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In Northern Ireland church records are the property of the church concerned. While copies of church records are available for perusal in the Public Records Office obtaining copies of those records or publishing the information should only be done with the permission of the church concerned. The following records have been extracted by me for my personal use in tracing my family tree and for no other purpose.

McAuley Baptisms in the Roman Catholic Parish of Culfeightrin, Diocese of Down and Connor

Entry Child
Name Father
Surname Mother
Surname Date Sponsor 1
Surname Sponsor 2
1 McAuley Archibald John McAuley Mary Ann McCollum 7 May 1848 John McAuley Margaret McAuley
4 McAuley James Patrick McAuley Biddy McKennan 9 May 1848 Peter McAuley Cathe Black
33 McAuley John James McAuley Cathe McAuley 23 Sept 1850 John McIlroy    
114 McAuley Mary William McAuley Mary McBride 31 Mar 1851 Patrick Murphy Lily McAuley
148 McAuley Bridget John McAuley Mary Ann McCallum 8 Apr 1851 Edward Connor Mary Connor
151 McAuley Peter James McAuley Cath McAuley 7 May 1851 James McAuley Mary McIlroy
221 McAuley Rose Ann William McAuley Margaret McBride 12 Dec 1852 John McBride Mary Murphy
249 McAuley Henry Henry McAuley Mary McAuley 31 Jul 1853 John McAuley Eliza McAuley
277 McAuley Mary James McAuley S McIver 17 Apr 1854 Hugh McAuley Mary Ann McIver
279 McAuley Daniel John McAuley Mary Ann McCallum 23 Apr 1854 Hugh McAuley Mary McCambridge
322 McAuley James Alex McAuley Margaret McGlarry 20 Jan 1855 Arthur Clarke Ann Butler
342 McAuley Sarah James McAuley Sarah McIvor 17 Jun 1855 Peter McAuley Miss McIvor
349 McAuley Mary Alex McAuley Alice McHenry 9 Sept 1855 John Connor Mary McQuilkin
369 McAuley Jane Alex McAuley Margaret McGlarry 16 Mar 1856 Archy McCrank -- Sinclair
386 McAuley Ann John McAuley Mary McCollum 26 Jul 1856 John McMillan Mary McCambridge
421 McAuley Alexander Alex McAuley Jane McHenry 3 May 1857 Philip McAuley Mary Ann McAuley
437 McAuley Rose Robert McAuley Margaret Lynn 8 Aug 1857 Alan McIlroy Catherine Hunter
456 McAuley John Patrick McAuley Mary McIlroy 24 Jan 1858 Patrick McHenry Rose McAuley
459 McAuley Catherine James McAuley Sarah McIvor 4 Apr 1858 Dan McCrum Ann McIvor
505 McAuley Mary Jane Patrick McAuley Mary McAuley 10 Apr 1859 Elizabeth Butler Margaret McAuley
526 McAuley Ann Alex McAuley Alice McHenry 17 Jul 1859 Dan McNeill Mary McCormick
529 McAuley John Peter McAuley Ann Law 25 Sept 1859 John McMichael Mary Law
545 McAuley Mary Ann Michael McAuley Eliza Watson 4 Dec 1859 John McMullan Sarah Watson
553 McAuley Patrick Patrick McAuley Mary McIlroy 26 Mar 1860 Patrick McHenry Rose McAuley
576 McAuley James James McAuley Sarah McAuley 23 Sept 1860 Dan Clarke Mary Ann McIvor
654 McAuley Frances James McAuley Betty McCart 1 Jun 1862 Mary Ann McIvor    
658 McAuley Margaret Patrick McAuley Mary McIlroy 18 Jun 1862 Patrick McIlroy Ellen McIlroy
659 McAuley Alex Alex McAuley Mary Ann McKeag 19 Jun 1862 Mary Ann McCormick    
661 McAuley John James McAuley Sarah McIvor 18 Jul 1862 Mary Ann McIvor    
719 McAuley Michael James McAuley Sarah McIvor 27 Jan 1864 M A McIvor ?? McHenry
720 McAuley Peter James McAuley Sarah McIvor 27 Jan 1864 M A McIvor ?? McHenry
739 McAuley Henry Patrick McAuley M McIlroy 11 Aug 1864 Patrick McIlroy Ellen McIlroy
745 McAuley Archibald Alex McAuley Mary Ann McKeag 9 Oct 1864 James McNeill Grace Butler
754 McAuley Margaret Patrick McAuley Rose Cassley 15 Jan 1864 John McAuley Mary Ann McAuley
795 McAuley Neal Patrick McAuley S Cassidy 11 Feb 1866 F McBride ?? Laverty
821 McAuley Patrick James McAuley S McIvor 5 Aug 1866 ?? McIvor Mary Ann McIvor
846 McAuley Lilly Jane William McAuley Margaret McBride 14 Apr 1867 Hugh McBride Rose McBride
857 McCauley Rose Ann Alex McCauley Margaret McKeag 29 Sept 1867 Patrick Boreland Mary A McCormick
858 McAuley Mary Ann Patrick McAuley Rose Cassly 27 Dec 1867 H Cassley Mary Cassley
885 McAuley Rebecca James McAuley Sarah McIvor 19 Jul 1868 Michael McIvor Mary Ann McIvor
933 McAuley Patrick Patrick McAuley Rose Crossley 7 Nov 1869 Francis McBride Mary Ann McAuley
1008 McAuley Daniel Phillip McAuley -- McKay 15 Apr 1871 Daniel Corly Mary Ann Doherty
1012 McAuley Margaret Alan McAuley Mary Ann McKeag 7 May 1871 Daniel McNeill Mary Jane Orr
1022 McAuley Rose Patrick McAuley Rose Cassley 3 Aug 1871 Wm John McAuley Ann McAuley
1045 McAuley Daniel James McAuley Sarah McIver 13 Mar 1872 Mary McIver    
1099 McAuley Margaret Ellen Patrick McAuley R Cassly 22 Jun 1872 Daniel McCassly Mary McDowell


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