Hibernian Journal or the Chronicle of Liberty -- 1771-1799

1771, 3rd June

Marriage: Mr. Samuel Paul [Jnr] of Winetavern-street, Cabinetmaker to Miss Anne Harvey of Harristown; Death on Lazer-hill, the wife of Mr. John Steel, Cabinetmaker.


1771, 2nd October

Death: A few day ago in Fishamble-street, Mr. William Ginnis, Carver and Gilder.


1772, 19th June

Death: In Stephen-street, Mr. William Lee, Joiner.


1772, 14th September

Marriage: Mr. James Sullivan, Upholder to Miss Fisher.


1773, 23rd June

Marriage: Mr. [Robert Johnson] Barker, Upholder to Miss Murray of Donnybrook-road.


1773, 6th August

Marriage: A few day ago at Cork Mr. William Harris, Cabinetmaker to Miss Anne Eyers.


1773, 20th January

Death: The wife of Mr. [Jonathan] Fisher, Landscape Painter.


1774, 24th August

Death: At Athy, Mr. John Neville, and eminent Land Surveyor; he was particularly fortunate in his extensive practice, never having an error proved against him in the course of thirty years; His surveys were always decisive and satisfactory to landlord and tenant, he never being partial knowingly or willingly to any man.


1774, 24th October

Marriage: Jonathan Fisher, Limner, of this city [Dublin] to Miss Patty Price.


1774, 12th December

Death: In Nassau-street Mr. [Thomas] Manning [Snr] formerly an eminent Cabinetmaker in College-green, and a late Coal Factor.


1775, 3rd May

Marriage: Mr. William Esdall, Engraver to Miss Levinge, of Cole-alley, Castle-street.


1775, 22nd May

Death: In Barrack-street, Mr. John O'Brien, Watchmaker.


1775, 11th August

Marriage: Mr. Thomas Robinson of Dirty-lane, Cabinetmaker, to the widow Long of Dame-street.


1775, 18th September

Marriage: Mr. Charles Thrope of Cook-street, to Miss Kitty Smith, daughter of Mr. Roger Smith, Upholder of Stephen's-green.


1776, 2nd August

Marriage: Mr. Briggs, Stonecutter to the Widow Boylan of Mary's-lane.

Marriage: Mr. Francis Fitzpatrick of Inn's-quay, Watchmaker, to Miss Shea of Co Wexford.


1776, 7th October

Death: In Pembroke-court, Castle-street, Mr. Laurence Doran, Engraver.


1777, 10th January

Marriage: Mr. John Baldwin of Smock-alley, Cabinetmaker, to Miss Mary Martin of Werburgh-street.


1777, 31st April

Death: In Great Britain-street, Mr. John Halpen, Herald Painter.


1778, 20th April

Marriage: Mr. [James] Daniel, Paper-stainer of Abbey-street to Miss Thompson of the said street, a young lady of distinguished merit, with a large fortune.


1778, 13th July

Marriage: Mr. Richard Wolf of Stand-street, Herald Painter to Miss Isabella Cherry of Smock-alley.


1778, 14th September

Marriage: Mr. Patrick M'Kenna of Capel-street, Watchmaker, to Miss Frances German of Castlebellingham, Co Lowth.


1779, 2nd June

Marriage: A few days ago, Mr. James McCormick of George's-lane, Cabinetmaker, to Miss Maria Hickey of Bridgefoot-street.


1781, 6th July

Death: Last week William Wilkinson, Printseller, in Chequer-lane.


1781, 24th September

Marriage: Mr. George Rencher of Essex-quay to Miss Christian Hawkshaw of Abbey-street.


1782, 16th December

Death: In Parliament-street, Mr. William Partridge, Looking Glass Seller.


1784, 23rd February

Marriage: Mr. John Darlington, Architect, to Miss Hutchinson of Ballycane, Co Wicklow.


1784, 1st March

Marriage: Mr. Charles Aylmer Kelly, Watchmaker, to Miss Priscilla Hutton, daughter of Mr. William Hutton of the Stamp-office.


1784, 28th April

Death: Roger Thompson, late of this city, Woollen Draper.


1784, 17th November

Marriage: Mr. Henry Martin, Silversmith, to Miss Mary Machem of Athlone.


1786, 27th September

Marriage: Mr. George Green, Stonecutter, to the Widow Brown of the North Strand.


1786, 29th September

Death: Last Tuesday night, on the Inn's-quay, Mr. William Foxall [Cabinetmaker] a man who though life supported an unblemished character, which justly endeared him to all his acquaintances.


1787, 8th August

Death: On Tuesday morning, Mr. [Robert] Evans, of Cathedral-lane, and eminent Cabinetmaker.


1788 4th August

Death: In the Four Courts Marshelsea, Thomas Owen Esq, Surveyor and Architects of this city.


1789, 4th February

Death: On Inn's-quay, Mr. Young Martin, Watchmaker.


1789, 14th August

Death: In Sycamore-alley, Mr. [Nicolas] Butler, Copper-plate Printer


1789, 18th November

Death: In Prussia-street, Mr. William Blensop, Stonecutter.


1790, 28th April

Death: In Henry-street, Mr. John Morley, Herald Painter.


1790, 1st December

Death: At Kilala in Co Mayo, Mr Philip Parker, late of Limerick, Watchmaker.


1790, 17th December

Marriage: On Tuesday, Mr. William Osborne, of Great George's-street, Jeweller to Miss Binns, of Dame-street.


1791, 12th October

Marriage: At Limerick, Mr. Laurence O'Hagan, Watchmaker, to Miss Quinn.


1791, 30th December

Marriage: Mr. John Dwyer, Stonecutter, to Miss Law, eldest daughter of late Mr. Arthur Law of Bride-street, Stonecutter.


1793, 19th July

Marriage: Mr. Thomas Saunders, Optician and Mathematical Instruments Maker, to Miss Fitzgibbons of Youghal.

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