North Down Herald and Co Down Independent - Friday, 7 January 1916


GORDON--MORROW -- December 18th, 1915, at Ballygilbert Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. W. J. Currie, B.A. (First Bangor), James W. Gordon, eldest son of Hugh Gordon, Belfast, to Mary Gilmour Morrow (Minnie), third surviving daughter of the late David Morrow and Mrs. Morrow, Hatfield Terrace, Bangor.

MILLIGAN--CARTER -- December 29th (by special licence), by the Rev. K. J. Morrell, Charles Forrest Milligan, son of Seaton Forrest Milligan, Eastward, Bangor, Co. Down, to Margery, third daughter of James Carter, Rathmoyle, Bangor, Co. Down.


MORRISON -- 5th January, at 13 Victoria Road, Bangor, John Morrison. The remains of my dearly-beloved husband will be removed for interment in New Cemetery, Bangor, at 3 o'clock, p.m., on Saturday. MARY ANN MORRISON.

SKELLY -- January 5, 1916, at his residence, Fernbrook, Bangor, Isaac Samuel, beloved husband of Martha Skelly. Funeral private. No flowers.

WARD -- January 5, Harriot Jane, Matron of the Cottage Hospital, Cushendall, aged 43.

COCHRAN -- January 4, at her residence Sunnyside, Raglan Road, Bangor, Jane, widow of the late James Cochran.



A commission as 2nd Lieutenant in the 20th R.I.R. stationed at Ballykinlar, had been granted to Sergeant Wm. Bell, of the 2/6th Black Watch. Lieut. Bell is the eldest son of Mr. Frank Bell, College Avenue, Bangor. He enlisted in the Black Watch in September, 1914, immediately after the outbreak of war.



We announce with much regret the death, at his residence, Fernbrook, Tennyson Avenue, Bangor, of Mr. Isaac Skelly, who has been long and prominently associated with the commercial life of Belfast, at the see of 63 years. Born in the neighbourhood of Co. Down, the late Mr. Skelly came to Belfast as a young man, where he was for some time employed by the Bedford Street Weaving Company, afterwards turning his energies and conspicuous natural ability to the building up of a flourishing drapery concern, in the conduct of which he had associated with him his brother, Mr. Jacob Bell Skelly, who still superintends the business in Great Edward Street, where it was established. The Messrs. Skelly inaugurated an estate and house agency department, which was singularly [-- ? --], and in due course the partnership was dissolved, the late Mr. Isaac Skelly taking over the property end, and his brother continuing as proprietor of the drapery concern. First at Victoria Street and later at Chichester Street, Mr Isaac Skelly conducted, on principles which won the approval of his extensive clientele, a successful estate agency, from which, owing to failing health, he was reluctantly obliged to sever himself some four years ago. Ever since his retirement he has been in failing health, and for nearly two years prior to his demise was prevented, by bodily infirmity, from leaving the house. The seizure which ultimately led to his death occurred on Christmas Day and in spite of the assiduous care of his medical attendant and the unremitting devotion of his wife and family, he passed peacefully away on Wednesday morning. During his long illness, which he bore with Christian fortitude, the late Mr. Skelly was attended first by Dr. John Gorman (who is since deceased), and later by Dr. Bennett, of Bangor. He was a prominent and highly esteemed member of the Bangor Methodist Church, in which for a number of years he filled the position of circuit steward and benevolent enterprises always found in him a generous friend. Politically he was strongly opposed to Home Rule, though be did not identify himself prominently with political movements or public affairs. He is survived by his wife and two daughters -- Mrs. Herbert Stewart and Mrs. Francis J. Carey -- with whom, as with all the other relatives, the greatest sympathy is felt.



Private Alexander Davidson, of the R.A.M.C., who is now connected with one of the English Military hospitals, is home for a few days' leave. He looks the picture of health, and the military kit suits him to perfection. Also on leave is Pte. H. Sheldon, another member of Dr. Craig's class who joined the R.A.M.C. at the same time as Private Davidson. During the week Private T. Cooke, a son of Mrs. Cooke, Ruby Street, paid a visit to his friends in Bangor. He belongs to the Canadian Artillery.



Captain T. J. Burroughs, 13th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles (1st County Down Volunteers) has been invalided home from France suffering from rheumatism contracted in the trenches. Captain Burroughs, who belongs to Bangor, was formerly a commercial traveller in the employment of Messrs. M'Gowan & Ingram, Ltd., Ann Street, Belfast, and he took an active interest in the Ulster Volunteer Force, being a company commander in the 1st Battalion North Down Regiment. He obtained his present rank in the 1st County Down Battalion on 14th September, 1914.


Roll of Honour

-- -- -- -- --

Of Men from Bangor and District who are now Serving with the Forces.

-- -- -- -- --

For assistance in connection with the compilation of the list our thanks are due to the clergy of the various Churches represented. There must still be many omissions from the Roll, and we should be grateful to readers who can supply additional names before Friday of nest week, when it is hoped to publish a complete and correct list.


Absolom, G.
Absolom, D.
Absolom, L.
Adorian, J.
Adorian, --
Agnew, H.
Atkinson, A. F. D.
Avery. D.
Barbour, W.
Blackwood, Lord B.
Blackwood, Lord F.
Bingham, Hon. R.
Bingham, Hon. M.
Bingham, Hon. D.
Bingham, Hon. B.
Bailie, G.
Bailie, J.
Barrett, E.
Beck, D.
Bickerstaff, R.
Bowen, A.
Brown, J.
Brown, J.
Brown, J.
Brown, M.
Brown, R.
Brownell, W.
Burns, H.
Burns, J.
Burns, T.
Burrows, W.
Bruvis, J.
Crawford, R. G. Sharman
Chandlier, W.
Chasty, J.
Cleland, J.
Combe, G.
Conway, J.
Cook, A.
Cresswell, R.
Cree, T.
Cree, G.
Crozier, W.
Crozier, W.
Darnell, C. K.
Darnell, C.
Davidson, Private Alex. (U.D.C), Military Hospital Work, R.A.M.C.
Davis, W. J.
Despard, G.
Dorman, W.
Edmundson, J.
Farrow, J. K.
Feherty, J.
Feherty, J.
Gallway, R.
George, J.
Gibson, W.
Glasgow, W.
Gorman, E.
Gorman, J.
Gorman, H.
Gay, C. E.
Hewitt, E. H.
Hewitt, H.
Hewitt, W. A.
Hind, Second Lieutenant Ernest W. G., 15th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles.
Hind, Lieutenant Norman E., 15th B. Royal Irish Rifles.
Hind, Rifleman Charles, 13th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles.
Hind, Second-Lieutenant William E., 9th South Wales Borderers.
Holmes, B. M.
Irwin, S.
Irwin, T.
Irwin, W.
Jackson, W. G.
Johnston, R.
Johnston, W.
Jones, T.
Jones, A.
Jones, V.
Larmour, E.
Liddy, E.
Leighton, R.
Magee, G.
Mahaffy, H.
Maitland, W.
Martin, --
Martin, T.
Mawhinney, W.
Midwinter, Wm.
Miskelly, T.
Moncrief, C. T.
Moncrief, J. B.
Moore, A.
Moore, R.
Morgan, F.
Morgan, R.
Mulholland, A.
MacAuley, R.
MacDonagh, W. J.
M'Clure, J.
M'Ilroy, R.
M'Kee, G.
M'Kinney, I.
M'Meekan. W.
M'Pherson, J.
M'Connell, D.
M'Creedy, H.
MacDonagh, F.
M'Dowell. R.
M'Gowan, W.
Nicholl, P.
Nicholson, H. Steele
Nicholson, A. Steele
O'Brien, P.
O'Brien, J.
O'Neill, G. G.
O'Neill, J.
Patterson. T.
Porter, N. J.
Quee, S.
Reynolds, G.
Ritchie, W.
Robinson, G.
Robson, I.
Rogers, A.
Rosevere, W. H.
Ross, J.
Savage, A.
Savage, J.
Schofield, T.
Shepperd, W. H.
Simpson, D. J.
Stewart, R.
Stewart, T.
Swindle, S.
Thompson, F.
Thompson, R.
Thompson, R.
Thompson, W.
Vivash, B.
Vivash, S.
Williams, T. W.
Wilson, H.
Wilson, S.
Wilson, T.
Wood, F.
Wright, R.

-- -- -- -- --


Agnew, Alexander, Cyclist Corps.
Agnew, Edward, 13th Royal Irish Rifles.
Agnew, George, Canadian Contingent.
Agnew, John, 18th Royal Irish Rifles.
Alexander, Louis, Canadian Contingent.
Anderson, David, Canadian Contingent.
Anderson, Sergeant A. J., R.G.A.
Austin, Wm., Navy.
Barbour, William, A.S.C.
Bell, Philip, Motor Transport.
Bell, William, 6th Black Watch.
Black, James (jun.), 6th Black Watch.
Black, Hugh, 26 Field Ambulance.
Blair, Albert E., 16th Royal Irish Rifles.
Brown, Frank A. J., 2nd Lieutenant 6th Leinster Regiment.
Brown, Arthur, 6th Black Watch.
Brown, Frederick, H.M. Navy.
Brown, Leonard, Cyclist Corps.
Black, Archibald M.
Burns, David, M'C.
Campbell, Alexander, Royal Irish Rifles.
Campbell, John D., Naval Reserve.
Corbett, Wm., Royal Engineers.
Cosgrove, H. H., 2nd Lieutenant Royal Fusiliers.
Cooke, Alex.
Cooke, William.
Dobbs, Jack, South African Force.
Dobbs, Walter, Motor Transport.
Gayler, Charles, R.G.A.
Gilmore, Robert, Royal Engineers.
Graham, Charles, 5th Lancers.
Graham, Robert, 13th Royal Irish Rifles.
Gray, Alexander, 18th Royal Irish Rifles.
Gray, James, 13th Royal Irish Rifles.
Gray, John, Royal Engineers.
Hanna, Robert, 18th Royal Irish Rifles.
Hanna, Robert B., Australian Contingent.
Henry, Thomas, 16th Royal Irish Rifles.
Henderson, Walter, Royal Engineers.
Holmes, A. M., New Zealand Contingent.
Holmes, D. G.. Canadian Contingent.
Holmes, John M., H.M Transport.
Holmes, William, H.M. Navy.
Houston, Henry, Royal Irish Rifles.
Houston, James, New Zealand Contingent.
Houston, Thos., 13th Royal Irish Rifles.
Hannay, Herbert.
Irvine, Duncan, Royal Field Artillery.
Jackson, George, 13th Royal Irish Rifles.
Johnston, Albert, 8th Royal Irish Rifles.
Keenan, Wm. H., Old Schoolboys Batt.
Lindsay, Hugh, Army Service Corps.
Lowry, Herbert, Australian Contingent.
Lowry, Samuel, Army Service Corps.
Mitchell, Marcus
Maginnis, Alex., Canadian Contingent.
M'Cauley, William R., 13th Royal Irish Rifles.
M'Cready, Andrew, 13th Royal Irish Rifles.
M'Cready, Nathaniel, 13th Royal Irish Rifles.
M'Cready, Robert, 13th Royal Irish Rifles.
M'Gilton, David, 13th Royal Irish Rifles.
M'Gilton, James, 13th Royal Irish Rifles.
M'Kee, William, H.M. Navy.
M'Keown, Jack, 14th Royal Irish Rifles.
M'Letchie, William B., 13th Royal Irish Rifles.
M'Millan, Hugh, New Zealand Contingent.
M'Millan, Robert J., New Zealand Contingent.
M'Nair, Robert, 13th Royal Irish Rifles.
M'Murray, Alexander, H.M. Navy.
M'Murray, Robert, 18th Royal Irish Rifles.
M'Murray, Thomas, 13th Royal Irish Rifles.
Major, James, 13th Royal Irish Rifles.
Major, James, Army Service Corps.
Mann, Fraser, 11th Royal Irish Rifles.
Manning, Frederick Everard Beresford, Lincolnshire Regiment.
Meek, William J., H.M. Transport "E."
Milliken, James (jun.), 13th Royal Irish Rifles.
Miskelly, Thomas.
Miskelly, W. J.
M'Cullough, Oliver.
M'Bride, W. A.
M'Clure, Samuel.
Moag, Charles, North Irish Horse.
Mulholland, John, Army Service Corps.
Orr, John, 18th Royal Irish Rifles.
Orr, Samuel, Army Ordnance Corps.
Patton, Graham, R.A.M.C.
Patterson, Thomas, 13th Battalion, R.I.R.
Rea, Samuel P., R.A.M.C.
Ritchie, Hugh, R.F.A.
Ritchie, Thomas, Royal Marine Light Infantry.
Ritchie, William, Army Service Corps.
Ritchie, John, Australian Contingent.
Rogan, Patrick, H.M. Navy.
Savage Alexander, 13th Royal Irish Rifles.
Savage, John, 13th Royal Irish Rifles.
Scott, George, R.N.A.S.
Scott, William, 11th Royal Irish Rifles.
Scott, William, H.M.S. Majestic.
Seeton, Alfred, H.M. Transport.
Small, Thomas M., 13 Royal Irish Rifles.
Smith, Herbert S., R.A.M.C.
Smiley, William (jun.), A.S.C.
Smyth, Samuel A., Royal Engineers.
Stevenson, James, Royal Irish Rifles.
Shanks, John, 13th Royal Irish Rifles.
Scott, Daniel.
Stevenson, Harry.
Stevenson, James.
Thompson, Stafford.
Thompson, Stewart, R.A.M.C.
Trotter, Charles, A.S.C.
Watson, Thomas, R.I.R.
Walkington, Tony, 6th Black Watch.
Wilson, John, 6th Black Watch.
Wilson, James, 13th Royal Irish Rifles.
Wright D., Canadian Contingent.
Wright, R. H., New Zealand Contingent.


Willie Scott, H.M.S. Majestic.
Alexander M'Murray, H.M. Transport Princess Irene.

REPORTED MISSING. Robert R. Hanna, Australian Contingent.
Alexander Campbell, Royal Irish Rifles.

Sergeant Charles Graham, 5th Lancers.

Brown, Arthur, 6th Black Watch.
Charles Graham, Sergeant (D.C.M.), 5th Lancers (twice).
Lowry, Herbert, Australian Contingent.
Ritchie, John, Australian Contingent.
Wright, R. H. Australian Contingent.

In connection with the Volunteer Aid Detachment, the following ladies, members of First Bangor, have volunteered their services as nurses:

Small, Miss Ena K., Military Hospital, Bangour, West Lothian.
Miss Mabel Dobbs.
Miss Margaret M'Cready.
Miss Annie Smith.


The following names are on the Roll of Honour at present:

Stewart, Knowles, Royal Irish Rifles.
Clarke, Robert, R.A.M.C.
Lowry, George, Royal Irish Rifles.
Lowry, Alexander, Royal Irish Rifles.
Breeze, John, Royal Irish Rifles.
Irwin, Norman, Royal Irish Rifles.
M'Neill, Hugh, Royal Irish Rifles.
M'Mahon, Hugh, Black Watch.
Magowan, Willie, Royal Irish Rifles.
Legge, Norman, Royal Irish Rifles.
M'Neilly Samuel, Royal Irish Rifles.
Waterson, John, Royal Irish Riles.
Savage, Andrew, Royal Irish Rifles.
Savage, David, Royal Irish Rifles.
Todd, James, Royal Irish Fusiliers.
Beattie, Hugh, Royal Irish Rifles.
Caulfield, Robert, Royal Irish Rifles.
Caulfield, James, Royal Irish Rifles.
M'Caw, Andrew, Royal Irish Rifles.
M'Caw, John, Royal Irish Rifles.
Gorman, Samuel, Royal Irish Rifles.
Gorman, James, Royal Irish Rifles.
Gorman, Alexander, Royal Irish Rifles.
Gorman, Albert, Royal Irish Rifles.
Newell, Thomas, Royal Irish Rifles.
Newell, Walter, Royal Irish Rifles.
Newell, Hugh (killed).
Newell, Leslie, Royal Irish Rifles.
Hassan, Alexander, R.N.
Hassan, James, R.N.A.S.
Hassan, William, R.I.R.
Conway, James, Royal Irish Rifles.
Conway, Charles, Royal Irish Rifles.
Crawford, James, Royal Irish Rifles.
Jordan, R. R. (killed).
Wightman, James, A.S.C.
Chambers, Joseph H., Royal Irish Rifles.
Brown, David, Royal Irish Rifles.
Mansfield, James (Commission in Irish Guards).
M'Kee, Captain William, Transport Service.
Lyttle, Bertie, Royal Irish Rifles.
Skimin, George, Royal Irish Rifles.
Scott, David, Royal Irish Rifles.
Brown, James, Royal Irish Rifles.
Mansfield, William, South Irish Horse.
Cheyne, J. E. D., Second-Lieutenant, Royal Garrison Artillery.
Pollock, Clifford, Public School Boys' Brigade.
Dickson, Hugh, Royal Irish Rifles.
Foster, James, Motor Transport Service.
Reid, Willie, Army Service Corps.
Gordon, Robert, Royal Irish Rifles.
Lindsay, Albert, Canadian Expeditionary Force.
Patterson, Thomas, Royal Irish Rifles.
M'Cready, James, Royal Irish Rifles.
Sheldon, Herbert H., Ambulance Corps.
Fowler, Andrew, H.M.S. Moy, T.B.D.
M'Caw, James, R.I.R.

It will be seen from above list that two families have each four sons in the fighting forces, one has three, and five have two. The first to fall has been R. R. Jordan, who was killed at the Dardanelles on the 6th of August. John M'Caw was wounded in France, but has since returned to the trenches.

-- -- -- -- --


Templeton, Captain George, 2nd Royal Irish Rifles, 7th Brigade, 3rd Division.
Burroughs, Captain Thomas G. "C" Company, 13th Royal Irish Rifles.
Neill, Lieutenant Willie, 1/4 Battalion, King's Own Royal Lancashires.
Berkeley, Lieutenant Lowry K., Connaught Rangers.
Armstrong, Petty Officer John, 15th Squadron, Royal Naval Air Service, Armoured Cars.
Marshall, Petty Officer A. Stanley, 15th Squadron, R.N.A.S., Armoured Cars.
M'Cready, Petty Officer Robert, 15th Squadron, R.N.A.S., Armoured Cars.
M'Cready, Petty Officer Bert., 15th Squadron, R.N.A.S., Armoured Cars.
M'Gimpsey, Petty Officer Willie, R.N.A.S., Armoured Cars.
Paton, Q.M. Segt. Frank, 18th R.I.R.
Bell, Sergt. Austin, 16th (Pioneer) Royal Irish Rifles.
Combe, Sergeant George, 13th R.I.R.
Godson, Sergeant Harry, R.A.S C.
M'Clune, Sergeant John, R.A.M.C.
Armstrong, Private Willie W., 1/6 Black Watch.
Bell, Steward Alex., H.M. Hospital Ship, No. 14.
Brown, Driver Hugh, R.A.S.C.
Claney, Trooper, Samuel, "C" Squad., Queen's Yorkshire Dragoons.
Claney, Private John, Canadian Royal Engineers.
Gorman, Private W. J. R., 13th Platoon 4th Canadians 11th Reserve Battalion.
Hughes, Private Willie, 7th Platoon "B" Company 14th Battalion R.I.R. (Y.C.V.I.)
Hughes, Private Bert, 7th Platoon "B" Company 14th Battalion, R.I.R. (Y.C.V.I.)
Halliday, Private John, R.A.M.C.
M'Chesney, Private Jack, 13th R.I.R.
M'Gimpsey, Private Tom, R.A.S.C.
Neill, Private James Wilson, 3rd Canadian Mounted Rifles, 2nd Division.
Oliver, Seaman John, H.M., Jupiter.
Patton, Private John, 18th R.I.R.
Rea, Private David, 18th R.I.R.
Thompson, Private William.

-- -- -- -- --


Totten, Edward.
Milliganm, William.
Sheppard, Fred.
Weir, Harry.
Stephenson, Harry
Cumming, Herbert.
Cumming, Albert.
Conolly, James H.
Wilson, William.
Wilson, William John.
Couzer, Richard.
Hunter, William.
Cumming, Percy.
Rooney, Hugh.
Smyth, John.
O'Neill, William.
O'Neill, Robert J.
O'Neill, Edward.
Mansell, William.
Campbell, Alex.
Anderson. William J.
Parkhill, Ernest J.
Tyrell, Edward.

-- -- -- -- --


Brown, Private James, 18th Battalion R.I.R.
Scott, Private David, 16th Batt., R.I.R.
M'Kinley, Private Hamilton, Military Hospital Work, R.A.M.C.

-- -- -- -- --


Apperson, Second-Lieutenant George J., 13th R.I.R.
Appesoon, PrivatE Wm., 13th R.I.R.
Barrons, Private Alexander, 13th R.I.R.
Barrons, Private Patrick, 13th R.I.R.
Blakeley, Private Hugh, 13th R.I.R.
Brewer, Second-Lieutenant Harry H., 16th Durham Light Infantry.
Hamilton, Private John N., 13th R.I.R.
Hamilton, Private Samuel, 13th R.I.R.
Kingan, Second-Lieutenant Thomas D., 13th R.I.R.
Lightbody, Private John, R.M.L.I., H.M.S. Cornwall.
Lightbody, Private Wm., 3rd R.I.R.
Mailey, Private James, 13th R.I.R.
Mooney, Private Alexander, 12th R.I.R.
Mooney, Private Hugh, 18th Canadian Contingent.
Montgomery, Private Adam C., Black Watch.
M'Cullough, Seaman Wm. John, H.M.S. Erin
M'Dowell, Private John, Y.C.V.
Patton, Private Robert, 13th R.I.R.
Savage, Private Alexander, R.E.
Somers, Private John, Seaforth Highlanders.
Stevenson, Private Harry, 35th Canadian Contingent.

DISCHARGED THROUGH ILL-HEALTH. Patton, Private John, Irish Guards.
Parker, Private Francis, 13th R.I.R.

-- -- -- -- --


Ker, Captain D., Flanders.
Angus, Andrew (wounded and returned now wounded a second time).
Bennet, James, Armoured Car Service, at the Dardenelles.
Clarke, Thomas, North Irish Horse, at the Dardenelles.
Clarke, Ernest, Royal Enniskillen Fusiliers.
M'Intosh, Lance-Corporal James, Ulster Division, at the front.
M'Intosh, Ross, Motor Boat Services.
M'Caw, Corpl. James, Ulster Division, at the front.
Niblock, James, Motor Boat Service.
Niblock, Alexander, Ulster Divison Reserves.
Waterson, John, Motor Boat Service.
Waterson, John Alexander, Motor Boat Service.
Bell, Hugh, 18th Battalion, R.I.R.
Lilley, Thomas, North Irish Horse.

-- -- -- -- --


Alexander, William, Navy Reserve, on patrol boat.
Boyd, James, 13th Batt., R.I.R., France.
Clarke, Joseph.
Davidson, Robert, Army Service Corps, France.
Eley, William, 2nd Batt. R.I.R. (wounded (twice), Servia.
Ellison, Robert, 18th (Reserve) Battalion Royal Irish Rifles, Clandeboye.
Howden, James, 13th Batt., R.I.R., France.
Hoey, Robert, 18th (Reserve) Battalion R.I.R., Clandeboye.
Kennedy, John, 13th Battalion, R.I.R.
Moffett, Samuel, 11th Batt., R.I.R., France.
Malcolm, Corporal Robert H., 13th Batt., R.I.R., France.
Malcolm, Wm. H., Navy.
M'Clements, Alexander, 19th (Reserve) Batt. R.I.R., Newcastle.
M'Dowell, Wm., Newtownards.
M'Farlane, John, 13th Batt. R.I.R., France.
Nelson, Thomas, 13th Batt., R.I.R., France.
Nelson, James, Navy.
Rollins, Harold Ernest, 13th Batt. R.I.R., France.
Roaney, Samuel, 13th Battalion, R.I.R., France.
Romney, Andrew, 13th Batt., R.I.R., France.
Ward, John Smyth, Black Watch.
Ward, Thomas.

-- -- -- -- --


(We hope to publish the remaining Helen's Bay names next week.)

Workman, Major E.
Workman, Lieutenant H.
Hollywood, Lieutenant J.
Hollywood, Lieutenant A.
Ross, Lieutenant D.
Hollywood, Cadet G.
Liddell, Private G.
Healey, Private w.

-- -- -- -- --

Callwell, Harold G., H.M.S. Donegall.
Nelson, Samuel, 14th R.I.R.
M'Clay, Robert, Motor Transport.
Magee, F. W. H.. 2nd Lieutenant R.F.A. (at present in France).
Cree, Private George, 14th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles (Y.C.V.).
M'Guiggan, Arthur, Royal Garrison Artillery.
Nightingale, William, Royal Irish Rifles.
M'Cullough, J. O., Petty Officer, 15th Squadron, R.N.A.S.
M'Clune, Private J., R.A.M.C.
Beattie, Private Alexander, R.I.R.
Todd, Private Thomas, R.I.F.
Dermott, Rifleman Robert, 15th R.I.R.
Gilbert, Rifleman Robert, 16th R.I.R.
Ritchie, W., H.M. Transport.
M'Veigh, Captain W. J., 9th Royal Munster Fusiliers.
Rogan, Private J., 9th R.M.F.
Fox, Private J. A., 9th R.M.F.
Rohu, Con., Motor Transport, A.S.C. (on active service).
Morgan, B., Leinster Fusiliers (on active service).
Taggart, J., Connaught Rangers (on active service).
O'Shea, C., A.S.C. (on active service).
Blair, A., Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers (on active service).
M'Kissick, M., Royal Irish Fusiliers.
Smith, Albert, R.I.R. (Y.C.V.)
Smith, John, Cyclist Corps.
Stitt, Robert, Royal Navy.

-- -- -- -- --


We are pleased to state that every eligible man of military age in conection with Central Hall, Central Avenue, Bangor, is either on active service, in training, or on Government work. Below we give a list of names and regiments

Willis, James, Black Watch (late of Ashburton, Windsor Avenue, Bangor), killed in action.
Lowden, Fred G., Mechanical Transport (Main Street, Bangor), on active service.
M'Clay, Robert, Mechanical Transport (Ivan Mount, Bangor), on active service.
Seyers, Charles, Armoured Motor Car Section (Abbey Street, Bangor), on active service.
Knox, Jack, Royal Engineers (Roxburgh), Bangor.
Biair, Mr. John (on Government work at Barrow).
Edmundson. Mr. (on Government work in Belfast).

-- -- -- -- --

Gunner John Walton, 17th Battery R.G.A.
Gunner Charles Norstrome, 17th Battery R.G.A.


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North Down Herald and Co Down Independent - Friday, 21 January 1899

Roll of Honour.



Hamilton, Rev. F., Chaplain.
Vance, Midshipman Patrick, Royal Navy.
Sharman-Crawford, Colonel R. G., 18th R.I.R.
Gibson, Hon. Lieutenant and Quartermaster W., R.A.M.C.
Hardy, Lieut. Harold, 13th R.I.R.
Hollywood, Second-Lieutenant, Jas., 18th R.I.R.
Hollywood, Second-Lieutenant Arthur.
Hardy, Second-Lieutenant Kenneth, 4th R.I.R.
O'Rorke, Second-Lieutenant Daniel, R.G.A.
Ross, Second-Lieutenant Donald, R.G.A.
Smith, Second-Lieutenant Seth, R.G.A.
Brown, Second-Lieutenant W., King's Liverpool.
M'Dowell, Second-Lieutenant, T., R.F.A.
Workman, Lieutenant R., 13th R.I.R.
Workman, Major Elliot, Inniskilling Fusiliers.
Brown, Second-Lieutenant George, North Irish Horse.
Hollywood, Cadet Gerald, 18th R.I.R.
M'Dowell, Corporal Fred, R.E.
Hunter, Private John, 13th R.I.R.
Kennedy, Private John, 13th R.I.R.
Roaney, Private Sam, 13th R.I.R.
Roaney, Private Andy, 13th R.I.R.
Liddell, Private George, 13th R.I.R.
Clarke, Bombardier J., R.F.A.
Ward, Private T., R.E.
Heaney, Private J., Black Watch.
Eley, Private Wm., 2nd R.I.R.
Trotter, Driver, A.S.C.
Moffatt, Private S., 13th R.I.R.
Hamilton, Private S., 17th R.I.R.
Leighton, Private R., 13th R.I.R.
M'Clements, Private A., 17th R.I.R.
Ward, Private G., Black Watch.
Birch, Stoker A., H.M.S. Indomitable.
Stanford, Private J., Signal Squadron.
Midwinter, Driver W., A.S.C.
Davidson, Driver R., A.S.C.
M'Dowell, Private W., 18th R.I.R.
Green, Private George, R.A.M.C.
Dyer, Private J., 13th R.I.R.
Hoey, Private R., 18th R.I.R.
Ellison, Private R., 18th R.I.R.
Roaney, Private W., Canadian Mounted Rifles.


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