Public Register -- 1763-1794


1764, 28th March

Death: In Back-lane, Mr. James Ponty, Brazier.


1764, 27th March

Death: In Camber-street, Mr. Smith, Portrait Painter.


1765, 15th January

Marriage: Mr. James Davis, an eminent Upholder, to Miss Anne Digby of Little Butter-lane.


1765, 23rd February

Marriage: Mr. John Barrington of Limerick, Cabinetmaker to Miss Hewetson, daughter of Mr. Sep Hewetson of Buskey.


1765, 13th April

Marriage: A few days ago, Mr. Henry Gonne, Carver, to Miss Catherine Kirkpatrick, of Abbey-street.


1765 17th December

Death: At Stephen's-green, Mr. Daniel Ranalow, Carver.


1766, 10th June

Marriage: Mr. Michael Cormick of Parliament-street, Jeweller to Miss Anne Bean of Cow-lane.


1766, 15th July

Marriage: Mr. Christopher Hearn, an eminent Cabinetmaker in Fishamble-street to Miss Batterby of Stephen's-street.


1766, 26th August

Marriage: A few days ago, Mr. Pat Fenlan of Aungier-street, Upholder, to Miss. Mary Troy of Smithfield.


1767, 27th January

Death: In Bride-alley the Wife of Mr. Samuel Edwards, Chairmaker.


1767, 7th February

Marriage: Mr. Theobald Dalton, Carver, to Miss. Anne Cosgrave of Church-lane.


1767, 4th July

Marriage: Mr. [Peter] Butterton, Upholder, in George's-lane to Miss O'Brien of Dawson-street.


1768, 14th June

Death: At Cork, Mr Mahon, Upholder.


1768, 12th July

Marriage: Mr. James Finn, an eminent Cabinetmaker in Bolton-street, to Miss Ann Martin of Corn-market.


1769, 21st February

Marriage: Mr. Charles Townsend of Fishamble-street, Goldsmith to Miss Webber of Laketea Country of Wicklow.


1769, 15th July

Marriage: Mr. Bernard Russell [Jnr] of George's-lane, Cabinetmaker to Miss Foot of College-green.


1770, 27th January

Death: In Fleet-street, the wife of Mr. [Patrick] Cunningham, Statuary.


1770, 24th March

Death: In Goat-alley, Mr. Murphy, Carver and Gilder.


1770, 28th July

Marriage: Mr Joseph Doyle of Abbey-street, Glazier, to Miss Barbara Dogherty of Rathmines-road.


1771, 5th February

Marriage: Mr. Joseph Torney of Essex-street, Watchmaker, to the Widow Flinn of Portarlington.


1771, 28th May

Marriage: Mr. Joseph Miller of Fleet-street, Cabinetmaker to Miss Mart Hamilton of Arran-street.


1772, 16th July

Marriage: A Cork Mr. John Mahony, Upholder, to Miss Cull.


1773, 9th September

Marriage: At Drogheda, Mr. Thomas Gibson, Paper Stamper, to Miss Catherine Taylor of Trim.


1774, 19th November

Marriage: A few days ago, Mr Charles Smyth of this city, Cabinetmaker, to Miss Elizabeth Walsh, daughter of Thomas Walsh of Kilane, near Edenderry, King's Country.


1774, 10th December

Marriage: A few day ago Mr. John Trotter, Stafford-street, an eminent Portrait Painter, to Miss Hunter a young lady of whose extraordinary excellence in that profession is the smallest accomplishment.


1774, 27th December

Marriage: James Maxwell of College-green, Upholsterer, to Miss Mary Hempsworth, of Queen-street.


1775, 4th July

Marriage: Mr. Edward Grant, Carver to the widow Mrs. Robinson, both of Copper-alley.


1776, 23rd July

Marriage: A few day ago, Mr. John Henzell [Cabinetmaker?], of Little-green, to Miss Mary Hudson, daughter of Rev Doctor Hudson of Kill, Kildare.


1778, 20 January

Death: Mr. Kelson, Miniature Painter in Dame-street.


1778, 24th March

Death: Suddenly yesterday, at his house in Addey-street, Mr. James Robinson, an eminent plate glassseller, carver and gilder, and a very respectable citizen.


1778, 26th March

Marriage: A few days ago Mr. William Moore of Grafton-street, Stonecutter, to the widow Bryan of Palace-street.


1778, 8th October

Marriage: A few day ago, Mr. Murray of Abbey-street, Clockmaker, to the widow Sheridan of said Street.


1778, 26th December

Marriage: Mr [Samuel] Spoule, an eminent Architect, to the relict of the late Mr. George Fay, of Ballybough-bridge.


1779, 13th February

Marriage: Mr. William Allen, Printseller, to Miss. Lydia Allen of Bride-street.


1779, 17th July

Marriage: Mr. [Thomas] Glasco of Christchurch-lane, Watchmaker, to Miss Hynes of Ormond-quay.


1779, 21st August

Marriage: In Cork Mr. Kean Mahony, Watchmaker, to Miss Holmes.


1779, 11th September

Marriage: Mr. William Moore, Cabinetmaker, to Miss Mary Palmer of Nenagh.


1779, 11th December

Death: In Fishamble-street, Mr. Joseph Nosseda, Statuary.


1781, 30th December

Marriage: Mr. Thomas Jameson, Engraver to Miss Mary Carroll, both of Sycamore-alley.


1782, 21st March

Death: Mr. John Caldbeck, formerly of the City of Limerick, Silversmith.


1782, 17th August

Marriage: Mr. John Keen, Jeweller, of College-green, to Miss Rebecca Edmonson of Limerick.


1782, 11th January

Marriage: In Dublin, Mr. William Read of Dame-street to the amenable Miss Cranfield, daughter of Richard Cranfield of Church-lane.


1784, 21st October

Death: In Cork suddenly, Mr. George West, Upholder.


1785, 1st February

Death: In Cummin's-court, Mr. William Lemaistre, Watch Case-maker.


1785, 30th August

Death: In Skinner-row, Mr. Charles Townsend, Goldsmith.


1785, 10th September

Marriage: Mr. John Davis, of South Great George's-street, Upholder and Cabinetmaker, to the agreeable Miss Jones of the Country of Wicklow.


1785, 24th November

Death: In Marlborough-street, Mr. Joseph Graves [Upholder].


1786, 9th September

Death: At Belfast, Mrs Blackwell, wife of Mr. Blackwell, Cabinetmaker.


1792, 22nd March

Death: At Waterford Mr. William Kiles, Watchmaker.


1792, 14th April

Marriage: Mr. J Raper of Lower Exchange-street, Glass Merchant and Glazier, to Miss Heany, Daughter of Mr. John Heany of Ormond-quay, Pewterer and Brazier.


1794, 24th May

Marriage: Mr. Michael Boylan, of Grafton-street, to Miss Byrne of New-row, Thomas-street.


1794, 2nd October

Marriage: Mr. W. Brown, Cabinetmaker, of Drogheda, to Miss Alicia Ladley of Kell.

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