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12th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles Old Comrades Association.

List of Members -- 1949

12th RIR Old Boys 1949 Cover

12TH (S) BN. ROYAL IRISH RIFLES was raised and commanded by MAJOR R. C. A. McCALMONT, Member of Parliament for East Antrim -- afterwards Brig.-General McCalmont, C.V.O., C.B.E., D.S.O., D.L. -- in September, 1914, after the outbreak of the Great War, as a Unit of the 36th (Ulster) Division. It was recruited from the Ulster Volunteer Force in the areas of North, Central, and East Antrim.

The foundations of the Battalion's subsequent success were laid in its early training by its first Commanding Officer -- who had shortly before retired on half pay from the Irish Guards.

After training at Clandeboye and Newtownards, the Battalion moved to Seaford (Sussex) in June, 1915, and at Bordon Camp (Hampshire) training and equipment were completed.

The Battalion landed in France on the 4th October, 1915, and within a short time took its place in the line. From then until the end of the War it took part in most of the engagements of importance.

Of all the Battalions of the Royal Irish Rifles the 12th was unique in that when many Battalions were amalgamated during the re-organisation and re-grouping of the Armies it still retained its entity and was chosen to enter the Rhineland as part of the Occupation Forces following the surrender of the German Armies.

After a tour of duty in Germany, lasting about a year, the Battalion was finally disbanded in 1920.




Chairman: BRIG.-GENERAL R. C. A. McCALMONT, C.V.O., C.B.E., D.S.O., D.L., 8 Malone Road, Belfast.

Vice-Chairman: WILLIAM EVANS, 52 Marlborough Park North, Belfast.

Honorary Treasurer: CAPT. T. H. WHITE, Bank of Ireland, Royal Avenue, Belfast.

Honorary Secretary: W. H. LETSON, 87 High Street, Belfast. Telephone 24981.

JUNE, 1949




Chairman: CAPTAIN J. E, FURNISS, M.C., Straid, Ballynure.

Vice-Chairman: WILLIAM BEGGS, 67 Main Street, Ballyclare.

Honorary Treasurer: JAMES TODD, 53 Ballynure Road, Ballyclare.

Honorary Secretary: JOHN IRVINE, 27 Rashee Road, Ballyclare.



ADRAIN, H., Coronation Terrace, Ballyclare.
ARMSTRONG, William, 179 Ballynure Rd., Ballyclare.

BERESFORD, E., Ballyclare.
BEGGS, Samuel L., 102 Rashee Road, Ballyclare.
BELL, F., Ballynure, Co. Antrim.
BROWN, A., Ballyclare.
BROWNLEE, E., Ballynure, Co. Antrim.
BROWNLEE, H., Ballynure, Co. Antrim.
BROWNLEE, W., Ballynure, Co. Antrim.
BURNNAM, W. J., Mill Lane, Ballyclare.
BUSBY, W., Cogry Square, Doagh.

CARUTH, John, Ballymena Road, Doagh.
CAMERON, S., Straid, Ballynure, Co. Antrim.
CHRISTIE, J., Mill Row, Doagh.
COWAN, W., Mill Lane, Ballyclare.
CRAWFORD, J., Main Streep Ballyclare.

DAVIDSON, Samuel, Rashee Road, Ballyclare.

FERRIS, Andrew, 20 Station Road, Doagh.
FINLAY, K., Ballynure, Co. Antrim.
FLEMING, John, Ballyhamage, Doagh.
FLEMING, J., Ballycorr Roid, Ballyclare.

GALBRAITH, W., Rashee Road, Ballyclare.
GILMORE, William, Ballyclare Road, Doagh.
GILMOUR, James, 39 Bellevue Street, Ballyclare.
GOURLEY, D., Green Road, Ballyclare.
GOURLEY, W., Green Road, Ballyclare.
GRAY, W., Doagh, Co., Antrim.
GRAHAM, William R., Ballyeaston Road, Ballyclare.
HAMILL, J., Mill Road, Ballyclare.
HANSON, Capt., R. S., M.C., Glenardagh, Ballymena.
HEANEY, A., Doagh Road, Ballyclare.
HIGGINSON, James, 177 Ballynure Road, Ballyclare.
HUNTER, Alexander, 55 Doagh Road, Ballyclare.
HUNTER, James, 37 Ballyeaston Road, Ballyclare.

KITSON, J., Bally waiter, Templepatrick.

LAIRD, R. J., Mill Lane, Ballyclare.

MAYNE, S., Springvale, Doagh.
MOORE, J., Main Street, Ballyclare.
MORRISON, W. J., North End, Ballyclare.
MOORE, A., Ballyeaston, Ballyclare.
MURRAY, Samuel, 144 Rashee Road, Ballyclare.
McADAM, James, Ballyhamage, Doagh.
McAULEY, D., Ballyeaston, Ballyclare.
McCALMONT, James, 175 Ballynure Road, Ballyclare.
McCALMONT, William J., 29 Rashee Road, Ballyclare.
McCANN, Edward, Park Street, Ballyclare.
McCREARY, Francis, 181 Ballynure Road, Ballyclare.
McCLEAN, J., Bellevue Street, Ballyclare.
McCLURE, F., Parkgate, Doagh.
McCOLL, T., Mill Row, Doagh.
McCONNELL, S., Springvale, Doagh.
McCLEAN, A., Abercorn Drive, Ballyclare.
McFERRAN, James, Ballynure.
McGUIGAN, W., Green Road, Ballyclare.
McGUIGAN, A., Green Road, Ballyclare.
McILWAINE, J., Ballyeaston, Ballyclare.
McKEOWN, Robert, 39 Doagh Road, Ballyclare.
McKINSTRY, John, 28 Rashee Road, Ballyclare.
McMILLAN, William, The Claughan, Cogry.

PATTON, R., Hillhead Road, Ballyclare.

REID, David, Whitepark, Ballyclare.
REID, R., Ballyeaston, Ballyclare.

SEMPEY, T., Burnside, Doagh.
SEMPLE, J., Kilbride, Doagh.
SHANNON, T., Straid, Ballynure.
SIMMS, H., Ballyeaston Road, Ballyclare.
SMYTH, T. J., Springvale, Doagh.
SMITH, A., Courthouse Entry, Ballyclare.
SMYTH, R., Green Road, Ballyclare.
SPENCE, W., Green Road, Ballyclare.
STEWART, W., Ballyrobert.

TEMPLETON, A., Main Street, Ballyclare.
TODD, S., Springvale, Doagh.
TOPPING, J., Moira, Doagh.
TURNER, R., Victoria Villas, Ballyclare

WHELAN, J., Ballyeaston Road, Ballyclare.
WHELAN, C., Ballycorr Road, Ballyclare.
WHELAN, E, Ballycorr Road, Ballyclare.
WHITE, J., Senr., Springvale, Doagh.
WICKLOW, E., Springvale, Doagh.
WILSON, T., Green Road, Ballyclare.
WILSON, Robert, 40 Park Street, Ballyclare.
WILSON, Thomas, 117 Park Street, Ballyclare.
WILSON, Patrick, "Rock House," Cogry, Doagh.
WORKMAN, William J., 201 Ballynure Rd., Ballyclare.
YOUNG, Andrew, 19 Bellevue Street, Ballyclare.
YOUNG, Samuel, Mill Row, Doagh.




Chairman: ROBERT BARR, 4 Hope Street, Ballymena.

Vice-Chairman: JOHN MILLAR, 97 Bridge Street, Ballymena.

Honorary Treasurer: JOHN STEWART, 76 Ballymoney Road, Ballymena.

Honorary Secretary and Representative to H.Q.: W. H. SCULLION, Raceview, Broughshane, Co. Antrim



ADAMS, R. S., M.M., Lisnaclougher, Ballymena.
ANDERSON, John, 46 Galgorm Road, Ballymena.
I BELL, John, Cromkill, Ballymena.
CAIRNS, William, Tanny Brake, Ballymena.
CUMMING, Samuel, D.C.M., M S.M., 120 Ballymoney Road, Ballymena.
COLWELL, Robert, Mount Street, Ballymena.

DAVISON, Samuel, Blairstown, Galgorm Parks Gracehill, Co. Antrim.

FERGUSON, Samuel, Antrim.
FULLERTON, Thomas, Kells, Co. Antrim,

GRAHAM, Samuel, 35, Warden Street, Ballymena.
GALLOWAY, James, G.P.O. House, Ballymena.
GREENWOOD, Thomas, M.M., Kilrea Road, Craigs, Co. Antrim.

HANNA, David, Connor, Kells, Ballymena.
HANNA, William, Connor, Kells, Ballymena.
HANNA, George, 14 Moat Road, Ballymena.
HENRY, Thomas, 51 Warden Street, Ballymena.
HERBISON, William, Ivy Cottage, Craigs, Co. Antrim.

KENNEDY, James, 72 Upper Princes St., Ballymena.
KNOX, James, Larne Road, Ballymena.
KILPATRICK, Wilson, Kilrea Rd., Craigs, Co. Antrim.

MONTGOMERY, Joseph, 11 Patrick Place, Ballymena.
MILLAR, William, 58 Railway Street, Ballymena.
MULLAN, Hugh, 47 Warden Street, Ballymena.
MAGEE, William J., 106 Queen Street, Ballymena.
LEITH, George, Drumrankin, Cullybackey.
McAULEY, James, 73 Moat Terrace, Ballymena.
McAULEY, Joseph (sen.), 73 Moat Terrace, Ballymena.
McAULEY, Joseph (jun.), 17 Alfred St., Ballymena.
McAULEY, George, William Street, Ballymena.
McCONKEY, Samuel, Galgorm Parks, Gracehill.
McCALLION, Robert, 12 Edward Street, Ballymena.
McKELVEY, John, Rathkenny, Ballymena.
McWHIRTER, John, 43 Warden Street, Ballymena.

NESBITT, William J., 7 Larne Street, Ballymena.

O'NEILL, William, Hope Street, Ballymena.

PERRY, Samuel H., Lisnafillan, Gracehill, Ballymena.

ROBINSON, George, 33 Castle Street, Ballymena.
ROCK, David, 34 Garfield Place, Ballymena.

STEWART, Thomas, 31 Waring Street, Ballymena.
SUTTERS, James, 18 Clonavon Road, Ballymena.
SMITH, John, Cranagh, Craigs, Co. Antrim.

TELFORD, John, Antrim Road, Ballee, Ballymena.
TORBITT, John, 3 Edward Street, Ballymena.

WATSON, John, 6 Greenvale Street, Ballymena.
WATT, Samuel, 14 Hillmount Road, Cullybackey.
WATT, Henry, Hillmount, Cullybackey.




Chairman: A. S. McVICKER, Ann Street, Ballycastle.

Vice-Chairman: GEORGE MULHOLLAND, M.M., Finvoy P.O., Ballymoney.

Honorary Treasurer: JAMES MURPHY, Coleraine Road, Ballymoney.

Honorary Secretary and Representative to H.Q.: R. P. ABERNETHY, 8 Henry Street, Ballymoney.



ADAMS, Wm., M.M., Balnamore P.O., Ballymoney.
ADAMS, T., Roddenfoot, Ballymoney.
ADAMS, G., Stranocum.

BECKETT, A., Balnamore, Ballymoney.
BROLLY, C., Cabra, Ballymoney.
BROLLY, T., Balnamore.
BURNS, Jas., Balnamore.

CASWELL, Samuel, Bushfoot Cottages, Bushmills.
CRAWFORD, Joseph, Market Street, Omagh.
CARSON, Dan, Main Street, Bushmills.

DEANE, H., Dervock.
DEANE, J., D.C.M., U.S.A.

ELDER, A., Secon, Ballymoney.

FALL, Thomas, Bushfoot Cottage, Bushmills.

GALLOWAY, James, Moyarget, Ballycastle.
GREENE, Jackson, Queen Street, Ballymoney.
GIBSON, R., Bushside.

HAMILL, H., Ballycastle.
HARVEY, Wm., M.M., Causeway Street, Portrush.
HASLAM, R., Hamilton Place, Portrush.
HASSAN, Wm., Magherabuoy, Portrush.
HASSAN, Jack, 2 Croc-na-mac Street, Portrush.
HAUGHEY, Wm., Portballintrae, Bushmills.
HENRY, S., 66 Causeway Street, Portrush.
HOGG, G., Millicent Cottages, Balnamore, Ballymoney

JOHNSTON, Jas., 6 Ballymoney Road, Dervock.

KANE, John, Upper Main Street, Bushmills.
KING, D., Dervock.
KIRGAN, R., Milltown, Ballymoney.

LAMONT, J., Castle Street, Ballymoney.

MARTIN, Dan. Bushfoot, Bushmills.
MATTHEWS, R., Toberkeigh Mosside.
MOGEY, Ed., Coycraig, Mosside.
MORNIN, Josep,. Church Street, Bushmills.
MULLIGAN, R., Lisnagalt, Mosside.
MURPHY, Jas., Coleraine Road, Ballymoney.
MURPHY, Wm, Portrush.
McALARRY, W., Mettinghouse Street, Ballymoney.
McALLISTER, Jas., Eglinton Street, Portrush.
McCALLUM, Charles, Main Street, Bushmills.
McCALLUM, Robert, Upper Main Street, Bushmills.
McCAUGHAN, Hector, Castleagree, Bushmills.
McCAUGHAN, R., Rasharkin.
McKENDRY, R., Dunloy.
McINTYRE, T., Stranscum.
McCURRY, J., 62 Charlotte Street, Ballymoney.
McFADDEN, James, Ballyhemlin, Bushmills.
McFALL, T., M M., Market Square, Bushmills.
McGOLDRICK, Ed., Castle Street, Ballymoney.
McGOWAN, Alex., Upper Main Street, Bushmills.
McGOWAN, James, Bush Row, Bushmills.
McGROTTY, J., Canada.
McMASTER, W. J., Gate End, Ballymoney.
McMULLAN, A., Ballycastle Road, Dervock.
McMULLAN, James, Messines Cottages, Bushmills.
McNEILL, Wm., 9 Klondyke, Bushmills.
McNEILL, Joseph, Upper Main Street, Bushmills.
McKAY, Archie, Portbraddon, Bushmills.
McKAY, G., Mosside.
McKAY, John, Mosside.

QUIGG, Robert, V.C., Carnside, Bushmills.

REYNOLDS, J., Station House, Stranocum.

SHAW, G., Belfast.
SIMPSON, F., M.C., 4539 Puloski Ave., Philadelphia, 44 Penn., U.S.A.
SINCLAIR, R. J., Kilkubbin, Bushmills.

TAGGART, R., Portrush.

WALLACE, A., Moneycannon, Ballymoney.
WALKER, William, Eagry, Bushmills.
WILSON, John, Rodden Foot, Ballymoney.
WILSON, James, Carrowreagh, Mosside.




Chairman: CAPTAIN SAMUEL DONALDSON, 3 Chlorine Gardens, Belfast.

Vice-Chairman: CAPTAIN DAVID FLECK, 12 Whitewell Parade, Whitehouse, Belfast.

Honorary Treasurer: T. H. WHITE, Bank of Ireland, Royal Avenue, Belfast.

Honorary Secretary and Representative to Headquarters: W. A. DAVIS, 81 Sandhurst Drive, Belfast.



ADAIR, D. M., 5 Rochester Street, Belfast.
ALLEN, Fred, 6 Florida Street, Belfast.

BAILIE, James, Hollywood Cottage, Saintfield Road, Belfast.
BECKETT, Alexander, 5 Enler Park West, Dundonald.
BOTTCHER, Henry, 9 Greenville Road, Belfast.
BOYD, Alexander, 76 Rosevale Street, Belfast.
BOOTH, A. Roland Major, .Governor's House, H.M. Prison, Armagh.
BOYD, Richard, Cloughanduff, Templepatrick.
BLACKWOOD, T. A., Major, Rathgael House, Bangor, Co. Down.
BLAIN, John, The Village, Carnmoney.
BLAIR, Samuel, 32 Old Row, Mossley.
BLAIR, William, 9 The Crescent, Mossley.
BURNS, T. M., 89 Seaview Drive, Belfast.

CARNAGHAN, R., Captain, 30 Stranmillis Rd., Belfast.
CARSON, Gibson, 31 St. Quentin Park, Carnmoney.
CHAMBERS, Thomas, 5 Earl Haig Crescent, Belfast.
CLOSE, A., 110 Spencer Street, Holywood.
COLE-HAMILTON, Colonel C. G., C.M.G., D.S.O., Wscythrog, Bwlch, Breconshire.
CRAWFORD, Joseph, 119 Glasgow Street, Belfast.

DICKSON, A. McC., M.C., Ardmore, Ballygowan, Co. Down.
DIXON, S. J., 45 Windsor Avenue, Whitehead.
DUNLOP, Alexander, 2 Concrete Terrace, Whitewell Road, Whitewell.

FEE, J., 46 Willowbank Gardens, Belfast.
FLEMING, Robert, 264 Limestone Road, Belfast.
FULLERTON, James, 16 Parkmount Terrace, Mallusk.

GALLAWAY, W. J., 24 Redcliffe Drive, Belfast.
GILCHRIST, Richard, 13 Esmond Street, Belfast.
GILLESPIE, Wm., Ballyveesy, Carnmoney.
GILLESPIE, Wm., 4 Parkmount Terrace, Mallusk.
GEDDES, Alexander, 31 Combermere Street, Belfast.
GRAHAM, W. H., 80 Oldpark Road, Belfast.
GRAHAM, Wm., Throne Terrace, Whitewell.
GRAY, W. J., Major, 32 Windermere Gardens, Belfast.

HAGGAN, James, 13 Ashmore Street, Belfast.
HARPER, David, Ballyrobert, Templepatrick.
HENRY, Charles, 19 Ireton Street, Belfast.
HILL, A. M., 109 Royal Avenue, Belfast.
HOLMES, C., Lt.-Col., M.C.
HUNTER, Andrew, 20 Old Row, Mossley.
HUME, G. C., "Moyrath," Craigavad.

JOHNSTON, George, 5 5 Enterpe Street, Belfast.
JOHNSTON, F. L. M., 34 Westland Road, Belfast.
JOHNSTON, Leslie J., 10 Donegall Sq. South, Belfast.
JOHNSTON, Thomas, 52 Salisbury Avenue, Belfast.

IRVINE, W. F., Major, 34 North Circular Rd., Lisburn

KIRK, Edward, 54 Dover Street, Belfast.
KIRKPATRICK, Thomas, Kilgreely Templepatrick.

LAUGHLIN, J., 21 Whitewell Parade, Belfast.
LAVERTY, D. J., 61 Chadwick Street, Belfast.
LOCKHART, Fred W., 1 Parkmount Terrace, Mallusk.
LUCE, A. A., Capt., The Rev., M.C., D.D. (Professor, Trinity College), Ryslaw, Bushypark, Dublin.
LYLE, Wm., Cairnvue, Carnmoney.
LYNESS, W. J., Major, M.C., Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin.

MAGEE, David, 15 Circular Road, Belfast.
MILLAR, Lockhart, 18 Enid Parade, Belfast.
MILLAR, George, 22 Raleigh Street, Belfast.
MILLIGAN, Fred K., 7 Ulverston Street, Belfast.
MINNIS, T. J., Craigarogan, Mallusk.
MOORE, J. Roger, Captain, 62 Somerton Rd., Belfast.
MONTGOMERY, Alexander, 23 Bainesmore Drive, Belfast.
MONTGOMERY, John, 50 Riga Street, Belfast.
MONTGOMERY, John, 14 St. Quentin Pk., Carnmoney.
MONTGOMERY, Andrew, 22 Old Row, Mossley.
MORTON, Andrew, 36 Woodvale Gardens, Belfast.
McCARTNEY, J. A., 17 Radnor Street, Belfast.
McCLURE, R, 21 Gramphian Street, Belfast.
McCONNELL, S., "Bean Vista" Whitehead.
McDOWELL, S. S., Captain, 28 Hawthornden Road, Belfast.
McGOWAN, Chas., 23 Bendigo Street, Belfast.
McKNIGHT, W. j., "Lorne," Craigavad.
McKEE, John, 18 Bennett's Avenue, Donaghadee.
McILWAINE, James C., 112 Eglantine Avenue, Belfast.
McLEAN, Joseph, The Grove, Shore Road, Belfast.
McMORDIE, Robert 17 Glenallen Street, Belfast.
McNALLY, S., 27 Arosa Parade, Belfast.

NEILL, Wm., 7 Laganvale Street, Belfast.
NICHOLL, Jos., 24 Clonallon Street, Belfast.

PAGE, T. H., 29 Kerrsland Crescent, Belfast.
PATTON, Wm., 59 Windsor Road, Belfast.

O'NEILL, Sir Hugh, Bart., Cleggan Lodge, Aughafatten, Ballymena.

RARKIN, James, 88 Limestone Road, Belfast.
REDDY, A. P., 10 Royal Avenue, Belfast.
ROBINSON, Thomas, Woodvale, Templepatrick.

SAUNDERSON, Wm., 271 Shore Road, Belfast.
SCOTT, Joseph, 11 Parkmount Terrace, Mallusk.
SEMPLE, J., 5 Ladbrook Drive, Belfast.
SERVICE, J., 18 Mourne Street, Belfast.
SHIELDS, J., 18 Northwood Parade, Belfast.
SLOAN, Robert, 1 Carntall Road, Carnmoney.
SMITH, Thos., 4 Bridge End, Mossley.
SMITH, Harry, The Village, Carnmoney.
SMITH, Harry, Ballyduff, Carnmoney.
STEVENSON, Joseph, 1 Wallace's Row, Glengormley.
STEVENSON, Stephen, 36 Surrey Street, Belfast.
STEWART, Daniel, 32 St. Quentin Park, Carnmoney.
STEWART, Robert J., 15 St. Quentin Park, Carnmoney

TAYLOR, Thomas, 21 Abingdon Street, Belfast.
TEMPLETON, John C., 19 Parkmount Tee., Mallusk.
THOMSON, George, Major, D.S.O., 26 Knockbreda Road, Belfast.

WILSON, R. C., 8 Gilnahirk Road, Knock, Belfast.
WILLIAMS, Fred, 14 Sefton Drive, Belfast.

YOUNG, John, The Village, Templepatrick.




Chairman: JOHN FERGUSON, Belfast Road, Carrickfergus.

Vice-Chairman: GEORGE DRENNAN, 12 Cambrai Park, Whiteabbey.

Honorary Treasurer: MATTHEW McALISTER, 10 St. Bride's Street, Carrickfergus.

Honorary Secretary: JAMES BOYD, 15 Unity Street, Carrickfergus.

Representative to H.Q.: R. POLLOCK, North Street, Carrickfergus.



BAXTER, John, M.M., Ypres Park, Whiteabbey.
BELL, Wm., Edenmore Cottage, Whiteabbey.
BLAIR, J., Bleachgreen, Whiteabbey.
BLAIR, S., M.M,, 26 Ypres Park, Whiteabbey.
BOYCE, Wm., Ypres Park, Whiteabbey.
BRENNAN, Wm., Upper Woodburn, Carrickfergus.

CAMBRIDGE, T. R., Belfast Road, Carrickfergus.
CAMERON, John, Whitehead.
CAMERON, Samuel, Ballycarry.
CAMERON, Thomas, 30 Irish Qr. West, Carrickfergus.
CAMERON, Thomas, 64 Davy's Street, Carrickfergus.
CATERS, Arthur, Australia.
CLAWSON, Alex., Irish Quarter West, Carrickfergus.
COOKE, Thomas, Carnspindle, Islandmagee.
COWAN, Joseph, Cambrai Park, Whiteabbey.
CRAIG, George, Sailors' Row, Carrickfergus.
CRAWFORD, David, Ypres Park, Whiteabbey.

DAVEY, Ezekiel, Parkmount Cottage, Ballyharry, Islandmagee.
DUFF, Thomas, Glenkeen Avenue, Jordanstown.

GRAY, R., 2 Cloughfern, Whiteabbey.
GRAY, Samuel, Monkstown, Whiteabbey.
GREER, James, Greenisland.

HAGGAN, Alex., Upper Greenisland.
HAMILL, Hugh, Minorca Place, Carrickfergus.
HAMILTON, John, M.M., London.
HAMILTON, R. A., Shiel's Institution, Carrickfergus.
HART, Robert, Trailcock, Eden.
HOLMES, A. E., D.C.M., Belfast Road, Carrickfergus.

JOHNSTON, T., North Street, Carrickfergus.

LARKIN, M., Abbey Gardens, Whiteabbey.
LARKIN, J., Gleenkeen Ave., Jordanstown.
LEE, Wm., Ypres Park, Whiteabbey.
LUNEY, Wm., Station House, Monkstown.
LYLE, Samuel, 5 High Street, Carrickfergus.
MEABANK, Geo., Castle Street, Carrickfergus.
MIDDLETON, Wm., Nelson Street, Carrickfergus.
MILLAR, James, Irish Quarter West, Carrickfergus.
MONTGOMERY, James, Hall's Row, Woodburn, Carrickfergus.
MONTGOMERY, Andrew, Woodburn Road, Carrickfergus.
MOORE, W., Coastguard Station, Carrickfergus.
MORRISON, H., Belfast Road, Carrickfergus.
McALLISTER, Felix, Upper Woodburn, Carrickfergus.
McALLISTER, Arthur, 13 Agnes Street, Carrickfergus.
McATAMNEY, Sam, 7 Albert Road, Carrickfergus.
McATAMNEY, J., Irish Quarter South, Carrickfergus.
McAULEY, D. Albert Road, Carrickfergus.
McCLEAN, D., M.M., Minorca Place, Carrickfergus.
McCULLOUGH, W. K., Bryangtang, Woodburn.
McCUNE, T., 79 Ellis Street, Carrickfergus.
McDERMOTT, W. J., M.M., Nelson St., Carrickfergus.
McDONALD, J., Belfast Road, Carrickfergus.
McMORRAN, H., Whitehead.
McNEILL, H., Victoria Road, Carrickfergus.
McNEILLY, John, 13 Fairymount Tce., Carrickfergus.
McMASTER, W. J., 9 Cheston Street, Carrickfergus.
McQUITTY, A., Carrickfergus.

ROBINSON, Frank, Nelson Street, Carrickfergus.
RODGERS, John, Ypres Park, Whiteabbey.
ROWNEY, W., Irish Quarter South, Carrickfergus,

SHARPE, Hugh, Ypres Park, Whiteabbey.
SHAW, Edward G., Upper Woodburn, Carrickfergus.
SHELDON, John, 73 Ellis Street, Carrickfergus.
SIMMS, T., Red Brae, Carrickfergus.
SMYTH, S., Eden, Carrickfergus.
STEWART, J., Glenvale Road, Whiteabbey.
STEELE, A., 8 Cambrai Park, Whiteabbey.

WEIR, James, 25 Office Street, Whiteabbey.
WHITE, John, McKeen's Row, Carrickfergus.




Chairman: SAMUEL FULLERTON, 19 Thorndale Avenue, Larne.

Vice-Chairman and Representative to H.Q.: R. HANNA, "Moygara," Victoria Road, Larne.

Honorary Treasurer: J. McSEVENEY, 29 Glynn Road, Larne.

Honorary Secretary: WILLIAM McGAREL, 15 Glynn Road, Larne.



AUSTIN, Wm., 6 Pound Street, Larne.
BIRKMYRE, H., M.M., Bay Road, Larne Harbour.
BRYSON, S., Glynn Village, Co. Antrim.
BROWNLEE, E., 30 Waterloo Road, Larne.
BAXTER, S., 77 Circular Road, Larne.
BLAIR, J., 64 Waterloo Road, Larne.

CAMPBELL, W., Curran Road, Larne.
CANNING, N., 5 Bonavista Terrace, Larne Harbour.
CARSON, S., 2 Albert Street, Larne.
CLARKE, S. J., 46 Carson Street, Larne.
COLVILLE, T., 90 Old Glenarm Road, Larne.
COOPER, G., Curran Road, Larne.
CRAIG, J., 71 Old Glenarm Road, Larne.
CRAIG, A., 20 Laharna Avenue, Larne.
CROOKS, Jas., 2 Portland Road, Larne Harbour.

DAVISON, Jas., Mill Street, Larne.
DICKEY, Wm, 5 St. John's Place, E. Larne.
DOORIS, J., Glynn Village, Co. Antrim.
DUMIGAN, G., Ballysnodd Road, Larne.

GAMBLE, J., 54 Old Glenarm Road, Larne.
GAWN, J., The Lodge, Magheramorne, Co. Antrim.
GILBERT, R., Poguestown, Larne.
GILLESPIE, A., North Row, Millbrook, Larne.
GIRVAN, J., 31 Station Road, Larne.
GIRVAN, J., 155 Old Glenarm Road, Larne.
GOURLEY, H., Victoria Road, Larne.
GOURLEY, D., Laharna Avenue, Larne.
GRAHAM, J., 1 Parkmount Avenue, Larne.
GREENWOOD, A., Fortland Road, Larne.

HOUSTON, J., 10 Albert Street, Larne.
HART, Wm., 7 Portland Road, Larne Harbour.
HOY, R., Fleet Street, Larne Harbour.

JENKINS, A. C., Lealies, Kilwaughter, Larne.

KANE, A., 68 Old Glenarm Road, Larne.
KING, R., M.M., 11 Ronald Street, Larne.
KIRKPATRICK, Wm., 35 Glynn Road, Larne.
KIRKWOOD, N., D.C.M., 128 Simpson Avenue, Toronto, Ont.
KITSON, J., 20 Fleet Street, Larne Harbour.

MAGEE, S., 3 Old Glenarm Road, Larne.
MENEILLY, J., 4 Circular Road, Larne.
MOORE, W., 12 Queen Street, Larne.
MORRISON, W. J., 17 Albert Street, Larne.
McCALLION, J., 9 Mill Street, Larne.
McGAREL, A., 17 Glynn Road, Larne.
McCONNELL, T., 159 Old Glenarm Road, Larne.
McFALL, Jas., 10 Drummond Street, Larne.
McFALL, D., Drumahoe Terrace, Millbrook, Larne.
McGOOKIN, R., 5 Summerhill Terrace, Inver, Larne.
McKEEVER, S., M.M., Portland Road, Larne Harbour.
McMURTRY, A., 29 Ballysnodd Road, Larne.
McNEILL, A., 18 Albert Street, Larne.
McNEILL, J., Parkmount Avenue, Larne.
McNEILL, W., 21 Waterloo Road, Larne.
McSEVFNEY, S., 2237 81st St., Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S.A.
McMORRAN, J., 72 Glynn Road, Larne.

OWENS, A., M.M., Inver, Larne.
OWENS, T., 510 W 30th St., Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.

PEOPLES, T., Mountjoy Recreation Road, Larne.
PIKE, J., 81 Circular Road, Larne.
POLLOCK, H. A., Bay Road, Larne Harbour.

REID, J., 17 Waterloo Road, Larne Harbour.
ROBINSON, A., 1 Fleet Street, Larne Harbour.

SCULLION, R., 20 Rugby Terrace, Larne.
SHANNON, A., Fleet Street, Larne Harbour.
SIMMS, R., 6 Portland Road, Larne Harbour.
SIMPSON, W., 15 Point Street, Larne.
SITTLINGTON, J., 2 Mill Brae, Larne.
SMYTH, C., 1 Belle-Vue Terrace, Larne Harbour.
SNODDY, S., M.M., 1 Curran Street, Larne Harbour.
SNODDY, Geo., Brantford, Toronto, Ont.
STEWART, R., Golf Club, Islandmagee, Co. Antrim.
STRAIN, D., 61 Mill Street, Larne.
STRAIN, Jno., 10 Lower Waterloo Road, Larne.

TAGGART, G., St. John's Place, Larne.
TORBITT, T., 48 Waterloo Road, Larne.
TORBITT, R., 48 Waterloo Road, Larne.
WALKER, J., 13 Park Street, Larne.
WALLACE, A., 16 Meeting House Street, Larne.
WEIR, J., M.M., Mill Street, Larne.
WHARRY, J., 3 North Row, Millbrook, Larne.
WOLFF, J., 79 Old Glenarm Road, Larne.
WOODS, J., Craiganee, Gleno, Larne.

Honorary Members:

GIBSON, The Very Rev. A., D.D., M.C., The Manse, Bellevue Park, Cork.
COFFMAN, M. B., M.D., M.C., 3211 Kensington Avenue, Richmond, 21VA., U.S.A.


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