Public Journal -- 1770-1773

1771, 25th September

Marriage: Mr. Walter Robinson, Miniature Painter to Miss Bently of Stephen-street.


1772, 13th April

Death: On the Lower Ormond-quay, Mr. Nicholas Higly, an eminent Upholder.


1772, 28th August

BIRTH: The wife of Mr. John Young, of Charles-street, Cabinetmaker, was falsely delivered of three boys, who with the mother are likely to do well.


1772, 21st October

Death: A few day ago, the wife of Mr. Edward Kelly, and eminent Herald Painter.


1773, 11th January

Death: In Stafford-street, John Ryan, formerly an eminent Cabinetmaker and Auctioneer.


1773, 8th March

Death: In Dame-street, Mr. Philip Brew, an eminent Watchmaker.


1773, 20th September

Marriage: Mr. Thomas Burnell, Stuccoman to the Window Messink, of Anne-street.

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