Millisle and Ballycopeland Presbyterian Church: A Short History


This History of the separate Congregations of Millisle and Ballycopeland, and of the United Congregations, with an Account of the Ministers of the Congregations, has been written for several reasons. Firstly, it has been written in order to preserve many items of information which might be lost with the passing of the years, and with the passing away of the older members of the Congregations. Secondly, It has been penned because the writer has been much impressed and gladdened by the love of the members for their seaside Church, and by their unfailing loyalty and generosity. Their love and loyalty are such that he feels sure they will welcome the facts connected with the past and present. Thirdly, the task of recording the events that make the history has been one of the greatest joys of the writer's life. He has told the story of the following pages because of the happiness he has had in telling it.

He desires to acknowledge his indebtedness to all who have supplied him with materials for the work. His best helpers have been the members of the Congregations, and the relatives and descendants of the Ministers. He is most grateful to these, and to Miss Craig, Presbyterian Historical Society, Belfast; Rev. Samuel G. M'Connell, B.A., Castlecaulfield, Co. Tyrone; and to many others, for all the information they have given. He wishes also to record his sincerest thanks to Mr. William Henry, of Messrs. Henry Bros., "Chronicle" Buildings, Newtownards, whose courtesy and assistance have helped him greatly in the completion of a self-imposed, but most congenial undertaking.

Millisle, Co. Down.

October, 1934.

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