Universal Advertiser -- 1753-1760

1753, 13th January

Death: Mr. Dance, Brazier in Castle-street.


1753, 3rd February

Marriage: Mr. Mark Fielding, [Herald] Painter, in Aungier-street was married to Miss. Walker of the county of Wicklow, with a fortune of 400l.


1753, 24th February

Death: Benjamin Fuller, Paper Stamper in Little Ship-street.


1753, 10th February

Death: On Wednesday 7th John Partridge, Carver, in Copper-alley.


1753, 13th February

Death: On Saturday 10th Mr. Joseph Taafe [Snr], Goldsmith [and Watchmaker], in Skinner-row.


1753, 31st March

Death: On the 26th the only son of Mr. [Daniel?] Onge, Silversmith, in Skinner-row


1753, 10th April

Death: On the 7th of April Mrs. Wynne, the wife of John Wynne, Watchmaker, in Great Britain-street.


1753, 23rd July

Death: On the 21st of June on Lazer's-hill, Mr. George Medlicott, Upholster.


1753, 24th July

Marriage: On the 21st at Will-brook, Mr. Thomas Brundell, an eminent Watchmaker on Essex-bridge, to Miss Lydia Thomas, a near relation to Mr. Edwin Thomas on the Blind-quay, with a fortune of 500l.


1753, 4th August

Marriage: On the 31st July Mr. William Furley, Carver, to Miss. Ann Young of King-street [And] on 2nd of August Mr. Samuel Guinness of Sycamore-alley, Gold-beater, to Miss Polly Jagoe of Cork-hill.


1753, 22nd September

Death: On the 19th Mrs. Owen Cassidy the wife of Mr. Owen Cassidy, Goldsmith, of Derby-square.


1754, 31st January

Death: On the 30th in a very advanced age, Mr. [John] Gibson, formerly an eminent teacher of mathematics, and father of Mr. Robert Gibson, Mathematician.


1754, 12th February

Death: Mr. [Richard] Carver, senior, painter, finding himself suddenly taken ill as he was walking on College-green, entered into a house and instantly expired.


1754, 20th April

Marriage: April 19th Mr. John Houghton [Snr], son of Henry Houghton of Golden-lane, Carver, to Miss Polly Brock of Fownes-street.

Death: On the 28th In Kevin-street, Mr. Charles Burbank, Painter.


1754, 4th June

Death: the 1st June in Fownes-street, Mr. John Letablere, Goldsmith.


1754, 23rd July

Marriage: 20th July Mr. Thomas Whelan, Joiner to Miss Jane Concannon of Backlane.


1754, 21st August

Death: On the 17th in Werburgh-street, Mrs. Elizabeth Marsh, the wife of Mr. Aaron Marsh, Upholder.


1754, 29th October

Marriage: Last week, Mr. White, Cabinetmaker, to Miss. Elizabeth Clark of Drumcondra-lane.


1754, 23rd November

Death: On the 20th Mrs. Blundell, the wife of Mr. Ralph Blundell, Watchmaker near Essex-bridge.


1754, 24th December

Death: On the 22nd Mr. James Sheal, Look Glassgrinder.


1754, 28th December

Marriage: 20th December - Mr. [Thomas] Walker, Goldsmith in Hoey-court to Miss. Hamilton, of the country of Meath.

Marriage: 21st Deceber - Mr. [William] Hannah Upholder to, Miss. Sarah Chapman of Nicholas-street.


1754, 31st December

Death: 27th in Charles-street, Mr. William Bright, dealer in earthenware.


1755, 7th January

Death: On the 5th Mr. Joseph Wilson, Truckmaker, in Winehaven-street.


1755, 22nd February

Death: On the 18th on the Blind-quay, the wife of Mr. [William] Partridge, Carver.


1755, 25th March

Death: On the 23rd Mr. Robert Dunlop, Upholder in Molesworth-fields.


1755, 12th April

Death: On the 9th in Crane-lane, Mr. John Farrell, Glazier and Printseller.


1755, 7th October

Marriage: Last week, Mr. Coote Rice, Jeweller, to Miss Elizabeth Bell, in Nicholas-street.


1755, 21st October

Marriage: Mr. Daniel Savill of Christchurch-yard, Watchmaker, to Miss Margaret Hutchinson of King-street.


1755, 25th October

Death: In an advanced age, on the Ormond-quay, Mr. John Stern, formerly and eminent Jeweller.


1755, 22nd November

Death: In College-green, Mr. [Nathaniel] Whinnery, Stonecutter.


1755, 20th December

Death: In Marlbrough-street, Mr. Patrick Sheehan, Stonecutter.


1756, 17th January

Marriage: January 12th Mr. George Ranelo, of George's-lane, Carver to Miss. Olivia Perry, of College-green.


1756, 20th March

Death: On the 16th In Stephen-street, Mr. Thomas Nowlan, Cabinetmaker.


1756, 1st May

Death: On the 28th in Fishamble-street, Mr. Benjamin Black, Watch Gilder.


1757, 3rd May

Death: On Hoghill, Mr. James Reilly, Picture Frame Carver and Gilder.


1757, 4th June

Marriage: William Gibson, Cabinetmaker to Miss Curry of Nicholas-street.

Death: In Essex-quay, Robert Leland, Looking Glass Grinder.


1757, 26th July

Death: On Cork-hill, Mr. West, an eminent Goldsmith and Jeweller.


1758, 10th October

Death: In Bridge-street, Mr. Mills, Goldsmith.


1759, 2nd January

Death: On the 2nd January at his house in Skinner-row, Mr. Charles Darragh, and eminent Goldsmith and Jeweller


1759, 20th February

Death: On the 23rd at his house in College-green, Mr. John Rowlet, and eminent glazier.


1759, 24th March

Death: On March 25th at his house in Dame-street, Mr. Joseph Tudor, and eminent Landscape Painter.


1759, 8th May

Death: On May 5th at Kilkenny, the wife of William Reily, Goldsmith and Jeweller in that city.


1759, 10th July

Marriage: John Moore the Younger of Christ Church-lane, Goldsmith, to Miss Mary Ann Moore of Finrichin, County Waterford.


1759, 1st September

Marriage: August 25th at St Nicholas's Church, Cork, Mr. Wm Knapp, Watchmaker, to Miss Cudmore of Batchelors-quay


1759, 10th November

Marriage: On the 11th Mr. Thomas Parsons, of Skinner-row, Goldsmith, to the relict of Mr. John Taylor, late of Arbour-hill.


1760, 9th February

Death: Feb 8th in Cole-alley, Castle-street, Mr. John Dunn, Jeweller.


1760, 1st March

Marriage: On March 1st Mr. John Booker of Essex-bridge, to Miss Ann Beasley of Cabregh-street.


1760, 29th May

Death: In Skinner-row, Mr. Thomas Parsons, Goldsmith.

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