Public Gazetteer -- 1758-1773

1758, 10th October

Married: Mr [Henry] Strong, Carver, to the widow Mrs. Jones of George's-lane.


1760, 8th April

Marriage: On April the 7th Mr. John Lockhart, of Cole-alley, Goldsmith, to Miss Catherine Read, of Castle-street, Milliner; an accomplished young lady, with a handsome fortune.


1760, 6th May

Death: Suddenly the son of Mr. Long, Cabinetmaker.


1761, 10th February

Death: In Essex-street, universally lamented, Mr. Robert Ashley, and eminent Cutler, of and unblemished character.


1761, 24th February

Death: At Harold Cross, of a lingering illness, Mrs. Mary Hearn, the wife of Mr. Christopher Hearn, and eminent Cabinetmaker in Fishamble-street.


1761, 31st April

Death: In George's-lane, the wife of Mr. John M'Allister, Cabinetmaker.


1761, 14th April

Death: In Longford-street, Mr. William Caddell, formerly an eminent painter.


1761, 16th June

Death: June 14th at Kinnegad, suddenly Mr. Fitzsimmons, Herald Painter.


1762, 16th March

Death: In Cole-alley, Castle-street, Mr. Robert Glanville, Goldsmith.


1763, 16th April

Marriage: Mr. Richard Sisson, Portrait Painter to Miss Smith of Williams-street.


1763, 6th September

Death: On Hog-hill, Andrew Miller, Print Seller.


1763, 25th October

Death: In Cork Mr. Nicholas Lee an eminent Look Glass Maker.


1766, 1st April

Death: On Lazer-hill. Master John Carver, son of Robert Carver, and eminent Landscape Painter.


1766, 31st June

Marriage: Marsden Warren, Gent, to Miss Lilly, daughter of Alexander Lilly, of the Blind-quay, Jeweller; a very amicable and accomplished young lady, with a fortune of 2000l.


1766 25th October

Marriage: Mr. Thomas Manning [Jnr?], and eminent Cabinetmaker in Park-street, to the agreeable Miss Cockerane of Abbey-street.


1767, 17th March

Marriage: Mr. Isaac Bull [Jnr], an eminent Watchmaker in Chancery-lane, to Miss Rebecca Brown, daughter of Joseph Brown of Strabane, Esq.


1767, 24th March

Marriage: Mr. Charles Lemaistre, an eminent Cabinetmaker of Great George's-street, to Miss. Seltridge of Stephen's-street.


1767, 4th April

Death: In William-street, Mr. Richard Sisson, Portrait Painter.


1767, 17th June

Death: Anthony Lee, Portrait Painter in his house in Stephen-green.


1767, 25th August

Marriage: Mr. James [or John] Johnson, Cabinetmaker of College-green, to Miss. Faulkner of Parliament-street.


1768, 16th February

Marriage: Mr. Richard D'Olier, and eminent Goldsmith in Dame-street to the truly amiable Miss Ogle of Clarendon-street.


1768, 23rd February

Death: On Essex-quay, deservedly lamented for her many good qualities, Mr. Anne Fawcett, Optician, relict of the late John Fawcett, Optician; the business will be carried on by her son and nephew John Fawcett.


1768, 14th April

Marriage: Mr. Pat M'William, and eminent architect to Miss Ann Henry.


1768 7th May

Death: Last week on Batchelor's-walk Mr. Nicholas Butler, Upholder.


1768, 30th August

Death: In Phoenix-street, Mr. [Thomas] Amphlet, Cabinetmaker


1768, 23rd August

Death: In Kilkenny, the wife of Mr. [Richard] Colles, Watchmaker.


1768, 30th September

Marriage: Last week in Cork, Mr. William Daniel, Watchmaker, to Miss Elinor Livery.


1768, 17th September

Marriage: Mr. Philip Glasco Jnr of Christchurch-yard, Watchmaker, to the agreeable Miss Teresa Plunkett of Church-street.


1768, 13th December

Death: in Winetavern-street the wife of Mr. Sparrow, Cabinet-maker.


1769, 29th May

Death: Near Ratheny, James White formally an eminent China Merchant in Fishamble-street.


1769, 23rd May

Death: Mr. William Meager, of Essex-street, Watchmaker.


1769, 4th July

Death: In Cork, Mr. Richard Barret Jun, Cabinetmaker.


1770, 6th January

Death: A few days since, at Ringsend Mr. Martin Kirkpatrick, formerly and eminent Watchmaker in Dame-street.


1770, 10th March

Marriage: Mr. Dunn, Cabinetmaker, to the agreeable Miss Lynch of Duke-street.


1770, 13th March

Death: At Abbeyvale, William Colles, Esq; one of the Aldermen of the City of Kilkenny, proprietor and inventor of the marble mills.


1770 24th November

Married: Mr. Connelius Callaghan of Britain-street, Glazier to Miss Berwick of Marlborough-street.


1771, 19th March

Death: At Perrytown, Co Dublin, Mr George Kindt, formerly of Abbey-street Cabinetmaker.


1771, 27th April

Death: In Winetavern-street, the widow Devereux, Trunk-maker.


1771, 26th October

Death: In Church-street, Mr. James Pickering, Watchmaker.


1771, 19th November

Death: On the Coombe, Mr. James Freeman, Brazier.


1771, 24th December

Death: At Temple-bar. Mr. William King, Mathematical Instrument Maker.


1773, 26th January

Marriage: Mr. George Walker and eminent Watchmaker in Great George's-street, to the amiable Miss Davis of Murphytown, Co. Dublin.


1773, 29th July

Marriage: Mr. [John] Preston, Upholder, to Miss. Willis, both of Bride-street.


1773, 9th September

Marriage: At Drogheda, Mr. [William?] Gibson, Paper Stamper, to Miss Taylor of Trim.


1773, 9th November

Marriage: Mr. Cullen, Watchmaker of Fishamble-street to the most agreeable Miss. Sarah Atkinson of Charles-street.


1773, 30th December

Marriage: Mr. Tobias Lea, Cabinetmaker in William-street, to Miss Gold of Grafton-street.

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