Irish News - 15 September 1898

Partial transcription


Ballycastle, Wednesday.

These sessions were continued to-day. Mr H C Cullinan, B.L., With Mr Boal solicitor, Ballymena, as registrar, sat in the Ballycastle Courthouse, and took up the revision of the voters lists for the district.Mr J.B. Hamilton (of Messrs.Greer & Hamilton, solicitors, Ballymoney) was present on behalf of the Unionists, and Mr J Boyle (of the firm of Messrs. P. & J. Boyle, Ballymoney) watched the Nationalist interests. Messrs. Charles M'Caughan, clerk of the Ballycastle Union, with rate-collectors Black, Donnelly, Buick, and Johnstone, were also in attendance.

The Nationalists were successful in placing the following on the voters lists from Armoy polling district:- John Dornan, Balleney; Daniel Laverty, Armoy; John Loughran, Canowlaverty(?); Patrick M'Arthur, Cronagh; James M'Bride, Turveagh; Daniel M'Cloy, Breene; Wm. M'Garry, Balleney; Rose Devlin, Breene; Margaret M'Toal, Cromagh; Ellen O'Neill, Esson; and Ellen Sampson, Armoy.

Patrick Black claimed for his vote in Anne Street, Ballycastle. Claim admitted.
Alex Boyd, Castle Street, Ballycastle, claimed by the Unionists. Admitted.
Cornelius Boyle, objected to by the Unionists. The vote was allowed.
John Browne, Anne Street, Ballycastle, was claimed by the Nationalists. Claim allowed.
Francis Butler was claimed by the Nationalists. After lengthened legal argument claim disallowed.
Daniel Christy was claimed by the Nationalists. Admitted.
C.M. Greer, objected to by the Unionists. Allowed.
Hugh Mitchell was claimed by the Unionists for a house in Mill Street, Ballycastle. Allowed.
Hugh M'Bride was claimed by the Nationalists from a house in Carnsampson to Mill Street, Ballycastle. Allowed.
John M'Bride, Craignee, was claimed by the Nationalists, and the claim was allowed.
Wm. M'Caughan was claimed by the Unionists. Allowed.
Samuel M'Causland, claimed by the Nationalists. Admitted.
Wm. J. M'Garty was claimed by the Nationalists at Ballycastle. Not allowed.
Arthur M'Cloy, claimed by the Unionists. He had a freehold property at Ballycastle. No objection by the Nationalists.
Daniel M'Cormick, of Anne Street, Ballycastle, claimed by the Nationalists. Allowed.
The revision will be continued.

Very Rev. John Conway, P.P., V.F., Ballycastle; Very Rev. Patrick Convery, P.P., V.F, Cushendall; Rev. Father Murphy, Armoy; and Rev. Father M'Aleese were present during the day. The contest was very stiff, and the Nationalists succeeded in strengthening their position on the register.


Yesterday the revision of the Parliamentary voters lists for the Ballygawley polling district concluded in the Courthouse here. The work lasted four days from the 9th to 13th inst. The Nationalists claim to have made a gain of about thirty, and the Unionists admit having lost considerably from last years register. Large numbers on each side were dis-franchised for the non-payment of the poor rates. Mr. Thomas Chalmers Drury, B.L., was the Receiving Barrister, and Mr. R. Chambers, Crown and Peace Office, Omagh, was Registrar. The Nationalists were represented by Mr William Early, solicitor, Ballygawley (assisted by Messrs. John Donnelly, registration agent, Ballygawley, and Thomas Mooney, Killeshill). The Unionists had Mr. E.V. Hamilton, solicitor, Aughnacloy (assisted by Rev. Thomas Adderley, Killeshill); Messrs Wm. Carson, junr. and George Rainey). The poor-law officials present were Messrs. Thomas Turner, clerk of Clogher Union; Mark Patterson, rate collector, do.; and George H. Marshall, do, Dungannon Union.


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Irish News - 17 September 1898

Partial transcription



The revision was continued in the County Courthouse yesterday.
So far the representatives of the Catholic Association have been eminently successful in their work.

In Dock Ward East 77 Unionist claims objected to by the Catholic Association have been disallowed, and in addition to this excellent work a large number of Unionist claims standing for self will ultimately be disallowed.
Of their claims in this registration unit the Catholic Association have sustained 107 in the ordinary list and 43 in the womens supplement.
A large number of the objections lodged against Unionists on the long list have been sustained, and a good many more which have been allowed to stand for self will probably go the same way.

The following are the Catholic and Nationalist claims sustained in Dock Ward (East): Cavanagh, John, 144 Duncairn Street.
Murray, David, 5 Garmoyle Street.
Lynch, Charles, 7a Garmoyle Street.
Mohan, Michael, 7c Pilot Street.
Gillespie, George, 4 Pilot Place.
Woods, Andrew, 5 Short Street.
Kerr, John, 4 M'Kellars Court.
Doran, Robert, 2 Nelson Court.
M'Kee, John, 22 Little Corporation Street.
O'Hara, James, 107a Little York Street.
M'Cartan, Henry, J, 82 Little York Street.
Craig, John, 1 Little York Street Court.
Owens, Peter, 14 Earl Lane.
M'Donald, James, 22 Earl Lane.
M'Adorey, John, 67 Trafalgar Street.
O'Neill, Daniel, 5 Mullins Place.
Fox, Patrick, 6 Mullins Place.
Gough, Michael, 52 North Thomas Street.
Cullen, Thomas, 4 Dock Lane.
Gribben, James, 59 Fleet Street.
O'Neill, Hugh, 50 Fleet Street.
Tomlinson, Samuel, 56 Fleet Street.
M'Gannon, James, 62 Fleet Street.
Hill, James, 5 Ship Street.
Christian, John, jr., 25 Ship Street.
Christian John, 27 Ship Street.
M'Anally, James, 13 Columbus Street.
Larkin, William J., 8 Columbus Street.
Fairy, James, 14 Columbus Street.
George, Thomas, 42 Little Georges Street.
Campbell, John, 54 Little Georges Street.
Magee, Hugh, 8 Wensley Street.
M'Grath, Thomas, 21 North Hill Street.
Connolly, John, 27 North Hill Street.
M'Cafferty, Henry, 29 North Hill Street.
M'Greevy, Patrick, 51 M'Cleery Street.
M'Gee, Patrick, 35 M'Cleery Street.
Mooney, Patrick, 37 M'Cleery Street.
Lawless, John, 52 M'Cleery Street.
Earls, Thomas, 59 M'Cleery Street.
Prunty, James, 4 M'Cleery Street.
Neeson, John, 8 M'Cleery Street.
Rosewarren, Charles, 28 M'Cleery Street.
Dougherty, James, 44 M'Cleery Street.
Murray, James, 66 M'Cleery Street.
M'Grath, Joseph, 10 Moffat Street.
Kelly, William, 12 Moffat Street.
M'Clean, John, 30 Moffat Street.
Robinson, Thomas, 83 Sussex Street.
Adair, Robert, 87 Sussex Street.
Connolly, Patrick, 91 Sussex Street.
Best, James, 95 Sussex Street.
Timney, Thomas, 55 Sussex Street.
Benson, Bernard, 57 Sussex Street.
Magee, Michael, 81 Sussex Street.
Pyper, William, 18 Sussex Street.
M'Stalker, Denis, 55 Grove Street.
Fearon, Bernard, 50 Grove Street.
M'Kibbin, Thomas, 70 Grove Street.
Murphy, Arthur, 139 North Queen Street.
Brolly, Hugh, 147 North Queen Street.
Murphy, Daniel, 171 North Queen Street.
Liddy, George, 179 North Queen Street.
O'hara, James, 67 New Lodge Road.
M'Ilroy, Patrick, 89 New Lodge Road.
Hill, John, 91 New Lodge Road.
M'Closkey, John, 93 New Lodge Road.
Campbell, Daniel, 101 New Lodge Road.
Macklin, Hugh, 107 New Lodge Road.
M'Laughlin, Michael, 226 Duncairn Gardens.
King, Martin, 37 Spamount Street.
Pettigrew, Andrew, 163 Spamount Street.
Mooney, Wm. James, 104 Spamount Street.
Collins, John, 110 Spamount Street.
Stewart, James, 128 Spamount Street.
Trainor, Bernard, 206 Spamount Street.
M'Ilvenny, Hugh, 137 Upper Meadow Street.
M'Gurk, John, 155 Upper Meadow Street.
M'Cann, Joseph, 182 Upper Meadow Street.
Torpy, Michael, 198 Upper Meadow Street.
Rowan, James, 55 Hillman Street.
Murray, Daniel, 267 Hillman Street.
M'Quillan, Hugh, 307 Hillman Street.
Duffin, Richard, 114 Hillman Street.
Kelly, William, 117 Stratheden Street.
Walsh, Patrick, 64 Stratheden Street.
Loughran(?), John, 104 Stratheden Street.
M'Carthy, Daniel, 3 Humes Court.
M'Kenna, Owen, 4 Humes Court.
M'Kinley, Owen, 9 Gardiners Court.
M'Hugh, Patrick, 1 New Lodge Place.
M'Manus, John, 1 Mooneys Court.
Cosgrove, James, 2 Mooneys Court.
M'Keown, Patrick, 3 Mooneys Court.
O'Neill, John, 13 Hardinge Street.
Gallagher, James, 57 Hardinge Street.
Hughes, Patrick, 97 Hardinge Street.
M'Manus, Patrick, 99 Hardinge Street.
Hill, Joseph, upper part, 30 Hardinge Street.
Duncan, John, upper part, 44 Hardinge Street.
O'Hallaran, Patk., 52 upper part Hardinge Street.
Molloy, John, 66 upper part Hardinge Street.
Grinley(?), John, 68 upper part Hardinge Street.
Griffen, Robert, 74 upper part Hardinge Street.
M'Laughlin, Patk., 76 upper part Hardinge Street.
Dogherty, 78 upper part Hardinge Street.
Liddy, Hugh, 86 upper part Hardinge Street.
M'Cartney, Caroline, 86 Corporation Street.
M'Clarion(?), Bridget, 65a Great Georges Street.
Quinn, Catherine, 98 Henry Street.
Magill, Mary, 120 Henry Street.
Devlin, Ann, lower part 4 Mullins Place.
Dobbin, Esemmia(?), 122 Earl Street.
Lowry, Mary Ann, 14 North Thomas Street.
M'Grath, Mary, 3 Ship Street.
O'Neill, Ann, 39 Union Place North.
Milligan, Martha, 45 Union Place North.
Boyle, Agnes, 9 Columbus Street.
M'Anally, Margaret, 56 Little Georges Street.
M'Clean, Mary, 1 M'Cleery Street.
Finnamore, Ann, 17 M'Cleery Street.
Cunning, Lizzie, 30 M'Cleery Street.
Mooney, Agnes, 62 M'Cleery Street.
Curry, Ellen, 9 Moffat Street.
M'Grath, 10 Moffat Street.
Sweeney, Margaret, 73 Sussex Street.
M'Grogan, Margaret, 75 Sussex Street.
Kummeth, Fanny, 85 Sussex Street.
M'Cann, Catherine, upper part 91 Sussex Street.
Smith, Lizzie, 93 Sussex Street.
M'Kay, Bridget, 37 Meadow Street.
M'Grogan, Jane, 155 North Queen Street.
Curtis, Catherine, 32 North Queen Street.
O'Dwyer, Bridget, 171 New Lodge Road.
Hancock, Ethel, 167(?) Spamount Street.
Burns, Maggie, 187 Spamount Street.
Hefferon, Agnes, 154 Spamount Street.
Delahunty, Mary Ann, 184 Spamount Street.
Hamill, Annie, 92 Upper Meadow Street.
Morgan, Catherine, 104 Upper Meadow Street.
M'Carthy, Rose, 219 Hillman Street.
Bradley, Catherine, 219 Hillman Street.
Reid, Anne, 220 Hillman Street.
Jordan, Catherine, 23 Stratheden Street.
Lynch, Susan, 14 Stratheden Street.
M'Coy, Catherine, 106 Stratheden Street.
M'Kinlay, Maria, 7 Gardiners Court.
Shanks, Susan, 39 New Lodge Road.
Holmes, Bridget, 87 Hardinge Street.
Smith, Margaret, 46 Hardinge Street.


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Irish News - 19 September 1898

Partial transcription



DOCK WARD EAST: [this should be Dock Ward North]
The Belfast Revision Courts resumed their sittings on Saturday. Below is given a further list of the successful Nationalist claimants in the Dock Ward East:-
John Whyte, 54 North Queen Street.
Hugh Dougan, 74 North Queen Street.
James O'Kane, 100 North Queen Street.
Edward M'Mahon, 9 Artillery Street.
Daniel M'Loughlin, 16 Artillery Street.
James Horan, 12 Artillery Street.
Patrick Donnelly, 50 Artillery Street.
Charles MGarry, 52 Artillery Street.
James M'Auley, 68 Artillery Street.
Robert Storey, 90 Artillery Street.
Michael Rogan, 22 New Lodge Road.
Michael Toughill, 28 New Lodge Road.
George Anderson, 122 New Lodge Road.
James Kearney, 1 Bruslee Street.
John Tumelsy(?), 7 Bruslee Street.
Hugh O'Neill, 8 Carntall Street.
Patrick Blakley, 8 Carnmoney Street.
William M'Keever, 20 Carnmoney Street.
James Nugent, 11 Pinkerton Street.
Dominic M'Kernan, 46 Pinkerton Street.
William Kelly, 24 Pinkerton Street.
Richard Murray, 9 Lepper Street.
Henry Magee, 80 Lepper Street.
John M'Garry, 84 Lepper Street.
John Dempster, 86 Lepper Street.
John Darby(?), 14 Upper Lepper Street.
James M'Lester(?), 9 Arlington Street.
Christopher Smyth, 14 Arlington Street.
Francis M'Kenna, 18 Arlington street.
James Devlin, 24 Arlington Street.
Patrick M'Anally, 6 Burlington Street.
Ambrose Hardy, 19 Hartwell Street.
William H Henry, 6 Singleton Street.
William Graham, 23 Donore Street.
Hugh Diamond, 30 Dawson Street.
Thomas Gibson, 10 Marion Street.
Edward M Caffrey(?), 9 Ashton Street.
Thomas J M'Cann, 22 Hallidays Road.
Mary A. Stewart, 10 Carnmoney Street.
Elizabeth Mason, 59 Lepper Street.
Ann Gribbon, 58 Lepper Street.
Margaret Rooney, 80 Lepper Street.
Mary Phelan, 80 Lepper Street.
Mary M'Cullough, 86 Lepper Street.
Ellen Bateson, 10 Upper Lepper Street.
Margaret Savage, 27 Burlington Street.
Annie Larmour, 1 Shandon Street.
Lizzie Robinson, 11 Donore Street.
Annie O'Hara, 45 Annadale Street.
Catherine Carolan, 3 Donore Place.
Agnes Boyd, 9 Carntall Street.
Margaret Moloney, 14 Carntall Street.
Mary O'Neill, 6 North Queen Street. Place.

The majority of the objections lodged on behalf of the Nationalists were sustained.


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Irish News - 20 September 1898

Partial transcription



The business of the Revision Courts was resumed yesterday in the County Courthouse, Crumlin Road.
The Catholic Association, in behalf of the Catholic and Nationalist inhabitants, was represented by Mr P.J. Magee, solicitor, and Mr Patrick Doran, inspector. We append a list of the successful Nationalist claimants in the Falls Ward:-

Lavery, Arthur P, 126 Falls Road.

Kelly, Thomas, 21 Bombay Street.
Quinn, John, 36 Waterville Street.
Mooney, Bella, 22 Dunlewey Street.
Barker, Susan, 57 Dunmore Street.
M'Cullough, Daniel, 255 Grosvenor Street.
Lavery, Ralph, 11 Grosvenor Street.
Fenton, Hugh, 21 Grosvenor Place.
M'Cafferty, Thomas, 23 Grosvenor Place.
Magee, Patrick, 35 Grosvenor Place.
Liddell, James, 37 Grosvenor Place.
M'Anally, James, 36 Grosvenor Place.
Maguire, John, 128 Falls Road.
Gallagher, Patrick, 154 Falls Road.
Toner, John, 6 Leeson Street.
Cassidy, John, 10 Leeson Street.
M'Kenna, Francis, 30 Leeson Street.
Green, Henry, 70 Leeson Street.
Clinton, James, 86 Leeson Street.
Mulholland, Henry, 102 Leeson Street.
Finnegan, Patrick, 140 Leeson Street.
White, Willliam, 156 Leeson Street.
Rogan, Patrick, 158 Leeson Street.
Rogan, Owen, 162 Leeson Street.
Dobbin, John, 178 Leeson Street.
O'Brien, John, 180 Leeson Street.
M'Alinden, Patrick, 182 Leeson Street.
Donnelly, John, 200 Leeson Street.
Connolly, Francis, 206 Leeson Street.
M'Grath, James, 208 Leeson Street.
Anderson, William, 210 Leeson Street.
M'Guinness, James, 15 Leeson Street.
Agnew, William John, 35 Leeson Street.
Kearney, John, 75 Leeson Street.
Quinn, John, 95 Leeson Street.
Denvir, Henry, 1 Cyprus Street.
M'Hugh, Laurence, 25 Cyprus Street.
M'Cann, Felix, 29 Cyprus Street.
Hughes, Francis, 39 Cyprus Street.
M'Kenna, Philip, 49 Cyprus Street.
M'Intosh, James, 59 Cyprus Street.
Rock, Richard, 69 Cyprus Street.
Boyle, Joseph, 85 Cyprus Street.
Butler, James, 99 Cyprus Street.
M'Loughlin, James, 103 Cyprus Street.
Nolan, Michael, 107 Cyprus Street.
Barlow, Francis, 14 Cyprus Street.
M'Menamy, Francis, 17 Cairns Street.
M'Curdy, Loughlin, 6 Cairns Street.
Dougan, William, 31 Getty Street.
Massey, James, 30 Getty Street.
O'Halloran, Michael, 7 Abercorn Street North.
M'Gowan, Thomas, 33 Abercorn Street North.
Martin, William, 18 Abercorn Street North.
Hughes, John, 28 Abercorn Street North.
Thompson, Hugh, 29 Lincoln Street.
M'Laughlin, John, 25 Lincoln Street.
Hopkins, Martin, 41 Lincoln Street.
Hilland, John, 59 Lincoln Street.
M'Cauley, Patrick, 75 Lincoln Street.
M'Brearty, Joseph, 77 Lincoln Street.
M'Manus, James, 38 Lincoln Street.
Tully, John, 40 Lincoln Street.
Lavery, Hugh, 42 Lincoln Street.
Kane, Edward, 44 Lincoln Street.
Tierney, John, 52 Lincoln Street.
Johnston, Abraham, 64 Lincoln Street.
Morrison, Thomas, 70 Lincoln Street.
M'Kenna, Patrick, 72 Lincoln Street.
Maguire, Joseph, 5 Abyssinia Street.
Lenaghan, James, 47 Abyssinia Street.
Maguire, Patrick. J, 2 Abyssinia Street.
M'Mullan, Matthew, 20 Abyssinia Street.
M'Ilvenny, James,26 Abyssinia Street.
Early, George, 28 Abyssinia Street.
Gavin, Edward, 30 Abyssinia Street.
Mullalley, William, 44 Abyssinia Street.
Connell, William, 58 Abyssinia Street.
Moreland, Samuel, 74 Abyssinia Street.
Murphy, Francis, 5 Theodore Street.
Jennings, Patrick, 37 Theodore Street.
Nugent, James, 39 Theodore Street.
Magee, Henry, 57 Theodore Street.
Hagan, Patrick. J, 2 Theodore Street.
M'Fadden, Edward, 8 Theodore Street.
Watson, Patrick, 10 Theodore Street.
Lennon, Edward J., 26 Theodore Street.
Nash, Edward, 52 Theodore Street.
Farnan, Joseph, 10 Merrion Street.
Rice, Thomas, 16 Merrion Street.
M'Bride, Owen, 26 Merrion Street.
M'Goldrick, Frederick, 32 Merrion Street.
Mallon, Abel, 13 Merrion Street.
Carr, William, 13 Ward Street.
Donnelly, Thomas, 17 Ward Street.
Price, James, 19 Clonard Street Lower.
Connolly, James, 22 Clonard Street Lower.
Magill, Thomas, 24 Clonard Street Lower.
Rafferty, James, 90 Clonard Street Lower.
Gorman, Phillip, 96 Clonard Street Lower.
Mallon, Patrick, 9 Spinner Street.
Hamill, David, 20 Spinner Street.
Cully, Patrick, 9 Gibson.
M'Curry, Edward, 13 Gibson Street.
Smith, John, 15 Gibson Street.
Gallagher, William James, 17 Gibson Street.
Curry, William, 23 Gibson Street.
Teggart, John, 25 Gibson Street.
M'Avoy, Patrick, 27 Gibson Street.
Fitzpatrick, Thomas, 33 Gibson Street.
Graham, Joseph, 39 Gibson Street.
M'Greevy, John, 2 Gibson Street.
Magee, Patrick, 10 Gibson Street.
Foster, John, 20 Gibson Street.
M'Cafferty, James, 30 Gibson Street.
Quinn, Michael, 36 Gibson Street.
Lennon, James, 52 Gibson Street.
Lacey, James, 2 Dunville Street.
Carbary(?), Daniel, 46 Dunville Street.
M'Avoy, Henry, 100 Albert Street.
O'Neill, Mathew, 26 Omar Street.
Toner, John, 7 Balaclava Street.
Kearney, James, 29 and 31 Balaclava Street.
Flood, James, 35 Blaclava Street.
Craig, John, 32 Balaclava Street.
Hamill, Edward, 6 Milliken Street.
Smith, Thomas, 23 Milliken Street.
M'Closkey, John, 4 Milliken Street.
Short, Terence, 10 Milliken Street.
Reilly, Patrick, 11 Panton Street.
Kearney, Patrick, 18 Panton Street.
M'Grath, Thomas, 69 Ross Street.
Hall, Patrick, 75 Ross Street.
Bradley, Patrick, 85 Ross Street.
Hale, Joseph, 156 Ross Street.
Carson, Joseph, 168 Ross Street.
Kane, Patrick, 54 Ross Street.
Gribben, Arthur, 60 Ross Street.
Muldoon, Felix, 72 Ross Street.
M'Givern, John, 90 Ross Street.
M'Cann, Philip, 148 Ross Street.
Dalzel(?), Charles, 8 Inkerman Street.
Shevlin, Owen, 1 Inkerman Street.
M'Brinn(?), Richard, 9 Cape Street.
M'Cann, Owen, 3 Garnet Street.
Hughes, Patrick, 2 Garnet Street.
Horner, Joseph, 24 Garnet Street.
M'Alinden, William, 28 Garnet Street.
Byrne, Hugh, 36 Garnet Street.
Gregory, Daniel, 7 Frere Street.
Campbell, Arthur, 11 Balkan Street.
M'Kay(?), John, 29 Balkan Street.
M'Cusker, Francis, 61 Balkan Street.
Carr, Joseph, 49 Balkan Street.
Finlay, Robert, 51 Balkan Street.
M'Laughlin, Hugh, 79 Balkan Street.
M'Kenna, James, 81 Balkan Street.
Burns, William, 87 Balkan Street.
Ralph, Edward, 99 Balkan Street.
Maguire, John, 107 Balkan Street.
Murphy, Francis, 109 Balkan Street.
Magee, James, 111 Balkan Street.
Dane(?), Robert, 8 Balkan Street.
Ward, Robert, 14 Balkan Street.
Heaney, Daniel, 36 Balkan Street.
Dorrian, William, 58 Balkan Street.
M'Mullan, Henry, 84 Balkan Street.
Morgan, Samuel, 90 Balkan Street.
Cassidy, Peter, 94 Balkan Street.
M'Guigan, Arthur, 100 Balkan Street.
M'Gurk, John, 102 Balkan Street.
M'Evoy, Nicholas, 17 Plevna Street.
Corr, John, 61 Plevna Street.
Teer, James, 65 Plevna Street.
Wright, Robert, 67 Plevna Street.
M'Cluskey, John, 69 Plevna Street.
M'Kenna, William J.,71 Plevna Street.
Phillips, Thomas, 79 Plevna Street.
Campbell, James, 81 Plevna Street.
Rafferty, Joseph, 18(?) Plevna Street.
Fox, Patrick, 58 Plevna Street.
Reavy, John, 72 Plevna Street.
Blake, George, 86 Plevna Street.
Quinn, Thomas, 96 Plevna Street.
M'Creave, Henry, 13 Sultan Street.
Brady, Josephine, 15 Sultan Street.
Monaghan, James, 17 Sultan Street.
M'Glade, James, 19 Sultan Street.
Murray, William, 21 Sultan Street.
Woods, James, 21 Sultan Street.
M'Gurk, Mary Jane, 39 Sultan Street.
M'Curry, William, 53 Sultan Street.
Rawe, John, 73 Sultan Street.
Hamill, Laurence, 18 Sultan Street.
Murray, Michael, 24 Sultan Street.
Matier, Robert, 26 Sultan Street.
M'Glone, Michael, 28 Sultan Street.
Fitzpatrick, Philip, 54 Sultan Street.
Mayes, John, 56 Sultan Street.
Molloy, James, 82 Sultan Street.
O'Neill, John, 5 Varna Street.
Quinn, Michael, 33 Varna Street.
M'Menamy, Samuel, 35 Varna Street.
Connolly, James, 37 Varna Street.
Duffy, John, 8 Varna Street.
M'Gurk, John, 16 Varna Street.
M'Veigh, Thomas, 20 Varna Street.
M'Donnell, James, 4 Servia Street.
M'Crudden, Robert, 22 Servia Street.
Kearney, Joseph, 48 Servia Street.
Woods, John, 56 Servia Street.
Donaghy, Patrick, 66 Servia Street.
Brown, James, 74 Servia Street.
Canavan, Bernard, 98 Servia Street.
M'Areavey, Daniel, 104 Servia Street.
Toner, James, 27 Servia Street.
Brown, Joseph, 59 Servia Street.
Murray, Charles, 61 Servia Street.
Falloon, Samuel, 67 Servia Street.
Holman, Neil, 67 Servia Street.
M'Ateer, Bernard, 10 Osman Street.
M'Gahey, William, 23 Osman Street.
Burns, Michael, 77 Cullingtree Road.
Monaghan, John, 83 Cullingtree Road.
Petticrew, John, 117 Cullingtree Road.
M'Quade, William, 134 Cullingtree Road.
Murphy, John, 12 Murdock Street.
O'Connor, Anthony, 9 Elizabeth Street.
O'Connor, Arthur, 59 Devonshire Street.
Mallon, James, 8 Devonshire Street.
O'Hare, Owen, 37 MDonnell Street.
O'Hara, William, 26(?) MDonnell Street.
Magee, Robert, 48 MDonnell Street.
Matthews, Thomas, 50 MDonnell Street.
Ward, Joseph, 54 MDonnell Street.
Maguire, Michael, 82 MDonnell Street.
Murray, John, 7 Lady Street.
M'Quade, William, 23 Lady Street.
Pearse, James, 25 Lady Street.
O'Donnell, James, 57 Lady Street.
Holmes, Edward, 16 Lady Street.
Burns, John, 38 Lady Street.
Hillock, Patrick, 1 Marchioness Street.
M'Guigan, James, 9 Marchioness Street.
M'Keown, Patrick, 11 Marchioness Street.
Carlisle, James, 15 Marchioness Street.
Durkin, Daniel, 29 Marchioness Street.
Madden, James, 39 Marchioness Street.
M'Aleer, John, 41 Marchioness Street.
M'Keown, Michael, 45 Marchioness Street.
Russell, Daniel, 4 Marchioness Street.
O'Neill, John, 6 Marchioness Street.
Hughes, William J., 20 Marchioness Street.
Black, Thomas, 24 Marchioness Street.
Loughran, John, 30 Marchioness Street.
Magee, Hugh, 32 Marchioness Street.
Campbell, Patrick, 34 Marchioness Street.
M'Donnell, Patrick, 34 Marchioness Street.
Reilly, Joseph, 7 Ton Street.
Hamilton, David, 17 Ton Street.
Gavin, Edward, 43 Ton Street.
Carson, Robert, 49 Ton Street.
M'Keever, Charles, 2 Ton Street.
Fitzpatrick, Philip, 8 Ton Street.
M'Auley, Charles, 14 Ton Street.
O'Hara, Michael, 24 Ton Street.
Hagans, Thomas, 32 Ton Street.
Mallaghan, Patrick, 42 Ton Street.
Farrell, Joseph, 46 Ton Street.
O'Brien, Hugh, 40 Ton Street.
M'Anally, Francis, 117 Falls Road.
M'Callister, John, 153 Falls Road.
Stewart, John, 22 Conway Street.
M'Goldrick, William, 68(?) Conway Street.
Creaney, William, 72 Conway Street.
Walsh, John, 15 Norfolk Street.
Lyons, Denis, 27 Norfolk Street.
Rafferty Owen, 47 Norfolk Street.
M'Garvey, Thomas, 49 Norfolk Street.
Conere(?), James, 53 Norfolk Street.
Gilmore, Andrew, 57 Norfolk Street.
Magee, John, 59 Norfolk Street.
Carr, John, 18 Norfolk Street.
Burke, Patrick, 44 Norfolk Street.
M'Gookin, John, 76 Norfolk Street.
M'Donnell, Edward, 98 Cupar Street.
M'Guigan, Francis, 232 Cupar Street.
Hanna, Francis, 256 Cupar Street.
Henry, James, 6 Wilton Street.
Cassidy, Arthur, 1 Cawnpore Street.
Smith, James, 3 Cawnpore Street.
Smee, James, 7 Cawnpore Street.
Downey, Edward, 11 Cawnpore Street.
Magee, Patrick, 17 Cawnpore Street.
Gribbon, Peter, 30 Cawnpore Street.
M'Guinn, Patrick, 36 Cawnpore Street.
Connolly, Felix, 38 Cawnpore Street.
Smith, John, 42 Cawnpore Street.
M'Clean, Patrick, 44 Cawnpore Street.
Kennedy, James, 52 Cawnpore Street.
Ralph, Thomas, 80(?) Cawnpore Street.
Reid, William, 2 Cawnpore Street.
Boyle, Edward, 4 Cawnpore Street.
Heaney, John, 6 Cawnpore Street.
Rosbotham, Michael, 10 Cawnpore Street.
Casey, Patk.J., 14 Caawnpore Street.
Gaffikin, John, 20 Cawnpore Street.
Mullan, Patrick, 22 Cawnpore Street.
Sweeney, John, 2 Sevastapol Street.
M'Clean, James, 6 Sevastapol Street.
Hilland, George, 10 Sevastapol Street.
Fitzsimmons, John, 22 Odessa Street.
M'Aleese, Francis, 24 Odessa Street.
Heaney, James, 56 (57) Clonard Street.
Monaghan, Patrick, 82 Clonard Street.
Graham, James, 84 Clonard Street.
Collins, James, 88 Clonard Street.
Heaney, James, 1 Clonard Street.
M'Ilroy, Richard, 15 Clonard Street.
Mullan, Patrick, 42 Clonard Street.
Hagan, William, 42 Clonard Street.
Hughes, James, 60 Clonard Street.
Baxter, John, 62 Clonard Street.
M'Dowell, David, 64 Clonard Street.
O'Hare, Charles, 76 Clonard Street.
Dempsey, Patrick, 1 Bombay Street.
Mulholland, James, Bombay Street.
M'Parland, Hugh, 19 Bombay Street.
Mahaffey, Patrick, 23 Bombay Street.
O'Neill, Henry, 15 Bombay Street.
M'Mahon, Patrick, 36 Linden Street.
Cullen, John, 40 Linden Street.
Richards,James, 5 ONeill Street.
Coulter, Hugh, 6 Waterford Street.
O'Brien, Michael, 17 Waterford Street.
Fitzpatrick, Thomas, 19 Waterford Street.
Connor, Patrick, 21 Waterford Street.
Kelly, James, 48 Malcolmson Street.
M'Gurk, Peter, 10 Malcolmson Street.
Sheals, John, 14 Malcolmson Street.
Wylie, James, 22 Malcolmson Street.
Morrisson, David, 22 Malcolmson Street.
Sullivan Thomas, 24 Malcolmson Street.
M'Shane, John, 36 Malcolmson Street.
Donaldson, George, 38 Malcolmson Street.
M'Areavey, John, 40 Malcolmson Street.
M'Coy, William, 9 Springview Street.
O'Neill, Joseph, 27 Springview Street.
Murphy, Thomas, 18 Springview Street.
Agnew, Thomas, 6 Springview Street.
Kerr, Bernard, 14(?) Springview Street.
Teggart, Michael, 16 Springview Street.
Scott, Thomas, 41 Colligan Street.
M'Alinden, Joseph, 3 and 5 Colligan Street.
Campbell, Thomas, 10 Colligan Street.
Wightman, Patrick, 5 Theresa Street.
M'Kenna, John, 12 Theresa Street.
O'Neill, John, 17 MQuillan Street.
Burns, Thomas, 7 Cavendish Street.
Egan, Thomas, 11 Cavendish Street.
Bradley, James. J., 32 Cavendish Street.
Murphy, Charles, 48 Cavendish Street.
Hurl, Bernard, 13 Cavendish Street.
O'Hare, Felix, 15 Cavendish Street.
Sadlier, Richard, 21 Cavendish Street.
Coulter, Willian, 5 Shiel Street.
Mulligan, Thomas, 15 Shiel Street.
Cullen, Daniel, 11 Brighton Street.
Hagan, William, 4 Dairy Street.
M'Fall, Alexader, 6 Dairy Street.
M'Curley, John, 23 Springfield Road.
Smyth, James, 41 Springfield Road.
George, John, 51 Springfield Road.
M'Kenna, Ann, 55(?) Springfield Road.
Montgomery, William, 76 Springfield Road.
M'Shane(?), John, 84 Springfield Road.
Heany, James, 1 Dunmore Street.
M'Cann, John, 3 Dunmore Street.
Collins, George, 9 Dunmore Street.
Tracey, Henry, 11 Dunmore Street.
Farrell, James, 13 Dunmore Street.
Corigan, William. J., 15 Dunmore Street.
Tracey, Christopher, 17 Dunmore Street.
Mallon, Patrick, 19 Dunmore Street.
M'Cartan(?), Daniel(?), 27 Dunmore Street.
M'Murray, Thomas, 4 Dunmore Street.
Martin, Hugh, 8 Dunmore Street.
Graham, John, 14 Dunmore Street.
O'Toole, James, 16 Dunmore Street.
Maher, Patrick, 22 Dunmore Street.
M'Anulty, John, 24 Dunmore Street.
M'Anulty, Henry, 26 Dunmore Street.
Magee, James, 36 Dunmore Street.
Rooney, Arthur, 46 Dunmore Street.
Quinn, Edward, 50 Dunmore Street.
Wainwright, Joseph, 52 Dunmore Street.
Gibson, John, 58 Dunmore Street.
Lawlor, John, 60 Dunmore Street.
Smyth, John, 62 Dunmore Street.
George, James, 64 Dunmore Street.
Malone, Michael, 66 Dunmore Street.
Taylor, Thomas, 68 Dunmore Street.
Kerr, William, 70 Dunmore Street.
M'Keever, Bernard, 33 Dunmore Street.
Teggart, Henry, 35 Dunmore Street.
Graham, Patrick, 37 Dunmore Street.
Gilmore, James, 39 Dunmore Street.
Grimley, Matthew, 43 Dunmore Street.
Furphy, Patrick, 47 Dunmore Street.
M'Coy(?), Robert, 53 Dunmore Street.
M'Grogan, William, 55 Dunmore Street.
Lenaghan, Patrick, 59 Dunmore Street.
M'Courtney, Michael, 61 Dunmore Street.
Payne, George, 1 Waterville Street.
Laverty, Francis, 3 Waterville Street.
Madden, William, 5 Waterville Street.
Gorman, William, 11 Waterville Street.
Mooney, James, 13 Waterville Street.
Kelly, Michael, 15 Waterville Street.
Catney, James, 19 Waterville Street.
Corrigan, George A., 21 Waterville Street.
Magaharan, Own, 23 Waterville Street.
M'Geough Patrick, 27 Waterville Street.
Durkin, James, 2 Waterville Street.
Weldon, James, 6 Waterville Street.
Hart, John, 8 Waterville Street.
Wright, Thomas, 16 Waterville Street.
M'Gowan, James, 20 Waterville Street.
M'Allister, Daniel, 26 Waterville Street.
M'Ardle, Henry, 30 Waterville Street.
Davey, John, 32 Waterville Street.
Byrne, Joseph, 34 Waterville Street.
Quinn, John, 36 Waterville Street.
O'Hanlon, Patrick, 1 Kashmir Road.
O'Brien, Patrick, 3 Kashmir Road.
Farren, Arthur, 9 Kashmir Road.
MIlroy, Patrick, 13 Kashmir Road.
Mason, Edward, 15 Kashmir Road.
M'Garry, Daniel, 27 Kashmir Road.
M'Quiston, Matthew, 2 Kashmir Road.
O'Hagan, Owen, 8 Kashmir Road.
M'Ardle, Henry, 14 Kashmir Road.
M'Sorely, Edward, 24 Kashmir Road.
Doran, Patrick, 6 Benares Street.
Duffy, Michael, 12 Benares Street.
M'Ilroy, Patrick, 16 Benares Street.
M'Ilorin(?), Hugh, 24 Benares Street.
Loughlin(?), Bernard, 28 Benares Street.
Dolan, James, 1 Lucknow Street.
Curran, Michael, 3 Lucknow Street.
M'Larnon, Bernard, 5 Lucknow Street.
M'Mullan, Francis, 9 Lucknow Street.
M'Menamin, Bernard, 11 Lucknow Street.
Murphy, Thomas, 15 Lucknow Street.
Mulholland, Patrick, 23 Lucknow Street.
Murphy, Timothy, 35 Lucknow Street.
M'Kee, John, 2 Lucknow Street.
Boal, James, 19 Elliotts Row.
M'Cabe, Patrick, 2 Elliotts Row.
Kelly, John, 14 Elliotts Row.
Connolly, James, 20 Elliotts Row.
M'Farlane, Thomas, 26 Elliotts Row.
Kelly, Thomas, 3 Bantry Street.
Donnelly, Alfred, 15 Bantry Street.
Burns, Edward, 23 Bantry Street.
Smith, John, 4 Bantry Street.
Hinds, Henry, 8 Bantry Street.
Fulton, Allan J., 20 Bantry Street.
George, William, 22 Bantry Street.
M'Creely, Henry, 10 Lucknow Street.
M'Corry, Henry, 14 Lucknow Street.
Downey, Richard, 24 Lucknow Street.
Brady, Hugh B., 14 Crocus Street.
Wylie, James, 18 Crocus Street.
Power, Wm. 32 Crocus Street.
Kavanagh, Michael, 29 Crocus Street.
Fitzpatrick, James, 1 Iris Street.
Murphy, Bernard, 3 Iris Street.
O'Hara, Henry, 2 Springfield Avenue.
Neeson, Bernard, 4 Springfield Avenue.
Monaghan, James, 18 or 15(?) Springfield Avenue
Webb, John, 17 Springfield Road.
Mulholland, Michael, 14 Elliotts Row.
M'Garvey, James, 5 Elliotts Row.
Conlon, Wm. 11 Elliotts Row.
Donnelly, Joseph, 13 Elliotts Row.
Farren, John, 15 Elliotts Row.
Flynn, James, 24 Bantry Street.
Welsh, James, 1 Tralee Street.
Ryan, Patrick, 3 Tralee Street.
M'Peake, Edward, 9 Tralee Street.
Lester, Daniel, 11 Tralee Street.
M'Anulty, Michael, 15 Tralee Street.
Carson, Robert, 2 Tralee Street.
Graham, Patrick, 12 Tralee Street.
Carlin, William, 14 Tralee Street.
Curran, Joseph, 18 Tralee Street.
M'Caughey, Owen, 20 Tralee Street.
M'Mahon, James, 22 Tralee Street.
Wylie, William, 24 Tralee Street.
Lennon, Francis, 26 Tralee Street.
M'Nally, John, 28 Tralee Street.
Blackham(?), William J., 3 Oranmore Street.
Loughran, Owen, 5 Oranmore Street.
Mulligan, James, 7 Oranmore Street.
Henry, Patrick, 9 Oranmore Street.
Flannigan, Bernard, 11 Oranmore Street.
M'Kenna, John, 17 Oranmore Street.
M'Cauley, Joseph, 19 Oranmore Street.
Kelly, Michael, 21 Oranmore Street.
M'Kinley, John, 23 Oranmore Street.
Madden, Thomas, 25 Oranmore Street.
O'Connor, Patrick, 27 Oranmore Street.
Hagans, Christopher, 42 Oranmore Street.
Bartley, Charles, 48 Oranmore Street.
M'Sherry, Patrick, 56 Oranmore Street.
Quinn, Hugh, 58 Oranmore Street.
M'Killen, John, 60 Oranmore Street.
Quinn, James, 62 Oranmore Street.
Burns, William James, 1 New Street off Falls Road.
M'Alinden, Thomas, 13 New Street.
Mallon, Hugh, 15 New Street.

Mr Doran(?) represented the Catholic Association.

The list of successful Nationalist claimants which we published yesterday was inadvertently headed Dock Ward East instead of Dock Ward (North).


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Irish News - 21 September 1898

Partial transcription



Yesterday, at eleven oclock, his Honour Mr Henry Fitzgibbon, Q.C., County Court Judge, sat in the Recorders Court and resumed the business of the City Sessions, taking up the annual hearing of applications for licenses. Mr Thos. Harrison, B.L., appeared on behalf of the Licensed Vintners Association (instructed by Mr E. Comerton, B.A., the secretary); and Mr Wilson, B.L., represented the temperance party, appearing ostensibly on behalf of Mr Wilkinson and others.

The following unopposed transfers were sanctioned:-
Helen Adair, 10 Shankill Road, from John Armstrong;
John Atchison, 76 Sandy Row, from John Patterson;
Nathaniel Bagshaw, 13 Chichester Street. from Julia Monaghan;
George A Bennett, 22 and 24 Berry Street, from Hugh M'Quillan;
George A Bennett, 174 York Street, from Robert J Smyth (deceased);
Andrew Bradley, 6 Hill Street, from James Black;
Patrick Bradley, 81 and 83 North Queen Street, from Thomas Fox;
Ellen Brady, 11 Wellington Place (Confirmation);
Andrew Brines, 156 North Queen Street, from Arthur Donnelly;
Hugh Brolly, 147 North Queen Street, from Wm. M'Namara;
Isabella Cairns, 72 Corporation Street, from John Cairns (deceased);
James Carroll, 184 York Street, from Henry Emerson;
Daniel Clarke, 10 New Lodge Road, from John Gillen;
Patrick Conlan, 39 and 41 Valentine Street, from Felix Muldoon;
Thomas Conlan, 39 and 41 Victoria Square, from Daniel Lowrey;
Edward Connolly, 6 and 8 Carrick Hill, from Jane Adams;
Francis Convery, 158 Cromac Street, from James M'Allister;
Peter Convery, 63 May Street, from Hugh M'Nally;
Bernard Devlin, 1 Vere Street, from Henry Childs;
Bernard Devlin, 5 Hemsworth Street and Springmount Street, from Stephen Towman;
Thomas Diamond, 60 and 62 Lavinia Street, from Daniel O'Hagan;
John Dornan, 33 and 35 Mount Street, from Joseph Smyth;
Hugh Dougan, 68 North Queen Street and 1 and 3 New Lodge Road, from Francis Burns;
John Eadie(?), 291(?) York Street and Whitla Street, from George Maguire;
Benjamin L. Firth, 64 Albertbridge Road, from William Orr;
Patrick Flynn, 13 Corporation Square, from Hugh Doyle;
John Gleazer(?), 141 Shankill Road, from William Adair;
Martin Gormley, Crumlin Road, Ballysillan, from William Smyrls(?);
John Gough, 98 and 100 Falls Road, from Daniel MGurk;
Laurence Haughey, 20 Great Georges Street, from Margaret W Manley;
James Hogan, 65 May Street, from Bernard Graham;
Moses Hunter and Daniel Byrne, 14 Albertbridge Road, from Edward Connolly (deceased);
Arthur Redmond Jennings, 287 and 289 York Street, from Thomas Murphy;
Patrick Keenan, 145 Cromac Street, from Wm. John Heggie;
John Kelly, 27 Queens Square, from Isabella Hatton;
Patrick Kelly, 78 and 80 Peters Hill, from John Quigley;
Michael Killen, 181 York Street, from Agnes M'Carthy;
Sarah Ann Kirkwood, Greencastle, from John Hughes;
Patrick Lappin, 31 and 33 Everton Street, from John Lappin;
Henry Lavery, 60 and 62 Stanhope Street, from Thomas Fox;
David Leacock, 143 (lately 127) Grosvenor Street, from David Wm. Boyd;
Mary Magee, 22 and 24 Waterford Street, from Mary Magee;
Patrick Mallaghan and John Mallaghan, 6 and 7 Donegall Quay, from Michael Trainor;
Daniel Mallon, 73 Falls Road, from Catherine Hefferon;
Patrick Murphy, 21 Little Patrick Street, from Benjamin Crowe;
Agnes M'Carthy, 23 Welsh Street and 33 and 35 Stanfield Street, from Patrick M'Keown;
Archibald M'Caughan 2, 4, 6, Melbourne Street, from William Russell;
Henry M'Closkey, 107 and 109 Old Lodge Road,and 1 and 3 Hanover Street, from Richard Magee;
Catherine M'Conville, 13 Albion Street, from Eliza Jane Rea(?);
John M'Cullough, 49 Albion Street, from Samuel Cahoon;
Matthew M'Cusker, 54 North Street, from John MKibbin and John M'Kibbin, jr.;
Mary Kate M'Erlean, 106 and 107 Donegall Pass, from Mary Kate Rogan;
William M'Garry, 74 Cullingtree Road, from Michael Crealy;
Thomas M'Geough, 23 Lebanon Street and 74 Louisa Street, from Arthur Blennerbassett;
James M'Grath, 72 Mill Street, from Patrick Carolan;
Francis MKernan, 220 York Street, from Thomas Fox;
Michael M'Laverty, 30 Alton Street, from Ambrose O'Neill;
Daniel M'Mahon, 8 Divis Street, from Patrick M'Cabe;
Patrick M'Mahon, 36 Vernon Street, from John M'Neill;
William Nicholson, 11 and 13 Commercial Court, from Thomas A Scully;
Patrick O'Hare and Bernard Maynes, 119 Millfield, from Owen M'Mullan;
Patrick O'Hara, 174 Oldpark Road, from John Armstrong;
James O'Neill, 106 and 108 MTier Street, from Edward O'Neill (deceased);
John O'Neill, 1 Lord Street and 45 Thorndyke Street, from Jane M'Allen;
James Pelan, 330 Shankill Road, from Jane Branagh;
Teresa Quinn, 31 and 33 Queens Square, from Mary Quinn (deceased) and Teresa Quinn.
Ellen Riordan, 82 Great Patrick Street, from John Riordan (deceased);
Con Salmon, Empire Theatre of Varieties, 16 Victoria Square, from Daniel Lowrey;
Edwd. Saye, 206 and 207 Shankill Road, from Annie Hart;
Joseph Smyth, 1 and 3 Albertbridge Road, from Edward Connolly (deceased);
Mary Stewart, 49 Castle Street, from Mary Scott;
Robert Turner, 49 Grosvenor Street, from Frederick W Brown;
Robert Turner, 117 Old Lodge Road, from Margaret Carroll;
Robert Turner, 237 Shankill Road, from Jane M'Cullough.
John Ward, 79 Cromac Street, from James M'Alister;
John Bennett, 1 and 3 Copeland Street, from William Heggie.

(please note, the rest of the page was taken up with court transcripts of a few cases pertaining to the licenses ).

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


Yesterday the Revision Court resumed their sittings at the Courthouse, Crumlin Road. Mr. W.H. Maxwell, revising barrister presided in the West Belfast Division, the Catholic Association being represented by Mr Patrick Dora. Shortly after the sitting of the Court, Mr Doran called attention to the fact that a number of claimants names should have appeared upon the long list, but did not. He said that while errors of public officials are rectified, in no case can an error of a private nature be corrected.

Mr Maxwell pointed out that he had got nothing to do with the matter.

Mr Doran intimated that the question would be discussed in another place.

The subject was then dropped.

The following is a list of the successful Catholic claimants in Smithfield Ward:-
Murphy, John, 5 Kennedys Row.
Shevlin, John, 2 Kennedys Row.
Collins, James, 10 Kennedys Row.
Cunningham, Edward, 12 Garfield Street.
Kelly, George, jun., 18 Garfield Street.
Maginn, Michael, 10 West Street.
Dougan, William, 5 Francis Street.
M'Cullough, John, 15 Francis Street.
Hamill, William, 21 Francis Street.
O'Hagan, John, 17 Marquis Street.
Boyle, Michael, 19 Marquis Street.
Kelly, John, 19 Bank Street.
M'Cune, Robert H, 21 Bank Street.
M'Nally, Patrick, 57 Mill Street.
Hanbury, John, 54 Mill Street.
Cooney, John, 4 Curriers Court.
Corr, Henry, 24 Scotland Street.
M'Gahan, Bernard, 3 Scotland Street.
M'Manus, Patrick, 9 Scotland Street.
Stothers, Joseph, 4 Scotland Street.
M'Erlean, Patrick, 8 King Street.
M'Court, John, 10 Killen Street.
M'Tague, Thomas, 4 Killen Place.
Hughes, Peter, 13 Killen Place.
Purse( or Puree?), John, 12 Durham Street.
O'Hara, James, 18 Durham Street.
Gilliland, Edward, 68 Durham Street.
Cummins, John, 7 Galway Street.
Clark, Wm.J., 7 Galway Street.
Devlin, James, 6 Galway Street.
M'Ginley, Thomas, 10 Galway Street.
Gaynor, James, 20 Galway Street.
Smith, Stephen, 1 Galway Street.
Flynn, Patrick, 7 Haslett Square.
M'Areavey, John, 9 Haslett Square.
M'Keown, Robert, 13 Haslett Square.
Donnelly, John, 14 Haslett Square.
M'Shane, Patrick, 1 Institution Place.
Connell, Samuel, 3 Institution Place.
Brannigan, James, 11 Institution Place.
Hilland, Michael, 29 Institution Place.
Boyle, Arthur, 37 Institution Place.
Hughes, Henry, 39 Institution Place.
M'Garry, Hugh, 2 Drains Court.
M'Cartney, Hugh, 7 Barrack Street.
Devine, Hugh. T, 34 Barrack Street.
Devlin, Patrick, 36 Barrack Street.
Smith, Daniel, 38 Barrack Street.
O'Neill, Charles, 40 Barrack Street.
M'Cormick, James, 2 Barrack Court.
Carroll, John, 4 Kennedys Entry.
Savage, Patrick, 8 Kennedys Entry.
Sharkey, Edward, 23 Divis Street.
M'Lean, Charles, 75a Divis Street.
Madden, Owen, 6 Divis Street.
Connolly, Michael, 22 Divis Street.
Duffy, Francis, 24 Divis Street.
Smith, John, 62 Divis Street.
Donnelly, Arthur, 31 Lettuce Hill.
Reilly, John, 8 Lettuce Hill.
Kearney, Joseph, 40 Lettuce Hill.
Rooney, Peter, 46 Lettuce Hill.
O'Neill, James, 50 Lettuce Hill.
Moyna, Patrick, 5 Hamill Square.
O'Hanlon, Terence, 33 Hamill Square.
O'Hara, Owen, 37 Hamill Square.
M'Bride, John, 8 Hamill Square.
Morrison, James, 25 Hamill Street.
M'Nulty, Thomas, 35 Hamill Street.
Cush, Bernard, 26 Hamill Street.
Maguire, Arthur, 46 Hamill Street.
Magee, Daniel, 54 Hamill Street.
Greer, Thomas, 1 Cross Street South.
M'Gregor, Grant, 2 Cross Street South.
M'Mahon, Peter, 2 Steel Street.
Young, Peter, 2 Steel Street.
Donnelly, James, 3 Hamill Street Place.
Gray, Hugh, 2 Hamill Street.
Kearney, Andrew, 4 Hamill Court.
Kearney, Patrick, 6 Hamill Court.
Links(? Smudged ink), Albert, 3 Beatties Entry.
M'Donnell, James, 139 Mllfield.
Smith, Isaac, 5 Millfield Place.
Mullan, William, 7 Millfield Place.
Gray, John. 7 Millfield Place.
Carleton, Thomas, sen., 13 Millfield Place.
Murphy, Joseph, 19 Millfield Place.
Sheehan, James, 21 Millfield Place.
Drummond, Patrick, 27 Millfield Place.
Reid, Patrick, 31 Millfield Place.
Walsh, John, 35 Millfield(?) Place.
Bradley, William, 37 Millfield Place.
Wise, Frank, 39 Millfield Place.
M'Grory, Michael, 39 Millfield Place.
Christy, William, 43 Millfield Place.
Maginnis, William, 6 Wilson Street.
M'Cabe, John, 12 Wilson Street.
Fitzgerald, John, 39 Sackville Street.
Flannigan, James, 41 Sackville Street.
M'Kenzie, Paul, 9 Coates Street.
Hunt, Robert, 4d Coates Street.
M'Caughey, Peter, 8 Coates Street.
Kearney, John, 8 Coates Place.
Pierce, Patrick, 3 Inverness Place.
M'Entee, Edward, 1 Townsend Place.
Murray, Philip, 3 Townsend Place.
M'Cann, Patrick, 2 Townsend Place.
Bow, Francis, 16 Townsend Place.
M'Conway, James, 5 Townsend Place.
Magee, William, 13 Townsend Place.
M'Clintock, George, 15 Townsend Place.
Doyle, John, 8 Townsend Place.
Gilmore, Owen, 10 Townsend Place.
Boylard, Patrick, 5 Currells Place.
Brown, William, 4 Currells Place.
MIlhatton, Daniel, 3 Campbells Row.
Rafferty, William John, 3 Campbells Row.
M'Cann, Luke, 20 Campbells Row.
Kerr, John, 20 Campbells Row.
O'Reilly, Thomas, 3 Boomer Street.
Bennett, John, 3 Boomer Street.
Quinn, Andrew, 7 Boomer Street.
M'Sherry, John, 11 Boomer Street.
O'Neill, John, 10 Boomer Street.
Armstrong, Samuel, 14 Boomer Street.
Bannon, James, 20 Boomer Street.
Delaney, Peter, 7 Durham Place.
M'Cafferty, John, 5 Durham Court.
O'Neill, James, 20 Pound Street.
Lynn, Patrick, 32 Pound Street.
MIlvenny, John, 48 Pound Street.
O'Neill, Henry, 50 Pound Street.
Donnelly, Michael, 53(?) Pound Street.
Toner, John, 70 Pound Street.
Rafferty, John, 7 Pound Street.
Sloan, John, 13 Pound Street.
Burns, Edward, 45 Pound Street.
Toland, James, 47 Pound Street.
O'Reilly, Peter, 11 MMillans Place.
Loughlin, Francis, 14 MMillans Place.
M'Call, Joseph, 80 Divis Street.
Kelly, William, 124 Divis Street.
Hughes, Henry, 20 Falls Road.
M'Ardle, James, 64 Falls Road.
Bradley, Patrick, 72 Falls Road.
M'Mullan, John, 3 Derby Court.
M'Geough, Bernard, 5 Derby Court.
Quinn, Patrick, 21 Derby Street.
M'Kavanagh, Wm. , 41 Derby Street.
Mitchell, Frederick, 8 Derby Street.
Henderson, John, 14 Derby Street.
Fitzpatrick, Patrick, 11 Gilford Street.
Crossan, Hugh, 19 Gilford Street.
M'Creely, Thos., 12 Ardmoulin Street.
Fitzsimmons, John, 18 Ardmoulin Street.
Ferguson, Joseph, 49 Albert Street.
Devlin, John, 51 Albert Street.
Smith, Cornelius, 53 Albert Street.
M'Kenna, John, 59 Albert Street.
Shaw, Samuel, 69(89?) Albert Street.
M'Keown, William, 93 Albert Street.
Donaghy, Philip, 95 Albert Street.
Kirby, John, 101 Albert Street.
Kennedy, Wm., 119 Albert Street.
Gough, Thomas, 5 Lemon Street(?).
Agnew, James, 11 Lemon Street.
M'Cormick, Thomas, 27 Mary Street.
Hamill(?), Henry, 31(?) Mary Street.
Savage(?), Patrick, 51(?) Mary Street.
Raw(?), James, 5(?) Mary Street.
M'Glone(?), John, 26 Mary Street.
Anderson, Thomas, 34 Mary Street.
M'Kee, Peter, 44 Mary Street.
M'Gookin, Patrick, 2 Longford Court.
Donnelly, James, 3 Longford Court.
Rafferty, Bernard, 3 Longford Court.
M'Grath, Joseph, 11 Peel Street.
Foy, James, 33 Peel Street.
Mulholland, Philip, 37 Peel Street.
Hughes, John, 24 Peel Street.
Duggan, Bernard, 7 Colin Street.
Huston, John, 17 Colin Street.
Doherty, Daniel, 4 Colin Street.
Halligan, Patrick, 6 Colin Street.
M'Cann, Henry, 8 Colin Street.
Collins, Hugh, 14 Colin Street.
Duggan, Joseph, 22(?) Alma Street.
M'Gerrigan, John, 19 Ross Street.
O'Neill, Wm.J., 15 Ross Street.
Henry, James, 17 Ross Street.
Kearney, Paul, 25 Ross Street.
Bottomer, Michael, 25 Ross Street.
M'Kee, James, 33 Ross Street.
Tongue(?), James, 43 Ross Street.
Lynch, John, 45 Ross Street.
M'Kane, James, 51 Ross Street.
Kane, Denis, 53 Ross Street.
Green, Edward, 59 Ross Street.
Foster, James, 10 Ross Street.
M'Guinness, Thomas, 34 Ross Street.
Roe, George Joseph, 4 Raglan Street.
Stewart, Patrick, 28(?) Raglan Street.
M'Guigan, John, 17 Raglan Street.
Loughran, Daniel, 27 Raglan Street.
Hickey, Patrick, 17 Milton Street.
Fitzpatrick, John, 19 Milton Street.
Matthews, James, 14 Milton Street.
Magennis, James, 16 Milton Street.
Murphy, John, 36 Milton Street.
M'Cann, Patrick, 9 Ormonde Street.
Doran, John, 11 Ormonde Street.
M'Cormick, Daniel, 13 Ormonde Street.
Hillman, Thomas, 4 Ormonde Street.
MIlduff, John, 18 Ormonde Street.
Healy, Michael, 3 Ormonde Place.
M'Parland, James, 2 Frere Street.
Carlisle, Hugh, 12 Frere Street.
Delaney, John, 16 Frere Street.
O'Neill, Joseph, 1 Milan Street.
Brannigan, Thomas, 11 Milan Street.
O'Neill, John, 12 Milan Street.
Armstrong, James, 16 Milan Street.
M'Cauley, John, 26 Milan Street.
Devlin, John, 30 Milan Street.
Adams, David, 32 Milan Street.
Mulholland, Henry, 4 Milan Street.
M'Clenaghan, Thomas, 17 Belgrade Street.
Britton, James, 36 Roumania Street.
Conlan, John, 15 Roumania Street.
James, Albert, 25 Roumania Street.
Murphy, Patrick, 3 Bosnia Street.
Millar, John, 7 Bosnia Street.
M'Guinness, John, 9 Bosnia Street.
M'Manus, James, 23 Bosnia Street.
M'Connell, James, 37 Bosnia Street.
O'Reilly, Bernard, 64a Alexander Street West.
M'Keown, Daniel, 31 Alexander Street West.
Kinsella, John, 45 Alexander Street West.
Stevenson, William J., 51 Alexander Street West.
Gordon, Michael, 2 Dysart Street.
Hughes, James, 4 Dysart Street.
Lindsay, John, 13 Milford Street.
Murphy, John, 17 Milford Street.
Pritchard, Thomas, 27 Milford Street.
M'Conville, James, 39 Milford Street.
Kennedy, John, 43 Milford Street.
Tohill, John, 53a(?) Milford Street.
Hughes, Joseph, 70 Milford Street.
Shannon, Patrick, 76 Milford Street.
Coey, Daniel, 86 Milford Street.
Walsh, John, 1 Whitehall Court.
Clarke, John, 14 Whitehall Court.
Daly, Thomas, 17 Crane Court.
Courtney, John, 19 Crane Court.
Ward, John, 4 Crane Court.
Cregan, Michael, 12 Crane Court.
O'Neill, Bernard, 22 Crane Court.
M'Astocker, Felix, 45 and 47 Cullingtree Road.
M'Ardle, James, 63 Cullingtree Road.
M'Geown, James, 14 Cullingtree Road.
Little, James, 30 Cullingtree Road.
Heaney, Thomas, 46 Cullingtree Road.
Quinn, Arthur, 52 Cullingtree Road.
Burns, Michael, 94 Cullingtree Road.
Lennon, Patrick, 7 Cinnamond Street.
Doyle, Joseph, 11 Cinnamond Street.
Hart, Edward, 31 Cinnamond Street.
Dempsey, Thomas, 6 Cinnamond Street.
O'Halloran, John, 8 Cinnamond Street.
Boyland, John, 16 Cinnamond Street.
Madden, Michael, 18 Cinnamond Street.
Carabine, John, 18 Cinnamond Street.
M'Ilvogue, James, 22 Cinnamond Street.
Kane, William J, 32 Cinnamond Street.
M'Keown, John, 46 Cinnamond Street.
M'Glade, Daniel, 9 English Street.
Tohill, Henry, 15 English Street.
M'Namee, Patrick, 23 English Street.
Gardiner, Archibald, 25 English Street.
Kane, James, 43 English Street.
Crilly, Daniel, 45 English Street.
Reilly, Felix, 12 English Street.
M'Cool, Alexander, 14 English Street.
Quinn, Hugh, 24 English Street.
Moreland, Patrick, 32 English Street.
M'Shane, Patrick, 9 Nail Street.
Devlin, Hugh, 15 Nail Street.
Fitzsimmons, James, 33 Nail Street.
Bracken, Bernard, 37 Nail Street.
Coogan, Thomas, 39 Nail Street.
Skeffington or Skillender, (this is what is printed), James, 51 Nail Street.
Kennedy, Patrick, 47 Nail Street.
M'Cann, Edward, 53 Nail Street.
Moreland, Samuel J., 61 Nail Street.
Russell, Patrick, 63 Nail Street.
M'Menamy, John, 65 Nail Street.
Gunning, Martin, 4 Nail Street.
Madden, Charles, 8 Nail Street.
M'Anally, Patrick, 10 Nail Street.
Carroll, Patrick, 31 Bow Street.
M'Grath, Owen, 33 Bow Street.
M'Caughey, John, 35 Bow Street.
Campbell, James, 45 Bow Street.
Donnelly, Hugh, 16 Bow Street.
Mackin, James, 22 Bow Street.
Moore, Joseph, 26 Bow Street.
Hagan, William, 42 Bow Street.
Brown, Edward, 44 Bow Street.
Early, James, 1 Scotch Street.
Foster, James, 27 Scotch Street.
M'Kenna, James, 31 Scotch Street.
M'Kenna, Robert, 33 Scotch Street.
Symmington, Patrick, 43 Scotch Street.
Madden, Patrick, 51 Scotch Street.
M'Corry, James, 53 Scotch Street.
M'Glone, Alexander, 4 Scotch Street.
Magill, Charles, 10 Scotch Street.
M'Grady, Joseph, 18 Scotch Street.
Heggarty, Daniel, 18 Scotch Street.
Sloan, James, 32 Scotch Street.
O'Neill, Brabson(?), 52 Scotch Street.
Connor, Thomas, 58 Scotch Street.
O'Hagan, Thomas, 17 Massereene Street.
Vallely, Francis, 43 Massereene Street.
Riley, James, 45 Massereene Street.
Hall, James, 49 Massereene Street.
Parke, Robert, 59,61 Massereene Street.
M'Conville, Thomas, 20 Massereene Street.
Kennedy, Patrick, 26 Massereene Street.
Wright, John, 36 Massereene Street.
Devlin, James, 42 Massereene, Street.
Hagan, James, 54 Massereene Street.
M'Cann, Peter, 5 Baker Street.
Bradley, James, 19 Massereene Street.
Kearney, Andrew, 29 Baker Street.
Farmer, Bernard, 35 Baker Street.
Curley, John, 49 Baker Street.
Henry, James, 57(?) Baker Street.
M'Garrigan, John, 63 Baker Street.
Cullen, Henry, 12 Baker Street.
M'Quillan, Arthur, 36 Baker Street.
M'Cann, Charles, 44 Baker Street.
Riley, Edward, 48 Baker Street.
M'Kenna, Thomas, 68 Baker Street.
Doyle, Charles, 9 Irwin Street.
Leonard, Michael, 11 Irwin Street.
Gibson, Joseph, 15 Irwin Street.
M'Callen, James, 37 Irwin Street.
Martin, Peter, 39 Irwin Street.
Forsythe, Hugh, 55 Irwin Street.
Sheals, James, 67 Irwin Street.
M'Conaghy(?), Francis, 25 Irwin Street.
Hagan, Hugh, 52 Irwin Street.
Doherty, Andrew, 54 Irwin Street.
M'Cluskey, John, 60 Irwin Street.
M'Glinn, Thomas, 7 Jude Street.
Carberry, Francis, 12 Jude Street.
Ryan, James, 16 Jude Street.
M'Kenna, Joseph, 18 Jude Street.
M'Kenna, Henry, 13 Currie Street.
Ferris, Joseph, 15 Currie Street.
M'Call(?), Patrick, 17 Currie Street.
Price, James, 8 Currie Street.
Donaldson, Samuel, 12 Currie Street.
Flynn, William, 3 Christians Place.
Smith, James, 5(?) Christians Place.
M'Millan, Jeremiah, 2 Christians Place
Collins, Patrick, 4 Christians Place.
Ward, Patrick, 14 Christians Place.
Gilbey(?), John, 16 Christians Place.
Lavery, James, 10 Alberts Place.
Harkin, Daniel, 3 Alberts Place.
M'Cann, Thomas, 2 Brook Street.
Collins, James, 10 Kennedys Court.
Gallgher, Thomas, 5 Galway Street.
Curran, John, 28 Bow Street.
M'Guinness, Mary, 27 Francis Street.
Graham, Eliza, 40 Bank Street.
Cromie, Catherine, 9 Chapel Lane.
Boyce, Jane, 18 Scotland Street.
Aicken, Grace, 1 Bilton Place.
Frazer, Grace, 9 MIvors Place.
Laird, Ellen, 11 Letitia Street.
Minnis, Sarah Ann, 10 Hopes Place.
Lyons, Amelia, 11 Little Sackville Street.
M'Allister, Mary A.J., 4 Little Sackville Place.
M'Allister, Mary, 8 Campbell Street South.
Robinson, Hannah, 20 Coates Street.
Morrow, Margaret, 24 Coates Street.
M'Cartney, Ann, 83,85 Durham Street.
Hawthorn, Sarah, 103 Durham Street.
Anderson, Isabella, 141 Durham Street.
M'Meekin, Mary J., 167 Durham Street.
Baird, Ellen, 169 Durham Street.
Davison, Hannah, 171 Durham Street.
Lemon(Lennon? ), Elizabeth, 175 Durham Street.
Smyth, Margaret, 179 Durham Street.
Creighton, Mary, 181 Durham Street.
Crothers, Emily, 11 College Street West.
Matier, Margaret, 19 College Street West.
Boomer, Sarah, 8 College Street West.
Dickey, Ellen, 16 College Street West.
Steenson, Ann, 20 College Street West.
Stevenson, Eliza, 4 Emma Court.
Spence, Mary, 3 Anne Court.
M'Whirter, Sarah, 8 Anne Court.
Crawford, Bridget, 14,16 Millars Lane.
Daly, Mary A, 20 West Street.
Walsh, Bridget, 22 West Street.
Brady, Annie, 36 West Street.
Fagan, Catherine, 7 Francis Street.
Barrett, Sarah, 15 Francis Street.
Holland, Catherine, 29 Francis Street.
M'Connell, Jane, 33 Francis Street.
Ferran, Alice, 5 Chapel Lane.
O'Neill, Rose, 13 Chapel Lane.
M'Coy, Elizabeth, 17a Chapel Lane.
Fagan, Mary, 33 Bank Street.
M'Cormick, Mary, 37 Bank Street.
M'Cormick , Mary, 40 Bank Street.
Fox, Ellen, 42 Bank Street.
Best, Catherine, 1 Curriers Court.
M'Givern, Mary, 5 Burns Court.
M'Cluskey, Mary A., 4 Scotland Street.
M'Brinn, Margaret, 6 Scotland Street.
Savage, Annie, 16 Scotland Street.
Small, Annie, 12 Scotland Street.
Close, Catherine, 20 Scotland Street.
Donnelly, Catherine, 3 Killen Street.
M'Mullan, Catherine, 5 Galway Street.
Flynn, Martha, 8 Galway Street.
Cosgrove, Lizzie, 74 Divis Street.
Cramsie, Sarah, 50 Lettuce Hill.
Martin, Mary, 37 Hamill Square.
Ward, Mary, 27 Hamill Street.
Doolan, Annie, 41 Hamill Street.
Burns, Agnes, 3 Cross Street South.
Ratcliffe, Eliza, 2 Steele Court(?).
Gunn, Catherine, 9 Millfield Place.
Hull, Mary, 11 Millfield Place.
Stewart, Lizzie, 25 Millfield Place.
Gallagher, Rose, 29 Millfield Place.
Newbanks, Mary J., 29 Millfield Place.
Mitchell, Mary A., 35 Millfield Place.
Collins, Margaret, 39 Millfield Place.
M'Cormick, Margaret, 5 Hopes Place.
M'Cann, Margaret, 6 Coates Place.
Cullen, Catherine, 27 Townsend Street.
M'Hugh, Maggie, 20(?) Campbells Row.
Ferran, Kate, 1(?) Durham Place.
Evans, Mary, 10 Durham Place.
Smith, Sarah, 31 pound Street.
Watters, Catherine, 3 MMillans Place.
O'Malley, Mary, 29 MMillans Place.
Kennedy, Mary, 85 Albert Street.
Harkin, Margaret A., 113 Albert Street.
M'Govreren, Mary, 117 Albert Street.
Lavery, Elizabeth, 125 Albert Street.
Hughes, Elizabeth, 20 Mary Street.
Murphy, Ann, 42 Mary Street.
Brannigan, Ann J., 9 Colin Street.
Murphy, Ellen, 8 Alma Street.
Hamill, Eliza, 10 Alma Street.
Bradley, Eliza J., 3 Ross Street.
Green, Ellen, 47 Ross Street.
Quinn, Mary, 55 Ross Street.
Reynolds, Ann, 10 Milton Street.
Gribben, Eliza, 12 Ormonde Street.
Cunnihan, Mary Agnes, 28 Milan Street.
Donnelly, Mary, 25 Belgrade Street.
Canavan, Sarah, 30 Roumania Street.
Langan, Susan, 38 Alexander Street West.
Moore, Sarah, 80 Milford Street.
Matier, Martha, 110 Milford Street.
M'Kenna, Sarah, 112 Milford Street.
M'Cartney, Catherine, 6 Whitehall Court.
M'Gahan, Annie, 25 Crane Court.
Teuton(?), Mary Ann, 6 Crane Court.
M'Cusker, Eliza, 1 Cullingtree Court.
M'Kenna, Sarah, 4 Cullingtree Court.
Devenney, Ellen, 8 Cullingtree Road.
Burns, Jane, 25 Cinnamond Street.
Pearson, Sarah, 20 Cinnamond Street.
Morrison, Catherine, 11 English Street.
Long, Alice, 21 English Street.
Quinn, Rose A., 33 English Street.
Lappin, Mary A., 51 English Street.
M'Veigh, Catherine, 8 English Street.
M'Allister, Mary Ann, 45 Nail Street.
Smith, Ellen, 55 Massereene Street.
Campbell, Mary, 8 Massereene Street.
Burns, Eliza, 14 Massereene Street.
M'Gurk, Rose A., 15 Baker Street.
Meehan, Margaret, 30 Baker Street.
Farrell, Jane, 40 Baker Street.
Brady, Catherine, 44 Baker Street.
Harvey(?), Agnes, 50 Baker Street.
M'Keown, Margaret, 56 Baker Street.
O'Connor, Mary, 36 Irwin Street.
Burns, Margaret, 15 Currie Street.
Smith, Jane, 20 Christians Place.
Delaney, Mary, 9 Ross Place.
MacGregor, James F., 23 College Square North.


The revision of the Parliamentary voters lists and Local Government Francise was resumed this morning in the courthouse, Stewartstown, before Mr Wm. Lawson, B.L., revising barrister. Mr Ernest Buchanan, registrar; Mr H.A.Mann, clerk of the Cookstown Union; and Mr A.H.Smyth, rate-collector, were also in attendance.

The Nationalists were represented by Mr John Malone, solicitor, Cookstown; Mr E Hurson registration agent; Messrs. Michael MGowan and Peter Connolly. The Unionists were represented by Mr R Barry Meglaughlin, solicitor, Dungannon; Mr W.J.Warmington, registration agent, and Mr Hugh MIlwaine, inspector.

A number of cases having been dealt with, the ruling of the books was taken up, and the court rose. The Nationalists had a very stiff encounter with their opponents, from the landlord down to the bailiff, and notwithstanding this they were able to sustain their position on the register. The success which attended the revision here is mainly due to assistance rendered by the fearless and patriotic parish priest of Clonoe (Rev J Rock), who was unceasing in his attendance at the court. Great credit is due to Mr J Malone, solicitor, and Mr E Hurson, registration agent, for the admirable fight they made during the sitting.


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Irish News - 22 September 1898

Partial transcription



The Revision Courts were resumed yesterday. The various Courts were occupied with formal business during the day, the representatives of the Catholic Association being present. We give below a supplemental list of the successful Nationalist claimants in Falls Ward:

Jordan, Elizabeth, 151 Falls Road.
Steed, Mary A., 166 Cupar Street.
Hamill, Catherine, 187 Springfield Road.
O'Neill, Catherine, 122 Falls Road.
Falloon, Mary, 24 Leeson Street.
Cullen, Ann Jane, 164 Leeson Street.
Close, Catherine, 7 Leeson Street.
Grimley, Ann, 71 Cyprus Street.
Hall, Ellen, 89 Cyprus Street.
Flannigan, Anne, 91 Cyprus Street.
Armour, Susan, 11 Getty Street.
M'Grath, Martha, 3 Abercorn Street North.
Matier, Matilda, 44 Abercorn Street North.
Collins, Rose, 31 Abyssinia Street.
Hooks, Sarah, 65 Abyssinia Street.
O'Hara, Mary, 6 Abyssinia Street.
Devlin, Mary, 64 Abyssinia Street.
Dillon, Rose, 7 Theodore Street.
Morrison, Susan, 59 Theodore Street.
Toner, Alice, 20 Theodore Street.
Magill, Sarah, 48 Merrion Street.
M'Guckin, Mary J, 27 Merrion Street.
Stewart, Mary, 47 Gibson Street.
Tyrell, Bridget, 11 Spinner Street.
Brady, Mary, 68 Albert Street.
Anderson, Margaret, 9 Omar Street.
M'Guigan, Mary, 21 Balaclava Street.
Hutchinson, Jane, 17 Milliken Street.
Mohan, Martha, 89 Ross Street.
M'Auley, Margaret, 166 Ross Street.
Henry, Mary, 64 Raglan Street.
Hanly, Ann, 74 Raglan Street.
Higginson, Alice, 84 Raglan Street.
Acheson, Elizabeth, 100 Raglan Street.
Considine, Mary, 18 Garnet Street.
M'Kay, Mary, 29 Garnet Street.
M'Cann, Ann, 6 Garnet Street.
Lavery, Mary, 42 Garnet Street.
Arthurs, Nancy, 1 Plevna Street.
M'Curley, Mary, 13 Plevna Street.
Magee, Eliza, 53 Plevna Street.
Molloy, Eliza, 63 Plevna Street.
M'Caughey, Mary A., 78 Plevna Street.
Mullan, Ann, 90 Plevna Street.
MKeown, Eliza, 18 Sultan Street.
Henderson, Mary Jane, 42 Sultan Street.
M'Donnell, Florence, 21 Varna Street.
Kane, Sarah, 4 Varna Street.
Leonard, Mary J., 18 Varna Street.
Grant, Margaret, 30 Servia Street.
Devlin, Mary, 70 Servia Street.
M'Guigan, Ann J., 106 Servia Street.
Bell, Catherine, 8 Osman Street.
Robb, Ellen, 18 Osman Street.
M'Ardle, Annie, 3 Devonshire Street.
M'Donnell, Catherine, 7 Devonshire Street.
Trainor, Mary, 59 MDonnell Street.
O'Neill, Catherine, 4 Lady Street.
Liddell, Mary, 34 Slate Street.
M'Cann, Mary, 115 Falls Road.
Parker, Ellen, 12 Conway Street.
M'Namee, Catherine, 44 Conway Street.
Slaine, Susan, 48 Conway Street.
Dowling, Catherine, 53 Cupar Street.
Hamman, Mary, 56 Cawnpore Street.
Magee, Mary,62 Cawnpore Street.
Black, Mary J., 64 Cawnpore Street.
M'Ilvogue, Eliza, 66 Cawnpore Street.
Kelly, Annie, 8 Cawnpore Street.
M'Kenna, Catherine, 2 Sevastapol Street.
Megarry, Catherine, 4 Sevastapol Street.
Brennan, Michael, 4 Sevastapol Street.
Lavery, Ellen, 20 Odessa Street.
Maguire, Fanny, 16 Clonard Street.
O'Hanlon, Mary, 52 Clonard Street.
Magennis, Ann, 58 Clonard Street.
Larkin, Catherine, 21 Clonard Street.
Scott, Mary, 17 Bombay Street.
M'Kay, Rose, 16 Dunlewey Street.
Dillon, Jane, 11 Linden Street.
Dyer, Annie, 29 Linden Street.
Culbert, Mary, 41 Linden Street.
M'Alea, Jane, 32 Linden Street.
Curran, Maria, 2 ONeill Street.
Loughran, Mary, 12 Waterford Street.
M'Kenna, Margaret, 29 Waterford Street.
Pritchard, Charlotte, 37 Malcolmson Street.
Coulter, Ellen, 16 Malcolmson Street.
Fitzpatrick, Mary, 18 Malcolmson Street.
O'Neill, Eliza, 24 Malcolmson Street.
Brennan, Bessie, 32 Malcolmson Street.
M'Corry, Ann, 44 Malcolmson Street.
O'Neill, Mary A., 46 Malcolmson Street.
M'Cabe, Jane, 53 Springview Street.
M'Kinley, Mary, 4 Springview Street.
Carroll, Bridget, 24 Springview Street.
Maguire, Susan, 25 Colligan Street.
Drain, Rose A., 3 Theresa Street.
Connolly, Lizzie, 21 Theresa Street.
M'Areavey, Rose A., 10 Theresa Street.
Coleman, Annie, 37 Springfield Road.
M'Cormick, Margaret, 23 Dunmore Street.
Lynch, Alice, 2 Dunmore Street.
M'Sherry, Eliza, 10 Dunmore Street.
Donnelly, Ellen, 18 Dunmore Street.
Trail, Catherine, 30 Dunmore Street.
M'Partland, Margaret, 32 Dunmore Street.
O'Riley, Mary, 34 Dunmore Street.
Connolly, Maria, 44 Dunmore Street.
Johnston, Catherine, 43(48?) Dunmore Street.
M'Veigh, Susan, 56 Dunmore Street.
Hayes, Margaret, 31 Dunmore Street.
M'Chrystal, Margaret, 28 Waterville Street.
Rocks, Catherine, 7 Kashmir Road.
Dorrian, Elizabeth, 21 Kashmir Road.
Rainey, Alice, 8 Benares Street.
O'Hagan, Sarah, 10 Kashmir Road.
Malone, Catherine, 18 Benares Street.
Moore, Mary, 17 Lucknow Street.
Mooney, Margaret, 29(?) Lucknow Street.
Coyle, Mary, 41 Lucknow Street.
Trainor, Elizabeth, 7 Violet Street.
Smyth, Margaret, 33 Crocus Street.
Blaney, Mary, 39 Crocus Street.
Morgan, Mary, 28 Elliotts Row.
Halligan, Catherine, 12 Elliotts Row.
Grant, Margaret, 22 Elliots Row.
Turner, Catherine, 7 Bantry Street.
Lee, Catherine, 8 Tralee Street.
Carlin, Rose, 14 Tralee Street.
Fitzpatrick, Catherine, 1 Oranmore Street.
Flannigan, Bridget, 13 Oranmore Street.
Rafferty, Margaret, 46 Oranmore Street.
M'Cullough, Jane, 64 Oranmore Street.
Farren, Elizabeth, Islandburn Street.


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Irish News - 26 September 1898

Partial transcription



The extraordinary adventure of a child six years old have just been reported in Newry. It appears that a few evenings ago there arrived at the Bessbrook station of the Great Northern Railway, from Dublin, a little girl about six years of age labelled and addressed to be delivered at Trevor Hill, Newry, and a name - Mary Hadden - attached to her dress. It appears that the child was sent to Newry from America by a Newry woman owing to the death of its mother in America. The child landed safely in Queenstown in charge of the captain of one of the steamers, and was placed in charge of the guard of the train there, who conveyed her safely to Amiens Street station. Here the child was handed to the guard of the train which leaves for Belfast at 8.30 pm, and the booking clerk there wired to the person who was to take charge of the child that she would arrive at the Bessbrook Station at a quarter to eleven oclock, and requesting him to meet her. Unfortunately, however, the telegram did not arrive in Newry until after ten oclock, and as no telegrams are delivered in Newry after ten oclock the man did not receive the intelligence of the arrival of the child, and there was no person at the station to receive the little waif. When the train arrived the guard handed over his charge to the station-master at Bessbrook, and that gentleman, after vainly looking about the station for some time, and finding no person to claim the child asked a carman if he would take the child to the address given. He consented, and the child was driven to the address, but finding no person of the name given living in Trevor Hill, the carman drove to the Canal Street Police Barrack and delivered over his charge to Constable Reilly, the guard. It being now nearly twelve oclock the constable was in a dilemma what to do, but on reading the name on the label attached to the child he remembered that there was a family of the name of Hadden lived in Canal Street, and accordingly he brought the little one to the house, and aroused the Hadden family. The constable then related the circumstances of the strange arrival of the child, but Mr and Mrs Hadden said they had no relatives in America, and they knew nothing of the matter; but at the request of the constable they consented to keep the child for the night. Mrs Hadden after giving the child her supper discovered a letter sewn in the lining of the sleeve of her dress, and on reading it discovered that it was from a relative of the child in Stream Street, Newry, to the woman in America, telling her to send the child home. In the morning Mrs Hadden sent the letter to the police and by this time the telegram was delivered to the relatives of the child, who at once instituted inquiries, with the result that the poor little wanderer was handed over to the care of her own kith and kin. The child is a bright healthy-looking one, and looks nothing the worse for her lonely travel of over 3,000 miles on the ocean. She states that the officers and crew and passengers were very kind to her when she was on the steamer and gave her presents.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


One of the most remarkable stories of alleged fraud ever told in a London Police Court was told on Friday at Bow Street by Mr Bodkin (instructed by the Treasury). The prisoner was Herbert Davies, aged twenty-five, a surgeon, and he was charged with obtaining large sums of money by fraudulent means from Lieutenant-Colonel Shipway, at Chiswick. There were also charges of forging entries in parish registers, forging and uttering three wills, and forging and uttering a statutory declaration. From counsels statement it appeared that Colonel Shipways family formerly lived in the Western counties of England, and a few years ago the gallant officer was desirous of tracing his right to bear arms and to investigate the pedigree of his family. He was introduced to Davies, who represented himself to be a B.A., but the representation had been found to be false. Davies was, however, engaged to make the investigation necessary for Colonel Shipways purpose, his remuneration being six shillings a day and expenses. By cooking his accounts, however, he succeeded in defrauding Colonel Shipway of considerable sums. He was engaged in November, 1895, and altogether 683 was paid to him, of which all but 266 represented expenses. Quite early in his employment Davies came across a book called A History of Dursley, in which mention was made of the Shipway family, and it would seem that the idea struck him that it would be considerably more remunerative if he deceived Col. Shipway as to the real history of his family. Accordingly he went to the West of England, visited various parishes, and obtained access to registers, &c. According to the prosecution, he mutilated and made false entries in parish registers, writing in the Shipway name, invented and engraved or carved an alleged Shipway crest on ancient monuments, church bells, and the like, obtained the Home Secretarys permission to open graves, from which he removed leaden coffins, upon which he placed name-plates relating to the Shipway family, and stole ancient wills and substituted others alleged to have been those of long dead Shipways. In Mangotsfield Church he had the figure of a man in armour dug up from beneath the organ, and, though it really belonged to the Blount family, he altered it so as to make it out to be of Colonel Shipways ancestors. One of the bogus wills recited how certain arms had been granted to a certain Shipway in 1191 by Richard The First, but in that year Richard the Lion-hearted was in Palestine engaged in the Crusades. All these discoveries were communicated to the College of Arms, which, however, remained unconvinced. Suspicion was ultimately aroused, and the Public Prosecutor communicated with. Prisoner was remanded on bail.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


The sittings of the Revision Courts were resumed on Saturday, the Catholic Association being represented by Mr P J Magee, solicitor; Mr Patrick Doran, and Mr. Leddy. We append a list of Catholic successes in North, South, and East Belfast:-


Thomas Reilly, 1 Rosebank Street.
Thomas Dobbin, 4 Palmer Street.
Wm. Fenton, 3 Rosebank Street.
Henry Duffin, 56 Rosebank Street.
Denis Hurley, 23 Columbia Street.
Robert Dun, 47 Columbia Street.
John Connolly, 5 Ohio Street.
James Rooney, 14 Ohio Street.
William Reid, 6 Oregon Street.
James M'Garry, 15 Broom Street.
John Toal, 31 Oregon Street.
Patrick Linden, 9 Montreal Street.
James Bradley, 11 Montreal Street.
John Mulhern, 148 Disraeli Street.
James M'Donnell, 39 Oregon Street.
Patrick M'Geown, 15 Palmer Street.
Thomas M'Kevitt, 50 Palmer Street.
James Cooney, 2 Bray Street.
Francis Dougan, 10 Bray Street.
James Alexander, 7 Leopold Street.
Patrick M'Nulty, 31 Leopold Street.
John M'Cabe, 37 Leopold Street.
John Tumelty, 70 Leopold Street.
John Johnston, 38 Leopold Street.
Thaddeus M'Hugh. 2 Chief Street.
Atrick Crean, 32 Chief Street.
James Lamb, 59 Bray Street.
James Maginnes, 26 Bray Street.
Robert Pace, 36 Bray Street.
Francis M'Cullogh, 13 Bray Street.


Peter O'Hare, 26 Butler Street, Crumlin Road.
James Corbett, 49 Southport Street.
Samuel Thompson, 26 Newport Street.
Thomas Maguire, 32 Southport Street.
Joseph Dobbin, 36 Newport Street.
Patrick Meenan, 36 Cliftonpark Avenue.
Michael J Mulholland, 15 Printworks Terrace.
John Herald, 14 Ballymoney Street.
Charles O'Hara, 32 Ballymena Street.
William M'Connell, 32 Oldpark Avenue.
Robert Turley, 4 Finniston Terrace.
John Skillender, 81 Louisa Street.
Francis M'Cauley, 21 Glenview Street.
James Crossin, 15 Mayfair Street.
Owen O'Hagan, 31 Mayfair Street,
James Gorman, 21 Mayfair Street.
Thomas M'Keown, 42 Mayfair Street.
Terence Burns, 44 Mayfair Street.
John Townsley, 52 Mayfair Street.
Edward Hughes, 54 Mayfair Street.
Thomas Finnegan, 17 Parkview Street.
John Stewart, 41 Parkview Street.
Alexander M'Garry, 6 Parkview Street.
James M'Carey, 18 Parkview Street.
Charles M'Kenna, 18 Parkview Street.
George Brennan, 7 Gracehill Street.
Joseph Flynn, 73 Gracehill Street.
David Davidson, 7a Gracehill Street.
James M'Keown, 6 Antigua Street.
James M'Bride, 10 Antigua Street.
Robert Cunningham, 18 Antigua Street.
Robert M'Donald, 8 Glenpark Street.
Thomas Owens, 12 Glenpark Street.
Wm. Murray, 14 Glenpark Street.
James Curry, 20 Glenpark Street.
Henry M'Grane, 15 Glenpark Street.
James Scullion, 15 Glenpark Street.
Patrick M'Sorley, 21 Glenpark Street.
Francis Brady, 23 Glenpark Street.
Patrick M'Connell, 25 Glenpark Street.
Thos. M'Cullough, 27 Glenpark Street.
James Hagan, 27 Glenpark Street.
George Morrison, 31 Glenpark Street.
Samuel O'Neill, 39 Glenpark Street.
John Alexander, 45 Glenpark Street.
James Walsh, 51 Glenpark Street.
John M'Auley, 9 Rothesay Street.
Thos. Murney, 10 Sanderson Street.
Wm. Canavan, 12 Sanderson Street.
Thos. M'Kenny, 5 Sanderson Street.
James O'Neill, 13 Sanderson Street.
Peter Baillie, 37 Sanderson Street.
James M'Kay, 38 Ardilea Street.
Wm. M'Cann, 40 Ardilea Street.
Patrick Smyth, 78 Ardilea Street.
John Daly, 17 Chatham Street.
John Connor, 60 Chatham Street.
John Graham, 40 Chatham Street.
Hugh Jamison, 83 Chatham Street.
Thomas M'Curry, 19 Kerrara Street.
Michael V. Queenan, 56 Kerrara Street.
Charles Leathem, 22 Kerrara Street.
James Smyth, 5 Ardoyne Village.
Patrick Clarke, 44 Butler Street.
Peter Turley, 5 Elmfield Street.
Bernard Collins, 13 Elmfield Street.
Francis Toseney(?), 2 Elmfield Street.
Patrick O'Hare, 54 Butler Street.
Hugh Doyle, 52 Butler Street.
Michael O'Neill, 34 Butler Street.
Michael M'Keown, 38 Butler Street.
John M'Currie, 32 Butler Street.
William Hayes, 28 Butler Street.
James M'Kay, 24 Butler Street.
Daniel Doran, 31 Herbert Street.
William Goodwin, 18 Butler Street.
John Fenton, 33 Herbert Street.


Edward Spence, 117 Rugby Avenue.
John Stinson, 116 University Street.
Thomas M'Dade, 33 M'Clure Street.
Robert Kearney, 108 M'Clure Street.
Ellen Bryce, 74 Rutland Street.
Edward Spence, 117 Rugby Street.
Rebecca M'Kee, 31 Balfour Street.
Susan Trainor, 23 Rutland Street.
Jane Fitzpatrick, 6 Rugby Terrace.


Patrick M'Ivor, 21 Frederick Street.
Patrick Murray, 15 Frederick Street.
James O'Hanlon, 17 Frederick Street.
Thomas Hughes, 21 Frederick Street.
Wm. Benson, 27 Frederick Street.
Arthur Maguinness, 29 Frederick Street.
Peter O'Hanlon, 33 Frederick Street.
Andrew M'Anulty, 35 Frederick Street.
Charles Ward, 39 North Queen Street.
James Bowen, 90 Great Georges Street.
James Malone, 7 Frederick Lane.
John Marlow, 22 Frederick Lane
Francis Kelly, 24 Frederick Lane.
Wm. John Hudson, 28 Frederick Lane.
Henry Blake, 36 Frederick Lane.
John Kane, 12 Lancaster Street.
Andrew Campbell, 19 Union Place.
James Kelly, 7 Portland Place.
Alfred Pendergast, 71 Lancaster Street.
Hugh Cushenan, 77 Lancaster Street.
Wm. Mullan, 55 North Queen Street.
Wm. Henderson, 67 North Queen Street
George O'Hara, 71 North Queen Street.
John Fitzpatrick, 75 North Queen Street.
Eliza Rogan, 26 Frederick Lane.
Thomas Cummings, 22 Alexander Street.
Mary Hamilton, 11 Kings Court.
Susan Connolly, 1 Emily Place.
Thomas Fitzsimmons, 21 Blackwood Street.
Hugh Muldoon, 16 Rossmore Avenue.
Peter M'Kee, 51 Burmah Street.
Joseph Kelly, 29 Primrose Street.
Henry Power, 8 Delhi Street.

SOUTH DOWN: Rathfriland, Saturday:

This morning at 11 oclock Henry Hunt, Esq., B.L., with his registrar, R.S.Heron, Esq. Solicitor, sat to continue the revision of lists and claims. There was no representative of the Tories present. Mr Michael M'Cartan, M.P., assisted by General Patrick M'Linden amd Messrs. Stephen Toman, Peter M'Polin, P.L.G., A. Murphy (Hilltown), James Magennis, Daniel M'Caherty, Thomas M'Clory, Henry Devlin, and Danniel M'Ardle appeared for the Nationalists. Father Grant (Barnmeen), Dr. MCourt, J.P., John Toman, Esq. J.P.; and John Thomas M'Loughlin, Esq.,J.P., visited the court during the day.

Mrs Catherine Fitzpatrick, claimant, of Ballygorrianbeg, replying to Mr Cartan, said she lived in Ballygorrianmore.

His HONOUR said if that be so then she cannot be allowed on for Ballygorrianbeg.

Mr MCartan There is no such townland as Ballygorrianmore. The name is Ballygorrian, and then there are the sub-denominations, called by the additions of beg and more. These sub-denominations were common in Down.

Mr Murphy - She lives in the portion of it called Ballygorrianbeg. Let the rate collector examine the book and find out where Mr A Stewart lives, as he was claimants landlord, and she lived beside him. Mr Johnston, collector, examined the book and found the name was Ballygorrianbeg. Claimant was then admitted.

John Fitzpatrick, Charles Cullen, Hugh Johnstone, David Magill, Laurence M'Polin, Owen Morgan, John Murphy, Felix O'Hanlon, Patrick O'Hare, and William Perry, all claimants, were admitted on the Hilltown list.

Mary Bradley, Elizabeth Downey, Margaret Doyle, Catherine Fitzpatrick, Mary Kelly, Ellen Maguire, Alice M'Conville, Ellen M'Duff, Catherine M'Evoy, Bridget M'Kay, Margaret Mooney, Ellen Trainor, Mary Trainor, Mary Wood, Rose Smith, Mary Harvey, Elizabeth Lowry, Ellen O'Hare, Catherine Fitzpatrick, and about 40 other females were admitted to the franchise for the first time.

Mary Ann Kearney, from Rathfriland, was the first female claimant to appear in support of her own claim. She seemed about 70 years of age, and looked quite pleased when having succeeded.

Mr MCartan congratulated her upon being then an independent voter.

The genial old Tory objector and agent of former days, Mr Alexander MNeill, happened to come into court at this stage.

Mr M'CARTAN, addressing him, said Mr M'Neill, are you now going to represent your party in court? We will place no formal difficulties or objections in your way.

Mr M'Neill - I did not come prepared, and cannot do it.

Mr M'CARTAN (to the Judge) Your Honour, since the Tories have no representatives here, perhaps you would allow our good and able friend, General Patrick M'Alinden, to appear for them as an amicus curi. He would certainly do them justice, and we would get rid of the dullness and monotony.

His HONOUR I fear I could not do that. A number of Nationalist objections were then taken up, and a prima facie case was made in almost every instance.

Mr GRAHAM, Clerk of the Union, Kilkeel, directed his Honours attention to the difficulties encountered by the clerks in filling up the lists.

Mr M'CARTAN It was indeed most difficult and very confusing, and to him (Mr M'Cartan) it appeared marvelous how correctly they had been made out.


His HONOUR A short time ago I referred to the law as it now stands. I shall repeat it for the benefit of those who were not here at the time. There are two kinds of lists to revise. As to the Parliamentary lists no person can have two votes in the same constituency. Then they had to deal with the lists for the registration units, and each unit corresponded with what was formerly a poor-law electoral division, and a person, if properly qualified therein, might be on a list in each registration unit. This, no doubt, rendered some confusion in the preparation of the lists, but it was wonderful to find them made out so correctly and so carefully under the circumstances.

The Court sat up till 4 oclock p.m.

Before the rising of the Court, Mr M'Cartan said as he might not be there again during the revision, he could not help, before going away, bearing testimony to the courtesy of the revising barrister, whom they all welcomed back again to South Down. He regretted, for the sake of his Honour and for his own and his friends sake, that the Tories had abandoned or given up the fight. They certainly had felt the absence of his friend, Rev. Mr Oswald, whose coruscations used to enliven the Court, and brighten the proceedings at revision. Even the pleasant incidents related by their good-natured and witty old friend, Mr Alexander M'Neill, had ceased to be told on the very first year after the admission of females to the franchise. He then referred to the able and very obliging registrar, the respected son of one of the most respected and most popular magistrates in Co.Down - his friend, the coroner, Dr. Heron, J.P.. He thanked the Clerks of the Union and their collectors, and last but not least, his own patriotic and zealous agents. He did trust the new councils would contribute largely to the wealth and prosperity of their great county of Down, and he sincerely hoped that no matter from what quarter contrary advice should come they (the people) would use their votes and their councils for the attainment of that much larger and far more important measure of local government for which they had been working all their lives.

His HONOUR replied in most graceful terms, in course of which he made very complimentary references to their county, their people, and their member, Mr


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Irish News - 27 September 1898

Partial transcription



The business yesterday at the Revision Courts, though formal, was, nevertheless, important, and good work was done in the interests of Belfast Nationalists. The Catholic Association was represented by Mr. P. J. Magee, solicitor; Mr Patrick Doran, and Mr Reddy. The following is a supplemental list of Nationalist claimants in Shankill and Clifton Wards:-


Mary Creighton, 306 Crumlin Road.
Catherine Steenson, 6 Bray Street.
Norah Killen, 30 Bray Street.
Mary Kennedy, 40 Leopold Street.
Rose Caffrey, 28 Palmer Street.
Annie Crolly, 16 Rosebank Street.
James Donegan, 4 Columbia Street.


Mary Ann Reilly, 23 Glenpark Street.
Margaret Haggans, 25 Glenpark Street.
Margaret O'Neill, 42 Glenpark Street.
Matilda M'Ardle, 65 Glenpark Street.
Anne Jane Morley, 26 Antigua Street.


Bernard Patton, Upper Brick Row.
Joseph Bingham, 6 High Street.
Patrick M'Larnon, Park Row.
Robert Rainey, 6 Catherine Place.
James Healy, Greencastle.
John M'Glone, 8 M'Dowells Row.
William John Gillespie, 1 Tates Row.
Catherine M'Cormick, 2 Tates Row.
Theresa Derry, 2 M'Cormicks Row.
Margaret M'Cool, Greencastle.
Catherine Brennan, 2 Tates Row.


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