The Banner of Ulster - 30 August, 1842


On the 21st instant, the Lady of the Rev. David Reid, Presbyterian Minister at Dunfanaghy, of a Daughter.


On the 17th instant, in the Friends' Meeting-house, Lurgan, HENRY NEELE of Roscrea, county Tipperary, Esq., to SARAH SOPHIA, youngest daughter of JAmes Turtle of Tonnamore Lodge, county Armagh, Esq.

On the 13th instant, by the Rev. David Adams, Ahoghill, Mr. THOMAS MOORE, third son of the late Mr. Robert Moore, to ANNE, eldest daughter of Mr. Alexander Moody, both of Ballynafle, county Antrim.

On the 17th instant, by the Rev. A. Breaky, Killyleagh, Captain JAMES M'CONNELL, of the brig Unces, New Orleans, to UPHEMIA, third daughter of Mr. James M'Cann, of Killyleagh.

August 24, in Hillsborough Church, by the Venerable the Archdeacon of Down, the Rev. JAMES FORD, to JANE LUCY, second daughter of William Edmund Reilly, Esq.


On the 19th instant, at North Brook Lodge, near Exeter, Devonshire, the Marchioness Dowager of HEADFORT, aged eighty-four.

On the 22d inst., at the residence of his father, ROBERT, second son of Mr. Robert Stewart, Dromore.

On the 14th instant, in Captain Street, Coleraine, aged sixty-six years, Paymaster Sergeant WILLIAM HENDERSON, late of the 86th Foot.

At Ardrossan, on the 16th inst., ELLEN, the beloved wife of Major Martin, second daughter of the late Hugh Lyle, of Jackson Hall, Coleraine, Esq.

On the 19th instant, at his father's residence, Maghera, Mr. John Taylor, late of Belfast, after a short illness.

On the 20th instant, at Ramelton, in the sixty-third year of her age, Miss CATHERINE REID, only surviving sister of the late Rev. E. Reid, of that town, and of the Rev. Dr. Reid, of Glasgow College, much and deservedly regretted by a large circle of friends and acquaintances.

On the 20th instant, suddenly, at Magherafelt, Mr. BENJAMIN BEATTY, teacher.

August 20, at Edinburgh, the Right Honourable Francis Lord Gray, of Gray, in his seventy-seventh year.

August 22, at his residence, Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin, Sir Joshua Christmas Paul, Ballyglan, in the county of Wexford, and of Paulville, in the county Carlow, Bart.

At the house of her daughter, in this town, on the 23d instant, in her eightieth year, MARY, relict of the late Mr. John M'Court, formerly of Templepatrick.

August 24, at Coleraine, in the fourth year of his age, of water on the brain, SAMUEL KNOX, youngest son of the Rev. D. Flynn, 12, Harcourt Street.

At Waringstown, on the 24th instant, of rapid decline, SALLY, daughter of the late Surgeon Lutton, in the twenty-seventh year of her age.

On the 25th instant, at Cave Hill Cottage, Mr. WILLIAM MACAULEY.

On the 28th instant, at the house of her son, MARY BELL, relict of the late John Bell, of this town, merchant.

Suddenly, at Port Philip, New South Wales, in March last, Captain PHILIP GROVE BEERS, of her Majesty's 80th Regiment, son of the late W. Beers, Esq., of Ballward Lodge, county Down.


IRISH BANKRUPTS.-- Michael Caulfield and Andrew Caulfield, of Athy, in the county of Kildare, shop-keepers, dealers, and chapmen, to surrender on the 7th September, and on the 7th of October. Martin Costello, of Tuam, in the county of Galway, shop-keeper, dealer, and chapman, to surrender on the 7th of September, and on the 7th of October.



ARRIVED, August 24.-- Falcon (steamer), Gowan, Liverpool, goods and passengers; Elizabeth, M'Ferran, Bangor, slates.-- 25. Aurora (steamer), Anderson, Glasgow, goods and passengers; Glasgow (steamer), Williams, Glasgow, ballast.

SAILED, August 24.-- Marys, Murphy, Bridport, wood; Ruby, Rodgers, Larne, wheat; Commodore (steamer), Hardie, Glasgow, goods and passengers; Birmingham (steamer), Church, Dublin, goods and passengers.-- 25. Falcon (steamer), Gowan, Liverpool, goods and passengers.


For Greenock and Glasgow, the Aurora, Anderson, to-morrow, at three o'clock, afternoon.

For Dublin, the Birmingham, Church, to-morrow, at four o'clock, afternoon.

For Stranraer, the Maid of Galloway, Haswell, to-day, at seven o'clock, morning.

For Whitehaven, the Countess of Lonsdale, Lamb, to-morrow, at four o'clock, afternoon.

For Liverpool, the Reindeer, Head, on Thursday, at five o'clock, evening.

For Carlisle, the Antelope, Macpherson, to-day, at two o'clock, afternoon.

For Liverpool, from Portrush, calling at Larne, &c., the Coleraine, Johnstone, on Thursday, September 1, at nine o'clock, morning.

For Liverpool, from Warrenpoint, the Hercules, Tallan, to-morrow, at four o'clock, afternoon.

For Halifax and Boston, from Liverpool, the Acadia, Ryrie, on 4th September.

For New York, from Liverpool, the Great Western, Hosken, on Saturday, 3d September.


At Larne, on 26th instant, the schooner Jessie Scott, of Inverkeithing, M'Culloch, from Dantzic, with a cargo of wheat, in thirty days. During the passage, nothing but S.W. gales prevailed. Since she was launched in December last, this is the third voyage she has made from the Baltic.


The brig Chamcook, of Belfast, Poag, at Constantinople, from Newcastle, 3d instant.

The Sluice, Francis, from Meolfra, to this port, at Holyhead, 22d instant.

The brig Sir A. N. M'Nab, of Belfast, Press, at North Shields, from Liverpool, 22d instant.

The brig Joseph P. Dobree, of Belfast, Hawkins, at Liverpool, from St. Petersburg, 23d instant.

At Holyhead, the Upton, Pritchards, from Beaumaris for Belfast.

At Holyhead, the Adventure, Jones, from Uxbridge, for Belfast.

The following vessels, from Liverpool, have arrived at New York:-- Cambridge, Barstow; Sea, Delano; Athens, Chase; Roscoe, Huttleston; Swanton, Heath; Echo, Sill; Metoka, M'Laren; Huron, Cameron.

The Martha, from Liverpool, at St. Thomas and Puerto Cabello.

DONEGALL, August 24.-- The Ann, O'Brien, had a fine run from Quebec of twenty-six days; reports the Springhill, Wilson, from Donegall, with emigrants, had arrived three days before she sailed. Not many ships at Quebec when the Ann sailed.


The Mayflower, Pool, and John Lloyd, Mitchell, sailed from Cardiff, for Belfast, 22d instant.


At London, the Glenswilly, M'Neil, for Port Philip.


At Glasgow, the brig Sophia, of Belfast, for Monte Video and Buenos Ayres.


NEW YORK, August 6.-- The Salem, Ilsley, from Liverpool, was on shore below Mobile, but expected to be got off after discharging her cargo.

ARCHANGEL, August 3.-- The Marquis of Douro, Allen, hence to London, went ashore on Knock Sand, in the White Sea, during a fog, but floated off, nearly full of water, and ran ashore on the Lapland coast.

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The Army.


War Office, August 19

15th Regiment of Light Dragoons.-- Lieutenant Francis Woodley Horne to be Captain, by purchase, vice the Viscount Amiens, who retires; Cornet Herbert Morgan to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Horne.

16th Regiment of Foot.-- Brevet Major James Brand to be Major., without purchase, vice Dalzell, who retires upon full pay; Lieutenant John Bruce to be Captain, vice Brand; Ensign Charles Armstrong to be Lieutenant, vice Bruce; Alexander Cockburn M'Barnet, gent., to be Ensign, vice Armstrong.

17th.-- Ensign John Ballard Gardiner, from the 69th Foot, to be Lieutenant, without purchase, vice Butler, whose promotion has been cancelled.

18th.-- Frederick Lillie, gent., to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Kirk, cashiered by sentence of a general court martial.

28th.-- Ensign Percy Archer Butler to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Lake, deceased.

61st.-- Ensign Chas. Edward Prime to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Coryton, who retires; Ensign John Fortescue Brickdale to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Gib, who retires; Edward Thomas Wickham, gent., to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Prime; William Hudson, gent., to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Brickdale.

62d.-- Captain E. W. Sibley, from half-pay unattached, to be Captain, vice James Sweeny, who exchanges.

69th.-- Corporal-Major William Griffin Sutton, from the Royal Regiment of Horse Guards, to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Gardiner, promoted in the 17th Foot.

83d.-- Thomas Stewart Lane, gent., to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Maxwell, promoted in the 2d West India Regiment.

92d.-- Ensign Patrick Bruce Junor to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Cochrane, who retires; Francis Nicholl, gent., to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Junor.

95th.-- Lieutenant Wm. Armstrong Rogers to be Captain, without purchase, vice Saunders, deceased.

2d West India Regiment.-- Ensign and Adjutant John Harpur to have the rank of Lieutenant; Ensign William Augustus Riddell Maxwell, from the 83d Foot, to be Lieutenant, without purchase, vice R. M. Nicholls, appointed to the 25th Foot.

3d West India Regiment.-- To be Lieutenants, without purchase -- Ensign Charles Graves; Ensign Geo. Cockburn Urmston. To be Ensigns, without purchase -- Angus M'Tarrgart, gent., vice Graves; Wm. Hunt Carr, gent., vice Urmston.

UNATTACHED.-- Lieutenant E. W. Sibbey, from the 26th Foot, to be Captain, without purchase, vice Rogers, whose promotion has been cancelled.

BREVET.-- Major Wm. Johnstone, of the 26th Foot, to be Lieutenant in the Army.

The Navy.

We have heard that a hundred of the oldest Captains in the navy, not under sixty years of age, are to be allowed to retire, with the rank of Rear-Admiral, on 20s. per diem!


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