Belfast Newsletter - Friday, 8 July, 1842


On the 3d inst. at Carrickfergus, the Lady of Wm. Burleigh Esq., of a son.

On the 29th ult., at Brandrum House, Monaghan, the Lady of Robert Thompson, Esq., of a son.


On the 3d ult., at Pinehill, by the Rev. James Bellis, Dervock, Hugh Bellis, of Liswatty, Esq, to Jane, eldest daughter of the late Rev. Matthew Elder, Kilraughts.

On the 1st inst., at Ballymascanlon Church, by the Rev. H. T. Hobson, William Wellington Godfrey, Esq., of her Majesty's Customs, Newry, to Harriet, only daughter of Benjamin Thompson, Esq., Ravensdale, county Louth.

On the 30th ult., by the Rev. James Collins, A.M., Dromore, Mr Moses Patterson, of Tullyglush, to Martha, daughter of the late Mr Matthew Scott, of Drumillar.

On the 28th ult., in Portaferry Church, by the Rev. William St. John Smyth, Mr John Lawson, woollendraper, of Portaferry, to Miss Jane M'Kibbin, only daughter of Mrs. Jane M'Kibbin, of same place.

On the 4th inst., at Kilmore Church, by the Rev. J. F. Lloyd, Mr George Price, of Ballyhegan, county Armagh, to Miss Mary Jackson, of Loughgall.


On Tuesday last, Janette, wife of the late David M'Cance, Esq., Tempest Hill, Upper Falls.

At his residence, 31, Great Patrick-street, Belfast, on the morning of the 7th inst. Mr William Barkley, in the 48th year of his age. Beloved and respected by his many warm friends and acquaintances, his memory will be long held in remembrance by all who knew him. His remains will be removed from his late residence, 31, Great Patrick-street, for interment in the New Burying-ground, in the rear of the Poor-house, at nine o'clock, on Saturday morning.

On the 2d inst. after a lingering illness, which he bore with patience and resignation to the Divine will, James Alexander Esq. merchant of Derry, in the 64th year of his age.

Suddenly, at Ballycastle, a few days ago, aged 14, Margaret, second daughter of A. M'Donnell, Esq. much and deservedly regretted. To surviving youth, her sudden and unexpected removal intimates the necessity and advantages of early piety. "Be ye also ready, for in such an hour that ye wot not the Son of Man cometh."

On the 24th ult. at Lisrenny, county Louth, Richard George Leopold, fourth son of William Filgate, Esq.

On the 29th ult, at Fathom-locks, Newry, in the 42d year of his age, of erysipelis, Mr Edward Lowry, millwright, much esteemed and deservedly regretted by a large circle of acquaintances.

On he 23d ult. in the 70th year of her age, after a short illness, Rebecca, wife of Mr John Storey, of Innish, near Dungannon.

On the 26th ult. at Smealy, near Manchester, James Kelso, Esq., late of Dukenhaigh, near Blackburn, near Lancashire, youngest son of the late Mr John Kelso, of Derry, in his 31st year.

On the 4th inst. at his residence, Analore, near Clones, George Moore, Esq. aged 57 years.

On the 28th ult. at Hutton Lodge, Yorkshire, the seat of his nephew, Henry Darling, Esq. Lord James Townsend, in the 57th year of his age, Captain of the Royal Navy, and Naval Aide-de-camp to her Majesty.

On the 2d inst. at Portane near Swords, the Right Hon George Evans, late M.P. for the county of Dublin.

On the 2d inst. at his seat, Tulla House, Neagh, Lieut.-General Sir William Parker Carrol, C.B.

At Upper Gloucester-street, Dublin, Bridget, wife of R. Young Reynolds, of Fort Lodge, county of Cavan, Esq.


Major-Generals -- H. P. Lewis, late of the Royal Marines, Plymouth; William Burgh, East India Company's Service, Barrackpore[?], Bengal; F. Bowes, East India Company's Service, Rome; James Hackett, Eats India Company's Service, Cannamore; James Wahab, C.B. East India Company's Service, Octacamund, Madras; William Dunlop, Eat India Company's Service, Allahabad, Bengal.

Colonel -- Dennie, C.B. 13th Foot, killed at Jellalabad, Affghanistan.

Lieutenant-Colonels -- C. de Vogelsang, half-pay Rolle's Regiment; De Ulmenstein, half-pay 6th Line Battalion German Legion; Markham, 60th Foot, Jamaica; Sir Alexander Barnes, c.b. East India Company's Service, killed at Cabool.

Major -- Waterfield, East India Company's Service, Daporlie, Bombay.

Captains -- May, 41st Foot, killed in Seinde; Hon. W. A. Skeffington, 80th Foot, Paramatta, New South Wales; W. Bell, 94th Foot, Madra; J. M. M'Narmara, late of Royal Marines; Ridge, half-pay 4th Foot, Lord M. Somerville, half-pay Royal Artillery, Berkhampstead; W. Prosser, half-pay Independent Corps; Le Page, half-pay Chaeeurs Brittaniques; J. M. D. la Rue, half-pat St. Domingo Legion.

Lieutenants -- Seward, 8th Foot, Clifton; Cumming, 9th Foot, killed forcing the Kyber Pass, Affghanistan; Penrose, 10th Foot, Naples; Vaughan, half-pay 57th Foot; Monro, half-pay 65th Foot; Bullen, half-pay 66th Foot; De Lenasture, half-pay 67th Foot; Clues, half-pay 83d Foot; Joynour, half-pay 89th Foot; Kemple, half-pay 99th Foot; De Grovestins, half-pay Hompesch's Mounted Rifles; Schaefer (Adjutant), half-pay Foreign Veteran Battalion; Harman, half-pay Watteville's Regiment; Guitton, half-pay Corsican Rangers.

Ensigns -- Orde, 2d West India Regiment; C. Knight, late of 7th Royal Veteran Battalion; Webster, half-pay 27th Foot; Lepine, half-pay 73d Foot; Laing, half-pay 83d Foot; Strudwick, half-pay Wall's Corps.

Paymaster -- Leech, half-pay 3d Dragoon Guards.

Quartermaster -- C. Tobing, half-pay 8th Line Battalion German Legion, Luchow, Hanover.

Medical Department -- Deputy Inspector General Sir John Meade, M.D., K.H.; Surgeon Dr. Stephenson, 54th Foot, Liverpool; Surgeon Peter Smith, Staff, Liverpool; Assistant-Surgeon Dr. Jackson, 6th Foot, Rochester; Assistant-Surgeon Walbran, half-pay 45th Foot.

Barrackmaster -- J Kelly, Coventry.


Flag Officers -- Admiral Wm. Wolseley, Vice-Admiral Robt. Hall, Rear-Admiral Auselm J. Griffith, Rear-Admiral J. R. Smollett.

Captains -- John Wilson, Christopher Nixon, George James H. Johnstone, Thomas Vivion.

Commanders -- David Mapleton, William Henvey, James Cheape, Right Hon. Lord Henry Russell, Joseph Thompson, Wm. Oxborough, Robert Forbes.

Lieutenants -- Wm. M. Smith, John Francis, John Craske, George Craister, Wm. Edy. Wm. Lovitt, Andrew H. Thompson, John P. Grandidier, Wm. Smart, Edward C. Dansey, Robert L. Mitchell, Robert J. Abington, Charles C. Austen, John Astee.

Masters -- John Silly[?], John Bruce.

Mates -- Frederick J. Millman, Henry V. Craven.

Medical Officers -- Sir William Beatty, Knt. P.; Archibald Menzies, S.; James Fletcher, S.; John Brigges, S.; William Standbridge, S.; Edwin G. Jones, M.D. S.; Robert Shand, S.; Wm. G. Borland, S.; James Wallace, M.D. S; Andrew D. R. Hoggan, M.D. (act) A.S.

Purser -- Benjamin Crocker.

Royal Marines -- Captain J. M. Macnamara, Captain James Cottell, Wm. Laurie, 2d Lieut. Edmund B. Prosser, 2d Lieut. Benjamin Sayer.



THIS Commission, which was rendered necessary by the frequency of crime in Tipperary, has now closed. The cases tried were those of murder, assaults which might have ended in murder, and robbery of fire-arms. The Crown convicted in every case but one, namely, that of Kent, one of the persons charged with the mureder of Mr. Hall. Two of the convicts, Byrnes and Woods, are sentenced to be executed, six are to be transported, and several others are to be imprisoned, and kept at hard labour for various periods. The local papers -- Radical and Roman Catholic though they be -- praise the Attorney-General for the impartiality with which he conducted the prosecutions.

The causes of crime in Tipperary seem to be connected with politics, religion, and land. To be of different religion or politics from the majority of the people in that county, or to interfere in any way with land, though it may be to assert a just right, is sufficient to excite the murderous propensities of those who are combined to do mischief. Poverty, as was observed by the Chief Justice, is not one of the causes of crime in Tipperary. Poverty may make men reckless and lead them to the perpetration of deeds which, inother circumstances, they would regard with horror, but those who trade in crime in Tipperary have not even the excuse of poverty; their crimes are committed, not under the influence of strong excitement, but cooly and deliberately -- they are the consequences of previous plan and cold-blooded determination. Nothing but the strong arm of justice can extirpate the blood-stained conspirators of that county. Since they place so little value upon human life -- according to one of the witnesses -- as to put murder and pledge-breaking on a par -- they must be taught to respect human life by the execution of the law upon those who violate it. During the sitting of the Commission, we have not herad of many offences having been committed in Tipperary, and now that it has closed, we hope that its proceedings may have impressed the minds of the peasentry with greater respectfor the laws and a dread of the consequences of their violation.


Wm. Whitelaw, a farmer at Clancart, Glasgow, who died last Monday, subsisted for 30 years of his life without partaking of any other nutriment than milk, and grew up a strong, athletic farmer.


John Gowdie, better known by the cognemen of "The Miller," and who occupied the cottage where Burns was born for forty-one and a-half years, died on Friday last. -- He had attained his 84th year, and was a canty old carle, who saw no harm in tasting the "blessings," for he liked the "nappy" wheel. He was very fond of a joke, and when sitting over "a guid fu' bicker" delighted to talk of Burns and bygone days, and as the story and joke went round, he would rub his auld head o'er and o'er again, and laugh full hearty. He lay for about three weeks, and was sensible to the last. For some time before he died, he could not look at or taste "John Barleycorn," once his dearest friend. -- He has left a widow and family, who are likely to keep "Burns' Cottage" open for strangers, as the lease of the property has fifteen years to run; but there will be a great want -- there will be no more stories of Burns by "The Miller," who was well known and loved for his facetious disposition by those who were personally acquainted with him, and also by the many visitors to the cottage both far and near.


TERMINATION OF THE SPECIAL COMMISSION AT TIPPERARY. -- The six individuals sentenced to transportation were sent off at 5 o'clock on Monday morning for Kingstown, where they will be transferred to the convict ship, which has been waiting their arrival.


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