Belfast Newsletter -Tuesday, 24 November, 1835


On Thursday last, in Lisburn, Mrs. William Whitla, of a son.

On the 14th inst. at Chanterhill, near Enniskillen, the Lady of the Hon. and Rev. J. C. Maude, of a son.

On the 14th inst. the wife of William Walker, one of the day patrole, Aberdeen, was delivered of three sons, who, with the mother, are all doing well.


On Tuesday last, by the Rev. James Carlisle, Mr Thomas Bigger, merchant, to Miss M'Alister, both of this town.

On the 17th inst. by the Rev. John Dill, Carnmoney, Mr William Walker, Drumbo, county Down, to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Brown, Ballyearl.

On the 11th inst. by the Rev. J. S. Browne, of Magheragall, Mr John Graham, of Whitemountain, to Miss Agnes Mairs, fourth daughter of Sir John Mairs, of Magheragall.

On the 17th inst. by the Rev. Dr. Campbell, Matthew Anthony Fox, Esq. of Foxmount, Waterford, to Elizabeth Jane, eldest daughter of the late Wm. Fletcher, Esq. of Trevor Hill, Newry.

Nov. 16, at Urney Church, the Rev. Robert Delap, to Isabella, fourth daughter of the late Sir James Galbraith, Bart. of Urney Park.

On Friday last, at Rosstrevor Church, by the Rev. B. Jacob, Edward, eldest son of Edward Bruce, Esq. of Scout Bush, to Maria, eldest daughter of the late Lieut.-Colonel Head, of the 7th Dragoon Guards.

On Wednesday, at St. George's, Hanover-square, London, by the Right Hon. and Rev. the Earl of Guilford, Capt. John Sidney Doyle, second son of Major General Sir Charles Doyle, to the Lady Susan North, daughter of the Dowager Countess, and of the late George Augustus, Earl of Guilford. His Majesty the King was graciously pleased to give away the bride, and Lord Frederick Fitzclarence was deputed to act as his Majesty's proxy on the occasion.


On Friday last, at his residence, Bridge-street, Mr Wm. White, ironmonger, of this town, aged 46 years.

On the 17th inst. Mr John Milford, of Belfast, aged 72 years.

On the 20th inst. at Ballyroan Mills, near Dundonald, Esther Anne, aged 34 years, wife of Mr David Robinson, formerly of Beaver Hall, Ballymacarrett.

At Holywood, on the 12th inst. in the 53d year other age, Jane, daughter of the late Mr John M'Connell, of same place.

At Lisburn, on Wednesday last, at the house of his brother, Mr Thos. Rogers, formerly grocer in that town, and late of Coleraine, aged 32 years.

At Lisburn, on the 19th inst. Mr George Moore, proprietor of the Kings Arms Inn, aged 73 years.

At her lodgings, in Bank-lane, an the 18th inst. after a lingering illness of eight months, Eliza Dunant, wife of Mr William Dunant, comedian, of the Belfast Theatre, aged 19 years.

On the 15th inst. at the house of her son-in-law, Matthew Barrington, Esq. Eliza Ann, relict of the late Wm. Hartigan, Esq. M.D. Professor of Anatomy and Surgery in Trinity College, Dublin, and second daughter of the late John Pollock, Esq. of Newry.

In Edinburgh, at the early age of 32, Dr. John Wilson Anderson, the eminent Scotch chemist and lecturer, and member of the Royal College of Physicians.

On the 14th inst. in Ravensdale, county Louth, aged 72 years, Robert Thompson, Esq.

Suddenly, on the 10th Inst. Mr. Edward Cleland, of the Haw-house, Drumaghlish, parish of Kilmore, county Down. This gentleman has, for the last 12 or 14 years, lived in retirement at his family mansion, with his brothers and sisters, among whom he always conducted himself with that propriety, and in that kind manner, which gained him their undivided esteem; and by whom, and by all the neighbourhood around, his death is sincerely and deservedly regretted.

Suddenly, at Belvoir Castle, on the 15th inst. Lord Robert Manners, third son of Charles, fourth Duke of Rutland, and the beautiful Mary Isabella, daughter of the fourth Duke of Beaufort. He was born Dec. 14 1781. Lord Robert was a Major-General of the 3rd Dragoons, and M. P. for the northern division of Leicestershire.




17th Foot: Ensign W. Hackett to be Lieut. by pur. vice Finch, retires; C. I. Powell to be Ensign, by pur. vice Hackett. -- 52d: Capt. S. Dowbiggin, from half-pay 3d Garrison Battalion, to be Captain, vice Norton, deceased. -- 59th: Capt. R. T. Hopkins, from 80th, to be Captain, vice Kane, exch. -- 61st: Capt. J. Lewes, from half-pay 23rd Light Dragoons, to be Captain, vice Armstrong, exch. -- 69th: Major Lord G. Bentinck, from half-pay Unattached, to be Major, vice W. Ogilvy, exch. -- 80th: Capt. N. Kane, from 59th, to be Captain, vice Hopkins, exch.


DEATH OF HENRY DAVENPORT, Esq. -- Henry Davenport, Esq. second son of John Davenport, Esq. M.P. for the borough of Stoke-upon-Trent, was out hunting with his pack of harriers near Norton-in-the-Moors, on Friday. On leaping a stone wall his horse fell, and rolled upon Mr. D.On being taken up Mr. D. was unable to speak, and appeared to be severely hurt. He was taken to the nearest house, and before a surgeon could be procured life was extinct.


Lord Arthur Lennox has re-entered on active service as Capt. of the 71st Highland Light Infantry, and, with his newly married Lady, daughter of Lady Charlotte Bury, has joined head-quarters at Edinburgh.



Arrived on Saturday, the brig Thetis, Ferris, master from Cumberland, N.S. with timber, deals, and staves. (See advertisement.)

Arrived yesterday (Monday), the schooner Anne, White, from London and Whitehaven.

The schooner Express, White, for London, clears tomorrow.

The steam-ship Corsair, Gowan, sails for Liverpool, on Thursday, at one o'clock in the afternoon.

The smack Iris, Cuddy, for London, clears on Saturday.

The steamer Nottingham, White, for Liverpool, sails today at twelve o'clock noon.

The steamer Hibernia, Williams, fer Liverpool, sails on Saturday at three o'clock afternoon.

The steamer Shamrock, W. Browne, for Dublin, sails to-morrow, at one o'clock afternoon.

The new steamer Arab, W. Stewart, for Greenock and Glasgow, sails on Thursday, at two o'clock afternoon.

For London, (calling at Falmouth and Plymouth,) the City of Londonderry, J. Lewis, commander, sails on Sunday next, at six o'clock morning.


Nov. 19... Antelope (st.), Price, Glasgow
Loyalty, Mann, Larne, potatoes
Henry Hastings, Wheeler, Liverpool salt
Marchioness of Huntly, Scott, Killough, grain
Ruby, Nicholson, Larne, flour
20... George IV. Orr, Quebec, timber
Venture, Wilson, Quebec, timber
Dunlop, Shaw, Quebec, timber
Hero, Gibson, London, general cargo
Mermaid, Ritchie, Killough, grain
21... Belfast, (st.), White, Glasgow
Despatch, M'Conkey, Strangford, grain
Rapid, Roberts, London, general cargo
Brunswick, Savage, Newcastle, glass
Nottingham, (st.), White, Liverpool
22... Providence, Owen, Dundalk, barley
1 collier


Nov. 19... Corsair (st), Gowan, Liverpool
20... Aurora, De Lees, St. Ube's, ballast
21... Hibernia (st.), Williams, Liverpool
Olive, Mawhinney, Larne, grain
Ann, Jordan, Quoyle Quay, flour
22... Arab, (st.), Stewart, Glasgow
William, Bridgen, London, general cargo
24 colliers in ballast

Arrived on Thursday, from Quebec, the Eleanor of Larne, Randal Donaldson, master, sailed from thence 23d Oct. in company with a large fleet; spoke the brig Trial, of Belfast, about 150 miles down the river, on the 26th ult.

The ship Alexander, Luckett, from Liverpool to Mobile, arrived there safe 4th Oct.

The Margaret Johnson, Jackson, from Liverpool to New Orleans, arrived there safe on the 9th Oct.

The Gleaner, M'Arthur, from London to Sligo, was on shore in the Sound of Kyle-Akin 9th inst. waterlogged and much damaged.

The brig Hunter, of Greenock, Murray, from Liverpool for Bathurst, was wrecked 21st Sept. on St. Paul's Island...crew saved.

The Ann, from London to Memel, is wrecked in Trinity Bay.

The Thomas, from La Guyara to Liverpool, was driven on shore on Indian Key. Sept. 16.

The Gil Blas, from Havannah to Spain, was driven on shore near Cape Florida, Sept. 16.

WHITEHAVEN, Nov. 12...The Robert, Milward, of this port, sailed on Friday week, coal laden for Dublin, with ten hands on board, and perished off the Isle of Man, with all her crew, consisting of the master, and his brother the mate, of five men and three boys.


Passed the Sound on the 6th inst. the Diamond, Patterson, from Riga for Newry, linseed; 8th, Helen, Taylor, do. do. do.; Gipsy, Moore, do. Belfast do.; 9th, George, Primrose, and Bartley, Webber; from do. for Derry, do.; Acorn, James, do. do do.; David Allen, from Petersburgh for Belfast, hemp; 10th, Francis, Thornton, from do. for Newry; tallow Eor (sic) British ports from the 3d to the 10th inclusive, 9 vessels with flax, hemp and codilla ; 5 with timber and deals; 8 with tallow; 1 with linseed; 1 with staves; 1 with oil cake. Passed upwards, 1 vessel with herrings.


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