Extracts from Mercantile Navy List - 1850


BALDERSTON. -- November 19, 1849, at sea, on board the "Nile," David Balderston, First Class Master, Glasgow.

BYRES. -- February 12, 1850, James Smyth Byres, Third Class Master, London, drowned on the wreck of the "Childe Harold," on Dassen Island.

CRAWFURD. -- The "Greyhound," of Madras sailed from Singapore for Hong Kong, August 23, 1849, and has not since been heard of; John Crawfurd, Second Class Master, London, being the Chief Mate thereof.

CRISP. -- December 27, 1848, at sea, on board the "Calphurnia," William Crisp, Second Class Master, London.

DALLY. -- February 2, 1850, at sea, on board the "Active," William Charles Dally, Third Class Master, London.

HOSEASON. -- February 1, 1850, at Falmouth, Jamaica, James Gilbert Hoseason, of the ship "Hopewell," First Class Master, London.

HOWES. -- October 26, 1849, Charles Howes, Second Class Master, London, was drowned, at the wreck of the "Cumberland," off Santiago.

LOCK. -- February 11, 1850, at Peckham, James White Lock, Third Class Master, London; late Chief Officer of the "Diana."

M'LEOD. -- August 5th, 1849, at Liverpool, John Stuart M'Leod, Second Class Mate, Liverpool; late Chief Officer of the "Anne."

ORD. -- November 23, 1849, at Calcutta, Robert Ord, First Class Master, Liverpool; late in command of the "Guisichan."

PEMBERTON -- July 18, 1849, at sea, on board the "Chieftain," John Pemberton, Second Class Master, London.

PRYNN. -- May 24, 1850, at London, Nathaniel Charles Prynn, Third Class Master, London, was accidentally killed by a horse and cart.

WILLIAMS. -- November, 1849, at Maulmain, Edwin Crouch Williams, Third Class Master, London, late in command of the "Sons of Commerce."

WILSON. -- February 27, 1850, at sea, on board the "Westminster," Alexander Dyce Wilson, Third Class Mate, London.


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