Pue's Occurrences or Impartial Occurrence -- 1703-1770

1736, 18th May

Death: On Tuesday last, died Mr. John Sterne (only son of Mr. John Stern, Jeweller, on Ormond-quay.) His death was occasioned by a fall from his horse on the Strand.


1737, 9th July

Death: Same day [Sunday] one Mr. Moorehead, a Painter, was killed by a fall from his horse in Naas.


1741, 14th July

Death: Tuesday night a Stonecutter [Mr. Sheehan?] in Marlbrough-street being in a violent fever, got out of bed and jumped out of the window two stories high, but received little hurt, went as far as the old-bridge, where he was stopped by the watchman and brought home, but died two hours after.


1741 18th August

Death: Last week Mr. Thomas Williamson, who kept a toyshop on Cork-hill, was unfortunately killed by a fall from his horse in England.


1741, 28th December

Death: Same day died Martin Billings a very eminent Jeweller.


1741, 22nd December

Death: Wednesday night on McCormick, a maker of stamp paper, was taken out of the Liffey at Aston-quay, greatly wounded in the head, and died immediately, it is said he was in the company of one Hunter, and being in liquor they both fell into the river together, but the latter escaped by swimming.


1743, 29th April

Death: Yesterday morning died suddenly in his shop in Dame-street, Mr. Lambert, a Clockmaker.


1751, 27th April

Death: Friday night last died Mrs. Clinch, wife of Mr. John Clinch an eminent Toyman in Christchurch-yard.


1752, 16th May

Death: Same night died [Friday] Mr. [John] Molyneux, an eminent Ironmonger in Essex-street and man of a fair character.


1752, 7th July

Marriage: Sunday last Mr. Christopher Hearn, Cabinetmaker was married to Miss. Polly Gibbons, niece of Mr. Edwin Thomas, Cabinetmaker on Blind-quay; a most agreeable young lady, with all the accomplishments requisite to make the marriage state truly happy, and a large fortune.


1752, 30th October

Death: Same day died [Saturday] Mr. John Clifton, an eminent Goldsmith in Skinner-row, a man of fair character.


1753, 10th April

Death: Sunday last died Mr. Robert Perry, Cabinetmaker in George's-lane, a man of very good character.


1754, 5th November

Marriage: Last Week Mr. [John] Taylor, Goldsmith, was married to Miss. Alice Grayes of Abbey-street, a very agreeable young lady with a handsome fortune.


1754, 12th November

Marriage: Same night [Thursday] Mr. Jacob Meares, Carver, was married to Miss Elizabeth Wilkinson of Kilmainham, a young lady possessed of every qualification than can make the marriage state quite agreeable and a handsome fortune.


1755, 11th February

Death: Same day died [Tuesday] Mr. Matthew French and eminent Ironmonger in the High-street, and a man of very good character.


1755, 15th March

Marriage: Thursday night last Mr. James Sheil and eminent Carpenter in Phrapper-lane was married to Miss. Mary Craig, Daughter of Mr. Robert Craig of Arthurstown in the County of Lowth, a most agreeable and accomplished young lady with a large fortune.


1755, 18th October

Marriage: Last Week Mr. Daniel Savill, Watchmaker in Christchurch-yard to Miss. Margaret Hutchinson of Drumcondra-lane.


1755, 20th December

Death: On the 22nd in Golden-lane, Mr. [Charles] Kilby, Joiner and Sexton of St Bridget's Church.


1756, 27th May

Death: On the 29th Mr. Benjamin Black, Gilder, in Fishamble-street.


1758, 7th March

Death: In Castle-street Mr. Isaac Wolfe, a Jew Gold and Silver Wire Drawer.


1759, 27th March

Marriage: Mr. Michael Walsh, Goldsmith in Christchurch-yard, to Miss Cramiborough of Kilkenny.


1759, 28th May

Death: In Skinner-row, Mr. Nicholas Lemaistre, Watchmaker.


1759, 19th May

Death: In Leinster-street, suddenly of a violent fit of vomiting, Mr. Charles Coleman, formerly an eminent Upholsterer in this city, but having acquired a handsome fortune with a very fine character, had retired from business for some years past.


1759, 29th June

Death: At his lodging on Milltown-road, Matthias Browne, and eminent Goldsmith in Skinner-row.


1761, 7th February

Marriage: Mr. Thomas Curren, of Martin's-lane, Carver, to Miss Mary Kelly of Liffey-street.


1761, 17th February

Death: In Mary-street, Mr. Charles Eades Snr, Carver.


1761, 6th October

Marriage: Mr. John Harris, Goldsmith in Castle-street, to Miss Dennam of Mary's-lane, a very agreeable young lady with and handsome fortune.


1761, 21st November

Marriage: November 21 Mr. John Banfield Jnr, and eminent Brazier in Back-lane, to Miss. Rebecca O'Niele, daughter of the late Revt. Felix O'Niele of the country of Wicklow, a lady of great merit, with a large fortune


1761, 1st December

Death: On the Merchant-quay, Mr. Thomas Remington, Joiner.


1762, 27th March

Death: In Back-lane, Mrs. Downes, wife of Mr. Downes, Joiner.


1762, 30th April

Death: On Temple-bar, Mr. [James] Kent, Paper-Stamper.


1762, 26th June

Death: In World End-lane, Mrs. Rourke, wife of Mr. Rourke, Cabinetmaker.


1763, 9th April

Marriage: Mr. Alexander Stewart, Watchmaker, in Christchurch-yard to Miss Elinor Matthews.


1763, 2nd July

Marriage: Last week Mr. James Fulton, Jeweller, to Miss Gordon, daughter of the late Mr. Gordon, of Fishamble-street, and agreeable young lady with a handsome fortune.

Death: In Bride's-alley, Mr. Abraham Fearnes, Joiner.


1763, 27th August

Marriage: Mr. Thomas Silcock, and eminent printseller in Skinner-row, to Miss. Christian of London, with a handsome fortune.


1763, 3rd September

Death: Yesterday in Skinner-row, Miss. Mary Hanbury, widow of the late Mr. Michael Hanbury, Copper-plate Printer.


1763, 1st October

Death: In Hoey's-court, Mr. William Williamson, Gilder, at his late house in Dame-street,


1764, 9th October

Marriage: Mr. John Hicks of Goat-alley, Cabinetmaker to Miss Reed of Little Cuff-street.


1764, 3rd November

Marriage: Mr. James Richey, Cabinetmaker, to Miss Elizabeth Curry of Nicholas-gate.


1765, 23rd July

Marriage: At Cork, Mr. Edward Haddock, Cabinetmaker, to Miss Loach.


1765, 31st September

Marriage: Mr. Peter Gaynor, Upholder in Great Britain-street, to Miss Murtagh of said street.


1766, 27th January

Marriage: Mr. George Martin in Grafton-street, Watchmaker to Miss Ann Ford in Dawson-street.


1767, 27th January

Death: In Castle-street, aged 76, Mr. Ephriam Servant, Joiner.


1767 7th February

Death: At Limerick, Mr. John Robinson, Silversmith.


1767, 27th June

Marriage: Last week Mr. James Haggerty of Cork, Clockmaker to Miss Ann Medley of Bandon.


1767, 22nd December

Death: In Sligo, George Gibson, Land Surveyor.


1768, 9th February

Marriage: Mr. Andrew Brennan of Mary-street, Stonecutter to the widow Green of Capel-street.


1768, 10th May

Death: In Aungier-street, Mr. [John] Fenlan, Upholder.


1768, 14th June

Death: At Cork, Mr. John Mahony, Upholder.


1770, 30th February

Death: In Nicholas-street, Mr. Thomas Foxall, Joiner a man of fair character.


1770, 5th May

Death: In Bride-alley, Mr. Joseph Frens, Joiner.

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