Belfast Newsletter -Tuesday, 9 July, 1833


At Londonderry, on the 2d inst. by the Rev. John Alexander, of Belfast, Mr. JOHN LEITCH, linen-merchant, Cullybackey, to JANE, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Samuel Alexander, merchant, Waterside, Derry.

On the 2d inst. at Stewartstown, BOYD FLEMING, Esq. son of John Fleming, of Ashfield, county Meath, Esq. to ISABELLA, third daughter of the late David Park, Esq. of said county.

On the 2d inst. in St. Mary's Church, Dublin, Mr. ROBERT PRESCOTT, of Beresford-place, Dublin to ELIZA, second daughter of Mr. Edward Bell, of Newry.

On Wednesday evening last, by the Rev. A. P. Goudy, WILLIAM GLASSE, Esq. Solicitor, to MARY, eldest daughter of the late William Holmes, Esq. both of Strabane.

On the 2d inst. JoHN AUSTIN, Esq. of Armagh, to CHARLOTTE RACHAEL, eldest daughter of H. Stanistreet, Esq. of Bellevue, county Waterford.

On the 2d inst. Mr. MITCHELL, of Monaghan, to ISABELLA, third daughter of the late Capt. Thomas Magee, of the 48th regiment.

On the 4th inst. in Ardee, at the residence of her uncle, Samuel Simpson, Esq. ELIZA, eldest daughter of the late John M'Kinstry, of Keady, Esq. to the Rev. THOMAS LESLIE, Presbyterian Minister of Kilraughts, co. Antrim.


On the 5th inst. the Rev. JOHN BANKHEAD, in the 97th year of his age, having been 68 years Minister of Ballycarry, the eldest Presbyterian Congregation in Ireland, of which he was the fourth Minister.

In Dublin, on the 4th inst. JAMES CAULFIELD, Esq. of Mullantain, formerly Captain in his Majesty's 6th Regt. of Dragoon Guards, Lieut.-Col. of the Antrim Militia, and Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Tyrone.

At Dervock, on the 30th ult. in the 90th year of his age, the Rev. CHARLES DOUGLASS.

On the 2d inst. aged 27, Mr. JOHN STOCKDALE, of Woodview, near Waringstown.

At Monaghan, 25th ult. after a long illness, DAVID, only son of Mr. Horner, of same place.

On the 1st inst. in Dublin, JAMES M'NEILLY, of Glassdrummond, in the county of Down, Esq. aged 52 -- universally and deservedly regretted.

On the 10th ult. in the 39th year of her age, MARGARET, the wife of Mr. George Finlay, of Ballymeconachy, near Warrenpoint.

At Galgorm, on Wednesday last, Mrs. MARY NICHOLL, at the advanced age of 88 years.

On the 2d inst. in Ballyshannon, county Donegall, the LADY of W. Allingham, Esq.

LONGEVITY -- On the 3d inst. at a Croft whereon she had resided nearly a century, on the estate of James Grant Duff, Esq. of Eden, parish of King Edward, ISABELLA MOIR, at the extreme age of 108! She had invariably enjoyed the best health, and retained possession of her mental faculties to the last. Her son John Rennie, now in his 89th year, who was for many years a farm-servant to Mr. Cowie of Castletown, is the oldest man in the Parish; and has for some time been suffering the infirmities incident to old age, although still stepping about. -- Aberdeen Observer.

DEATH OF THE KING OF THE GYPSIES. -- Died at an advanced age, Lawrence Boswell, said to be the king of the gypsies. During the last two or three months, he was, with apart of his family, lying encamped in Dryacot-lane, between this tow and Nottingham. Many tribes of gypsies from distant quarters assembled to bid him a last farewell. A coffin of the best Norway oak was made to receive his remains, which are expected to he interred in the parish church of Wilne. -- Derby Reporter.




3d Light Dragoons: R. A. Smith to be Cornet, by pur. vice Yerbury, prom. in 9th Light Dragoons. -- 9th: Cornet J.W. Yerbury, from 3d, to be Lieut. by pur. vice Broadhead, prom. -- 1st Foot: Assist.-Surgeon S. Dickson has been permitted to resign his commission. -- 6th: Gent. Cadet R. W. M'L. Fraser; from the R. M. C. to be Ensign, without pur. vice Young, deceased. -- 12th: Staff-Assist.-Surgeon, A. M'Grigor, to be Assist.-Surgeon, vice Gallice, app. to the Staff. -- 13th: Lieut. E. Inge, from half-pay 18th. to be Lieut. vice C. Millar, whose appointment has not taken place. - 15th: Ensign J. A. Cole to be Lieut. with pur. vice J. Blair, dec.; Gent. Cadet H. B. F. Dickinson, from the R. M. C. to be Ensign, vice Cole. -- 31st: Ensign P.T.R. White to be Lieut. without pur. vice Grueber, dec.; Gent. Cadet F. J. Thomas, from the R. M. C. to be Ensign, vice White. -- 39th: Ensign B. G. Layard to be Lieut without pur. vice C. Cox, dec.; Ensign J. Sutherland, half-pay 26th, to be Ensign, vice Layard. -- 40th; To be Captain, by pur. -- Lieut. F. Coddington, vice W. Serjeantson, retires. Lieut. H. R. Connor, vice Coddington, whose promotion has been cancelled; Ensign J. Todd, vice Connor, to be Lieut. -- 44th: Lieut. G. J. Burslem to be Captain, by pur. vice R. Smith, retires; Ensign J. Dunne to be Lieut. by pur. vice. Burslem; D. T. Grant, to be Ensign, by pur. vice Dunne. -- 49th: Ensign J. M. Montgomery to be Lieut. without pur. vice. Marshall. dec.; Ensign and Adj. A. M'Ewen to have the rank of Lieut.; Ensign R. Ransome, from half-pay 11th, to be Ensign, vice Montgomery. -- 57th: Lieut. A. Cumming, from half-pay 26th, to be Lieut. vice T. Porter, whose appointment has not taken place. -- 60th: Capt. H. Seymour, from half-pay 25th Light Dragoons, to be Capt. vice Cross, exch. -- 61st; Major P. Taylor, from half-pay Unattached, to be Major, vice Annesley, exch. receiving diff. -- 78th: Ensign W. Fisher, to be Lieut. by pur. vice Pickthorn, retires; R. Shields, to be Ensign, by pur. vice Fisher. -- 82d: Major T. Hogarth to be Lieut.-Colonel by pur. vice Philips, retires; Capt. J. M' Kay to be Major, by pur. vice Hogarth; Capt. J. Doran, from half-pay Unattached, to be Captain, vice M'Kay. -- 94th: Capt. H. R. Milner to be Major, by pur. vice Snodgrass, prom.; Capt. R. M. Lockwood, from half-pay Portugeese service, to be Capt. vice Milner. -- 99th: Lieut. J. Nicholson to be Capt. by pur. vice W. Barton, retires; Ensign R. H. Walker to be Lieut. by pur. vice Nicholson; E. D. Collinson to be Ensign, by pur. vice Walker. -- Rifle Brigade: 2nd Lieut. A. Munro, to be 1st Lieut. by pur. vice Shirley, prom.; Earl of Cassilis to be 2nd Lieut. by pur. vice Munro. -- UNATTACHED: To be Captains by purchase -- Lieut. B. Broadhead, from 9th Light Dragoons; Lieut. H. Shirley, from Rifle Brigade. -- HOSPITAL STAFF: A Stewart, M. D. from half-pay, to be Assistant-Inspector of Hospitals; J. Stuart, to be Staff-Assistant-Surgeon, vice M'Grigor, appointed to 12th Foot.


REMARKABLE PRESERVATION. -- Capt. Chester, of the whaling ship Ann Maria, of Philadelphia, on her late voyage round the East Cape, met with the following adventure: -- One of his boats having fastened to a whale, a second boat, in which was. Capt. C. approached and drove a second dart into the monster. In his agony, the whale rushed with great rapidity through the water, when the rope attached to the harpoon caught Capt. C. round his leg, and drew him overboard. At this critical moment he seized a knife sticking in the gunwale of the boat, and thus armed was drawn under water. The rope soon made a turn round his body. In this situation, moving rapidly down, he first cut that part of the rope around his body, then cut the rope fastened to his leg. Being thus relieved, he rose to the top of the water and raised his hand, grasping the knife. Some distance from the boat he was discovered by the crew, who hastened to his rescue, and took him on board almost exhausted. Philadelphia Gazette. -- [We have only to add, that the Captain is said to be a relative of the celebrated Major Longbow.]



The Crown business at these Sessions commenced yesterday morning at ten o'clock, before John Curry, Esq. Assistant Barrister, and the following bench of Magistrates: -- Sir Arthur Chichester; George Bristow, Henderson Black, C. M. Skinner, William Clarke, and Arthur M'Greggor Skinner, Esqrs.

The following gentlemen were sworn on the Grand Jury:

Samuel Hyde Batt, Esq. Foreman;

Matthew Black, James F. Magee, Charles Kelso, Richard Ashmore, John Jackson, Samuel Campbell, Robt. J. M'Entire, William Stevenson, Robert Stewart, Wm. Thompson, William Hunter, James Millar, and R. Gamble, jun. Thos. Williamson, W. Hamilton, Esqrs, James Reid.

The following persons were sworn on the Market Jury: -- Messrs. Nathaniel Miles, William Walker, George Rafferty, James Irvine, James Anderson, William Kennedy, Alexander Spence, Daniel Mulloy, James M'Cartney, Charles Morrison, Joseph Weir, and John Crawford.

The following trials were then proceeded with :-- James Kennedy, for stealing one piece of pig-iron, the property of William Boyle, at Belfast, on 3d May; guilty, two months' hard labour. -- Rose Ann Carroll, for stealing one jug and one apron, the property of Sarah Niblock, at Belfast, on 1st June; guilty, one month's hard labour. -- Daniel Orr, for embezzling a quantity of leather, the property of James and Edward Coey, at Belfast; three weeks' hard labour. -- Bernard Marky and Thomas Flynn, for stealing two glass tumblers, the property of Abraham Matthews, at Belfast, on 27th April; guilty, six months' hard labour. -- Mary and Betty Pelan, for an assault on George Annott and James Campbell, at Magheragall, on 19th, June; guilty, one month's hard labour, and to give bail to keep the peace.

Alex. Tracy for, stealing one sack of corn, the property of Robert Harvey, at Lisburn, on 2d July; not guilty. -- John Doran, for an assault on Thomas Anderson, at Belfast, on 22d June; guilty. -- John Stewart and Mary Tully, for stealing one silk handkerchief, the property of Thomas Heather, at Belfast, on 1st June; guilty: Stewart six months hard labour in the House of Correction; Tully two months imprisonment in Carrickfergus Jail. -- Matthew King, for an assault and stealing 6d, from John Brownlee, at Lisburn, on 3d July; guilty of the assault: two months hard labour. -- Margaret M'Vey, for embezzling a lace veil, the property, of Margaret Phillips, at Belfast, on 1st Sept.; not guilty. -- Joseph and Esther M'Cracken, for an assault on Edward Gorman, at Belfast; pleaded guilty. -- Edward Henry, for rescuing himself from Francis Keown and Bernard Kane; not guilty. -- Mary Kane, for an assault on Elizabeth Frew, at Belfast; guilty: to pay prosecutor 10s and give bail to keep the peace for one year. -- Edward Quinn, who was held to bail to appear from last Sessions, for an assault on John Watson, in Liddy's-Court, Belfast, on 9th April, was next tried, but the Jury, as before, could, not agree, and were locked up at the rising of the Court.



The steam-ship Corsair, Peyton, for Liverpool, sails this day, at two o'clock afternoon; and the Chieftain, Owens, on Thursday, at four o'clock afternoon.

The smack Zephyr, Fitzsimons, for London, clears on Saturday first. - ',' " :

The steamer Antelope, Price, for. Glasgow; (calling at Greenock), sails this day, at two o'clock afternoon.

The steamer City of Londonderry, Whiteway, sails for London; (calling at Plymouth), on Friday, 12th July, at four o'clock afternoon.

The steamer Hibernia, Williams, for Liverpool, sails on Saturday, at six o'clock evening.

The steamer Shamrock, Church, for Dublin, sails on Thursday, at four o'clock afternoon.

The brig Silistria, Cole, for St. John, N. B. with goods and passengers, has sailed -- passengers and crew all well.

During the storm of Thursday night the brig Flora, Herring, of and from Liverpool, for St. john's, N. B. ballasted with rock-salt, was totally wrecked at Ballynaconnigar bank, county Wexford. -- crew saved.

A vessel arrived at Greenock, spoke on 22d May the Maria, from Dublin for Quebec, with passengers, all well; lat. 51. long. 20. 30.

The James & Mary, of Newcastle, from Londonderry for Quebec, out 29 days, was spoke on the 12th June, off the Bird Rocks.

Quebec, June 4. -- The Harvey and the Thetis have arrived at Grosse Island, from Limerick; twelve deaths occurred on board the former, under suspicious appearances of cholera; and three deaths are reported on board the latter, by cholera. Both vessels are in quarantine, and will probably be detained 40 days. The Waterloo, from Newcastle, was lost in the ice, 14th ult. -- Crew saved.


Passed the Sound homewards, from the 19th to the 23d June, 10 vessels from British ports, with flax and hemp; 4 with linseed; 1 with grain; 1 for Dublin with flax. -- Passed upwards, 2 vessels for Baltic ports with coals; 1 with salt, and 14 [-- ? --]



To be SOLD by AUCTION, on WEDNESDAY the 17th day of July inst. at TWO o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the SALE-ROOM of Mr. GEO. C HYNDMAN, Belfast, the under-named Properties of the late Mr. PATRICK DAVIS, deceased --

No. 1. -- All the HOUSE and TENEMENT on the South side of PETER's-HILL, No. 68, occupied by deceased as a Store, containing, in front, 31½ feet, and extending backward 57 feet; held for an unexpired term of 71 years from November, 1804, at the Rent and Fees of 4, 10s. 2d. sterling.

No. 2. -- All that HOUSE, &c. on the East side of WILLIAM-STREET, No. 17, containing, in front, 15 feet, and extending backwards to Meeting-House-Lane 17 feet -- to hold for 84 years from 1st May, 1797, at the Rent of 1, 14s. 7½d.

No. 3 -- A Profit Rent of 10, 2s. 2d. arising out of the HOUSE and TENEMENT in NORTH STREET, No. 109, lately rebuilt, held for an unexpired term of 41 years from May, 1802.

No. 4 -- All that DWELLING-HOUSE & TENEMENT, No.1, HUDSON's-ENTRY, containing, in front, 16 feet, for an unexpired term of 57 years from March, 1804, at a nominal rent.

Application, as to Title, &c. to be made to A. J. MACRORY, Attorney, Belfast.

As the above Sale is preparatory to a final close of the Executors' Accounts, the Premises will be peremptorily Sold at the above time and place.

Belfast, 3d July, 1833.


In the Matter of THOS. KNOX HANNYNGTON a Bankrupt.

TO be Sold by AUCTION, before the COMISSIONERS in this Matter, at the ROYAL EXCHANGE, DUBLIN, at the hour of THREE o'clock in the afternoon, on MONDAY, the 15th day of July next, the ARREARS of RENT due by the several Tenants of the Lands of Aghnagreagh, Bardahessiagh, [Mullinure] ?, and Sessioghdevin, at May, 182?, situate near DUNGANNON, amounting to about 390 -- Also the ARREAR of RENT due by the Tenants on the Lands of Tullyreavy, Castlebane, and Keenaghan, at same period, amounting to about 167. -- Dated this 30th day of June, 1833.

Agent to the Commission and Assignees.


LAUNCH. -- On Friday, a fine schooner was launched from the ship-building yard of Messrs. Charles Connell & Sons. The day being fine, the concourse of people was very large. At half-past twelve o'clock the vessel glided into the full tide, amidst the cheers of the surrounding spectators, and accompanied with the firing of guns, when a flag from the main-mast unravelled the name of the Rowena. She is the property of the builders, and will carry about 180 tons.


The head-quarters division of the 27th (Enniskillen) regiment, under the command of Lieut. Colonel Hare, has arrived at Enniskillen from Castlebar.


DEATH BY POISON. -- On Monday morning, an industrious female, named Byrne, who resides at Blackrock, being very, thirsty, drank off a quantity of a mineral preparation, which she had been using to clean straw bonnets, mistaking it for water; she returned to her bed, when, after the lapse of ten minutes, she discovered the mistake. The stomach-pump was used, but, had no effect. The unfortunate girl died the same day. -- Dublin Paper.


THE LADY OF LAKE. -- A letter from Capt. Grant appears in the Quebec Gazette of 3d June, giving an account of the wreck of that vessel on the ice. It contains no particulars but what have already been published, with the exception of the following list of passengers saved:-- James Fitzsimons, co. Down; Owen M'Kenna, James M'Cartney, Robert Cunningham, James M'Cord, John Turner, John Conrie, Robert Cringle, Margaret Duff, and Catherine M'Kentry, all of co. Tyrone; James Foster, of Antrim.


The American steamer Lioness, on her passage from New Orleans to Natchitoches, was destroyed by fire on 19th May. Several lives were lost; among them was the Hon. Josiah H. Johnson, senator of Louisiana -- Hon. E. D. White, a representative in Congress, was badly wounded.


MELANCHOLY ACCIDENT. -- On Tuesday last Major Knox, accompanied by his nephew, eldest son of John Knox, of Castlerea, Esq. went out in a small boat to fish; one of the party hooked a salmon, and the boat was upset in their anxiety to secure it. The two gentleman were plunged into the sea, together with Mr. Hamilton, a respectable young man in the employment of Mr. Knox. -- The Major, who has but one arm, was saved by the exertions of his nephew, and when he had placed him in safety on the shore, the young gentleman, with a heroism and philanthropy which is beyond all praise, dashed a second time into the water, and succeeded in bringing in the body of Hamilton, but his humanity was unavailing, for life was extinct. -- Mayo Constitution.


MELANCHOLY ACCIDENT. -- On Thursday se'nnight, as a driver of Mr. John Mouritz was returning with an empty jaunting car from Carrickmacross to Dundalk:, he fell fast asleep in the car, and the horse, going too near the edge of the road, upset the car and man into a dyke of water -- where they lay for some time till aid was afforded by persons returning from the market, who saw their perilous state. -- The man lay till Sunday morning, when he was found dead on the floor, after having fallen out of the bed, which was about three feet high. -- Drogheda Journal.


ANTIQUITIES. -- A few days ago, some men who were at work in a bog, in the neighbourhood of Iskaheen, discovered, at a depth of about ten feet beneath the surface, a variety of manufactured articles, all of them of brass, and some of them entire, others imperfect. Among them are a number of spear-heads, seemingly adapted either to the chase or war, and mostly in excellent preservation. There are also several rings of 1½ inches in thickness, and 3½ inches in diameter, to which are attached, by grooved hoops, (extremely well executed) remnants of plates also of brass, studded with nails. The plates are thin; and we can imagine them to have formed parts of cuirasses, or shirts of mail, which were lined inside with leather. The most singular relic in the collection is a hollow instrument or vessel, oval at the mouth, where it is 1½ inch across; 3¼ inches long; and terminating in a sharp-edged crescent. It has one handle towards the open end, like those to be seen on Etruscan vases. There are also several pieces of thick wire, both plain and. twisted, out of which such nails as are in the plates might have been made; and, besides, there is a lump of metal, apparently containing, dross, of about 2lb. weight, which evidently has received its present form from having been run into a mould. The brass of which the above articles consist, differs from modern brass in this respect, that it contains much less copper and is far more durable. It is also free of copperas, and admits of a very fine burnish; and, in short, appears to be of the same consistency as that of other brazen weapons which have been discovered in our bogs. -- Derry Journal.


SUICIDE. -- ON the 26th ult. an inquest was held by Wm. Burrows, Esq. Sovereign, in the Cavan barracks, on the body of John Devlin, private of the 59th regiment. It will be remembered, that some time since, Sergeant Devlin put a period to his existence in those barracks. His brother, John, as appeared in the evidence before the Coroner, became quite altered in his manner and habits from the period of that lamentable event. Melancholy and abstracted thoughtfulness took complete possession of him; he avoided his usual intercourse with his comrades, and was fond of walking into the country alone. His Officers treated him with the greatest kindness, and his comrades voluntarily released him from his duties on guard. On Tuesday night, after retiring to rest, he arose, complained of illness, and taking his razor from a shelf, placed it under his pillow. Being defeated in his purpose that night by the vigilance of a comrade, he next morning succeeded in his desperate design, by discharging his own firelock into his breast, while apparently busied in cleaning his gun -- the ball entering the pit of the stomach, passed through the right lung, and out at the shoulder blade. He survived only three minutes. A verdict of "temporary insanity" was returned. On Thursday morning, previous to the departure of the detachment on its route for Dublin, another man who had been a sergeant, and was reduced some short time before, made a similar attempt on his life. but being detected in time, he was marched off a prisoner with the detachment. -- Enniskillen Chronicle.


THE VALUE OF NOTHING. -- In the present great dearth of novelties, when the answer to every question of What news? is necessarily, "nothing," we have thought it might be as well to show; how valuable a possession this same nothing is. -- "Nothing"is more important, than the latest news! -- "Nothing" is more valuable than bread and meat to a hungry man. -- "Nothing" is more desirable than money. -- "Nothing" is more sought after than wealth. -- "Nothing" is more estimable than a good character. -- "Nothing" is more charming than a lovely woman. -- "Nothing" pleases a politician better than success. -- "Nothing" rejoices the greatest number of persons more than health and competency. -- "Nothing" gives an editor more gratification than pleasing his readers. -- Here is "Nothing" repeated nine times, yet it is still "Nothing." -- Since then "Nothing" possesses a worth which cannot be multiplied, it is no wonder that it is of such inestimable value. In offering, therefore, this delectable article to our readers this morning, we must give them great pleasure and happiness, since whatever they may be in search of, they are sure in "Nothing" to be more gratified than in having every thing they can desire. New York Advertiser.


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Belfast Newsletter - Friday, 19 July, 1833


At Leyton, Essex, on the 8th inst. the Lady of Wm. Taylor Copeland, Esq. M.P. for Coleraine, of a daughter.

On 3d inst. at Stewartstown, the Lady of John Little, Esq. of a son.

On the 10th inst. at the house of the Hon. Judge Johnson, Harcourt-street, Dublin, the Lady of William Johnson, Esq. of a daughter.

On the 10th inst. the wife of a labouring man living in Walton was delivered of three children -- two boys and a girl. One died in a few hours; but the others, with the mother, are likely to do well. Bucks Gazette.


On Tuesday, by the Rev. Dr. Cooke, Mr. JOHN C. TROTTER, merchant, to ANNA, eldest daughter of Mr. Sam. Tucker, both of Belfast.

On Tuesday, in St. Anne's Church, by the Rev. R. W. Bland, JACKSON SAMUEL STEVENSON, of Peterborough, Upper Canada, Esq. to SUSANNA BRUCE FERGUSON, youngest daughter of James Ferguson, of Belfast, Esq.

On the 16th inst. by the Rev. John Orr, Portaferry, Mr. SAMUEL DONNAN, of Thomastown, to Miss JANE M'DONNELL of Ballyfineragh.


On the 9th inst. at his house, in Alfred-street, Belfast, Mr. THOMAS WALLACE, merchant; a man of great respectability and sterling worth, a useful and active member of many of our public institutions, and a worthy and estimable character in private society.

On the, 12th inst. ANN JANE LANGTRY, daughter of Wm. Langtry, Esq. Cherrymount, near Lurgan.

On the 29th ult. after a short illness, Mr. FRANCIS OWENS, of,Glenwherry. He was a warm friend and affectionate father -- he lived in peace with all men, and was respected by all who knew him.

At Marble Hill, county of Galway, on the 1st July, Dowager Lady BURKE,. in the 76th year of her age. Her Ladyship was mother of Sir John Burke, Bart. and grand-mother of the Marquis of Clanricarde, Marchioness of Sligo, and Countess of Howth.

July 9, in London, of a sudden apoplectic fit, OTHER ARCHER WINDSOR, Earl of Plymouth, aged 44 years. He succeeded to the title before he was ten years old. One of the deceased's sisters, Lady Maria, is married to the Marquess of Eownshire. By the death of the Noble Lord, the title, we believe, becomes extinct.

On Thursday last, at Tullydoey, County of Tyrone, EDWARD EYRE, Esq. aged 79.

On Saturday last, of a lingering illness, which he bore with Christian fortitude, SAMUEL, eldest son of Mr. Charles Admin, of this town.


MELANCHOLY ACCIDENT. -- On Wednesday last, three women and two men were drowned in Castlemain Bay. The poor people were employed gathering sea-weed in a boat for manure, which, in consequence of their putting a greater quantity of it at one side than the other, caused the boat to upset. There were seven in it at the time, one of whom being able to swim, succeeded in saving another.



The steam-ship Corsair, Peyton, for Liverpool, sails on Tuesday, at one o'clock afternoon; and the Chieftain, Owens, on Thursday, at three o'clock afternoon.

Smack Courier, Heather, for London, clears to-morrow.

The brig John and Mary, of Newcastle, Mark Robson, master, hence to St. John's, N.B. with goods and passengers, has arrived -- all well.

Arrived on Saturday, the Market Maid, of London, Wm. Stocks, master, from Ostend.

Spoken at Sea, by the brig Hope, of Newcastle, Donkin, arrived at Belfast, from Miramichi:-- On 16th June, in lat. 45. 30. long. 54. W. the Sally, from Newfoundland, bound to Quebec. On 17th, in lat. 45. 40. long 52. the brig Alexander of Maryport, Mitchinson, from Belfast, bound to Quebec -- all well.

The Gratitude, Dick, from Clyde to Hull, with molasses, drove on shore on Sunday night in the Sound of Islay; and it is feared will be a total wreck.

Newfoundland, June 18. -- Capt. Graham, of the Scipio, lately arrived from Sydney, gives the following information: The Gleaner, from Greenock bound to King's Cove, with provisions, struck on an iceberg on the banks, and sunk almost immediately. The crew took to the long-boat and were picked up by the Volunteer, from Cork, bound to Quebec, which vessel was subsequently wrecked near Louisburgh. Her crew and passengers were saved, and had arrived at Sydney a few days prior to Capt. Graham's sailing



The Belvidere, 42, Capt. Hon. H. S. Dundas, and Fair Rosamond, schooner, Lieut. G. Rose, have sailed for Oporto. -- H.M.S. Favorite, Capt. J. Harrison, was at Fernando Po. 2d May. -- The Curlew, 10, Com. Trotter, Pluto, steamer, and Griffin brig, were also there. The Favorite was to sail for England 28th May. -- The Trinculo, 10, Com. Booth, arrived at Ascension 18th May, and was to sail for the Gambia. -- Rear-Admiral Warren, in the Undaunted, had left Prince's Island 18th April, and only touching at Fernando Po and Sierra Leone. -- The Melville, 74, Capt. Hart, with the flag of Vice-Admiral Gore, arrived at Colombo 15th Feb. from Bombay and Cochin, and left on 17th for Madras. The Alligator, 28, Capt. Lambert, left Trincomalee 25th Feb. for Madras.

PROMOTIONS AND APPOINTMENTS. -- Commander M. Sweny, of the Vernon, to be Captain; Lieut. Frederick Patten, to the Rapid; Mr. Harris, to act as Purser, is reappointed to the same ship, having served in her three years as Clerk; Lieut. Hon. J. R. Drummond, to the Revenge; Lieut. Thompson, to be Acting Commander of the Trinculo, vice Booth, invalided; Mr. Stevens, Mate, to be Acting Lieutenant of the Brisk; Messrs. G. N. Broke (son of Sir Philip, Broke,) J. Anson, and H. Murray, Mates, to be Lieutenants; Lieut. N. Robilliard, to the Endymion; Mr. T. Cook Jones, to be surgeon of Pembroke Dockyard, vice Tobin, appointed to Plymouth Dockyard; Mr. Dunlop, Assistant-Surgeon, to be Surgeon of the Britannia, vice Cunningham; invalided. -- Royal Marines: 2d Lieut. J. Wade, to the Endymion.


INQUESTS. -- On the 11th inst. an inquest was held by Mr. Allen, the Coroner, on the body of William Livingston, who, on Tuesday evening, had been brought home in a state of intoxication, a vice to which it appears he was too much addicted. He had been put to bed, was soon after taken seriously ill, and was dead before morning. Verdict accordingly.

On Thursday se'nnight some boys found the body of a female child, apparently new born, in the water near the Lime-Kiln Dock. Mr. Allen held an inquest on the body, and on the evidence of Dr. Wm. Magee, who was of opinion that the child had been still-born, the jury returned a verdict to that effect.


COUNTY OF LOUTH ASSIZES. -- Pat. Lynch and Pat. Hoy were indicted for a riot, and for destroying processes which were serving by Thos. Hurst. Hurst (who is now in the police) stated that he was serving processes for Mrs. Speers of Ardee, for money due for potato ground; served one on prisoner Lynch, and afterwards went to the house of Pat. Burns, Mrs. Speers' steward, where a great number of persons, mostly with sticks, compelled 'prosecutor to throw his processes into the fire; the two prisoners were of the party; they did him no injury. -- Pat. Burns and his wife corroborated his testimony, and the prisoners were found guilty, and sentenced to seven years transportation.


MELANCHOLY LOSS OF LIFE. -- Wednesday, as a lady with her three sons, one daughter, and a young man, were sailing on a pleasure excursion, near Douglas, Isle of Man, the boat was upset, and the whole party, with the exception of the young lady and young man, were drowned.

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