Dublin Courant -- 1716-1726

1723, 13th February

Death: This day died Mr. Pooley, the famous Painter, at his house near the Round-church.


1723, 18th September

Death: Dublin: On Monday Morning the Right Hon Gustavus Hamilton, Lord Baron of Stackallen and Viscount Boyne, departed this life at the age of 84.


1745, 30th April

Death: Last Tuesday, Mr. [Thomas] Sutton, Goldsmith on Cork-hill, having rode into the watering place on the gravel woak, to let his horse drink, was thrown off by his horse plunging into deep place, and was drowned.


1747, 10th October

Marriage: A few days ago Richard Leland Esq; (Son of the late Mr. [Ralph] Leland, eminent Glass Grinder of Essex-bridge), a young gentlemen possessed of a considerable fortune in this Kingdom, was married in London to Miss Phillips of Sherrard-street, Niece of Mrs. Phillips of Sherrard House, a lady of 10,000 pounds.


1748, 12th January

Death: The same day [Thursday] at his house in Abbey-street, Mr. Owen O'Neil, and eminent Upholder.


1748, 16th January

Marriage: Friday last Mr. Charles Darragh, Jeweller, was married to Miss. Hutchinson in Nicholas-street, a very agreeable young lady with a handsome fortune.


1748, 18th June

Death: Thursday last died after a lingering imposition Mr. John Matthews, an eminent Toyman in Christchurch-yard.


1748, 17th December

Death: Sunday night Mr. Christopher Stanley, one of the best engravers in the city died in his lodgings on Ussher-quay.


1749, 25th April

Death: Same Day died Mr. Thomas Cave, an eminent Mathematical Instrument-maker, in Essex-street.


1750, 3rd February

Death: Sunday morning Mr. [Philip] Simms, an eminent Engraver, died suddenly at his house in Castle-street.


1750, 8th May

Marriage: Saturday last Mr. Philip Glasco [Snr], an eminent Watchmaker in Christchurch-lane, was married to the Widow Mangan of the County of Kildare.


1750, 2nd June

Death: Same day [Sunday] at his house in Cabragh-lane, Mr. Erasmus Cope, formerly a noted Goldsmith in Skinner-row; but in the course of trade having acquired a considerable fortune, had for some years past retired in business.


1750, 4th September

Marriage: Last week the Revd Mr. Matthew Pilkington was married to Miss Sandys, daughter of Pigott Sandys of Kilcaven in the Queen's County.


1750, 30th November

Death: Monday morning died Mr. Rowe, and eminent Painter in Aungier-street. He went to bed, seemly in perfect Health, but started suddenly out of his sleep, stuck by his wife with his elbow, who cried out, you have killed me. Mr. Rowe, instantly answered, I am dead by myself, and expired immediately.


1750, 17th November

Marriage: Saturday last was married John Reilly, Watchmaker in New-row to Miss Hussey in Mary's-lane, a young lady of merit and fortune.


1750, 1st December

Death: Saturday morning died of a fever, Mr. [Thomas] Isaac, an eminent Goldsmith in Skinner-row, a dealer of fair character.


1751, 30th February

Death: Monday last Mr. Howard, a Clockcase maker, in Fishamble-street, who was found dead in his bed.


1751, 4th May

Death: Friday last died Mr. Thomas Parker, and eminent Watchmaker in Dame-street. He passed through life with an unblemished character, and brought the art of Watchmaking in this Kingdom it its present perfection; and far from being touched with envy at the performance of others was ever pleased to see work well executed, being always ready to give instruction to any of the profession who through proper to apply to him.


1751, 21st May

Death: Same day [Wednesday] died Mr. Robert Ringmaiden, aged 103, formerly an eminent Watchmaker in Castle-street.


1751, 8th October

Death: Same evening [Tuesday] Mr. [Thomas] Crampton, a noted Toyman on the Blind-quay, died suddenly in his parlour.


1751, 12th October

Death: Saturday Mr. Thomas Parson, Sword Cutler, and a near relation to Mr. Parson Sword Cutler in Skinner-row dropped suddenly dead in a shop in Nicholas-street. He was an agreeable companion, and was much regretted by his acquaintances for his social disposition.


1751, 5th November

Death: Saturday last Mr. Edmund Sturgys, a noted Watchmaker and a man of character, died on Summer-hill.


1751, 12th November

Death: Thursday morning died at his house in Abbey-street, Mr. John Hamilton, for many years and eminent Goldsmith in this City, a dealer of the most unblemished reputation and who was remarkable for his great assiduity in improving the several branches of his business.


1752, 15th February

Death: On Thursday last Peter Brown a Stucco-plaster was drinking a dram with some friends; in swallowing the liquor, his breath was stopped and he instantly died.

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