Belfast Weekly News - Saturday, 2 November 1861


DALTON -- October 25, at 10, Great George's Street, the wife of Mr. Charles Dalton, of a son.

DIXON -- October 26, at Parkville, Antrim Road, the wife of Wakefield H. Dixon, of a daughter.

GRUBB -- October 28, at 28, York Street, the wife of John Chaytor Grubb, of a daughter.

MOORE -- October 26, at Rostrevor, the wife of Capt. Moore, Royal Lancashire Artillery, of a son.

WALLACE -- October 28, the wife of Mr. Martin Wallace, Albert Ville, Belfast, of a daughter.

WILSON -- October 23, at Kenilworth Terrace, Rathmines, the wife of the Rev. J. Browne Wilson, of a daughter.


AULD and MOORE -- October 25, in the First Presbyterian Church, Newtownards, by the Rev. Julius M'Cullough, Mr. James Auld, Sydenham, to Miss Mary Ann Moore, Newtownards.

BLAIR and MORTON -- October 24, 19, Ardgowan Street, Greenock, by the Rev. J. B. Smith, Union Street U. P. Church, Robert Blair, jun., Esq., writer, Greenock, to Janet, youngest daughter of the late James Morton, Esq., Shotts. No cards sent.

CAMBLIN and M'CANCE -- October 23, in the First Presbyterian Meeting-house, Newtownards, by the Rev. Hugh Moore, Mr. Hugh Camblin, Tullynagardy, Newtownards, to Jane, daughter of Mr. James M'Cance, Killynaterney, Greyabbey.

CLUFF and JENKINSON -- October 24, at Richhill Church, by the Rev. James Jones, Mr. Richard Cluff, Cookstown, to Frances Anne, third daughter of Wm. Jenkinson, Esq., Mountpleasant, Richhill.

FOWLER and KERNAGHAN -- October 23, at Killesher Church, by the Rev. Jas. J. Fowler, assisted by the Rev. Mr. Jamieson, John Fowler, Esq., of Tipperary, to Annie, only daughter of the late J. Kernaghan, Esq., solicitor, of Drumduff, County Fermanagh.

HUME and REID -- October 29, at St. John's Church, Belfast, by the Rev. Dr. Hume, of Liverpool, John Hume, Esq., of Nelson, New Zealand, to Rebecca, eldest daughter of the late Mr. J Reid.

M'WHINY and M'VEA -- October 22, in the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Linen Hall Street, by the Rev. John Robinson, Letterkenny, Moderator of the Eastern Reformed Presbyterian Synod, James Gray, youngest son of the late James M'Whiny, Esq., Curran House, Magherafelt, to Miss Grace M'Vea, Solitude Place, Newtownbreda, Belfast.

WHITLA and COLVILLE -- October 24, in Newtownards First Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Julius M'Cullough, Mr. John Whitla, jun., Ballyhenry House, Comber, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. John Colville, Sea View House, Castleavery, Newtownards.


ALLEN -- November 1, at 51, Cromac Street, Marcella, daughter of the late Mr. John Allen, of Malone. Her remains will be removed for interment in Drum burying-ground, on Monday, the 4th instant, at eight o'clock.

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DOYNE -- October 24, suddenly, at Torquay, the Rev. Philip Walter Doyne, son of the late Rev. Charles Doyne, of Fermanagh, County Carlow.

HASSAN -- October 23, at Bangor, Mrs. Hassan, relict of the late Mr. Henry Hassan, aged 68 years.

HAWKSHAW -- October 22, at Newtownstewart, Miss Hawkshaw.

HERBERT -- October 26, at the residence of her son-in-law, the Rev. Robert Sewell, Derry, Mrs. Herbert, aged 64(?) years.

HIND -- October 29, at Dunowen, Mary Jane, wife of John Hind, Esq.

LINDSAY -- October 30, at Belfast, Thomas Lindsay, Esq., Chief-Constable, aged 70 years.

LOCKHART -- October 27, after a few days illness, whilst on a visit to Galgorta Castle, the seat of John Young, Esq., Alexander Macdonald, youngest and last surviving son of the late Sir Alexander Macdonald Lockhart, Bart., of Largy and Lee.

M'GUIGAN -- October 28, at Mill Town, Eliza wife of Mr. Wm. M'Guigan, Falls Green.

MOFFATT -- October 27, at the Rectory, Athlone, the Rev. James Robert Moffett, aged 72 years.

MONTGOMERY -- October 28, at 5, Clarence Place, Belfast, Wm. Montgomery, Esq., son of John Montgomery, Esq., Mossbank, Comber.

NEILL -- At his residence, Shankill Road, Mr. A. Neill, aged 36 years.

POLLOCK -- At Ringrash, parish of Macosquin, Mr. George Pollock, aged 78 years.

RICHARDSON -- July 28, Williamstown, Australia, Mr. J. Richardson. late of Belfast, aged 59 years.

RODDY -- October 29, at his residence, University Square, Robert Roddy, Esq.

RUSSELL -- July 17, Keen's Swamp, Australia, Mrs. W. Russell, daughter of the late ------ Carson, Esq., Drogheda, aged 32 years.

TELFORD -- October 27, Annie, second daughter of Mr. John Telford, of Galgorm Parks, aged 9 years.

WATT -- July 29, at his residence, Philip Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Mr. Hercules Watt, formerly of Coleraine, aged 67 years.


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Belfast Weekly News - Saturday, 9 November 1861


FITZPATRICK -- October 31, at Belfast, the wife of Mr. Thomas E. Fitzpatrick, of a daughter.

FORSYTHE -- November 1, at Scout Bush, the wife of Andrew Forsyth, Esq., of a daughter.

HENDERSON -- November 4, at Thornbank, Hollywood, the wife of the Rev Henry Henderson, of a son.

JAMIESON -- November 2, at 1, Athol Terrace, Belfast, the wife of Mr. John Jamieson, have a son.

SPEARING -- November 1, at Antrim, the wife of Andrew Spearing, Esq., M.D., of a daughter.


BRIGHT and DOWLING -- October 23, in Moira Church, by the Rev. Mr. Hannay, Mr. Wm. Bright, to Miss Bessie Dowling, both of Armagh.

EWING and WHISKER -- November 6, in St. Anne's Church, Belfast, by the Rev. Dr. Miller, Captain James Ewing, to Sarah, eldest daughter of Mr. James Whisker, Belfast.

FERRIER and GUTHRIE -- October 30, at Brechin, by the Rev. Dr. M'Cosh, Queen's College, Belfast, brother-in-law of the bride, William Ferrier, Esq., Glasgow, to Charlotte, youngest daughter of Alex. Guthrie, Esq., Brechin.

GRAHAM and SEMPLE -- November 5, in the Berry Street Presbyterian Church, Belfast, by the Rev. H. Hanna, D.D., William Graham, Esq., of Great George's Street, Belfast, to Lizzie, eldest daughter of T. Semple, Esq., Corporation Street, Belfast.

JOHNSTON and BEATTIE -- November 7, in Fisherwick Place Presbyterian Church, Belfast, by the Rev. Dr. Morgan, Mr. James Johnston, to Mrs. Margaret Beattie, both of Hollywood.

JOHNSTON and SMITH -- October 16, in Raphoe Cathedral, by the Rev. James A. Weir, A.M., assisted by the Rev. David Seymour, Thomas Johnston, Esq., Enniskillen, to Margaret Jane, only daughter of Wm. Smith, Esq., William Street, Raphoe.

HARVEY and RUSSELL -- October 29, at Cheltenham, John, eldest son of the late Archibald Harvey, Esq., of Caw House, County Londonderry, to Emily, youngest daughter of the late Sir Wm. Oldnall Russell, Chief-Justice of Bengal.

M'MURRAY and OSWALD -- November 1, in Sinclair Seamen's Church, by the Rev. H. H. Carson, of Ballyweaney, Mr. Thomas M'Murray, of Belfast, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Usher Oswald, of Dromore.

MILLIKEN and KANE -- October 31, in Great Victoria Street Presbyterian Church, Belfast, by the Rev Mr. Montgomery, Mr. James Milliken, to Miss Georgina K. Kane, both of Belfast.

SIMPSON and THOMAS -- November 7, at Aghadoey Presbyterian Church, the Rev. John Brown, D.D., assisted by the Rev. Thomas Davidson, A.M., Garvagh, the Rev. David Simpson, F.C., Lawrencekirk, Scotland, to Mrs. Jane M'Intyre, eldest daughter of James Thomas, Esq., Ballydevitt, Ballymoney.

THOMPSON and WOODSIDE -- October 31, in St. Patrick's Church, Ballymena, by the Rev. Edward Maguire, incumbent, Mr. Samuel Thompson, to Louisa, only daughter of Mr. John Woodside, Castle Street, Ballymena.


ALLEN -- November 1, at 51, Cromac Street, Marcella, daughter of the late Mr. John Allen, of Malone.

BOYCE -- November 6, at 51, Falls Road, Belfast, Mrs. Boyce, daughter of the late William Herron, Esq., Dromore.

BRIDGES -- October 29, at Beddington House, Surrey, Sir Henry Bridges, aged 75 years.

CRAIG -- November 1, at Church Street, Ballymena, Mary Ann, daughter of Mr. Alexander Craig.

CRAIG -- November 5, at Church Street, Ballymena, Matilda, daughter of Mr. Alexander Craig.

ERSKINE -- November 1, at Carrickfergus, Samuel Erskine, Esq., aged 79 years.

FOWLER -- October 23, at St. John's Wood, London, Alpin Grant Fowler, Esq.

GRACEY -- October 31, at the National Schools, Downpatrick, Esther, wife of Mr. Thomas Gracey, aged 26 years.

JENKINS -- May 20, in Melbourne, of inflammation of the lungs, Andrew, oldest son of the late Mr. Evans Jenkins, Naveny, Stranorlar, aged 40 years.

JOHNSTON -- October 31, at Greencastle, Jane, eldest daughter of the late John Johnston, Ballyholme, Bangor.

KERNS -- November 3, at 9, Grace Street, of Hamilton Street, Patrick Kerns, aged 24 years.

MACAULAY -- October 6, at Trenton, C.W., Denis Macauly, a native of the County Antrim, Ireland, aged 67 years.

MALCOLM -- November 2, at the residence of her father, Charlotte, second daughter of James Malcolm, Esq., Lurgan.

M'CULLOUGH -- October 30, at Dromore, near Stewartstown, Mr. George M'Cullough, aged 74 years.

M'NICHOL -- November 1, at 42, Lonsdale Street, Patrick M'Nichol, aged 83 years.

M'QUILLAN -- October 30, at Glenside, Colin Glen, Margaret, relict of the late Mr. John M'Quillan, formerly of the Glens of Antrim.

MILLS -- July 22, at Newton, Sydney, Lillias MacClymont, formerly of Stranraer, Scotland, wife of the Rev. Wm. Mills, for 20 years missionary at Samoa.

RICHARDSON -- October 27, at Kew Green, London, William, youngest son of the late William Richardson, Esq., of Moy, County Tyrone, aged 67 years.

ROBINSON -- November 1, at 1, Victoria Place, Ballymena, George, infant son of Mr. Alexander Robinson, aged four months.

SANDY -- October 28, at the Manse, Gorebridge, the Rev. George Sandy, Senior Minister of the United Presbyterian Church there, in the 79th year of hi age, and the 52nd of his ministry.

WATLOCK -- November 1, at Wandsworth, John Dawson Watlock, aged 54 years.

YOUNG -- November 6, at his late residence, 66, Great Patrick Street, Belfast, Hugh A. Young, aged 35 years.


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Belfast Weekly News - Saturday, 16 November 1861


BERESFORD -- November 12, at Ashbrooke, Derry, the wife of John Barre Beresford, Esq., of Learmount, of a daughter.

BUCHANAN -- November 12, and her father's residence, Fairy Mount, Londonderry, the wife of Robert Buchanan, Esq., of a son.

BURNS -- November 12, at Clifford, Yorkshire, the wife of James Burns, Esq., Laurel Lodge, Sydenham, Belfast, of a son.

COULTHARD -- November 9, at Armagh, the wife of John Coulthard, Esq., of a son.

FERRIS -- November 9, the wife of Robert Ferris, Islandmagee, of a daughter.

IRVINE -- November 9, at 3, Hamilton Park Terrace, Glasgow, Mrs. John R. Irvine, of twins -- son and daughter.

LEPPER -- November 3, at Laurel Lodge, Mrs. William H. Lepper, of a daughter.

MATHEW -- at Callan Lodge, the wife of R. H. Richardson Mathew, Esq., of a son.

MAXWELL -- November 9, at Dunmanway, County Cork, the wife of Mr. Thos. Maxwell, Belfast, of a daughter.


BURGESS and CHEVELEY -- November 7, in St. Columba's Church, Leeds, by the Rev. William C. M'Cullagh, of Belfast, uncle to the bride, George E. Burgess, Esq., Warrington, to Fanny, oldest daughter of the late George Cheveley, Esq., of Colchester.

COOPER and PATTON -- November 7, in the First Presbyterian Church, Newtownards, by the Rev. Julius M'Cullough, James, son of the late Mr. John Cooper, Cunningburn, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. John Patton, Ballyhaft.

DOD and WILSON -- November 13, at Lurgan Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Wm. Pattison, Bangor, assisted by the Rev. Lowry E. Berkeley, Frederick Toulmen Dod, Esq., Glasgow, to Sarah Haliday, daughter of the late John Wilson, Esq., Staff-Surgeon of the Royal South Down Militia.

DULSTAN and BAILIE -- November 6, in the May Street Presbyterian Church, by the Rev H. Cooke, D.D., LL.D., Mr. John Dulstan, H.M.s Customs, Liverpool, to Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. Joseph Bailie, Belfast.

DUNLOP and STANTON -- November 9, at May Street Church, by the Rev. Henry Cooke, D.D., LL.D., Archibald Dunlop, Esq., M.D., Holywood, County Down, second son of the Rev. Samuel Dunlop, Hill Hall, to Elizabeth J. B. Stanton, widow of the late Captain W. Barron Stanton (late H.M.'s 91st Regiment), and youngest daughter of the Rev. the President Queen's College, Belfast. No cards sent.

GARVIN and HOUSTON -- November 8, Stephen Garvin, Esq., Castledawson, to Margaret, second daughter of John Houston, Esq., Portstewart.

LYLE and WARD -- November 12, at Killinchy Church, County Down, by the Rev. Edward Lyle, James Acheson, second son of the late Hugh Lyle, Esq., of Knocktarna, Coleraine to Emily Octavia, daughter of the Hon. and Rev. Henry Ward, Rector of Killinchy, County Down.

MILLES and TURLE -- November 12, at St. Peter's Church, Dublin, by the Rev. W. H. Turle, M.A., a cousin of the bride, Major the Hon. Lewis W. Milles, late Rifles Brigade, second son of Lord Sondes, to Elizabeth Georgina, only daughter of Robert Turle, Esq., Armagh.

PALMER and PALMER -- November 8, in the Unitarian Church, Templepatrick, by the Rev. J. Jennings, Mr. Wm. John Palmer, Belfast, to Matilda Ann, younger daughter of the late Mr. A. Palmer, Crumlin.

PATTERSON and CAUGHEY -- November 12, in the First Presbyterian Meeting-house, Rosemary Street, Belfast, by the Rev. Henry Montgomery, LL.D., Robert Lloyd Patterson, son of Robert Patterson, Esq., to Francis Sarah, daughter of William B. Caughey, Esq., Northern bank Belfast.

PYPER and BODEL -- November 13, in Townsend Church, by the Rev. Wm. Johnston, Mr. Hugh Pyper, to Lizzie, only daughter of James Bodel, Esq., the Manse, Townsend Street, Belfast.


CAMPBELL -- November 12, at 13, Falls Road, Belfast, Stewart, youngest son of Robert Campbell, aged 10 years.

CARTER -- November 10, at Monkstown, Matthew Armstrong, son of John T. Carter, aged 11 months.

DAVISON -- October 13, at his residence, in the township of No Peau, Samuel Davison, Esq., formerly of Ballnease, County Derry, Ireland, aged 49 years.

MACK -- November 9, at Ballynahinch, Alexander, second son of John Mack, aged 20 years.

MADDEN -- November 6, at the County Monaghan Infirmary, of valvular disease of the heart, Wm. Pertius, eldest son of William Madden, Esq., M.D., 75, James's Street, Dublin, aged 23 years.

MARLOW -- November 10, at 135, North Street, Belfast, Josephine, daughter of Mr. N. Marlow, Glasgow, aged 3 years.

MAY -- November 11, at Belfast, Humphrey May, Esq., Captain Royal Antrim Rifles, aged 31 years.

MEGARRY -- November 9, at the residence of her son-in-law, James Kennedy, 107, Bradbury Place, Belfast, Mrs. Megarry, relict of the late Henry Megarry, Dromore, aged 76 years.

MESNEY -- November 1, at Liverpool, Wm. Michael Locke Stephens, son of Mr. William M. L. Mesney, screw-steamer Frankfort, aged 3 years.

MOORE -- November 3, at Rockcorry, John Rankin, oldest son of Mr. Robert Moore, Esq., M.D., aged 8 years.

SCOTT -- November 10, at the residence of her brother-in-law, the Rev. R. Anderson, Miss Scott, of Banbridge.

SERVICE -- November 9, at 19, Lonsdale Street, Mary, widow of the late David M'Clure Service.

SHEPPHARD -- November 3, at Saintfield, Dr. W. E. Shepphard, aged 24 years.

SMYTH -- November 13, Mr. William Smyth, Gilgad.

STITT -- September 29, at Sparta, Randolph County, Illinois, America, John Stitt, Esq., late of Ballycrilly, Comber, County Down, Ireland, aged 79 years.

THOMPSON -- November 9, at Ardtulach, Holywood, Robert, youngest son of R. Thompson, Esq., aged 15 years.

VANCE -- November 10, of consumption, John, only surviving son of Mr. John Vance, 77, Little Patrick Street, aged 19 years.


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Belfast Weekly News - Saturday, 23 November 1861


KOTTER -- November 20, the wife of the Rev. Wm. Cotter, Pond Park, of a daughter.

CRAIG -- November 18, at Church Street, Ballymena, the wife of Mr. Francis Craig, of a son.

EWART -- November 21, at Glenbank, Mrs. Wm. Ewart, jun., of a son.

SINGLETON -- October 23, at Lower Maze, the wife of Mr. Joseph Singleton, of a son.

SMYTH -- November 20, the wife of Mr. William Smyth, Portglenone, of a daughter.

STEWART -- November 17, at Victoria Street, the wife of Mr. Robert Stewart, of a son.


AGNEW and PELLY -- October 9, at Bangalore, South India, by the Rev, T. Morrison Berry, Thomas Frederick Andrew, sixth son of the late Sir Andrew Agnew, Bart., of Lochnaw Castle, Wigtonshire, N.B., to Julia, third daughter of Charles Pelly, Esq., Indian Civil Service, Elphinstone Park, Madras.

BREAKEY and LAYCOCK -- November 19, in St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Sheffield, by the Rev. W. M'Call, of Manchester, the Rev. James Breakey, minister of the above church, to Mary Matilda, eldest daughter of the late John Laycock, Esq., of Sheffield.

HASTINGS and BROWN -- November 14, in the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Donaghadee, by the Rev. Robert Hazleton, Charles Hastings, Esq., Ballyfrench, to Jane, third daughter of the late Hugh Brown, Esq., of Ballylimp. Kircubbin.

IRVINE and JOHNSON -- November 19, in Mary's Abbey Presbyterian Church, Dublin, by the Rev. Dr. Kirkpatrick, Mr. James Irvine, of Dublin, to Margaret, third daughter of Mr. William Johnson, Mountain Lodge Templepatrick.

LEATHEM and PARK -- November 9, in the Parish Church, Belfast, by the Rev. T. F. Miller, D.D., Mr. John M. Leathem, to Miss Mary Jane Park.

M'CREANOR and GALBREATH -- November 16, in College Square Church, by the Rev J. W. Collins, Mr. John M'Creanor, Ballymacarrett, to Miss Sarah Galbreath, of Belfast.

M'LEOD and TATE -- November 8, at 9, West Princes Street, Glasgow, by the Rev. H. M'Dougall, Milton Free Church, Mr. James M'Leod to Margaret Amelia, eldest daughter of Mr. John Tate, of Downpatrick.

M'MILLIN and HANNA -- November 15, in May Street Church, by the Rev. J. W. Collins, Mr. Hugh M'Millin, To Miss Dorothea Hanna, both of Belfast.

MOORE and KERR -- November 14, in the First Presbyterian Church, Ardstraw, by the Rev. Leslie A. Lyle, B.A., Mr. Robert Moore, Cloughfin, County Donegal, To Miss Martha Kerr, Killane, Parish of Ardstraw.

RUDDELL and HUMPHREYS -- November 14, in Castleblaney Church, by the Rev. R. A. Byrne, John Ruddell, Esq., Portadown, to Eliza Jane, only daughter of the late Wm. Humphreys, Esq., Ballyhaise, County Cavan.

RUSK and MACDOWELL -- November 21, in York Street Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. David Hanson, assisted by the Rev. P. Macdowell of New York, brother to the bride, Arthur Rusk, Esq., Malone, to Catherine eldest daughter of John M'Dowell, Esq., Belfast.

SUTTON and CARSON -- November 14, at Eltham Church, Kent, Henry Sutton, Esq., of Rotherhithe, to Anna Maria, eldest daughter of the Rev. Samuel Nichols, of Ashburnham Grove, Greenwich, and widow of the late John Carson, Esq., M.D., of Cavan.

WARD and BLACK -- November 19, in St. Thomas' Church, Dublin, by the Rev. Richard Frizelle, William H. Ward, London, youngest son of the late James Ward, Esq., of Strawberry Hill, County Down, to Jane Dickey, only daughter of the late James Black, Esq., of Holywood, County Down

WARNOCK and CHRISTIE -- November 21, at Fintona Presbyterian Meeting-house, by the Rev Mr. Mitchell, Presbyterian minister, Omagh, William Warnock, Esq., Drumragh, near Omagh, to Sarah, second daughter of Mr. David Christie, Tonaughmore, Fintona.


ALEXANDER -- November 15, at his residence, near Ballynure, Thomas Alexander, aged 93 years.

BRANNIGAN -- November 14, at Boyne View, Drogheda, William James, youngest son of Capt. L. Brannigan, of the Faugh-a-Ballagh steamer.

BROWN -- November 7, at Ballynagowan, Desertmartin, Mr. John Brown, aged 73 years, for thirty years ruling elder in the Magherafelt Presbyterian Church.

BRUCE -- November 17, at 8, Sydenham Terrace, Kingstown, of influenza and bronchitis, Edward Bruce, Esq., aged 78 years.

CAMPBELL -- November 19, at the residence of her brother-in-law, H. H. Hanny, Janet, eldest daughter of George Campbell, Esq., Baleraig, Port William, Wigtonshire, Scotland.

CAMPBELL -- At her residence, 34, Pottinger's Entry, Belfast, Jane, wife of Mr. T. Campbell.

CASSIDY -- October 17, at Dover Plains, N.Y., the Rev. Stephen Cassidy, a native of Glengesh, Tempo, County Fermanagh, aged 32 years.

COEY -- November 18, at his residence, Ballyloran, near Larne, Mr. James Coey.

DOBBIN -- August 26, at Collingwood, near Melbourne, Australia, Mary Ann Alice, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Dobbin, Esq., Sligo, Ireland.

DONNELLY -- November 17, at 16, Lancaster Street, Belfast, Mary, wife of Mr. N. Donnelly, aged 78 years.

GALLOWAY -- November 14, at The Garden, Birr Castle, Parsonstown, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. A. M. Galloway, and second daughter of Mr. Joseph Gibb, Armagh.

GORDON -- November 15, Mr. Robert Gordon, of Kilkeel, aged 26 years.

HENDERSON -- November 13, at St. Kearn's, County Wexford, the residence of his brother-in-law, Jacob Powell, Esq., John Henderson, Esq., late of Creeg's Cottage, in the County of Sligo, aged 54 years.

LOWEY -- November 10, at Ballyhossett, Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. Charles Lowey.

MACK -- November 19, at her residence, 5, Chichester Street, Belfast, Margaretta Mercer Mack, daughter of the late Robert Mack, Bridge Street, Belfast.

MAXWELL -- November 11, suddenly, at Armagh, Mr. Leonard Maxwell.

M'ALISTER -- November 14, Mr. Wm. M'Alister, of Lower Broughshane, aged 78 years.

M'GOWAN -- November 18, at the residence of his grandfather, Mr. W. Spackman, 75, Victoria Street, Edward Atkinson, infant son of Dr. M'Gowan, of Tandragee, aged one year and 11 months.

M'MINN -- November 14, at his residence, Ballynafeigh, near Belfast, Mr. Robert M'Minn, late of Newry, aged 75 years.

MITCHELL -- November 12, at Strabane, Julia Frances, youngest daughter of D. Mitchell, M.D.

NEILL -- November 19, at the residence of her son, Ballyrobin House, Killead, Jane Neill, aged 88 years.

PAKENHAM -- September 28, at Gwalior Fort, India, Lieut. Edmund Powerscourt Pakenham, 52nd light infantry, fourth son of the late Lieut.-General the Hon. Sir Hercules Pakenham.

PATRICK -- November 16, at Dunminning, Rose, eldest daughter of John Patrick, Esq.

SAYER -- November 15, at his residence, 28, Upper Seymour Street, Portman Square, London, Augustin Sayer, Esq., M.D., Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of London, aged 71 years.

STANFIELD -- November 17, at St. John's, Hillsborough, Samuel, youngest son of Thomas Stanfield, aged 21 years.

WELLS -- November 16, at the residence of her mother, Lurgan, Miss Wells, aged 19 years.


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Belfast Weekly News - Saturday, 30 November 1861


BELL -- November 23, at Cliftonville, the wife of Wm. L. Bell, of a son.

CONYNGHAM -- November 23, at Springhill, the wife of Lieut.-Colonel Lennox Conyngham, of a son.

GRANT -- November 26, at Fairy Knowe, Bothwell, the wife of Alexander Grant, Esq., of a son.

ROBINSON -- November 23, the wife of William Robinson, Esq., Lyle House, Portadownm of a son and heir.

SPILLER -- November 22, at 5, Mountcharles, Mrs. Daniel Frederick Spiller, of a son.


BARCLAY and ALEXANDER -- November 26, in the First Presbyterian Church, Carrickfergus, by the Rev. James White, T. C. H. Barclay, Esq., C.E., son of the late Thomas Barclay, Esq., County Surveyor, King's County, to Jennie, second daughter of Robert Alexander, Esq., and niece of James Alexander, Esq., High-Sheriff of the County of the town of Carrickfergus.

BLAIN and HAUGHTON -- November 21, at Moyallon, John, youngest son of Wm. Blain, Esq., Liverpool, to Rachel J., youngest daughter of Benjamin Haughton, Esq., Bamford House, County Down.

DALZIEL and GOLDER -- November 27, at 70, St. Vincent Crescent, Glasgow, by the Rev. Dr. Caird, Mr. Adams Dalziel, St. Enoch Square, to Mary Watt, youngest daughter of Robert Golder, Esq.

DICKSON and BERWICK -- November 26, at St. Anne's Church, by the Rev. T. F. Miller, D.D., Alexander Dickson, Esq., solicitor, of Belfast, to Mariann, daughter of the late Edward Berwick, Esq., of Berwick Hall, Moira. No cards sent.

FERGUSON and SMYTH -- November 19, in the First Presbyterian Church, Ballymena, by the Rev. Dr. Dill, Mr. Robert Ferguson, of Cloughmills, to Matilda Jane, second daughter of Mr. Archibald Smyth, of Ballyloughan.

JOHNSTON and JOHNSTON -- November 26, in the First Presbyterian , Omagh, by the Rev. John Arnold, assisted by the Rev. James Bell, Tandragee, Hugh E. Johnston, Esq., eldest son of John Johnston, Esq., Skilga, Fintona, to Mary, youngest daughter of John Johnston, Esq., Killybrack House.

KERNAHAN and PAUL -- November 27, in the First Presbyterian Church, Armagh, by the Rev. Jackson Smyth, Robert Kernahan, Esq., to Mary, only daughter of late John Paul, Esq., of Lurgan.

KNOX and LOGAN -- November 21, at Charlestown, Ardee, by the Lord Bishop of Down and Connor, assisted by his chaplain, the Rev. Henry Murphy, the Rev. Thos. Knox, Rector of Lurgan, brother of the Bishop, and Chaplain to his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, to Jane Emily, eldest daughter of the Rev. Thomas Dawson Logan, Rector of Charlestown.

MAGILL and ALLEN -- November 26, at St. Anne's Church, Belfast, by the Rev. James A. Parke, of Taughboyne Cottage, Londonderry, Wm. Magill, Esq., of Ormeau Terrace, to Eliza, widow of the late James Graham Allen, Esq., of Comber, County Down.

MOORE and GUNNING -- November 26, in York Street Presbyterian Church, Belfast, by the Rev. David Hanson, assisted by the Rev. Mr. Raphael, Mr. Wm. Moore, Ballyclare, to Anna, daughter of Mr. John Gunning, York Street, Belfast.

ROCHE and WHYTE -- November 21, at the Roman Catholic Chapel, Marlborough Street, Dublin, by the Rev. Peter Seagrave, uncle to the bride, Charles P. Roche, Esq., of Ballygran, County Limerick, to Louisa, youngest daughter of the late Captain Nicholas C. Whyte, R.N., Loughbrickland, County Down.

SCOTT and GREER -- November 19, in Ballinderry Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. H. Leebody, Mr. Thomas Scott, Ballypitmeave, to Miss Ellen Greer, Magheragall.

WATSON and SMALLMAN -- August 31, at Heidelberg Church, Australia, John Watson, Esq., J.P., Fitzroy Street, St. Kilda, to Annie, second daughter of the late Thomas Smallman, Esq., of Armagh, Ireland.


ADAMS -- November 23, at his residence, Ballybrick, Katesbridge, John Adams, Esq., aged 82 years.

ALEXANDER -- November 14, at the residence of her sor- [sic] the Crew, near Castlederg, Isabella, widow of the late Joseph Alexander, Esq., aged 87 years.

BARNETT -- October 1, at Deeza, John Gemmill, son of Dr. J. Milford Barnett, H.M.'s 11th Regiment, Bombay N.I., aged 11 months.

BICKERSTAFF -- November 23, at Chester, Morr Park, the Rev. Roger Bickerstaff, M.A., Rector of Boylestown, Derbyshire, father of the present Incumbent of Killead, County Antrim.

BROWNE -- November 20, at Strabane, James Browne, aged 37 years.

BURNETT -- November 20, at Auchinblae, Scotland, Anne, daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Burnett, C.E., Belfast.

COLLINS -- November 20, Miss Roseanna Collins, late Headteacher of the Female Department of the Belfast Model School.

CRAWFORD -- November 28, at 76, Little Donegal Street, Rachael, wife of John Crawford.

GRAHAM -- November 24, at the residence of her son-in-law, Thomas Shillington, Esq., Portadown, Arabella, relict of the late David Graham, Esq., Magherafelt.

HALE -- November 21, at Sixmilecross, Joseph Hale, sen., aged 85 years.

HECTOR -- November 21, at his residence, 24, Washington Street, Patrick Hector, at an advanced age.

IRWIN -- November 23, at her residence in Dundalk, Caroline, relict of the late James Irwin, Esq., Wellbrook, County Tyrone.

JACK -- November 21, at Ballymena, Anthony, son of the late Mr. John Jack, jun., aged 22 years.

KIRK -- November 12, at Bridgeton, Glasgow, after a long illness, Mr. Wm. Kirk, formerly of Greencastle, Belfast, aged 62 years.

LAWTHER -- November 15, at the residence of Robert Lawther, Rathmore, near Antrim, Sarah, relict of the late William Lawther, aged 105 years.

LEFEBURE -- November 19, at 9, Patrick's Hill, Cork, the residence of his brother-in-law, Osborne Edwards, Esq., John Lefebure, Esq., of Hop Island, Cork.

MACAULAY -- November 6, at Trenton, Dennis Macaulay, a native of the County Antrim, Ireland, and one of the first settlers on the River Trent, aged 67 years.

MACKEY -- November 26, at Fitzwilliam Street, Ellen, wife of John C. Mackey, Esq.

M'COMBE -- November 19, at Waterside, Coleraine, Eleanor Gailey, only daughter of Thomas M'Combe, Esq.

M'COURT -- November 25, Rose, relict of the late Mr. Patrick M'Court, Belfast.

M'LAUGHLIN -- November 22, at Cork, Mr. Michael M'Laughlin, eldest son of the late Mr. John M'Laughlin, Lisburn.

M'MINN -- November 23, at Ballynafeigh, near Belfast, Jane, relict of the late Mr. Robert M'Minn, aged 73 years.

MEGIBBIN -- October 26, Baltimore, U.S. America, of consumption, Eleanor Jane, wife of Mr. Valentine Megibbin, and only daughter of Mr. Henry Hull, 37, Garden Place, Belfast, aged 25 years.

MONTGOMERY -- November 9, at Poughkeepsie, United States, John B .Montgomery, Esq., formerly of Belfast, aged 77 years.

RICHARDSON -- November 22, at her residence, 117, Lower Baggott Street, Dublin, Miss Richardson, late of Lakefield, County Antrim.

ROCHE -- November 28, at 34, Great George's Street, Belfast, Alice Maria, eldest daughter of Mr. N. J. Roche, aged 7 years and 9 months.

RUSSELL -- November 22, Adam Lowry, son of the Rev. Wm. Russell, Ballyclare, aged 5 months.

SHERLOCK -- November 20, at his residence, Fair Street, Drogheda, Mr. Robert Sherlock.

STEPHENSON -- November 22, Margaret, wife of Mr. Robert Stevenson, Dock Street.

SUFFERN -- November 12, Jane, widow of James Suffern, Lisnataylor, aged 73 years.

THOMPSON -- November 21, Dunmurry, Mrs. Benjamin Thompson, aged 74 years.

VICTOR -- November 27, at Tandragee, Edward Henry Norman, infant son of W. L. Victor, Esq.

WHITE -- November 28, Agnes Matilda, wife of George White, Esq., proprietor of the Observer, Church Street, Ballymena.


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