Belfast Weekly News - 4 April, 1857


March 28, at Buncrana, County Donegal, the wife of Mr. Andrew Boldrick, of a son.

March 29, at 55 Eglinton Street, the wife of Thomas Cooper, of a daughter.

March 24, at Mount Charles, County Donegal, the wife of the Rev. A. Delap, of a son.

March 26, at Fivemiletown, the wife of Dr. M'Niece, of a son.

March 24, at 4 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh, the wife of the Rev. Dr. Hanna, of a daughter.


April 2, in the Second Presbyterian Church, Rosemary Street, by the Rev. John Porter, Robert Gray, Esq., Belfast, to Miss Anne Charters, daughter of the late John Johnstone, Boghead, Antrim.

In the Sandy's Street Presbyterian Church, Newry, by the Rev. J. Moran, Mr. John Colvin, Lurgan, to Jane, daughter of Mr. St. John Brown, Lisduff.

March 20, by the Rev. A. Robinson, of Broughshane, Mr. John Black, formerly of Australia, to Jane, fourth daughter of Mr. William Russell, of Lisnamurrican Cottage.

March 19, at Killeevan Church, by the Rev. John Flanagan, Samuel Campbell, Esq., Gortgranagh, County Monaghan, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late William M. Thompson, Esq., M.D., Clones.


March 30, Martha, wife of Mr. Robert Barry, Belfast. March, 28, at Galgorm, Mr. George Raphael, aged 88.

March 26, Thomas Taylor, second son of the late David M'Clure Service, Belfast, aged 18 years.

March 29, James, infant child of Mr. A. Redmond.

March 26, Mary, daughter of Mr. John Fetherston, High Street, aged 39?.

March 19, at Bedlaw, Glenavy, John Grey, at the advanced age of 107 years.

March 27, at his residence, Great Patrick Street, Mr. Hugh M'Guigan.

March 26, at Irishtown, near Antrim, Mr. James Flemming, aged 85 years.

March 27, at Stratford Cottages, near Stroud, Fanny, fourth daughter of Edmond G. Hallewell, Esq.

March 28, at 122 Stephen's Green, Dublin, Hugh, the infant son of William Nevin Wallace, Esq., of Downpatrick.

March 23, at his residence, English Street, Downpatrick, after a protracted illness, Nicholas Coates, Esq., aged 67 years.

March 26, at Glasgow, Thomas George, second son of Godfrey Hill, Esq.

March 27, Margaret, widow of the late George Tinsdale, cabinet-maker, of Belfast, aged 56 years.

March 26, at 25 Torren's Row, Elizabeth Molloy, aged 60 years.

March 22, at his residence, Craig, Derry, Thomas Handcock, Esq., aged 78 years.


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Belfast Weekly News - 11 April, 1857


April 6, at No. 8, North Queen Street, Belfast, the wife of Wm. Killen, Esq., of a daughter.

April 3, at Ormeau Terrace, the wife of Mr. Thomas Devlin, of a son.

March 31, at 31 Harmony Place, the wife of Mr. Samuel Mateer, of a son.

March 26, at the Rectory, Armoy, the wife of the Rev. J.W. D'Evelyn, of a son.

March 26, at North Street, the wife of Mr. Isles, of a son.

March 28, at Buncranna, County Donegal, the wife of Mr. Andrew Boldrick, of a son.


April 2, at St. John's Church, Paddington, London, by the Rev. M.D. French, M.A., Adam Wilson, youngest son of the late Robert McKibbin, Esq., of Belfast, to Charlotte, eldest daughter of Charles Gibson, Esq., late of South Street, Grosvenor Square, London.

April 3, in Soldierstown Church, by the Rev. R. Hill, Mr. Stephen Gilbert, Aghagallon, to Sarah Anne, only daughter of the late Mr. Edward Bell, Trumra, Moira.

March 26, in Seagoe Church, by the Rev. C Wolsley, Mr. Samuel Graham, of Ballymoney, Banbridge, to Rebecca, fourth daughter of Mr. Matthew Cooke, Spring Green, Portadown.

April 2, in the Cathedral, Dromore, by the Rev. H. St. George, the Rev. William St. George, of Termonfechan, County Louth, to Annie Catherine, eldest daughter of C.R. Brush, Esq., Gilhall.

January 29, at the residence of Mr. Andrew Beresford, Claysville, Ohio, by the Rev. J. Cronin, Mr. Thomas Araut, to Miss Catherine Jean Beresford.


April 7, Caroline Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Mr. Robert Fletcher, Scotch Street, Armagh.

April 7, at No. 1, Tomb Street, Mr. Samuel Swallow.

April 3, John, youngest son of Mr. John Kerr, Victoria Place.

March 30, at No.14, Stanhope Street, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Alexander Stewart, late of Kilrea.

April 2, John, eldest son of Mr. Daniel Brown, 41, Great Edward Street, aged 17 years.

April 2, at 29 Harmony Place, Mr. Edward Thomas, aged 59 years.

April 1, at Ormeau Place, Belfast, Mr. John Farrell, formerly of Doagh, aged 77 years.

April 4, at her residence, Frogmore, Whitehouse, near Belfast, Mrs. Jane Greer, in her 84th year.

April 3, at her residence, Pump Street, Londonderry, Mrs. Wallen, proprietress of the Londonderry Sentinel.

April 1, at Ballymoney, Mary, youngest daughter of the late Matthew Latham, Esq., J.P., Killenaule, County Tipperary.

April 2, Mr. Edward Thomas, aged 59 years.

April 1, at Ormeau Place, Mr. John Farel, formerly of Doagh, aged 77 years.

March 28, at Drumsill House, Mary Anne M'Geough, Esq., of Drumshill, aged 71 years.

March 28, at Ashfield Glebe, Cavan, of scarletina, John Charles, son of the Rev. J Godley, aged 3 years.

March 26, at Newtownbutler, County Fermanagh, Mr. James Gifford Brown, Primitive Methodist preacher, aged 62 years.

March 27, at Ravarra, Mr. William Woods, aged 96 years.

March 27, in Armagh, Mrs. Sloan, widow of the late Mr. John Sloan, and daughter of the late Surgeon J Sloan, of Armagh.


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Belfast Weekly News - 18 April, 1857


April 12, at 77, Inkermann Terrace, the wife of Henry M. Thompson, of a son.

April 9, Mrs. M Atkinson, Glenavy, of a daughter.

April 8, at Belmont, Southampton, the wife of E.W. Jobling, Esq., of a daughter.

April 9, at Charlemont Fort, the wife of Lieutenant-Colonel De Rinzy, Royal Artillery, of a son, stillborn.

February 3, at Government House, Mauritius, Lady Macaulay Higginson, of a daughter.

December 7, at Richmond, Melbourne, Mrs. Gilbert Handasyde, of a daughter.


April 14, in the First Killymurris Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. John Wilson, Mr. Mann Harbison, Newtownards, to Ellen, daughter of the late William Bradshaw, Ballywatermoy, near Ballymena.

April 9, at the First Presbyterian Church, Ballymena, by the Rev. James Morgan, D.D., John Clarke Graham Esq., of College, Carnlough, Co Antrim, to Ann Jane, daughter of the late William Foster Esq., of Holywood, County Down.

April 7, in the Parish Church, Newry, by the Very Rev. Daniel Baggot, Dean of Dromore, George Cowan, Esq., Damolly Mills, to Abigail, youngest daughter of William Warren, Esq., Canal Quay, Newry.

April 15, at St Peter's Church, Dublin, by the Rev. R. Ritchie, George Devenish, Esq., C.E., eldest son of Robert Devenish, Esq., J.P., Rush Hill, County Roscommon, to Mary Percy, only surviving daughter of the late Major Jones, Drunard House, County Leitrim.

December 20, at Carlsbrook, Australia, D.B. Watson, Esq., to Rachael, sixth daughter of Thomas Greer, Esq., of Mullalelish, County Armagh.


April 15, Stevenson, only child of Mr. W. M'Cullough, 38, Donegall Street, aged one year.

April 11, at Belfast, Alice M'Farrell, at the advanced age of 100 years.

April 11, at his residence, 6 Nelson Street, Mr. Francis Lee, teacher, aged 64 years.

April 10, at 44, North Street, Robert, infant son of Wm. Reilly, aged 7 months.

April 11, at Portadown, Mr. William Ewart, formerly of Belfast, aged 38 years.

April 11, at William Street, Derry, Mr. Bernard M'Feely, merchant.

April 9, at Leckpatrick, Strabane, the Rev. Michael Magill, R.C.C.

April 10, at Everton, Liverpool, Captain James Scott, formerly of Belfast.

April 11, at his residence, 14 Pottinger's Entry, James Carolan, aged 54 years.

April 9, at 3 Earl Street, Dundalk, Joseph Tipping, only son of Mr. James Parks.

April 11, at the Reformed Presbyterian Manse, Newry, Mary, wife of the Rev. Robt. Wallace, and eldest daughter of the Rev. Andrew Wilson, Dungannon, aged 26 years.

April 12, Maria, daughter of the late Rev. William Bruce, D.D., of Belfast, and wife of Edward Hutton, M.D., of Gardiner's Place, Dublin.

April 7, suddenly at Lifford, County Donegal, Richd. Cowan Chambers, Esq.

March 17, Mr. Charles Stevenson, a native of Kilkeel, County Down, aged 69 years, and for the last thirty-eight years a resident of New Orleans.

March 13, at her residence 1, Chapel Street, Charleston, South Carolina, Anna, wife of Mr. William Steele, formerly of Ballymagreehan, County Down.

April 8, at Great Edward Street, Belfast, Mr. J. Rea.

April 5, at Airmount, Bawnboy, John Benison, son of the late William Benison, Esq., of Cairm, Co Cavan.

At his residence, 4 Bernbeck Terrace, Weston-super-Mare, Captain H. A. Ormsby, I.N., of Gilford, County Down, aged 46 years.

April 9, at 17, Claremont Street, New Road, Mount Pottinger, aged one year, one month and twenty-one days, Isabella Maria Warrington, only child of Mr. John Church, Belfast.

April 7, at 15 Dock Street, Mr. Hugh Scott.

April 8, Mr. Hamilton Patton, Ballydorn, Killinchy.

November 23, at Paris, Kentucky, U.S., after an illness of only four days, Mr. John Ranson, formerly of Belfast, in the 36th year of his age.

March 9, at Peterborough, Canada West, Thomas Hay, Esq., M.D., third son of Lieut.-Colonel Hay, of Seggieden, Perthshire, Scotland. He settled in Canada in 1840, and in 1843 married the eldest daughter of the late Hon. Thos. Alex. Stewart, of Auburn, Canada West, and formerly of Whitehouse, County Antrim, Ireland


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Belfast Weekly News - 25 April, 1857


April 21, at Abbeylands, the wife of John M'Gildowny, of Clare Park, Esq., of a daughter.

April 21, at Wellington Park, the wife of the Rev. George Shaw, of a daughter.

April 19, at Jackson Hall, Ballymacarrett, the wife of R.B. Hall, solicitor, of a daughter.

April 20, at 46, Lonsdale Street, the wife of the Rev. G.A.F. Patton, of a daughter.

April 19, at Fox Lodge, Mrs. Wm. Young, of a son.

April 13, at Dantzic, the wife of Mr. Wm. G. Wilson, of a daughter.


April 21, at the Donegall Street Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. George Bellis, assisted by the Rev. Isaac Nelson, J.B. M'Kean, of New York, to Dora, youngest daughter of Captain Whitehead, of Shields, England.

March 17, in the First Presbyterian Church, Dromora, County Down, by the Rev. William Craig, Mr. John Davison, Moydalgan, to Ellen, youngest daughter of Mr. Robert Jones.

April 16, at the Parish Church, Leamington, by the Rev. Lloyd S.Bruce, brother of the bride, the Rev. A. Boudier, assistant-minister of St Mary's, Warwick, to Ellen Letitia, second daughter of the late James Bruce, Bart., of Downhill Park, County Londonderry.

April 18, at St Annes Church, by the Rev. T.F. Miller, Vicar, Hugh M, eldest son of the late John Pentland, Esq., Belfast, to Emily, eldest daughter of the late Noah Dalway, Lieut. R.N., Carrickfergus.

April 20, at the Donegall Street Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Isaac Nelson, Mr. David Moncrieff, compositor, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. John Coates, Upper Falls, Belfast.

April 18, at the First Presbyterian Church, Comber, by the Rev. J.M. Killen, Mr. George Thompson, Carroreagh, Dundonald, to Eliza, second daughter of the late Mr. James Hill, Crescent, Comber.

April 15, at Glenavy Church, by the Rev. J. Whiteside, W.H. Patrick, Esq., surgeon to Margaret, second daughter of the late George Forsyth, Esq., M.D., Carrickfergus.

April 20, at Drung Chapel, by the Rev. M. M'Kenna, C.C., Lieut. Neal Doherty, late of Osmanli Horse Artillery, to Annie, youngest daughter of Jane M'Conneloag, Esq., Quigley's Point, County Donegal.


April 21, Mr. George Lunney, of Wolf-hill, aged 53 years.

At Wolf-hill, suddenly, James Boyde, aged 52 years.

April 21, after a short illness, Mary, the beloved wife of Mr. John Lytle.

April 20, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Samuel Patton, High Street, Newtownards, aged 54 years.

April 21, Charles, son of Mr. William Stewart, Silver Stream, Belfast.

April 21, Catherine, relict of the late Mr. Thos. Stormont, of Ballygomartin, aged 80 years.

April 20, at her residence, 25 Russell Street, Belfast, the wife of Mr. John Campbell, aged 25 years.

April 19, Anne, third daughter of Mr. James Byrne, 92 High Street, Belfast.

April 17, at Inkermann Terrace, at the residence of her son-in-law, (W.W. Godfrey, Esq.) Letitia, daughter of the late Andrew Thompson, Esq., of Newry, and widow of the late Benjamin Thomson, Esq., Ravensdale, Co. Louth, in the 81st year of her age.

April 16, aged 18, of disease of the heart, William eldest son of Mr. Samuel Agnew, No.19, John Street, Downpatrick.

At the residence of his mother, 5 Blackbourne Terrace, Birkenhead, in his sixteenth year, Wm. Frederick, third son of the late Titchbourne Greuber, Esq., of Liverpool.

April 19, at Cookstown, Mrs. Elizabeth Custer, relict of the late Brnard Custer, Esq., R.N., aged 72 years.

April 18, at Donaghadee, in the 92nd year of her age, Sarah M'Cracken, relict of the late John M'Cracken, of Portavo. For the last forty years of her life she was a zealous member of the Wesleyan Methodist Society.

April 21, at Derrylecka, near Newry, Mr. Daniel M'Caffery, aged 108 years.

March 19, at Terre-haute, in the State of Indiana, Saml. Crawford Esq., fourth son of the late Mrs. Forbes, of Antrim.


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