Volunteers Journal -- 1783-1786

1784, 2nd February

Death: In Cork, Mr Cadwell, Cabinetmaker.


1784, 5th May

Marriage: Mr. William Norris, Carver and Gilder to Miss. Ann Dunn of Fishamble-street.


1784, 27th December

Death: In Dorset-street, Mr. John Clare, Herald Painter.


1785, 12th January

Death: In Charles-street, Mr. George Young, Cabinetmaker.


1786, 17th February

Death: In Great George's-street, Mr. [Thomas] Barber, an eminent Upholsterer.

Death: At his his house in Eccles-street, Mr. John Reilly, Watchmaker.


1786, 17th May

Marriage: Peter Bayly of Jervis-street Esq to Miss Lydia Barber of South Great George's-street.

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