Larne Times - 26 August 1916


JARVIS -- 14th August, 1916, at Dalaradia, Magheramorne, to Captain and Mrs. F. E. Jarvis -- a son.


M'CALMONT--MAWHINNEY -- August 18th, 1916, at the bride's residence, by special licence, by the Rev. David Steen, B.A., Hugh M'Calmont, Mullaghbuoy, Islandmagee, to Mary, eldest daughter of William Mawhinney, Ballypriormore, Islandraagee.

For King and Country.

AGNEW -- Killed in action on 1st July, 1916, Lance-Corporal Andrew Agnew, Royal Irish Rifles (Central Antrim Volunteers), of 38 Waterloo Road, Larne. Deeply regretted by his loving Wife and Children. ROSE M. AGNEW.

AGNEW -- Killed in action July 1st, 1916, Lance-Corporal Andrew Agnew, Royal Irish Rifles, eldest son of Robert Agnew, Larne.
   Where glory crowns his well earned rest,
      He lies among the slain,
   And none pass by but call him blessed,
      Whose work was not in vain.
   We mourn not now for him who's gone.
      To a brighter, better land.
   Whom Heaven's light doth shine upon, --
      A glorious light and grand.
Deeply regretted by his Father, Brother, and Sisters, also by two Brothers on active service.

AGNEW -- Killed in action on 1st July, 1916, Lance-Corporal Andrew Agnew, Royal Irish Rifles (Central Antrim Volunteers).
   It was hard to lose you, brother, dear,
      But God, Who knoweth best,
   Held wide His loving arms and said,
      "Come unto Me and rest."
   Oh! teach us from our heart to say, Thy will be done.
Deeply regretted by his Sister and Brother-in-law. LIZZIE & JOSEPH HAY (the latter on active service with the R.I.R. 16 Waterloo Road, Larne.

M'KEE -- Killed in action July 1st, 1916, Private James M'Kee, Royal Irish Rifles (Central Antrim Volunteers), eldest son of William M'Kee, Toreagh, Raloo, Larne.
   For King and country well he stood,
      Unknown to cowards fears;
   In battle strife he shed his blood.
      With the Ulster Volunteers.
   The news was sad, the blow was hard,
      God's will it must, be done --
   With a manly heart, he did his part,
      Our own beloved son.

NOBLE -- In loving memory of our dearest friend, Rifleman James Noble, Royal Irish Rifles, who was killed in action on 28th June, 1916.
   Although you're in a far-off land.
      And your grave we cannot see.
   As long as life and memory lasts,
      We will still remember thee.
Inserted by his loving Friends. GEORGE & LIZZIE BOWEN. Queen Street Cottage, Larne.


Mr. and Mrs. DRUMMOND and Family desire to thank all who sympathised with them in their recent sorrow. They also return thanks for the many floral tributes received, including the Employees of the Sun Laundry, Ltd., the Girl Guides, and the Members of Gardenmore Sunday School. 4 Invergordon Terrace, Larne.

Missing Relatives

DAVIDSON -- Information of the whereabouts of William Davidson, of Killucan, Westmeath, a carpenter, would be gratefully received by his mother, who resides at the above address.

DODDS -- Wanted to hear of William Ross Dodds. Last hear of in St. Louis, U.S.A., 18 months ago. Any information will be gratefully received by his sister, Miss Ross, 59c High Street, Forres, Morayshire, Scotland.

COLVILLE -- Wanted to know, the whereabouts of Thomas Colville, who left Belfast twelve years ago, and was last heard of at St. Marie, Ontario. Any information will be gratefully received by his brother, John Colville, 77 Donegall Pass, Belfast, Ireland.

FITZSIMMONS -- Wanted to hear of Miss Ruby Fitzsimmons, of Millisle, Co. Down, who left Belfast for Carlton St., Toronto, Canada. Please reply to Rifleman Hugh Graham, No. 17/383 D. Co. 9th R.I. Rifles, B.E. Force, France

KEENAN -- Wanted know the whereabouts of John M. Keenan, who left Belfast almost seven years ago on board an American fruit boat. Last heard of as going to Alaska. Any information will be thankfully received by his wife Isabella Keenan, 29 Bridge End, Belfast, Ireland. American papers please copy.

SMYTH -- Wanted information regarding Robert Smyth, formerly of Carnmoney, County Antrim, last heard of at Nevada, U.S.A. Information thankfully received by Messrs. Potts & Houston, Ltd., 115 North Street, Belfast.

WEIR -- Wanted to hear of Charles G. Weir, who went to the United States in February, 1908, residing at Fall River Massachusetts for two years. He then moved to the Western States, and has written occasionally from Montana, Dakota, and Washington Territory. He was employed on cattle ranches in the States. Last heard of in Hope, North Dakota. Said he would probably go to Canada or New Mexico. Any information regarding him will be thankfully received by his mother, Sarah Weir, 87 Brookmount Street, Belfast, Ireland.

HILL -- The sisters of Mrs. Barbara Hill are anxious to know of her whereabouts. When last heard of 15 years ago she was living in San Francisco. Any information regarding her will be thankfully received by her sister, Louisa Carpenter, 200 Mayo Street, off Springfield Road, Belfast.

CLARKE -- Information wanted as to the wherenbouts of Matthew Clarke, 17 years of age, lately employed by a farmer in Canada; but left suddenly, and last heard of as being in the State of Minnesota, U.S.A. Any news of his whereabouts will be thankfully received by his father, Matthew Clarke, 10 Central Street, Belfast, Ireland. United States and Canadian papers please copy.

ALVIN -- Wanted to know the whereabouts of any of the relations of James Alvin, who was born in Belfast or vicinity about sixty years ago, and died lately in California. About two years ago he left California to visit his old home, and on his return stated he had been in Belfast Any information may be sent to Geo. I. Browne, 2 Carleton Street, Portadown, Ireland.

APPLEBY -- If Mrs. Appleby (maiden, name Turner), of Belfast, who inquired in this column some time ago for information concerning her brother, John Turner, will write to him at 92 Garngad Hill, Town Head, Glasgow, he will be glad to hear from her.

WYLIE -- Information as to the present address of Violet Wylie (aged 12), late Ballymaquillen, Aldergrove, Co. Antrim, will be thankfully received by Mrs. J. Gorman, Tully, Crumlin, Co. Antrim.

LEGHORN -- The relatives of the late George Leghorn, of Derrylave, Co. Cavan, who died 1893, are sought by his only daughter, Lettie Leghorn, whose mother died six years ago. There was a brother living nt Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A., and another believed to be at Portrush, last heard of about twenty years ago. Write to Miss L. Leghorn, 10 Victoria Terrace, Weymouth, England. Irish and American papers please copy.

WATSON -- Wanted to know the whereabouts of Robert Watson, who left Dromore, Co. Down, 45 years ago for Pittsburg, Alleghenny, or his son Charles. Last heard of was a Baptist minister. Any information regarding them will be thankfully received by his only sister, Mrs. Kerr, Railway Street, Ballymena.

COUSINS, or ALLEN -- Relatives of James Cousins or DIANA ALLEN, formerly of Lurgan, are requested to communicate with Mrs. Sarah Amato (nee Cousins), at 75 Forge Street, Germiston, Glasgow.

IRWIN or HEWERDINE -- Wanted to know the adress of Mrs. Irwin (maiden name Ellen Hewerdine), married in Drumcar, Co. Louth. Last seen at Summerhill, Dublin. Her sister would like to hear from her, or any of the family. Dublin papers please copy. -- Mrs. Norton, 17 Wellwood Street, off Great Victoria Street, Belfast, Ireland.

BRIGGS -- Wanted to know the whereabouts of Hamilton Briggs, last heard of in 1904, when in the employment of Mr. J. Jellison, Denver, Colorado, U.S.A, Any information Mrs. Sarah Waterworth, 9 Kenilworth St., Belfast, Ireland.

BERTOGLIO -- Wanted to know the whereabout of Mrs. M. Bertoglio (nee Lilian Webb), last heard of at 1074 Union Street, San Francisco. Any information will be thankfully received by her father, Richard Webb, 7 Valentine Street, Belfast, Ireland.

FITZSIMONS -- Wanted to know the whereabouts of Francis Fitzsimons, late first-class stoker on the American Navy; last heard of six years ago in San Francisco. Any news of him will he thankfully received by his sister, Mrs. M'Millen, 7 Harper Street, Belfast. American papers please copy.

IRWIN -- Wanted to know the whereabouts of Mrs. Irwin (nee Ellen Hewerdine) last heard of when residing in Dublin. Any information would be gratefully received by her sister, Mrs. Annie Norton. 17 Wellwood St., Belfast.

MOORE -- Wanted to know the whereabouts of Charles Alexander Moore, formerly of Malone Place, Belfast. Last heard of in Lemsford Hotel, village of Lemsford, Saskachewan, Canada. Any information will be thankfully received by his father, Thomas Moore, Beragh, Tyrone, Ireland.

MURDOCK. H. -- Information wanted concerning her son, H. Murdock, formerly living in 167 Edmond Avenue, Paterson, N.J. Last letter from him on 2nd December, 1913. His mother, who resides at 8 Mossvale Street, Belfast, Ireland inquires. American papers please copy.

BROWN -- Wanted to know the whereabouts of Hugh Brown, who left Belfast eight years ago for Liverpool, and later is believed to have gone to Canada. His sister, Miss Matilda Brown, 23 South Parade, Ormeau Road, Belfast, Ireland, would be thankful for information.

M'LARNON -- Wanted to know the whereabouts of Henry M'Larnon, who left Ballymena about 30 years ago and settled in Manitoba, Canada. His mother, Mrs. Murray, Fair Hill Lane, Ballymena, would be glad to hear from him.

FINNIGAN -- Wanted to know the whereabouts of John Finnigan, who over thirty years ago was a groom at Whiteabbey. Information will be gladly received by Mrs. Todd, 88 India Place, Edinburgh.


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