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The Belfast Civil Defence Services

Roll of Honour

This plaque bears the names of those members of the Belfast Civil Defence Services who are known to have lost their lives during the Air raids on the city April and May 1941.


Allister, Mrs. M.
Baird, M.
Bell, J.
Bingham, T.J.
Braniff, W.
Castles, H.P.
Danby, A.
Davidson, J.
Dempster, R.
Doherty, J.
Duff, Miss K.
Farrelly, C.
Hanna, S.
Harkness, B.E.
Hood, R.
Long, R.
Mawhinney, Miss C. Mays, W.J.
Miley, T.J.
Millar, D.
Moore, T.
Morris, W.T.
McDonald, A.
McKenna, J.
McVeigh, F.
Quinn, R.
Renton, Mrs. E.
Spence, G.
Wallace, W.J.
Wallace, W.
Welsh, P.H.
Harvey, T.
Belfast Civil Defence Memorial


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