Dublin Evening Journal and Post -- 1778-1798

1779, 30th October

Marriage: Mr. John Gilligan of Stephen-street, Upholder to Miss Mary Low of Lazer's-hill.


1781, 2nd October

Marriage: Mr. Walter Robinson, Miniature Painter to Miss Elinor Robinson of the Bachelor's-walk.


1783, 15th March

Marriage: Mr. Robert Deane of Exchequer-street, Watchmaker, to Miss Grace Parker, of White-lane

Marriage: Mr. Dassron of Bridge-street, Silversmith, to Miss French of Cook-street.


1784, 7th October

Death: In Waterford, Mr. Edward M'Nemara, Cabinetmaker.


1784, 28th October

Marriage: Mr. Francis Dunn Jnr, Watchmaker to the Widow Cotty, both of Fishamble-street.


1789, 7th March

Marriage: Mr. James Bergan, of Draper's-Court, Upholder, to Miss Ringwood of Bride-street.


1790, 21st January

Death: In Bride-street, after a long and painful illness, in the 63 year of age, Mr. William Ridgeway.


1792, 26th June

Death: In Fade-street, Mr. James Chapman, well known to all admirers of elegant painting.


1796, 16th May

Marriage: Mr. Edward Fitzgerald of Abbey-street, Engraver to Miss Walsh of Marlborough-street.


1796, 26th November

Marriage: In Limerick Mr. Stephen Keith, Cork-cutter, to Miss Henessey, daughter of the late Mr. John Henessey, Cabinetmaker.


1797, 13th May

Marriage: Mr. John Cullen, Miniature Painter, of Suffolk-street, Miniature Painter, to the Widow Hair [sic], daughter of the Rev Charles Grace of Co Galway.


1797, 28th September

Death: In Britain-street, Mr. Francis Fitzpatrick, formerly an eminent Watchmaker.

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