Dublin Mercury -- 1723-1773

1766, 1st April

Marriage: At Carrickmines, Mr. Jonathan Ball, Cabinetmaker in Brides-alley, to Miss Mary Gravil.

Death: Suddenly, in Arran-street. Mr. [Humphrey] Blair, Upholder.


1766, 12th April

Marriage: Mr. Richard Lloyd, Upholder, to Miss Allinson of Sallypark in the country of Dublin.


1766, 20th May

Death: At Limerick, Mr. Henry Pearce, Cabinetmaker.


1767 21st February

Marriage: Mr. Robert Doolittle of York-street, Cabinetmaker, to Miss Fenton of the Coombe.


1768, 6th February

Death: In Fade-street, wife of John Edmundson, Joiner.


1768 12th April

Marriage: Mr. Freeman, Cabinetmaker, to Miss. Elizabeth Ewing of Bow-lane.


1768, 30th September

Death: At Cork, the wife of Mr. John M'Daniel, Clock Manufacturer.


1769, 4th March

Death: In Abbey-street, Mr. John Burton, Stonecutter.


1769 18th May

Death: A few days ago at Rathfarmham, Mr. Dennis Murphy, and eminent Limner; a gentleman of universal good character.


1769, 5th September

Death: In Stephen-street, Mr. Thomas Barber [I], Cabinetmaker.


1770, 2nd January

Marriage: Mr. Silvester Ferral of Cole's-lane, Herald Painter, to Miss. Margaret Kerr of King's-street, Oxmantown.


1770, 23rd September

Marriage: Mr. William French of Hoey's-court, Goldsmith, to Miss Elizabeth Cuiliton of Kevin-street.


1770, 1st November

Marriage: Mr. Peter Long, Cabinetmaker, to Miss. Elizabeth Gray of Sand-street.


1770 17th November

Death: At Tynan, Co Armagh, Mr. George Pilkington, Watchmaker.


1770, 29th December

Marriage: Mr. Thomas M'Connell, of Church-street, Watchmaker, to the widow Pulleine of Prapper-lane.


1770, 22nd December

Death: In Christ Church-lane Mr. Philip Glasco, Jnr, Watchmaker.


1771, 29th January

Death: In Werburgh-street, Mr. Henry Billing, Jeweller.


1771, 9th February

Death: At Powercourt Co Dublin, Mr. Franklin Drury, formerly an eminent Miniature Painter.


1771, 12th February

Marriage: Mr. Thomas Dickinson, Shagreen-case Maker, to Miss Murrell, both of Sycamore-alley.

Death: In Poolbeg-street, Mr. Daniel Hodgson, formerly and eminent Timber Merchant.


1772, 29th March

Death: In Fishamble-street, Mr. James Douglas, Silversmith.


1772, 23rd April

Death: The wife of Mr. Terrance Ringwood, an eminent carver in Sycamore-alley.

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