Faulkner's Dublin Journal -- 1725-1798

1725, 2nd October

Death: Yesterday morning died Mr. Aaron Crosly, Herald Painter, at his house in Dame-street


1730, 19th December

Death: Yesterday morning died Thomas Burgh Esq, Engineer and Surveyor-General of his Majesty Fort and Building in this Kingdom.


1731, 9th February

Death: On Monday last Mr. Nathaniel Weld, Minister of Eustace-street Meeting-house was interred in St Paul's churchyard, [etc].


1732, 19th September

Death: John Stevens of Ross-lane, Founder, deceased.


1737, 31st December

Death: Last Saturday Morning died Marmaduke Tighe, a very eminent Upholder.


1742, 8th May

Marriage: On Monday last Rupert Barber, the Portrait Painter was married to Miss. Wilson an agreeable young lady with a handsome fortune.


1742, 11th May

Death: Last Wednesday died Mr. George Felster at his house in Marlborough-street. He was a man of very fine character.


1743, 28th May

Death: Mr. Ralph Leland an eminent Look Glass-maker


1745, 6th July

Death: Last Friday night a fine boy of near four-year-old, the son of Mr. Tudor of Dame-street, Landscape Painter, was run over in Dunlary.


1747, 27th January

Death: Last Monday died Mr. James Latham, a very eminent Painter.


1747, 28th March

Death: Yesterday died Mr. James Robinson, Cabinetmaker, in Essex-street, in the seventieth year of his age; a person of most unspotted character, and with a very uncommon measure of understanding and knowledge, had an eminent and exalted virtue and the best attraction.


1747, 2nd June

Marriage: On Wednesday Mr. Matthias Browne, Goldsmith was married to to Miss Elizabeth Brass of Bride-street, and agreeable young lady with a handsome fortune.


1747, 8th September

Marriage: Wednesday last was married Mr. Robert Gibson, an eminent Mathematician, to Miss Hogan, niece to the late Lieutenant Colonel Home, a lady of very amiable accomplishments with a very handsome fortune.


1748, 24th May

Death: This week died Mr. [David] Williams, an eminent Cabinetmaker.


1749, 11th November

Death: Saturday night, after a tedious indisposition, Mrs Elizabeth Houghton, (Wife of Mr. John Houghton [Snr], an eminent carver in this city) whose behaviour in life merited the esteem of all her acquaintances. She was a virtuous wife, a tender and affectionate mother and a friend of the distressed which makes her death lamented.


1750, 9th January

Death: Last Wednesday died at his house on Essex-bridge, Mr. [John] Booker, an eminent Dealer in Looking-glasses.


1750, 6th October

Death: Richard Cranfield of Abbey-street, Joiner and Gilder, who was buried at St Andrew-church.


1751, 10th August

Death: Died John Chambers, formerly proprietor of the Pot House on the Strand.


1751, 5th November

Death: Same day [Saturday] died Mr. Edmund Sturgys, and eminent Watchmaker, on Summerhill, and a man of fair character.


1752, 4th January

Marriage: Last Tuesday night Mr. Gabriel Sproule, an eminent Stucco maker was married to Miss. Elizabeth Wall, Daughter of Mr. Wall, an eminent painter, a very agreeable young lady.


1753, 20th January

Marriage: Sunday night Mr. Mark Forward, Upholder, in Abbey-street was married to Miss. Anderson in Capel-street.


1753, 10th July

Death: Tuesday died at Carman-hall near Kilgobbin, Mr. William Hall, Stonecutter, on the contractors for rebuilding Essex-bridge and the ingenious Architect that helped to construct the magnificent spire on the steeple of St Patrick's Cathedral; whose death is much lamented, as he was very skilful man in his profession, and of an exceedingly fair character.


1753, 24th July

Marriage: Last Saturday, Mr. Blundell of Essex-street was married to Miss Thomas, daughter of Mr. [Edwin] Thomas and eminent Cabinetmaker, a most agreeable young lady with a handsome fortune.


1753, 28th July

Marriage: Last Saturday night was married Mr. Peter Lemaistre, an eminent Cabinetmaker in George's-lane, to Miss. Tounge Niece to Mr. Tounge of the High-street, an agreeable young lady, with a person and fortune that must make the married state happy.


1753, 7th August

Marriage: Yesterday Mr. Samuel Guinness of Sycamore-alley, Gold Beater, was married to Miss. Brown, Niece to Robert Calderwood, a most agreeable and accomplished young lady with a handsome fortune. The ceremony was performed at Mr. Calderwood's country house at Dunlary.


1753, 18th August

Marriage: Sunday night Mr. John Gardener, Lapidary of Gravel-Walk to Miss. Mary Coats of the same.


1753, 15th September

Marriage: Last Saturday was married Mr. Pawlett, Tapestry Weaver on the Strand to Miss. Caroline Pierce, Daughter of Colonel Pierce and grand daughter of the Late Lieutenant General Pierce.


1753, 27th November

Death: Same day [Thursday] Mrs Connolly, wife of Mr. Thomas Connolly in Liffey-street, Carver much lamented.


1753, 30th October

Death: On Wednesday, at his lodging in Draper's-court. Mr. John Hale, Cabinetmaker.


1754, 26th March

Death: This week died in his house in Jervis-street Mr. Job Purnet, an eminent Upholder.


1754, 1st June

Death: Last Saturday John Letablere, an eminent Goldsmith.


1754, 3rd August

Death: Mr. Thomas M'Glouglin, Print-seller of Copper-alley.


1754, 13th August

Death: Wednesday - Mr. Darling in very eminent Stone-cutter.

Death: Friday - At Altidore in Co Wicklow, Mr. Ashton, an eminent painter, aged 80.


1754, 22nd October

Death: In Milltown Mr. John Randell, Paper-maker.


1754, 23rd November

Death: Wednesday Mr. James Fielding a most ingenious Turner in Ivory and Mahogany etc.


1755, 25th January

Death: Wednesday at Hamstead Mr. Edward Byrne an eminent Bricklayer of eminent character.


1755, 5th April

Death: Last week on the Donneybrook-road Mr. Thomas Malone an eminent Gardener.


1755, 3rd May

Death: In Dromcondra-lane, Mr. Anthony Standly, formerly an eminent Goldsmith.


1755, 28th July

Death: Saturday in Swift's-row, Mr. John Flemming, Carver, proficient in every virtue.


1755, 15th July

Death: On Tuesday Mr. John Bolton, a very eminent Ironmonger a most factious and agreeable companion of the fairest character.


1755, 29th September

Marriage: Mr. Martin Kirkpatrick, formerly an eminent Watchmaker in Dame-street to Mrs. Ozier of the said street.


1755, 23rd September

Marriage: Last Saturday Mr. [George] Ensor, an eminent builder to Miss. Sican, Daughter of Mr. Sican, a most agreeable young lady, with every virtue and accomplishment.


1755, 27th September

Death: Mr. Robert Billings, formerly and eminent Jeweller of very fair character.


1755, 21st October

Marriage: In Country Kildare Mr. Stanley, [Miniature?] Painter to Mrs. Jane Sherlock, daughter of Councellor Sherlock.


1756, 24th January

Death: In Christ- Church-yard, Mr. Robert Cope, Jeweller and Lapidary [his shop was in Skinner-row].


1756, 13th June

Death: Thursday in Anglsea-street, Mr. Gibson, Earthenware Merchant.


1757, 25th January

Death: In Christchurch-yard, Mr. Thomas Molneaux, Fiddle-maker.


1757, 30th September

Death: In Crow-street, Mr. Thomas Gunnel, Stonecutter.


1757, 4th October

Death: Sunday, in Essex-street, Mr. John Leland, Looking-glass seller and Coach-glass maker.


1757, 20th December

Death: On College-green, Mr. John May, Jeweller.


1758, 14th January

Death: Thursday, in James-street Mr. William Laughin, Stonecutter.


1758, 21st January

Death: Saturday, at Roundwood, Country Wicklow, Mr. William Harrison, Jeweller.

Death: At Stephen's-green, Mr. [Soloman] Barboult, Watchmaker.


1758, 15th July

Death: On College-green, Mr. Bartholomew Manwaring, Musician.


1758, 31st October

Death: In Skinner-row, Mr. Septimus Cecil, an eminent Watchmaker.


1759, 24th January

Death: At his lodgings in Celbridge, Co., Kildare, Mr. Richard Close, Engraver, a young man of the most amiable character, which renders his death greatly lamented by those who had the pleasure of his acquaintance.


1759, 17th April

Marriage: This week Mr. Will[iam] Hunter, Upholder, to Miss Jane Netterville of Fisher's-lane; a young lady of great personal qualifications, beauty and handsome fortune.


1759, 24th April

Death: A few days ago, Mrs. Knox, daughter of Mr. Knox and eminent Clockmaker.


1759, 1st May

Death: On Tuesday at his lodging on the Milltown-road, Mr. Michael Lemaistre, Watchmaker.


1759, 19th May

Death: Same day in Nassau-street, Mr. Charles Coleman an eminent Upholsterer.


1759, 8th September

Death: Yesterday Morning, at his house in Martin-lane Mr. George Roscoe, a very ingenious Artist, who brought the manufacture of lamp-black, pitch, printing ink , etc, to great perfection in this kingdom (his widow continues the business).


1760, 2nd February

Death: Last Friday Mrs. Glasco, Wife of Philip Glasco Snr, Watchmaker in Christchurch-lane.


1760, 5th July

Death: In Christ Church-lane, Mr. Hugh Moore, formerly an eminent Upholder in Corn-market.


1760, 2nd August

Marriage: A few day ago Mr. William Hayes, Upholder, to Miss Hunt of Capel-street.


1760, 19th August

Death: Tuesday Mr. Charles Dempsey, and eminent Upholder of a very fair character, whose widow will carry on the business.


1760, 27th December

Marriage: In Crow-street, Mr. James Magrath, Merchant, to Miss. Spring, Daughter of Mr. Spring, and eminent Upholsterer, with a fortune of a 1000.


1761, 24th February

Death: At Harold-cross, of a lingering illness, Mrs. Mary Hearn, wife of Christopher Hearn, an eminent Cabinetmaker.


1761, 28th March

Death: In Queen-street in an advanced age Mr. [Thomas] Walker formerly an eminent Goldsmith in Skinner-row and the late Steward of the Blue-coat Hospital.


1761, 4th April

Death: Last week, in George-lane, Mr. Weldon, formerly an eminent Jeweller in Werburgh-street.


1761, 16th June

Death: Mr. [Cornelius] Sheehan an eminent Stonecutter at house in Marlborough-street.


1761, 10th October

Marriage: Some day ago, Mr. Samuel Paul [Jnr] of Winetavern-street, Cabinetmaker, to Miss Rebecca Day


1761, 14th November

Death: In Castle-street Mr. Joseph Bridgeman, an eminent Goldsmith.


1761, 26th December

Death: Sunday at his house on Lower Ormond-quay, deservedly lamented, Mr. Richard Hartford an eminent Upholsterer; a man of unblemished character- The business is carried on as usual by Nicholas Higly who served has apprenticeship to him and has been in partnership with him these five years.


1762, 3rd April

Death: Last week in Essex-street, Mr. Gabriel Winsley, Bookbinder.


1762, 17th April

Marriage: Last Saturday night in Eustace-street, Mr. Bernard Bennet, Sword Cutler, in Essex-street to Miss. Mary Johnson Daughter of William Johnson, Gold-lace-Weaver of said street.


1762, 13th November

Marriage: Mr. Richard Harrison, an eminent Silversmith in Skinner-row, to Miss. Robinson of Kevan's-port.


1762, 11th December

Marriage: Mr. Thomas Silcock, an eminent Printseller, to Mrs. Polly King of the said place.


1763, 29th January

Death: Mr. George Armstrong, Watchmaker, in Pill-lane.


1763, 5th February

Death: In Winetavern-street, Samuel Paul [Snr], Joiner.


1763, 12th February

Death: In Chequer-lane, Mr. George Dogherty, Clock and Watchmaker.


1763, 4th October

Death: Mr. Launcelot Kelly, an eminent Gilder and Glass seller.


1763, 22nd October

Death: In William-street, Mr. Abraham Walker, formerly a eminent Cabinetmaker.


1763, 29th November

Death: Mr. Thomas Pidgeon, of Geshill, in the King's country, a very eminent Brazier, and a man of an extraordinary good character.


1763, 17th December

Death: Last week in Dorset-street, Mr. Eaton, formerly an eminent Goldsmith in Skinners-row.


1764, 10th January

Marriage: Mr. Richard Guinness, Gunsmith, to Miss. Anne Rourke.


1764, 4th February

Death: In Anglesea-street, Mr. Henry Vandermere, an eminent Painter and Publican.


1764, 27th March

Death: In Chanter-street, Mr. Smith, Portrait Painter.


1764, 8th May

Marriage: Mr. Joseph Brice [Snr], and eminent Cabinetmaker, in College-green, to Miss. Denisan, Mary's-lane.


1764, 12th May

Death: In Essex-street, Mr. [John] Kelly [Snr], an eminent Carver and Gilder.


1764, 22nd May

Death: In Marlborough-street, Mr. George King, formerly King's Carpenter.


1764, 30th June

Death: In Grafton-street, Mr. James Champion, and eminent Goldsmith and Jeweller.


1764, 17th July

Death: In Ship-street, Mr. Christopher Hull, Watch and Clock-maker.

Death: In Abbey-street, Mr. [James] Cossy, Cabinetmaker; whose death was occasioned by a fall from his horse, which was frightened by the firing of a squib of this July instant.


1764, 24th July

Marriage: Mr. Mark Meares, of George's-lane, Goldsmith, to Miss. Mary Eaton, of Tuleek in Co. Kildare.


1764, 28th July

Marriage: Mr. Robert Crow Jnr, and eminent Upholder in Abbey-street to Miss. Goodwin of Merchant's-quay.


1764, 7th August

Death: On Essex-quay, Mr. William Fawcett, Watchmaker.


1764, 1st December

Marriage: Mr. John Karr of Crampton-court, Silversmith to the Widow Palmer of New-street.


1764, 11th December

Death: In Kevin-street, Mr. John Lenaghan, an eminent Carver and Gilder.


1764, 29th December

Marriage: Mr. John Sherwin, an eminent Goldsmith in Skinners-row to the widow Kavenagh of Peter-street.


1765, 5th January

Death: In Moore-street, Mr. Thomas Vantandelo, and eminent Cabinetmaker and Upholder.


1765, 26th February

Death: In Skinner-row, Mr. Thomas Silcock, an eminent Glazier and Printseller.


1765, 13th April

Death: At Ballybough-bridge, Mr. Henry Woods, an eminent Gardener.


1765, 23rd April

Death: In West Arran-street Mr. John Daniel, an Upholder and Auctioneer and on Thursday, in Chequer-lane, Mr. Richard Morgan, and eminent Stonecutter.


1765, 4th May

Death: A few days since, Mr. John Butts, Painter.


1765, 6th July

Death: At Porto Bello near Kevin's-port, Mr. William Lemaistre, Snr., an eminent Cabinetmaker of George's-lane.


1765, 27th August

Marriage: Mr. Peter Gainer, Upholder, of Great Britain-street, to the agreeable Miss. Murtagh, of the said street, with a fortune of 600 Pounds.


1765, 14th September

Marriage: Mr. John Vialls of Liffey-street, Herald Painter to the widow Philips of Summer-hill.


1765, 5th October

Marriage: Mr. Richard Dowdall, Jeweller, of Aungier-street, to Miss. Evan of Stephen's-green.

Death: Mr. [Lewis] Ward, Toyman, of Christchurch-yard.


1765, 9th November

Death: Thursday last, on College-green, Mr. Watson, an eminent Painter.


1765, 7th December

Marriage: Tuesday, Mr. Philip M'Ardell, of Dorset-street, and eminent Herald painter to Miss Charles of Dolphin's Barn-lane with a fortune of 800 pounds.


1765, 24th December

Death: In Dame-street, Mr. Thomas Holmes, an eminent Glazier.


1766, 19th April

Marriage: Last Week, Mr. Noah Violas, Jeweller, aged 90, to Miss Martha Champion of Stafford-street, aged 80.


1766, 29th May

Death: Mr. Robert Calderwood, an eminent Goldsmith, at his house in Castle-street.


1766, 24th May

Death: In Capel St, Mr. George Saunders, Jeweller.


1766, 17th June

Death: In Crane-lane, deservedly lamented, Mr. Nicholson, Watchmaker.


1766, 2nd August

Death: Saturday night in Claredon-street, Mr. William Sharpley, Cabinetmaker.


1766, 12th August

Death: 13th August, Mr. William Bibby, an eminent Looking Glass Merchant at Essex-bridge. The business will be carried on by his brother and son.


1766, 9th September

Marriage: Mr. Thomas Devine, Gunsmith, to Miss Sally Wainwright of Blind-quay.


1766, 23rd December

Death: Mr. Patrick Wall, a very eminent house Painter and Plasterer.


1767, 3rd January

Death: On Ormond-quay, Mr. Robert Hopkins, Goldsmith.


1767, 20th January

Marriage: Mr. George Laing, an Eminent Jeweller in Skinner-row to E. Cotton of Werburgh- street.


1767, 14th February

Death: In Crampton Court, greatly lamented Mr. Henry Clements an eminent Jeweller and Toyman. The business will be carried on by his son Henry Clement who humbly hopes for a continuance of the favour of the nobility and gentry.


1767, 17th February

Death: In Little Booter-lane, Mr. Thomas Byrne, Gunsmith.


1767, 28th April

Marriage: Mr. Humphrey Currin an eminent Upholder in Mary-street, to the agreeable Miss. Mully Byrne, Daughter of Mr. Morgan Byrne of the Curragh with 500 pounds fortune.


1767, 19th May

Death: In Prussia-street, Richard Hunter, Jeweller.


1767, 16th June

Marriage: In Mary-street Mr. Samuel Sweetman, Cabinetmaker, to the agreeable Miss. Sarah Scarlet near Arbour Hill.


1767, 27th June

Death: In Hawkins-street, Mr. John Turner, a most ingenious and eminent smith and remarkable for his great knowledge of various metals.


1767, 24th October

Death: In Great Booter-lane, Mr. William Gibson, Carpenter.


1767, 3rd November

Death: On Lazer's-hill, Mr. [John] Smyth, Carpenter.


1767, 22nd December

Death: In Clarendon-street, Mr. Michael Poole, an eminent Carpenter.


1767, 26th December

Marriage: Mr. Pat Fitzpatrick, Engraver, on Blind-quay, to Miss. Ann Fitzpatrick of Michael- lane.


1768, 2nd January

Marriage: Mr. George Young, Cabinetmaker, to Miss. Elizabeth Boylan, both of Ormond-quay.


1768, 5th January

Death: In Christchurch-yard, Mr. John Moore [Snr], an eminent Goldsmith.


1768, 23rd January

Marriage: Samuel Busby, Watchmaker to Miss Judith Walker of Ballyman, Co Kildare.


1768, 30th January

Marriage: Sunday Mr. Richard Shaw an eminent Sword Cutter, Cork-hill, to Miss. Margaret Aston of Cussie-street.


1768, 26th March

Death: In Fishamble-street, the wife of Mr [Frederick John] Sherwin, Silversmith.


1768, 12th April

Marriage: Mr. Patrick M'Williams, an eminent Architect to Miss. Ann Henry.


1768, 17th May

Death: In George's-lane, Mr. William Manwaring, Toyman.


1768, 28th May

Death: In Suffolk-street, Mr. Walter Paget, Goldsmith.


1768, 2nd July

Marriage: Mr. George Bainbridge, an eminent Watchmaker to Miss. Meares, an agreeable young lady, with a handsome fortune.


1768, 23rd July

Death: On Ormond-quay, Mr. Alexander Robertson, Jeweller.


1768, 3rd September

Death: In Bride-alley, Mr. Michael Duggan, Broker and Auctioneer.


1768, 6th September

Marriage: Mr. Rankin, Watchmaker [apprenticed to David Gordon], to Miss. Butler of King-street.


1768, 15th September

Death: At Limerick, Mr. Edward Uzuld, Architect, who has conducted the Shannon Navigation and Public Works of the city, for several years past.


1768, 24th September

Marriage: Mr. Joseph Brown, an eminent Cabinetmaker, in Mary-abbey, to Miss. Mary Bennet of Cavendish-street.


1768, 27th September

Marriage: Mr. [John] Edmundson, Cabinetmaker, to Miss. Jane Kelly of College-green.


1768, 8th October

Death: In Great George-street, Mr. Charles Lemaistre, an eminent Cabinetmaker, and one of the Common Council for the Corporations of Joiners.


1768, 27th October

Death: At World's-end, Mr. [Samuel] Collins, Miniature Painter.


1768, 1st November

Marriage: Mr. [John?] Shea of Ormond-market, [Landscape] Painter, to the amiable Miss. Margaret Donovan of Pill-lane.


1768, 5th November

Marriage: Mr. Jonas Bull of Waterford, Silversmith, to Miss. Estor Bennis, Daughter of Michael Bennis of Limerick.


1768, 6th December

Death: In Jervis-street advanced in years, Mr. Thomas Smith, Cabinetmaker.


1768, 13th December

Marriage: Mr. Michael Freanes of Bride-street, Cabinetmaker, to Miss. Ferral of Clane.


1769, 4th February

Death: On Saturday, at his lodging near the Cross-Bath (England) Mr. Samuel Dixon, a native of Ireland, well known for his exhibition of finest paintings and figures in Basso Relievo.

Death: Mr. Jones Setterthwaite, distinguished for his knowledge in making canals.


1769, 11th February

Marriage: Mr. Luke Foley, Tin-plate worker, of Capel-street, to the agreeable Miss. Hoyle of Church-street.


1769, 25th February

Marriage: Mr. Jeremiah D'Olier of Dame-street, Goldsmith, to Miss. Jane Collins of the said street.


1769, 30th March

Marriage: Mr. William Supple, Goldsmith, to Miss. Amelia Wilson of Skinner-row.


1769, 11th April

Marriage: Mr. William White of Fishers-lane, an eminent Cabinetmaker to Miss. Elinor Moore of the county of Kildare, a young lady with a considerable fortune.


1769, 20th April

Marriage: Mr. Arthur Ringwood, an eminent Painter in Nicholas-street to Miss. Mary Cross of Cale-alley.


1769, 9th May

Marriage: Mr. James Nuttal of Bedford-row, Carver, to Miss. Sarah Wilson of Grafton-street.


1769, 13th May

Death: On Cork-hill, Mr. Robert Rose, an eminent Watchmaker.


1769, 18th May

Marriage: Mr. Edward Byrne of Curtis-street, Quarry master, to the most agreeable Miss. Kitty Kelly of Stephens-green.


1769, 20th May

Death: On Friday night last in Essex-street, William Meager, Water-maker.


1769, 25th May

Marriage: Mr. Fredrick May, Watchmaker, to Miss. Jenny Wilson of Skinner-row.


1769, 27th June

Marriage: Mr. Barnet, Carpenter, to Mrs. Walsh of Whitefryer-street.


1769, 24th August

Death: Mr. Richard Farren who formerly kept a Toy-shop on Ormond-quay.


1769, 26th August

Marriage: Mr. John Loghlin of Hoey's-court, Jeweller, to Miss. Alice Allen of Trim, Co Meath.


1769, 16th September

Marriage: Mr. Wood, an eminent Gardener, to Miss. Barber of Sir John's-quay.


1769, 21st November

Marriage: Mr. John Smyth, an eminent Upholder of Great George-street, to the agreeable Miss. Christian Pasley, of Stand-street.


1770, 11th January

Marriage: Mr. [John] Lloyd of Dame-street, Goldsmith to Miss. Pasley of the said street.


1770, 16th January

Death: At Stillorgan Mr. Wright, Gardener.


1770, 18th January

Death: In Fishamble-street, in an advance age, Mr. Richard Correll [or Carroll], Cabinate-maker.


1770, 3rd April

Marriage: Mr. Joshua Christian, an eminent Painter to the agreeable Widow Jones of Newport.


1770, 7th April

Death: At his house in Abbey-street, on the 7th, Mr. Samuel Epwell, Goldsmith.


1770, 14th April

Marriage: Mr. Lewis Alley of Big Ship-street, Gunmaker to Miss. Catherine Notts of Palace-street. [and] Death: At Chapel-izod, Mr. Richard Armstrong, Gardener.


1770, 24th April

Marriage: Mr. Nicholas Stock [sic], Goldsmith, to Miss. King of Temple-court.


1770, 17th May

Death: At Feathard, Co Tipperary, Mr. James Kennedy, Gardener.


1770, 9th June

Death: At Lucan, Mrs. Sarah Adams, wife of John Adams of Mary's-lane, [House] Painter.


1770, 26th June

Death: In Fade-street, Mr. [Jeremiah] Barrett, Portrait Painter.


1770, 31st July

Marriage: Mr. George Cowan, an eminent Glazier in Suffolk-street, to Miss. Alice Ferrell of Clarendon-street.


1770, 25th August

Death: Mr. Tilford of Werburgh-street, Gunsmith.


1770, 4th September

Marriage: Mr. Henry Bell of Charles-street, Cabinetmaker, to Miss. Cock of the Batchelor's walk.


1770, 9th October

Marriage: Mr. William Jordon, of Chequer-lane, Carver, to the amiable Miss. Flinn of Dame-street.


1770, 16th October

Marriage: Mr. Thomas Ryland, Goldsmith, to Miss Kitty Mark, both of Fishamble-street.


1770, 30th October

Marriage: Mr. Thomas Ryan of Bedford-row, Carver, to Miss. Hughes of Bolton-street.


1770, 1st November

Death: In Dame-street, Mr. [Matthew] Collins an eminent Gunsmith.


1770, 8th November

Marriage: Mr. George Boyd, Jeweller, to Miss. Kerr of Fleet-street.


1770, 10th November

Death: On Batchelor's-quay, Mr. Joseph Druit, an eminent Slate Merchant.


1770, 13th November

Marriage: Mr. Peter Gaynor, an eminent Upholder, in Great Britain-street to Miss. Dillion of Thomas-street.


1770, 11th December

Death: Yesterday, on Essex-bridge Wilkes Bibby, Partner with Joseph Bibby, Looking Glass Seller. The business will be carried on by Joseph Bibby.


1771, 5th January

Marriage: Mr. [Theophilus] Jones Brass-founder, to the agreeable widow Perry, both of Pill-lane.


1771, 24th January

Death: Mr. John Fitzgerald, late an eminent Glass-seller, in Caple-street.


1771, 7th February

Death: In Mary-street, Mr. John Merfield, Goldsmith and Jeweller.


1771, 12th February

Marriage: Mr. Thomas Dickinson, an eminent Shagreen-casemaker to Miss. Murrell, both of Sycamore-alley.


1771, 26th February

Death: In Cole-alley, Castle-street, Mr. Jonathan Ruxton, Goldsmith.


1771, 9th March

Marriage: Mr. Oliver Wheller, Gunsmith, to Miss. Tudor of Fade-street.


1771, 26th March

Death: Mr. Charles Gillespy, of Ormond-quay, Watchmaker.


1771, 6th April

Death: In Henry-street, Edwin Thomas, formerly a Cabinetmaker.


1771, 23rd May

Death: Last Wednesday evening, Boulter Grierson Esq, printer to his Majesty.


1771, 8th June

Death: At his lodging on the Rathmines Road, Mr. Benjamin Stokes an eminent Goldsmith in Skinner-row.


1771, 18th June

Death: At Cork, Mr. Foster and the wife of Edward Sweeny Mathematical Instrument-maker.


1771, 9th July

Death: On Temple-bar, Mr. Peetrie, Fiddle-maker.


1771, 6th August

Marriage: Mr. Preston, Auctioneer, to Miss. Ann Gaynor, both of Francis-street.


1771, 20th August

Death: In Christchurch-yard, Mr. James Dunn, formerly an eminent Toyman.


1771, 19th September

Marriage: Mr. Michael Hutchinson, an eminent Gunsmith in Dame-street to the agreeable Miss. Jane Lord of the said street.


1771, 24th September

Death: In Church-street, the wife of Mr. Brett, an eminent painter.


1771, 1st October

Death: A few days ago in Great George's-street, Mr. Charles Napper, Cabinetmaker.


1771, 3rd October

Death: In Mecklenburgh-street, in an advanced age, Mr. George Newton formerly an eminent China Merchant near Essex-bridge.


1771, 14th November

Death: In Dame-street, Samuel Wheatley, Engraver.


1771, 10th December

Death: At Clontarf, Hugh Darley Esq, formerly an eminent Stonecutter.


1771, 26th December

Death: At Temple-bar, Mr. William King, Mathematical Instrument Maker.


1772, 4th January

Marriage: Mr. William Sterling, an eminent Watchmaker, to Miss. Jane Beringham of Bride-street.


1772, 4th February

Death: In Fishamble-street, Mr. Nathan Murray the elder, an eminent Engraver.


1772, 8th February

Death: In Capel-street, Mr. John Cavanagh, an eminent founder, and one of the representatives in the Common Council of this city, for the Corporation of Smiths.


1772, 29th February

Death: A few days ago in Abbey-street, Mr. Samuel Dobson, Carver and Gilder.


1772, 3rd March

Marriage: Mr. William Healy, Gardener, to Miss. Elizabeth Cooke, both of Stephen's-green.

Death: A few days ago, Mrs Byrne, Wife of George Byrne, an eminent Engraver, in Smock-alley.


1772, 19th March

Marriage: Mr. George Sall of Back-lane, Brazier, to Miss. Eyres of Engine-alley.


1772, 31st March

Death: In Little Booter-lane, Mr. Michael Ingram, Cabinate-maker.


1772, 26th May

Marriage: [Mr. Terrance] Ringwood, an eminent Carver in Sycamore-alley, to the agreeable Miss. Maguire.


1772, 6th June

Marriage: Mr. [Loftus] Buckley of the Bachelor-quay, Brass founder, to the agreeable Widow Goldsmith of the same place.


1772, 23rd June

Death: In Chequer-lane, Mr. [William] Curry, formerly an eminent Goldsmith in Dame-street.


1772, 25th June

Death: At Kevins-port, Mr. John Taylor, an eminent Carpenter of George's-lane.


1772, 5th September

Marriage: A few day's ago, Mr. Francis Savage of Capel-street, Upholder, to Miss. Margaret Lee of Wexford, Daughter of Mr. Thomas Lee, Merchant.


1772, 10th September

Death: Mr. John Guerin of Bruff, Co Limerick, one of the best Surveyor's in the Kingdom.


1772, 1st October

Marriage: A few days ago, Mr. Edward Rice of Crampton-court, Jeweller, to Miss. Kelly, daughter of Dennis Kelly of Kellybrook, Co Roscommon.


1772, 17th October

Death: Yesterday, Mr. Joseph Palmer, an eminent Ironmonger, in Capel-street.


1772, 20th October

Marriage: Mr. Richard Wilson, An eminent Ironmonger in High-street, to Miss. Charlotte Hall, Daughter of Alderman Hall.

Death: In May-lane, Mr. William Blyce, Painter.


1772, 12th November

Death: Mr. John Reid of Bolton-street, an eminent Bricklayer and Builder.


1772, 8th December

Death: In George's-lane, Mr. Peter Lamaistre, Cabinate-maker; And Mr. Ignatius Dillion formerly a eminent Bookseller.


1772, 15th December

Death: In Pudding-row, Mrs. [Mary] Lloyd, Truckmaker.


1772, 31st December

Death: Suddenly, at Ballygrath, the seat of Thomas Pepper Esq. [And] Mr. William Gibson, Gardener, a man most eminent in his business.


1773, 5th January

Death: In Little Ship-street, Mr. Pickever, Brazier.


1773, 23rd March

Marriage: A few days ago, Mr. [Edward] Cross of Capel-street, Bookseller, to Miss. Flinn of Hoath.


1773, 13th April

Death: On Monday the 11th, at his lodging in Cook-street, Mr. Joshua Emerson, Silversmith.


1773, 17th April

Death: Mr. Francis Skellern of Smock-alley, Watchmaker.


1773, 29th May

Death: A few days ago at Mountmellick, Mr. John Curtis, formerly an eminent Gold and Silver Lace manufacturer in this city.


1773, 19th June

Marriage: Mr. Johnson Baker, an eminent Upholder to Miss. Murray of Donnybrook-road.


1773, 24th June

Death: Edward Thompson, late of Abbey-street, Ironmonger.


1773, 1st July

Death: Mr. Richard Wilson, late of the city of Dublin, Upholder.


1773, 27th July

Marriage: Mr. Andrew Borradale of Skinner-row, an eminent Goldsmith to Miss. Elizabeth Smith of Finglass.


1773, 23rd October

Death: In Essex-street, Mr. John Montgomery, an eminent Cabinate-maker, he lived to an advanced age.


1773, 14th December

Death: In Hoey's-court, Mr. John Laughind, Silversmith. [And] In Skinner-row, Mr. John Roe, Printer of Pue's Occurrence, the business will be carried on by his widow, Sarah Roe.


1774, 10th March

Death: In Dame-street, Mr. Govers, Gunsmith.


1774, 14th April

Death: A few days ago, at Limerick, Monsieur Lisse, Engraver and Drawing-master of Paris.


1774, 28th June

Death: A few day's ago, at Waterford, Mr. Dan Cunningham, Painter.


1774, 22nd September

Marriage: Mr. James Franks, Jeweller, to Miss. Charlotte Russel of Abbey-street.


1774, 3rd November

Death: Thursday, in Dame-street, Mr. John Ebbs, an eminent Watchmaker.


1774, 22nd November

Marriage: A few days ago Mr. William Edwards of Meath-street an eminent Clockmaker, to Miss. Margaret Archer of Mount-John, Co Wicklow.


1774, 10th December

Death: Paddington, near London, Pat[rick] Cunningham, a native of Ireland. He was a man of great fancy and imagination in Architecture, Statuary and Wax-works and served his apprenticeship to Mr. Van Nost.


1775, 5th January

Marriage: A few day ago, Mr. Robert Mack, Architect of Great George's-street to Miss. Mary Lodge of Exchequer-lane.

Death: In New-street, Mr. James Stone, Engraver.


1775, 7th January

Death: On Ormond-quay, the wife of Mr. Eades, Fishing Tackle-maker.


1775, 18th February

Death: At his house on Ormond-quay, Mr. [Thomas] Blundell, Watchmaker.


1775, 16th March

Death: In Garter-court, Castle-street, Mr. Hutton, Silversmith.


1775, 25th March

Death: In Cross-lane, Mr. Sempil, Painter.


1775, 11th April

Death: In Exchange-street, Mr. Philander, Silversmith.


1776, 4th January

Death: At Eyre-court, Co Galway, Mr. Giles Bernard, Master-builder.


1776, 2nd March

Death: In Abbey-street, Robert Crow Senior, an eminent Upholder.


1776, 9th March

Death: In Dame-street, Mr. John Exshaw, an eminent Bookseller.


1776, 30th March

Death: In Abbey-street, William Henry Delewar Esq lately arrived from the West Indies.


1776, 7th May

Death: At Harold's Cross, Mr. William Smith, of Castle-street, Goldsmith.


1776, 21st May

Marriage: In Dame-street, Mr. John Exshaw, an eminent Bookseller, to Miss. Wilkinson.


1776, 28th May

Marriage: Mr. John Gardner, Watchmaker, in Dame-street, to Mrs. Rebecca Wren of the same place.


1776, 18th June

Marriage: Mr. George Harkness, of Skinner-row, Jeweller, to the agreeable Miss. Edmonds of Kevin's Port.

Death: In Great Britain-street, Mr. Peter Gaynor, Upholder.


1776, 14th September

Death: A few days ago John Savage, Upholder.


1776, 17th September

Death: In Arran-street, Mr. Thomas Carroll, Joiner.


1776, 5th October

Death: In Pembroke-court, Castle-street, Mr. Laurence Foran, Engraver.


1776, 19th October

Death: The Rev Peter Chaigneau, secretary to the Dublin society.


1776, 26th October

Death: The 27th, at his house in Abbey-street, Mr. Henry Mehain, Upholder, a man not of any great age, but greatly beloved by all.


1776, 29th October

Death: In Cole-alley, Castle-street, Mr. Popkins, Silversmith.


1776, 30th November

Marriage: Mr. Gilbert Bigger, Watchmaker and Goldsmith in Skinner-row, to Miss. Lucy Leban of Harold's Cross.


1777, 2nd January

Marriage: Mr. Dalaell of Queen-street, Cabinetmaker, to Miss. Wilson of Poolbeg Street.


1777, 9th January

Death: In Great George's-street, Mr. Rosseveaux, Carpenter.


1777, 23rd January

Marriage: Mr. Thomas Moran of Great George's-street, Carver, to Miss. Cossy of Co. Dublin.


1777, 1st February

Marriage: Mr. Hugh Crawford, Painter, of Lazer-hill, to Miss. Frances Price of Meath-street.


1777, 8th February

Death: In Golden-lane, Mr. Patrick Talbot, China Merchant.


1777, 15th February

Marriage: Mr. George Brown, Cabinetmaker, to Miss. Burley of Cook-street


1777, 25th March

Death: In Crane-lane, Mr. Henry Martin, Glazier.


1777, 27th March

Death: A few days ago, in Carlow, Mr. Dennis M'Donnel, Cabinetmaker.


1777, 1st April

Death: In Exchequer-lane, Mr. Peter Prioleau, Tin Plate worker.


1777, 1st May

Marriage: Mr. Water, Jeweller, Parliament-street, to Miss. Ward, Britain-street.


1777, 5th July

Marriage: Mr. John Keen of Dame-street, Goldsmith, to Miss. Champion of Grafton-street.


1777, 10th July

Death: In Goat-alley, Mr. Robert Wade, Jeweller.


1777, 2nd August

Death: In Pudding-row, Christ Deveaux, Trunk-maker.

Death: In Crampton-court, Mr. William Steel, Jeweller.


1777, 27th September

Death: Mr. Francis Langer, Musician.


1777, 16th October

Marriage: A few days ago Robert Wright, Barracks-street, to Miss. Kinsaelagh of Kilmainham.


1777, 2nd December

Marriage: A few day's ago Mr. James Brocas of Dame-street, Portrait Painter, to Miss. Mary Askin of Exchequer-street.


1777, 13th December

Death: In Church-lane, Mr. Andrew Barnwell, Upholder.


1778, 17th February

Marriage: Mr. Richard Bushell, an eminent Print-seller to Miss. Leeson of Meeting-house-yard.

Marriage: Mr. Richard Hackett, Upholder, of Phoenix-street to Miss. Anne Goulding of the Batchelor's- walk.


1778, 2nd April

Death: At his house in Grafton-street, Mr. John Karr formerly of Crompton Court, Jeweller and in Dame-street, the wife of Mr. George Clarke, an eminent Silversmith.


1778, 30th April

Marriage: Mr. John Franks of Skinner-row, Jeweller, to Miss. Jane Bellew of Londonderry.


1778, 26th May

Death: John Stewart of Lower Ormond-quay, Paper Stamper.


1778, 27th June

Marriage: Mr. James White of Strand-street, Bass-founder to Miss. Elizabeth Murphy of the said place.


1778, 27th August

Death: Suddenly, a few days since, at Rochestown Co Meath, Mr. James Reilly, whose private and public character was a highly and deservedly esteemed as that of having been the most excellent painter in miniature this country has produced.


1778, 1st September

Marriage: Mr. [Charles] Jollard of Mary-street, Upholder to Miss. Stephenson of Mary's-abbey.


1778, 6th October

Marriage: Mr. Thomas Denham of Phrapper-lane, Stucco-worker to Miss. Mary of Sackville-street.


1779, 21st January

Death: In Anglesea-street, Mrs. Cooley, wife to Mr. Cooley an eminent Architect.


1779, 2nd February

Marriage: Mr. William Osborne, Jeweller, in Dame-street to Miss. Harrick of Powercourt.


1779, 8th May

Death: In Stafford-street, the wife of Mr. [John] Trotter whose many virtues endeared her Mary Anne Hunter daughter of Robert Hunter to all who knew her and whose merits in portrait painting etc will ever be held in most respectable remembrance by every admirer of the fine arts.


1779, 19th June

Death: In Essex-street, Mr. Conyers Sonley, Watchmaker.


1779, 24th June

Death: Mr. James Mannin, a painter of distinguished abilities and for near 20 years master of the school for Ornamental Drawing, under the patronage of the Right Hon. the Dublin Society.


1779, 6th July

Death: On Porto Bello Road, Mr. Richard Bushell, formerly an eminent Print-seller of Dame-street.


1779, 29th July

Marriage: In London, Graham Myers Esq, Architect to his Majesty's Board of Works in Ireland, to Miss. Cockrein of Harwich.

Death: In Fishamble-street, Mr. James Tracy, Taylor & China Merchant.


1779, 31st August

Death: In Spring Garden-lane, Dame-street, Mr. Andrew Shrimpton, Gunsmith.


1779, 28th September

Death: In Fishamble-street, Mr. Dunn [Snr], Watchmaker.


1779, 30th September

Death: In Fishamble-street, Mr. Vizer, Watchmaker.


1780, 18th January

Death: In Bolton-street, the wife of Mr. Barnes, Cabinetmaker.


1780, 1st April

Marriage: Mr. Charles Mulvany of Capel-street, Glass Merchant to the agreeable Miss. Cornell of Leixlip.


1780, 17th October

Death: In Black-lane, Mr. William Sampson, Brass Founder.


1780, 16th November

Death: In Queen-street, Mr. John Caffry, Musician.


1781, 22nd February

Marriage: A few days ago, Mr. John Nowlan of Exchange-street, Tin-plate worker, to Miss. Mountain of Whitefriars-street.


1781, 8th March

Death: Mr. Peacock, Watchmaker, in Grafton-street.


1781, 31st March

Death: On Essex-quay, Mr. William Hughes, Silversmith.


1781, 17th July

Death: On the Ranalagh Road, Mr. Edward Mulligan, Auctioneer.


1781, 13th September

Death: In Winetavern-street, Mr. Loughlin an eminent Carpenter.


1781, 29th September

Marriage: Mr. Lilly, Architect, to the agreeable Miss Smyth, both of Townsend-street.

Marriage: Mr. William Robinson, Miniature Painter to Miss Elinor Robinson of Batchelor Walk.

Marriage: Mr. Moses Wilson of Ormond-street, Carpet Manufacturer, to Miss. Supple of Randsford-street.


1781, 18th December

Marriage: Henry Roche, Stone-cutter, Marlborough-street, to Miss. Walsh of Kilkenny.


1782, 6th April

Marriage: Mr. Joseph Bayly of Fisher's-lane, Jeweller, to the amiable Miss. Sarah Grace of Great Ship-street.


1782. 13th April

Death: At his house in Queen-street, Mr. George Semple, and Architect.


1782, 14th May

Death: Yesterday morning at his house in Parliament-street, after a tedious illness, Mr. James Hoey, Printer and Bookseller and lately proprietor of the Dublin Mercury.


1782, 4th June

Death: In Molesworth-street, Mr. Michael Graham, Jeweller.


1782, 7th December

Marriage: Henry Grattan Esq, Representative in Parliament for the Borough of Charlemont to Miss. Fitzgerald of Dawson-street.


1783, 11th January

Marriage: Mr. Thomas James of Kevin-street, Brazier, to Miss. Clark, Daughter of E[fau] Clark, French Horn Maker, Henry Street.

Marriage: Mr. Michael Jordan of Smock-alley, Cabinetmaker, to Miss. Anne Lagrange of Camden Street.


1783, 13th February

Death: At his house in Kildare-street, in an advanced age George Spring Esq formerly an eminent Upholder of this city.


1783, 10th May

Death: Suddenly in Hoey's-court, Mr. John Gorden, Engraver.


1783 22nd May

Marriage: Mr. Dussin of Parliament-street, Jeweller, to the amiable Mrs. Scott of Pill-lane.


1783, 10th June

Death: At Stackallen, Co. Meath, in the 17th year of age, the Hon. Miss. Barbara Hamilton, late third daughter of Lord Viscount Boyne.


1783, 29th July

Death: Sunday Michael Byrne, a Cabinetmaker was drowned.


1783, 4th October

Marriage: Mr. William Lemaistre [Jnr] of Great George's Street, Cabinetmaker to Miss. Classon of Montague-street.


1783, 27th November

Death: In Great Britain-street, Mr. Thomas Vizer, Upholder.


1784, 24th January

Death: Mr. T. Todderick of Lime-street, Master Builder.


1784, 20th March

Death: Early on Sunday morning, at his house in 15 Anglesea-street, Thomas Cooley, Architect.


1784, 8th April

Death: In Abbey street, Mr. John Semple Senior, Bricklayer.


1784, 11th May

Marriage: Mr. Daniel Crosby of Pill-lane, Scale-maker and Brazier, to Miss. Wade of Hanover street.


1784, 21st August

Death: The 14th August, at his house at Rathbone place (London) Nathaniel Hone Esq, Royal Academician and member of the Royal Academy of Florence. The above late ingenious artist was a native of Ireland and has left a son (Mr. Horace Hone) equally eminent in the profession who resides in Dublin.


1784, 23rd October

Death: In Marlborough-street, Mr. Thomas Ferdinand Weber, organ-builder and Harpsichord maker who has been for many years considered as the first of his profession in this kingdom.


1784, 26th October

Marriage: Mr. Francis Dunnigan, Watchmaker to his Widow Crothy, both of Fishamble-street.


1784, 30th September

Death: On the Coombe, Mr. North Hardy, Cabinetmaker.


1785, 23rd June

Death: In Whitefriars-street, Cork, Mr. Thomas Williamson, formerly an eminent Goldsmith.


1785, 3rd November

Death: On Essex-bridge, Mr. James Jackson, an eminent Glass Manufacturer.


1786, 7th October

Marriage: Mr. Samuel Dixon, to the agreeable Miss. E. Brady of Ormond-quay.


1786, 21st December

Death: Last Wednesday died, at his house in South George's-street, Mr. Thomas Hawkins, Upholder and Auctioneer.


1786, 26th December

Death: In Liffey-street, Mr. John Byrne, Cabinetmaker.

Death: Mr. Thomas Ivory, Master of the School for Architectural Drawings in the Dublin Society Academy.


1787, 12th April

Death: In William-street, Mr. John Bedford, Watchmaker.


1787, 10th July

Death: In Grafton-street, Mr. [Thomas] Barber, Watchmaker.


1787, 26th July

Death: In Great Britain-street, Mr. George Bell, Cabinetmaker.


1787, 2nd August

Death: In Capel-street, Mr. George Chalmers, late an eminent Watchmaker.


1787, 29th September

Death: In Henry Street, Mr. John Scott, Sculptor.


1787, 6th October

Death: 16 Great George's Street, Mr. Alexander Gordon, an eminent Clockmaker.


1787, 18th October

Death: Tuesday morning in Dame-street, Mr. Henry Whitestone, an eminent Bookseller.


1787, 27th October

Death: Thursday night last after nine o'clock, died at the Viceregal lodge in his majesty's Phoenix Park of a malignant fever, the Earl of Rutland.

Death: On Summer-hill, universally lamented Edward Semple, many years a very eminent and ingenious Architect.


1787, 11th December

Death: Tuesday night, Dorset-street the wife of Mr. John Pursell, Painter.


1788, 1st March

Death: In Great Georges-street, new building, last Saturday Mr. Arthur Fennell an eminent Jeweller.


1788, 17th May

Death: On the North Strand the 13th May, Mr. William Williams an eminent Glass manufacture, who by his superior skill in that business and unworried diligence bought it to perfection in this city. The bottle, flint, plate and window glass manufacture, which four branches no men before was ever able to accomplish.


1788, 4th September

Death: In Exchange-street, Mr. David Jennings, Engraver.


1788, 18th October

Death: In Grafton-street, Mr. Mathew English, Toyman.


1788, 6th December

Death: In Dame-street, Mr. John Sheppard, one of the partners in the house of Sheppard and Robinson, China Merchants.


1789, 3rd January

Death: In Tighe-street, John Peel, Watchmaker.


1789, 16th June

Death: Near Ranelagh Mrs. Jane Dezouche, wife of Mr. Isaac Dezouche, Upholder.


1789, 22nd August

Death: Mr. James Wilson of Belfast an eminent Clockmaker.


1789, 29th August

Death: In Clarendon-street, Mr. James L'Estrange, Cabinetmaker.


1789, 29th October

Death: In Plunket-street, Mr. [John] Griffiths, Cabinetmaker.


1789, 10th December

Death: In Castle-street, Mr. John Osborne, Silversmith.


1790, 3th April

Death: Mrs. Margaret Hodges, wife of John Hodges, of Denmark-street, Architect.


1790, 4th May

Death: In Grafton-street, Mr. James Rainsford, an eminent Gunsmith.


1790, 23rd September

Death: At Limerick, in this 96th year of age, Mr. Richard Watson, Architect.


1790, 16th November

Death: Mr. George Burton of Eustace-street, an eminent Gold-beater.


1791, 19th February

Death: In Crampton-court in the 76 year of her age Mrs. Lake mother of Mr. John Lake, Silversmith.


1791, 16th April

Death: Robert Crow [Jnr] an eminent Auctioneer, in Abbey-street.


1791, 21th April

Death: In College-green, Mr. Sylvester, [an eminent Wax Modeller].


1791, 2nd July

Death: In Trinity-street, Mr. Henry Colquhaun, who was esteemed the best Flute maker in the Kingdom


1791, 7th July

Death: In Cork, Mr. Patrick Murphy, Earthenware-seller.


1791, 13th August

Death: In Camdan-street, Mr. George Potter, Plasterer and Stucco-man.


1791, 15th October

Death: In Fishamble-street, Mr. George Byrne, Engraver and Copper-plate maker.


1791, 22th November

Death: Suddenly in Parliament-street, Mr. Henry Clements, Jeweller.


1793, 25th May

Death: On Ormond-quay, Mr. James Armstrong, Glass Manufacturer.


1793, 17th August

Death: John Connolly, of Ormond-quay, China Merchant.


1793, 28th November

Death: On Monday evening, at the age of 82 at his house in Granby-row, William Deen Esq LLD and Member of the Royal Irish Academy.


1794, 6th May

Death: In Waterford, at the very advanced age of 110, Mr. Samuel Clayton formerly an eminent Silversmith.


1795, 8th September

Death: At Downpatrick, Mr. Byron, Land Surveyor of this city. By the death of Mr. Samuel Byron, the employment of land surveyor to his city of Dublin is become vacant.

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