Saunder's News-Letter and Daily Advertiser -- 1773-1799

1774, 21st February

Death: Mr. Thomas Nichols, late of Skinner's-row, Ivory Turner; a young man of fair character.


1774, 19th August

Death: In Abbey-street, the wife of Mr. Cosgrave, Cabinetmaker.


1775, 17th April

Death: At Essex-bridge, Mr. Joseph Bibby, and eminent Looking Glass Seller.


1775, 28th June

Death: In Golden-lane, Mr. John Barber, and eminent Cabinetmaker.


1775, 10th July

Marriage: Mr. [Elms] Healy, Upholder, to Miss. Whitestone. And Mr. Power, of Dame-street, Jeweller, to Miss. Mary Kellet, of Christ-street.


1775, 29th December

Death: On Essex-quay, Mr. Francis Burnett, Goldsmith.


1775, 1st December

Death: In Capel-street, Mr. John Gunston, and eminent Upholsterer.


1776, 28th January

Marriage: A few days ago, at Kilkenny, Mr. Richard Colles, Watchmaker to Miss. Mary Cole.


1776, 22nd January

Marriage: In King-street Oxmantown, Mr. John Power, Cabinetmaker, to Miss Margaret Bell of Phrapper-lane.


1776, 9th February

Marriage: Mr. John Daniel, of Dame-street, Jeweller to Miss. Clarke of Grafton-street.


1776, 15th April

Marriage: Mr. Arthur Nevill, Land Surveyor, to Miss Jane Tool of Wicklow.


1776, 7th October

Death: In Clarendon-street, Mr. Arthur Ringwood, Painter: A young man of an exceeding good character.


1777, 22nd January

Marriage: At Waterford, Mr. Richard Rea, Cabinetmaker, to Miss. Ivie, of the same place.


1777, 6th October

Death: In Booter-lane, Mr. Joseph Davis, Engraver.


1778, 25th April

Marriage: Mr. Robert Flemming, Carver and Gilder, of Summer-hill to Miss. Murphy of the country of Leitrim.


1778, 13th July

Marriage: Mr. Thomas Wolf of Stand-street, Herald Painter, to Miss Isabella Oberry of Smock-alley.


1779, 20th May

Death: On Merchant-quay, the wife of Mr. Arthur Holland, Cabinetmaker.


1779, 19th July

Marriage: Mr. [Thomas] Glasco, of Christchurch-lane, Watchmaker, to Miss Hynes of Ormond-quay.


1779, 5th August

Death: In Moore-street, Mr. Christopher Harvey, Watchmaker.


1779, 6th November

Marriage: In Galway, Mr. John Philips, Mathematician and Land Surveyor, to Mrs. Madden of Eyrecourt.


1779, 3rd February

Marriage: Mr. William Waldron, Ornament Painter to the Academy, to Miss Alicia Cross.


1780, 18th February

Death: In Capel-street, the wife of Mr. [William] Hincks, Portrait Painter.


1780, 14th March

Death: In Pill-lane, Mr. Thomas Oldham, Limner.


1782, 20th June

Death: At his house in Fowne's-street, Mr. James Vidouze, and eminent Jeweller and Goldsmith; a man who many amiable qualities endeared him to numerous acquaintances.


1783, 24th July

Marriage: Mr. Gilbert Bigger of Stephen-street, to Miss Elizabeth Walsh, daughter of Mr. Stephen Walsh, of Clarke-street, Jeweller.


1784, 1st April

Death: At Milltown, Mr. Phillips, Jnr, and ingenious artist, much lamented.


1785, 8th June

Marriage: Mr. James Bergen, Upholder of Draper's-court, to Miss Hugo in the Queen's County.


1785, 3rd November

Marriage: Mr. Henry Woods, Stone Carver, to the widow Nugent both of the North Strand.


1786, 26th September

Marriage: Mr. George Green, Stonecutter, to the widow Brown of the North Strand.


1786, 26th December

Death: In Abbey-street, the wife of Mr. [Patrick] Boe, and eminent stonecutter.


1787, 10th March

Marriage: Mr. Matthew Bunbury, of Christchurch-street, Watchmaker, to Miss. Anne Alley of Patrick-street.


1787, 4th October

Death: In Great George's-street, Mr. Alexander Gordon, Watchmaker.


1789, 3rd January

Marriage: Mr. Lestrange, of Abbey-street Watchmaker to Miss. Harrison of Mary-street.


1789, 14th January

Death: Peter De Gree. Yesterday, at his lodgings in Dame-street, a native of Antwerp, and an inimitable painter in chiaroscuro. In his art he stood unrivalled, yet that pre-eminence was the least to be admired in him. Even thought and act his life were influenced by the most just and acute sense of moral and religious observation; and his social virtues, like satisfaction, won the esteem and love of those who knew him. All good men are concerned in his death, society is deprived of a most amiable member, and the arts sustained an irreplaceable loss.


1791, 23rd December

Death: Mr. [Robert] Carver, the celebrated scene painter at Covent Garden Theatre, died about a week since; he was a native of Dublin, and one among the many able artists who issued from the school of old West, father of the present master of our Dublin Academy. He has been absent from this country a number of years; The scenery which he painted for the representation of Dryden's Prince Arthur in Barry's time, is still remembered; among the various revolutions of theatre, we are informed, it was shipped to London, and still forms a respectable part of the dramatic property of Covent Garden Theatre.


1793, 20th August

Marriage: At Limerick, Mr. John Kennedy, Pro-Collectors of that port, to Miss Hickey daughter to the late Mr. Michael Hickey of John's-street, Cabinetmaker.


1795, 29th January

Death: in Crow-street, after a lingering illness Samuel Guinness Esq, formerly an eminent trader of this city.


1795, 4th February

Death: At Cork, Mr. [Mathew] Bagnell, Watchmaker.


1795, 6th March

Death: In Gordon's-lane, Ranelagh-road, Mr. William Esdall, Engraver, a man of fair character and universally lamented by a numerous and respectably acquainted.


1799, 13th September

Death: On Wednesday suddenly Mr. [Thomas] Myler, of Suffolk-street, Glass Seller.

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