Newtownards Chronicle - Saturday, 3 January 1914


Announcements under this heading are charged for as follows -- Birth, 1s 6d; Marriage, 2s 6d; Death, 1s 6d; Death, with Notice of Interment, 2s 6d. These announcements must be prepaid and duly authenticated with the name and address of sender.


STEVENSON--WOODS. -- December 26th, 1913, at First Holywood Presbyterian Church, by Rev. Wm. Mitchell, James, son of James and Mrs. Stevenson, 15 Ford Street, Newtownards, to Isabella (Isa) second daughter of James and Mrs. Woods, 3 West Place, Bangor.

WOODS--HAMILTON. -- November 26th, at Winnipeg, Canada, by the Rev. G. P. Jones, Thomas Albert, second son of the late John Woods and Mrs. Woods, The Mount, Belfast, Ireland, to Susannah Harvey Hamilton, fifth daughter of David and Mrs. Hamilton, the Trench Farm. Comber, Co. Down, Ireland.


BROWN -- January 1st, 1914, at Ballywalter, James Brown. The remains of my beloved husband will be removed for interment in the family burying ground. Whitechurch, on Saturday, 3rd January, at one o'clock. AGNES BROWN.

GORMAN -- December 27 (suddenly), at his residence, Queen's Parade, Bangor, Dr. John Gorman, Surgeon, third son of the late Philip Gorman, of Maze, Co. Down.

M'CALL -- December 29th, 1913, at his son's residence, Londonderry Arms Hotel, High Street, Newtownards, Edward M'Call, J.P., aged 80 years. R.I.P. The remains of my beloved father were interred in the family burying ground, Killysuggan, on Wednesday, 31st December. EDWARD M'CALL.

MORRISON -- December 28th, 1913, at 3, Court Street, Newtownards, James Morrison, coach-painter. The remains of my beloved husband were removed from his late residence and interred in Movilla Cemetery on Wednesday, 31st December, at noon. JEANIE MORRISON.

RAINEY -- December 27th, 1913, at 18 Thomas Street, Newtownards, Margaret, relict of the late William Rainey. The remains of our beloved mother were interred in Movilla Cemetery on Tuesday, 30th December, at two o'clock. THOMAS J.. MARGARET and AGNES RAINEY.

RITCHIE -- 27th December, 1913, at Ballyhaft, Eliza Ritchie, in her 84th year. The remains of my dearly beloved mother were interred in the family burying ground, Grey Abbey, on Monday, 29th ult.
"Sleep on, beloved, sleep, and take thy rest;
Lay down thy head upon thy Saviour's breast;
We loved thee well, but Jesus loves thee best--
Good-night, good-night, good-night.
SARA RITCHIE, Ballyhaft.

SIMMS -- December 30th, 1913, at her residence, Scrabo Isles, Newtownards, Elizabeth, widow of John Simms. Her remains were interred in Movilla Cemetery, on Thursday, 1st January, 1914.

In Memoriam

HAMILTON -- In fond and loving memory of Margaret, beloved wife of Samuel Hamilton, who died at Mountstewart, on 2nd January, 1913, and was interred in the family burying ground. Grey Abbey.
When time, who steals our years away,
   Shall steal our treasures too;
The memory of the past will stay,
   And half our joys renew.
We loved her; yes, we loved her,
   But Jesus loved her more;
And he has sweetly called her,
   To yonder shining shore.
A tender smile was given.
   A voice said, sweetly, "Come,"
And with farewell unspoken,
   Dear mother entered Home.
Inserted bv her loving HUSBAND and FAMILY. The Lodge, Mountstewart.


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Newtownards Chronicle - Saturday, 10 January 1914


BROWN--BOYD. -- January 7th, 1914, at the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Newtownards, by the Rev. T. Boyd, Francis Campbell, Lisbarnett, son of Hugh R. Brown, Drumhirk, to Elizabeth Mulholland, elder daughter of William Boyd, Drumhirk.


HARPER. -- November 16th, 1913, at Dunedin Hospital, Robert Robinson, beloved husband of Margaret Harper, Middlemarch, New Zealand, and eldest son of the late Andrew Harper, Ballygrainey, Co. Down. WILLIAM HARPER.

MILLAR. -- January 6th, 1914, at Cronstown, James Henry Millar, aged 11 years. The remains of my dearly beloved son were interred in Movilla Cemetery on 7th inst. JOHN MILLAR.

M'KEAG. -- January 3rd, 1914, at Killaughey, Donaghadee, James M'Keag. The remains of my beloved husband were interred in the family burying-ground, Millisle, on Tuesday afternoon, 6th inst. LIZZIE M'KEAG.

MORRISON. -- On January 4th at Londonderry Schools, Newtownards, William J. (Billy), third son of James Morrison, aged 15 years. His remains were interred in Movilla Cemetery on Tuesday afternoon at 2.30.

THOMPSON. -- January 7th, 1914, at her residence, Church Vale, Killinchy, Lizzie Patterson Thompson. The remains of my beloved wife will be removed for interment in Killinchy Old Meeting House Green on to-day (Saturday), 10th inst., at one o'clock. ROBERT THOMPSON.

In Memoriam

CAVAN. -- In loving memory of Daisy, the third and dearly loved daughter of Maggie and the late James Cavan, who passed away on the 6th January, 1912. "Ever remembered." M. CAVAN. 39 Pound Street, Newtownards.

HERON. -- In loving memory of our dear father, John Heron, potato merchant who died at Newtownards, on 22nd December, 1911, also our mother, Ellen Heron, who died at Newtownards on January 8th, 1912.
   Sleep on, beloved, sleep, and take thy rest,
   Lay down thv weary heads upon thy Saviour's breast.
Inserted by their Son, Daughter-in-Law, and Family, ALEX. and CHARLOTTE HERON and FAMILY. Conway Square, Newtownards.

M'CALLION. -- In fond and loving memory of our dear son, Willie, aged 7 years and 4 months, who departed this life on 8th January, and was interred in Ballyblack burying-ground on 9th January, 1912.
Though one long year has now gone by,
   Since this great sorrow fell,
Still in our hearts we mourn the loss
   Of one, we loved so well.
Extremely hard it was, to part,
   With one we loved so dear.
He was cut off in early youth,
   In midst of life and cheer.
Inserted by his sorrowing Parents, JOHN and MAGGIE M'CALLION. Pound Street, Newtownards.

ORR. -- In sad, but loving, memory of our darling baby, James Orr, who passed away at Chicago, December 22nd, 1913, aged 1 year and S months.
The Lord said, "You have finished,
   Come up higher, darling, dear;
You have won a crown in Heaven
   By the pain you suffered here."
Those who saw you in your; casket,
   Pure and white, and Oh, so fair,
Thought you were the light of Heaven
   As you lay so sweetly there.
Inserted by his sorrowing Parents, HUGH and ELEANOR ORR. 1,144 Newport Avenue, Chicago, Ill., U.S.A.


Mr. and. Mrs. JAMES MORRISON beg to thank the many kind friends who sympathised with them in their recent sad bereavement, also those who sent letters and telegrams of condolence, and to the donors of such beautiful wreaths. They trust this will be accepted as an acknowledgment of their deep and sincere appreciation. Londonderry Schools, Newtownards.


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