelve o'clock noon.

Smack Hero, Smyth, for London, clears to-morrow. The schooner Enterprise, Gibbs, for London, clears to-morrow.

The schooner Ann, White, hence to London, has arrived safe.

The Latona, Captain Patterson, from Newcastle, arrived here on Wednesday, to sail for Quebec. The Brig Liberty Reburn, from Rotterdam, arrived yesterday.

ARRIVED -- April 10, Easdale, WhIte, from Liverpool; 5 colliers, -- 11, Robert Boyle, Tedford, Liverpool; 3colliers.

CLEARED OUT -- April 10, 4 vessels for Maryport, Glasgow, &c, -- 11, Archibald, Byers, Picton; 2 for Ayr.



MATTHEW BLACK Plaintiff; John Thomas M'Kibbin, Hugh M'Kibbin, Jas. M'Kibbin, Chas. Lepper, Wm. Bell, Wm. Martin, and James Kennedy, Defendants.

PURSUANT to the Decree of his Majesty's Court of Exchequer, in Ireland, made in this Cause, bearing date the 5th day of December, 1831, I will, on WEDNESDAY, the 18th day of April next, at TWO o'Clock in the Afternoon, at my CHAMBERS, on the INNS'QUAY, DUBLIN, SET up and SELL, to the highest and best bidder, All that and those that piece or parcel of GROUND or LAND, being part of the Townland of MONKSTOWN, and containing, by admeasurement, 24a. 0r. 2p. Plantation Measure, or there about, be the same more or less; together with the free use and enjoyment of all that Stream of Water, running and flowing,which has heretofore, been used to run and flow, in, through, and over the said Premises, and which hitherto supplied the Corn Mill, erected on said Premises, with water, and of all Mill-Dams, Mill-Races, Pools, Ponds, and Streams of Water, running in, through, or over the said Premises, as late in the possession of ROBERT GRIMSHAW and his Under-Tenants, for the supplying or working the said Mill; or any other Mill or Mills that may be hereafter be erected on said Premises, in as ample and beneficial a manner as the said Robert Grimshaw had or was entitled to have the use or enjoyment thereof; and the MILL thereon; and all other HOUSES, EDIFICES, and BUILDINGS, which now are, or which, at any time hereafter, shall be thereupon erected... which said Premises are situate in the Barony of Belfast, and County of Antrim; together with the ENGINES, MACHINERY, and UTENSILS erected and being in and upon the said Mill, Houses, and Premises, that is to say, Two PRINTING MACHINES, Five WASH WHEELS, One METAL WATER WHEEL, with Gearing complete; and One DRYING MACHINE; and also a Policy of Insurance against Fire effected on the several Buildings on said Premises, and the Machinery and Stock in Trade therein, with the Manchester Fire and Life Assurance Company for £6,500, and numbered 13749, or a competent part thereof, for the purposes in said Decree mentioned. Dated this 6th day of March, 1832.

A. R. BLAKE, C. R.

The above Lands lie withIn 5 miles of Belfast, adjoining the great road from Belfast to Doagh and Ballymena, and are held by Lease for Lives renewable for Ever, under ROBERT GRIMSHAW, of Belfast, Esq. at a Yearly Rent of £130, and a Renewal Fine of £1, 4s. 71/2d. on the fall of each life.

These Premises have a constant and abundant supply of Water, and have been fitted up and used for the CALICO PRINTING Business. All the Mills and Buildings therein have been erected within a few years. There is a comfortable DWELLING.HOUSE, with a residence for an Overseer, and accommodation for several Workmen on the Lands.

For particulars, as to Title, &c. &c. apply to JAMES ARTHUR, Plaintiff's Attorney, No.2, DOMINICK-STREET, Dublin, and Belfast.


We understand that the proposed changes in the Revenue department will involve the retirement of Sir Stephen May, the present Collector of Customs, and that Belfast will be reduced from a first to a second class Port, by which measure a considerable saving in salaries will be effected. Mr. C. Trevor, the present Comptroller, will be appointed Collector under the new arrangement.


Another troop of the 4th Dragoon Guards arrived yesterday in the Belfast steam-packet from Glasgow. The head-quarters troop was expected this morning in the Fingal.


CHURCH. -- The Rev. C. Seaver Courtenay, late assistant Curate of St. George's, Belfast, has been promoted, by the Rev. John Kinahan, Rector of Knockbreda, to the perpetual Curacy of Ballymacarrett, Diocese of Down.


THE ARMY. -- On Tuesday two troops of the 4th (Royal Irish) Dragoon Guards arrived, per the steamers Fingal and Belfast, from Glasgow. They marched immediately after landing for Dundalk.


DARING ROBBERY. -- On the night of Friday or morning of Saturday last, the office of Mr. Richard Thompson, in Church-street, was broken into and robbed of between £40 and £50. The robber, for it appears it was done by one person, climbed up a spout in William-street, and jumped down into the yard belonging to the Police Committee, from whence he ascended a shed, by which he got into a valley that separates Mr. Thompson's stores from Mr. Gillis's, and, having removed the slates, he let himself down into the uppermost loft, and descended by a staircase to the next loft, and from that to the cellar, through which he passed to the office, where he deliberately broke open all the locks of the desks, and carried off the money.

Suspicion having been attached to a person named Thomas Wilson, who had attended masons when repairing the roof of the stores, he was apprehended, and after being interrogated for some time, he acknowledged that he was the person who committed the offence, and told where the money was secreted in his lodgings, all of which was recovered, with the exception of a few shillings. He has been committed to Carrickfergus gaol, for trial at next Assizes.


ILLEGAL POSSESSION OF ARMS. -- On Monday, Patrick Hughes, a Cutler, residing in Smithfield, was brought before a Bench of Magistrates, at the Sessions Court-house, Belfast, on a charge of having Arms in his possession, for the purpose of sale, he not being licensed. Mr. Lindsay, Chief Constable of the night watch, proved having found in Hughes' shop, on the morning of Sunday the 1st inst. a gun, a pistol, a sword, and three daggers, which were openly exposed. Hughes admitted that the daggers were his own manufacture, and that he was not licensed to make or sell arms. The Bench informed him that he was liable in a penalty of £100, under the Act of 1st William, iv. c. 44, and required him to enter into bail, himself in £100, and two sureties in £50 each, to answer such charge as might be preferred against him by the Law Officers of the Crown.


HORRIBLE CASE OF MURDER. -- The particulars of a case of murder, which occurred in Castlewellan, on Sunday week, have been communicated to us. These, from their peculiar character, cannot with propriety be submitted to the public eye. Suffice it to mention that the unfortunate victim was a married and respectably-connected female, but whose husband has been for some time absent in America. The parties implicated in the murder are the wretched woman's paramour, by whom she was enciente of twins, and a Surgeon, who attempted a certain operation, but in the progress of which the woman herself expired! An inquest was subsequently held on the body before Dr. Tyrrell, the Coroner, and a verdict of "Wilful Murder," against the parties above alluded to, recorded. -- Newry Tel.




13th Light Dragoons: Cornet J. C. Campbell to be Lieut. vice Walker. -- 39th Foot: W G. Scott to be Ensign, vice Wilkins. -- 55th: Lieut. J. Vereker, from half-pay, to be Lieut. vice Norton. -- 85th: Lieut. C. F. Kerr, from 99th Foot, to be Lieut. vice G. Yorke. -- 94th: Capt. T. F. Hart, from half-pay, to be Captain, vice Penny, exch. -- 99th: Lieut. W. S. Norton, from 55th Foot, to be Lieut. vice Kerr. -- Rifle Brigade: Lieut. J. R Groves, to be Captain, vice Fitzmaurice, promoted; 2nd. Lieut. G. H. Esten, to be First Lieut. vice Groves; Ensign G. H. Wilkins, from 39th Foot, to be 2nd Lieut. vice Esten. -- Unattached: Capt. J. Fitzmaurice, from Rifle Brigade, to be Major of Infantry. -- Hospital Staff: Staff Surgeon R. Scott, M.D. from half--pay, to be Surgeon to the Forces, vice William Pinckstan O'Reilly, exch. -- Chaplains: Rev. R. G. Curtois, from half-pay, to be Chaplain to the Forces, vice Moore, deceased. -- Memoranda: The half--pay of Deputy Assistant Commissary General T. G. Ridout, has been cancelled, from 28th ult. he having received a commuted allowance for his commission. Major D. Campbell, half-pay unattached, has been allowed to retire from the service, by the sale of an unattached commission.


1st Dragoon Guards: Cornet J. Phibbs, to be Lieut. vice Hawkes, retires; B. Fuller to be Cornet, vice Phibbs. -- 6th Dragoon Guards: Cornet J. Johnston to be Lieut. vice Turner, retires; A. Erskine, to be Cornet, vice Johnston. -- 3d, Foot: Ensign H. Blair, to be Lieut. vice Hanna, deceased; W. J. Hamilton, to be Ensign, vice Blair. -- 28th: Ensign G. T. Potter to be Lieut. vice Barron, prom.; Eric Mackay to be Ensign, vice Potter. --29th: Lieut. J. Hope, from 75th Foot, to be Lieut. vice Beaufoy. 39th: Major D. Macpherson to be Lieut.-Colonel; Capt. F. C. Crotty to be Major, vice Macpherson; Capt. H. Mansell, from half-pay, to he Captain, vice Crotty -- To be Lieutenants: Lieut. R. Robertson, from half-pay; Lieut. T. F. Sinclair, from half-pay; Lieut. J. Stewart, from half-pay; Lieut. H. F. Stokes, late 38th Foot ; Lieut. C. D. O'Connell, from half-pay; Ensign W. K. Child; Ensign J. Farmer; Ensign F. Dunbar; Ensign W. T. N. Champ -- To be Ensigns: Ensign F. W. B. M'Leod, 91st Foot, vice Scott, exch; Ensign C. L. Stretch, from half--pay, vice Child; R. D. Werge, vice Farmer; Robt. Tinley, vice Dunbar. -- 60th: Ensign G. H. Courtenay, from 66th Foot, to be 2d Lieut. vice Bingham, prom. -- 63d: R. J. F. Miles to be Ensign, vice Champ, prom. -- 66th: G. Biscoe, to be Ensign, vice Courtenay. -- 75th: Lieut. E. W. Blencowe, from half-pay, to be Lieut. vice Hope; 2d Lieut. R. C. Bingham, from 60th Foot, to be Lieut. vice Tyner, retires. -- 91st: Ensign W. G. Scott, from 39th Foot, to be Ensign, vice M'Leod, exch. -- 99th: Staff-A.-Surgeon R. Primerose to be A. Surgeon, vice Bomford, appointed to the Staff. -- Unattached: Lieut. R. Barron, from 28th Foot, to be Captain of Infantry. -- Hospital Staff -- To be A.-Surgeons: A.-Surgeon J. Bomford, from 99th Foot, vice Primerose; A.-Surgeon J. C. Carter, from half-pay Hospital Staff, vice Huston, appointed to Newfoundland V. Companies. -- Memorandum: Captain M. M'Neill, half-pay 21st Foot, has been allowed to retire, by the sale of an Unattached Commission.



The Company's ships Thomas Grenville and Minerva were driven ashore at Diamond Harbour in a heavy gale, on 17th. Oct.; but got off, and have been docked at Calcutta.

A survey has been held on the Thomas Grenville, which has sustained no material damage. The Bolivar, of Liverpool, which put back to Calcutta leaky, has been condemned.

The Calcutta, from Liverpool to Calcutta, has put into Coringa, dismasted.

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