Belfast Newsletter - 6 August, 1833


July 25, at Tatton Park, Cheshire, the Lady Charlotte Egerton, (daughter of the Marquess of Ely,) of a son.

July 29, at Fortwilliam, near Ballyshannon, the Lady of the Rev. Geo. H Reade, of a son and heir.


On Saturday last, in St. Anne's Church, Belfast, by the Rev. John W. Whiteside, of the Vicarage, Keswick, JAMES WHITESIDE, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, to ROSETTA, fourth daughter of the late William Napier, Esq. of Belfast.

At Coleraine, on Thursday last, by the Rev. A. M'Calden, Mr. JAMES LEMON, of Belfast, merchant, to SALLY, eldest daughter of the late Archibald Dunlop, of Coleraine, Esq.

On the 2d inst. by the Rev. John White, Presbyterian Minister, Mr. JAMES ALLEN, of RAthfriland, merchant, to Miss MARY PERRY, of Warrenpoint, eldest daughter of the late Lieut. Perry, R.N.

On the 12th ult by the Rev. Hugh Woods, of Bangor, Mr Wm. GILLILAND, of Cultra, to Miss JANE DODD, fifth daughter of Mr Samuel Dodd, Cottown, parish of Bangor.

On the 25th ult. at Portland, Captain JOHN GIBBS, of the schooner Enterprise of Whitehaven, to MARY, youngest daughter of J. Groves, Esq. of Wick, England.

On the 25th ult. in the Church of Derryvoland, WILLIAM NOBLE, Esq. of Cooletrain, to ELIZABETH, second daughter of Mr. Archibald Collum, or Tanhouse Water, near Enniskillen.

On the 23rd ult. Mr FINLAY ANDERSON, of Ballyshannon, merchant, to Miss STRONG, Black Lion.

July 1, in Ballyshannon, Mr. DAVID CARTER, proprietor of the Ballyshannon Herald, to SARAH, youngest daughter of William Carson, Esq. of that town.


On the 23d ult. at Beaver Hall, Ballymacarrett, ISABELLA MILLS, wife of Mr. Henry Black, of Belfast merchant. -- "To her to live was Christ, to die was gain."

On the 29th ult. at his father's house, Ballytrim, Killyleagh, FRANCIS HERON HOWE, in the 20th year of his age, second son of Mr. John Howe.

On the 27th ult. at Kells, after a few months illness, Mr MICHAEL MACKEN.

On the 29th ult. in the 30th year of her age, Mrs. MOORE, wife of Mr. James Moore, of Innismore.

On the 29th ult. Mr. THOMAS WILSON, of Glencunny, near Enniskillen.

At her mother's house, Synnot-place, Dublin, on the 24th July, MARY, second daughter of the late John Crozier, Esq. of Gortra, county Fermanagh.

In Dublin, on the 14th ult. ELIZABETH, eldest daughter of George Brook, Esq. of Gardner's-row, and niece of Sir Henry Brooke, Bart. of Colebrooke.

In Downpatrick, on Wednesday last, in the 90th year of his age, Mr MATTHEW M'CREADY. At the time Thurot landed in Carrickfergus, Mr. M'Cready came to this town, with the military, from Downpatrick, as a volunteer.

At his house, 18, Lothian-street, Edinburgh, on the 17th ult. Dr WILLIAM REDFERN, brother to Mr. Joseph Redfern, of this town. Dr. Redfern had lately returned from the Colony of New South Wales.

On the 27th ult. in the 26th year of her age, MARY, youngest daughter of Mr. William Barry, Ballydrain.

Of cholera, at New York, in the prime of life, RICHARD VEITCH, formerly of Legaland, county Cavan.

At Blaries, frontiers of Belgium, at the advanced age of 105, M. NICOLAS COLLINS. He carried on the trade of a brewer up to his 60th year, when he became a farmer, in which occupation he continued until his death.



The steam-ship Corsair, Peyton, for Liverpool, sails this day, at one o'clock in the afternoon; and the Chieftain, Owens, on Thursday, at two o'clock afternoon.

The Triton, for London, clears on Saturday first.

The barque Helen, Mearns, has sailed for Quebec -- all well.

The Albury, Rogers and Mameluke, Mason, hence to Quebec, with passengers, have both arrived safe, and landed their passengers all in good health.

SHIPWRECK. -- The barque Frances Mary, of Waterford, Richard Field, master, which vessel struck against an island of ice, on the 11th July, in long. 50, lat. 46, and was totally dismasted, and, shortly after, became waterlogged. The crew, 15 in number, and one female passenger, remained on the wreck six days, and were taken off by the Baltic Merchant, and were, afterwards, divided into two other vessels. Captain field and four of the crew arrived safe in the city yesterday, landed out of the Mary Ford, bound for Liverpool, by Mr. Fitz-Patrick's pilot-boat. -- Waterford Chronicle.


Passed the Sound homewards from the 16th to the 23d July, 7 vessels for British parts with flax and hemp; 3 with tallow; 1 with bones, 1 with bones, i with linseed, 1 with timber; 1 with iron; the Eliza Moore for Belfast, and the Auroro, for Newry, with tallow; 2 vessels for Waterford, with tallow. -- Passed upwards, the Fame, from Belfast, for Riga, with salt; 9 vessels for Baltic ports with coals; 1 with goods, and 16 in ballast.


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Belfast Newsletter - 9 August, 1833


At Portarlington, on the 3d inst, at the house of her father, Lieut.-Col. O'Donoghue, the Lady of the Rev. Edward Newenham Hoare, of Limerick, of a daughter.


At Cookstown, on the 1st inst. ROBERT NATHANIEL BURTON, Esq. to ISABELLA, second daughter of Wm. Hamilton Walsh, Esq. late Captain in the 8th Foot.

In the Church of Armagh, on the 29th ult. Mr. ROBERT M'CLEAN, of Drumbeemore, to Miss HANNAH WILSON, of Glassdrumon.

On the 1st inst. the Hon. and Rev. CHARLES DUNDAS, youngest son of Viscount Melville, to LOUISA MARIA, eldest daughter of Sir William Boothy, Bart, of Ashbourn Hall.

On Saturday, at St. George's Church, Limerick, DAVID CHARLES PITCAIRN, Esq. eldest son of Dr. Pitcairn, of Cork, to MARY, eldest daughter of the late William J. Westropp, Esq. of Roxborough, near that city, and niece to Lord Viscount Guillamore.

On the 3d inst. by the Rev. Fletcher Blakely, Mr. WILLIAM ABERNETHY, of Ballycrielly, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Samuel Jameson, of Moneyrea.


On the 29th ult. of apoplexy, Mr. ROBERT M'KEE, of Blackabbey, near Ballywalter, aged 77, highly respected by all who knew him.

On 30th ult. Mr. ROBERT M'CORMICK, of Tullycavin, near Ballywalter, aged 22. He was a young man of excellent moral character; highly esteemed by all who knew him; amiable in his life, and in death lamented.

On the 2d inst. at Nutfield, county Fermanagh, JAMES HAIRE, Esq. aged 96 years.



The steam-ship Corsair, Peyton, for Liverpool, sails on Tuesday, at seven o'clock in the evening; and the Chieftain, Owens, on Thursday, at ten o'clock morning.

The Triton, Carnell, for London, clears to-morrow.

The schooner Enterprise, Gibbs, clears for London on Saturday, 17th inst.

The Hope, Donkin, and the William & Ann, Pattison, both for Quebec, sailed on the 5th inst.

The Hanna, Wheatley, of Newcastle, from Belfast, with emigrants, bound to Quebec, ran on shore, during a fog, about six miles, to the north of St. Ann's Island, Cape Breton, on the 31st of May, and shortly afterwards went to pieces; the passengers and crew all saved, and remained eight days near the wreck in tents raised by means of the vessel's sails. The master reports the loss of the Hope, from London, with 97 passengers, on Flint Island, the Volunteer, of Cork, with 497 passengers, and the Gleaner (whose crew were on board the Volunteer.) All the emigrants and seamen belonging to those vessels have arrived safe at Sydney, Cape Breton.


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