Dublin Courier -- 1759-1765

Dublin Courier -- 1759-1765 (printed by James Pott at the Swifts-Head in Dame-street).

1760, 7th-10th March

MARRIAGE: Tuesday was married Mr. Thomas Reed and eminent Carver, to Miss Terissa Betagh of Abbey-street, a young lady with every accomplishment required to make the marriage state truly happy.

15th-18th August

DEATH: Wednesday last Mr. Patrick McDonough formerly a Watchmaker in Essex-street, returning from Kells, from the races of Navan had the misfortune to be thrown from his horse, on the road, and was killed on the spot.


1760, 5th-8th December

MARRIAGE: Saturday night was married, Mr. Joseph Palmer, an eminent Cabinetmaker in Henry-street, to Miss Elizabeth Suthess, of New-street, a young lady processed of a very considerable fortune, and in whom every accomplishment combines to make the marriage state truly happy.


1761, 16th-18th March

MARRIAGE: Same day [Sunday] Mr. Thomas Singleton of Stephen-street, Herald Painter, to Miss Malone, of George's-lane, a young lady of merit, beauty, and a large fortune.


1761, 27th-29th May

DEATH: Yesterday died at his house in Henry-street, Mr. Joseph Palmer, and eminent Cabinetmaker; a young man of a strict honesty, and of a most cheerful disposition, which makes his death sincerely regretted by every person who had the pleasure of his acquaintance.


1761, 7th-10th August

DEATH: Yesterday morning at 6 o'clock died, Mr. Peter Martin, Watchmaker in Skinner-row, a young man, in whom sincerity and honesty joined in an amicable disposition, makes his death a real loss to all those who had the pleasure of his acquaintance.


1762, 8th-10th February

MARRIAGE: A few day ago, Mr. Richard Bolton, an eminent Ironmonger in Church-street to the amicable Miss Magrath of Cavan; a young lady processed of every female accomplishment, with a real fortune of 1200l.


1762, 17th-20th September

DEATH: At his lodgings on College-green, aged 96, Signior Francisceo Geminiani, well known by the lovers of harmony.


1762, 18th-20th October

MARRIAGE: Mr. Richard Goodisson of Capel-street, to Miss William, of Wicklow, with a good fortune. [And Death]: At the same place [Cork] Mr. John Rogers, Pewterer.


1762, 29th-1st November

DEATH: In Corke, Jonathan Buck, Goldsmith.


1762, 3rd-5th November

MARRIAGE: On the same day [Monday] Mr. Richard Wilson, and eminent Upholder of Big Butter-lane, to Miss Gillard, of the same place; in whom are countered all those suitable accomplishments which alone, are conducive of real happiness; with a good fortune.

DEATH: In Skinner-row, Mr. [Michael] Hanbury, Engraver.


1762 26th-29th November

DEATH: In Fishamble-street, Mr. Abraham Davis, Jeweller.


1762, 10th-13th December

MARRIAGE: Mr. [Thomas] Meyler an eminent Glass-seller in College-green, to Miss. Bibby of Chequer-lane.


1762, 22nd-24th December

MARRIAGE: The 24th of November last, Mr. James Delamain, Merchant, son of William Delamian, Esq, a marshal of this city was married at Cognac in France to Miss. Ranson, daughter of Mr. Isaac Ranson, Merchant; a young lady of the highest accomplishments and a very considerable fortune.


1764 6th-9th January

DEATH: In Bride's-alley, the wife of Sam Edwards, Joyner.


1764, 23rd-25th April

DEATH: In Cole-alley Mr. Walsh, Carver.


1764, 30th-2nd May

MARRIAGE: Mr. William King, Mathematical Instrument-maker, in Temple-bar, to Miss Miller, of the said place.


1764, 7th-9th May

DEATH: In Great Strand-street, Mr. John Mountgarret, Upholder.


1764, 14th-16th May

DEATH: A few day ago in Essex-street Mr. [John] Kelly [Snr] an eminent Carver and Gilder.


1764, 20th-23rd July

DEATH: A few days ago, in advanced age, Mr. William Harry formerly and eminent Goldsmith in Skinner-row.


1764, 21st-24th September

DEATH: In Fleet-street, Mr. Nehemiah Clarke [Jun], Herald Painter.


1764, 5th-7th November

MARRIAGE: Mr. James Richey, Cabinetmaker, to Miss Elizabeth Curry of Nicholas'-gate.

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