Belfast Telegraph - 4 June 1929


MINNIS -- June 2, 1929, at "Chigwell," Ranfurly Avenue, Bangor, to Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Minnis -- a son.


CADELL--BRADY -- On May 25, 1929, at St. John's Wood Presbyterian Church, London, Reginald Henry, son of Mr. J. H. Cadell and the late Mrs. Cadell, to Winifred, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Brady.

M'ADAMS--GIBSON -- May 14, 1929, at Cockes Presbyterian Church, Toronto, by Rev. Dr. L. B. Gibson, B.A., William James, second son of Mr. and Mrs. John M'Adams, Woodview, Armagh, to Ethel May, only daughter of the late H. C. Gibson and Mrs. Gibson, Ballygowan, Belfast.

M'COMBE--KIRK -- On June 1, 1929, at Second Antrim Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. W. Mitchell, Lee, second son of Mr. and Mrs. G. M. M'Combe, Greenisland, Belfast, to Sophie M'Naughton, elder daughter of the late Mrs. E. M. Kirk, Antrim.

WARREN--O'NEILL -- June 3, 1929, at St. Matthew's Church, Belfast, by the Rev. Canon Walker, L.L.D., Rev. Frederick William Wensley Warren, B.D., Rector at St. Silas's Church Belfast, only son of the late Frederick William Warren, M.A., F.R.C.S.I., and Mrs. Warren, Dublin, to Edith Frances (Ida), youngest daughter of the late William and Mrs. O'Neill, Springdale Gardens, Belfast.


ARTHUR -- June 4, 1929, at her residence, 34 Ballynure Street, Agnes, the dearly-beloved wife of Joseph Arthur. Interment notice later.

ATKINSON -- June 3, 1929, at the residence of his brother-in-law (S. Sterling), Park View, Tandragee, Joseph Atkinson, eldest son of the late John Atkinson, Coachbuilder, Portadown. Funeral to Family Burying--ground, Tartaraghan, by motor, on to-morrow (Wednesday), June 5, at 3 p.m.

CATHCART -- June 3, 1929, James Cathcart. Funeral from his late residence, Kells, Co. Antrim, to Connor New Cemetery, on to-morrow (Wednesday), at 1 o'clock. No flowers.

CLARKE -- June 3, 1929, at the Royal Victoria Hospital, William John, beloved husband of Martha Clarke, 71 Coolderry Street, Belfast, and formerly of Glaslough, County Monaghan. Funeral private. No flowers.

DODDS -- June 3, 1929, at his son's residence, Ballenon Manse, Pontzpass, William Dodds. The remains of my dearly-loved father will be removed from above address for interment in Knockbracken Burying-ground, on to-morrow (Wednesday), 5th inst., at 2 p.m., arriving at Knockbracken at 4-30 p.m.

DRYSDALE -- June 2, 929, at Purdysburn Hospital, Elizabeth, youngest and much-loved daughter of Elizabeth and the late James Drysdale. The remains of my dearly-beloved daughter will be removed from her late residence, 36 Glentoran Street, on to-morrow (Wednesday), 5th inst., at 2-30 p.m., for interment in Shankill Burying-ground.
"Gone to be with Christ, which is far better."
Though parted by the hand of God,
In Christ united still.
We will meetour loved one once again,
For Jesus says we will.
Deeply regretted by her sorrowing Mother, Sister, and Brother.

GRACEY -- June 2, 1929, at his residence, 62 William Street, Lurgan, John, only son of the late Halliday and Georgina Gracey. His remains will be removed at 11 o'clock on to-morrow (Wednesday), for interment in Lurgan New Cemetery.

KENNEDY -- June 3, 1929, at his residence, "Norbrook," Knock, Francis J. Kennedy, late of "Clough Lodge," Shore Road, Belfast. Funeral private. MARY CROSBIE KENNEDY.

KENNEDY -- The Officers and Members of the above Lodge deeply regret to record the death of their esteemed Worshipful Brother, Francis J. Kennedy, Past Secretary, and extend their deepest sympathy to his sorrowing wife and relations. PHILIP W. M. ARMSTRONG, W.M.; DUDLEY W. FIELD, P.M., Secreatry.

MAGEE -- June 3, 1929, at her residence, "Beach Cottage," Warrenpoint, Catherine, wife of the late Captain Magee. -- R.I.P. Funeral of our much-loved mother on to-morrow (Wednesday), 5th inst., at 3 p.m., to the Family Burying-ground, Burren.

MEHARRY -- June 2, 1929, Isabella Meharry (Newsagent), widow of the late William John Meharry. The remains of our dearly-beloved mother will be removed from her late residence, 49 Donegall Pass, on to-morrow (Wednesday), 5th inst., at 2 p.m., for interment in Boardmills ession Churchyard.
Long days and nights she bore her pain,
To wait for cure was all in vain,
But God alone Who thought it best,
Relieved her pain, and gave her rest.
Deeply regretted by her loving Son and daughter-in-law. WILLIAM AND SARAH MEHARRY.
Also Grandchildren, Isabella and Lily. 20 Euterne Street.

MEHARRY -- June 2, 1929, Isabella Meharry, (Newsagent), widow of the late William John Meharry. The remains of our dearly-beloved mother will be removed from her late residence, 49 Donegall Pass, on to-morrow (Wednesday), 5th inst., at 2 p.m., for interment in Boardmills Session Churchyard.
We know she is free from grief and pain,
And with her Saviour now doth reign.
Yet earth is such a dismal place,
Without the smile of her dear face.
Deeply regretted by her loving Son and Daughter-in-law. JAMES and MAY MEHARRY.
Also Grandchildren, James, Thomas, and Maureen. 24 Coolderry Street.

MEHARRY -- June 2, 1929, at her summer residence, 127 Bryansburn Road, Bangor, Isabella Meharry (Newsagent), widow of the late William John Meharry. The remains of our dearly-beloved mother will be removed from her late residence, 49 Donegall Pass, Belfast, on to-morrow (Wednesday), 5th inst., at 2 p.m., for interment in Boardmills Session Churchyard. Friends will please accept this intimation.
We stood around her dying bed,
With hearts all crushed and sore,
And in the gloom those sweet words steal,
"Not lost, but gone before."
God took her to His home above,
Out of this world of pain.
It is only but a little while,
And we shall meet again.
Deeply regretted by her Sons and Daughter. HUGH, ROBERT, ALEXANDER, and MAY. 49 Donegall Pass.

MOFFETT -- June 3, 1929, at her sons-in-law's residence, Ballyvernott, Bangor, Mary Jane, beloved wife of William Moffett, Clandeboye. Funeral from Ballyvernott to Bangor New Cemetery, on to-morrow (Wednesday), at 4 p.m. Friends will please accept this intimation.
Deeply regretted by her sorrowing Husband and Family.

MORROW -- June 3, 1929 (suddenly), at The Hospital, Lisburn Road (following operation), James, the eldest son of Samuel and Matilda Morrow. His remains will be removed from his late residence, 15 Upper Meenan Street, on to-morrow (Wednesday), June 5. at 2-30 p.m., for interment in City Cemetery. Friends will please accept this intimation.
Deeply regretted by his sorrowing Father, Mother, Brother, and Sister.

M'KENDRY -- June 3, 1929 (suddenly), at his residence, Finnis, Dromara, Samuel M'Kendry. Funeral to Dromara Churchyard at 12 o'clock on to-morrow (Wednesday).


Mr. and Mrs. R. G. GARRETT desire to thank all kind friends who sympathised with them in their recent sad bereavement; also those who sent flowers. -- Bangor, Co. Down.

Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE WYLIE and Family desire to return sincere thanks to the many kind friends, acquaintances, and neighbours for their sympathy in their recent sad bereavement; to all those who sent letters and telegrams of condolence, and to all who sent floral tributes, especially the Officers, N.C.O.'s and Boys of the 43rd Belfast (Dundonald) Company Boys' Brigade and Lifeboys' team, the Old Boys of the 43rd B.B., the Naval Branch of the British Legion, the Dundonald Branch of the British Legion, The Dundonald Air Gun Club, the Knock Motor Cycle Club, the Motor Cycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre), the officials and employes of the Belfast Corporation, Electrical Department, and to the Matron and Staff of the Newry General Hospital. Hoping this acknowledgement will be kindly accepted by all. Ormidale, Dundonald.

In Memoriam

M'ALEER -- In ever-loving memory of our dear mother, Elizabeth M'Aleer, who died on 4th June, 1927.
We who loved you sadly miss you,
As it dawns another year.
In our lonely hours of thinking,
Thoughts of you are ever near.
Deeply regretted by her sorrowing Sons and Daughters. EDWARD and CHARLES M'ALEER, MARGARET WEIR, LAVINIA REYNOLDS, and MARIA GRAHAM.

M'MULLAN -- In loving memory of my dear husband (and our father), Richard M'Mullan, who died 4th June, 1928, and was laid to rest in City Cemetery.
"Severed only till He come."
Ever fondly remembered by his sorrowing Wife, Sons, and Daughter. ISABEL M'MULLAN. 11 Chater Street.

TUBMAN -- In fond and loving remembrance of my dear aunt, Agnes Tubman, who departed this life on 4th June, 1928, and was interred in the Family Burying-ground, Blaris. In fond hope that we shall meet, Keeling down by Jesus' feet. Ever remembered by her loving Nephew. JAMES M'BURNEY. India.



Lighting-up time to-night, 10-49; rear lamps, 10-19. High tide at Belfast to-morrow, 9-39 a.m.; 10-7 p.m.

Thomas Gault, aged 24, Gresham Street, Belfast, was knocked down by a motor-car and received a scalp wound and severe internal injuries. He was removed to the Royal Victoria Hospital.

A number of pharmaceutical chemists in the centre of the city and Antrim Road districts have agreed to close their premises at 8 p.m. every day except Saturday (10 p.m.) from 5th June until 30th September. The list will be found in our advertising columns.

Two ships of the First Mine-Sweeping Flotilla arrived in Bangor Bay at 7-30 on Monday evening. The parent ship, H.M. Pangbourne, and several others, are expected this morning.

Injured by falling glass in Doagh Factory yesterday, a girl named Annie Ritchie, Glenwood Street, Belfast, was taken to the Royal Victoria Hospital for treatment. Her arm was badly cut.





At the meeting ot the Coleraine Borough Council on Monday, the Mayor (Alderman D. H. Christie, Co.C.), presiding.

A resolution was read from the Enniskillen Urban Council stating that the present Government housing subsidy of 100 was too small.

Councillor R. Hunter (solicitor) said the rents were big enough. The rents charged were out of all conscience. The Government were simply taking money out of the pockets of the speculative builders.

The Mayor said if the Ministry would increase the size of the subsidy house from 650 to 950 feet there would be another housing boon in Coleraine.

A resolution expressing the Council's opinion that the subsidy was large enough, but that the size of the house should be increased to 950 feet, as formerly, was adopted.


At the monthly meeting of the Banbridge Urban Council on Monday night, Mr. Samuel Cruckshanks presiding, the suggestion of the Enniskillen Urban Council on housing subsidy was adopted.

It was decided to issue advertisements inviting tenders for the erection of thirty workmen's houses.

Mr. W. Logan. J.P., gave notice of motion that the grant of 40, together with the concession of ten years free of rates, be granted to persons erecting houses under the Housing Acts.

Plans for the erection of eleven subsidy homes were approved of.


The Strabane Urban Council adopted a resolution calling upon the Government to increase the subsidy on houses for the artisan class.

The surveyor reported that the erection of 16 houses under the Council's scheme was almost completed. The Council expressed satisfaction, several members suggesting that more houses should be built.





About 11 o'clock on Monday evening Alexander Gordon, aged 28, of Edenderry, was admitted to the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, with a double fracture of the thigh and a fractured forearm, received when his motor-bicycle was in a head-on collision with a motor-car in Dunmurry Lane.

Arthur Scott, also of Edenderry, and aged 20, who was riding pillion, was more gravely hurt, and his condition is very critical. He has a fractured skull, a fractured thigh, and, it in believed, extensive internal injuries.

It was reported at the hospital this morning that there is practically no change in the condition of either.

The collision took place at a bend in the lane, and the severity of the impact was seen in the extensive damage to the motor-bicycle. The car, which belongs to Mr. Hill, 7 Cranmore Park, Belfast, was only slightly damaged, and the driver escaped unhurt.

Gordon is a popular member of the Dunmurry Football Club, filling the centre-forward position with marked ability, and he has been one of Ireland's representatives on the junior international team.





Three vessels of the First Mine Sweeper Flotilla, armed in Bangor Bay on Monday evening, and the parent ship, H.M.S. Pangbourne, together with two other units, dropped anchor in the bay this morning.

The ships are H.M.S. Pangbourne, Albury, Tiverton, Dundalk, Sutton, and Dunoon. They will remain till the early morning of the 7th inst., and will then proceed to Douglas, I.O.M.

This morning at 9-45 Sir Thomas Wilson (Mayor of Bangor), accompanied by Councillor Dr. Bowman and Mr. R. M. Moore (assistant Town Clerk), proceeded to H.M.S. Pangbourne, and were received bv Commander H. C. Mayo, senior officer of the flotilla. Sir Thomas, on behalf of the citizens of Bangor, extended a welcome to the flotilla, and gave a cordial invitation to the officers and men to make use of the a men facilities provided by the town.




A painful family dispute between mother and sons was before Major Dickie, R.M., and Mr. Campbell Erskine, J.P., at Brookeborough Petty Sessions, to-day, when Mrs. Matilda Jane Little, of Grogey, charged her two sons, Haydon, aged 21, and Thomas, aged 16, with assaulting and beating her, the former on the 4th May and the latter on 20th May.

The mother said her son Haydon, following some dispute over seed potatoes, threw stones ot her, hitting her several times, and then smashed a door with a graip. She had to pay rent and make a living for her family, and her son Haydon would do nothing right for her about the place. She had told him to leave if he could not live in peace with her, but he would always come back and threaten to knock her with a chair or something like that. She said her other son struck her with his fist.

Haydon denied thot he threw stones at his mother, and said that there were marks on his head where his mother and sister assaulted him. He had to earn what clothed him and his mother was not pleased because he didn't give her his earnings.

The magistrates considered the case unfortunate, and fined Haydon 5s, with 6s costs, and bound him over for 12 months in his own recognisance, while Thomas, who didn't appear, was fined 10s 6d and 6s costs, or the alternative of 14 days in jail.


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