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Roll of Honour for Civilian Dead WW2

Extract from Volume VII of the "Roll of Honour for Civilian Dead WW2" in the Mitchell Library, Glasgow, detailing those who died either at sea or abroad. Transcribed below (by Andy Boyd) are those who had 'Irish' connections.

Ship/Place Date Details Name & Information

SS Athenia

3 / 4 Sept 1939

Sunk by enemy submarine 250 miles off NW coast of Ireland

Harper, Sara B, 66. Wife of Rob Harper, 1 Willowholme Drive, Belfast

Lennon, Margaret, 57. Dau. of Thomas & Eliza Gunning -- Donaghadee. Wife of Wm Lennon of 2028 Davenport Road, Toronto, Canada

McErlean, Bridget, 38. Dau. of Henry & Jane McErlean of Moneystaghan, Portglenone.

Wright, David, 63. Son of Wm Wright, Co. Tyrone.

SS Britannia

25th Mar. 1941

Sunk by enemy raider off Freetown, Sierra Leone

Millar, Jean McClure, 39. Dau. of Hamilton Millar of Oriel Rd. Antrim.

SS California

11th July 1943

Sunk by enemy aircraft between Azores and Spain

Smith, Edmund Cyril, MD, Sc.D, DPH, MRCP, DTMH, 44. Son of Dr. & Mrs. E. Smith, Upper George St., Kingstown, Co. Dublin

SS Elysia

5th June 1942

Sunk by surface raider 200 miles east of Durban

O'Brady, Terence, 40. Killorglin, Co. Kerry

Melbourne Star

2nd April 1943

Sunk by enemy submarine 500 miles SE of Bermuda

Curran, David John M, 36. St Mary's, Tallaght, Co. Dublin.

Mulcahy, Ethne, 23. Dau. of James & Mary Mulcahy, 95 Mobhi Rd., Dublin


30th April 1941

Sunk by enemy submarine off west coast of Scotland

Stuart-French, Joy, 35. Wife of Capt. R. Stuart-French, Old Court, Queenstown, Co. Cork

St. Patrick

13th May 1941

Sunk by enemy aircraft in Cardigan Bay, west of Fishguard

Sikes, Esther Kathleen, MA, VAD, 35. Dau. of Archdeacon Edwin Sikes, Rectory, Skibbereen

M.V. Stentor

27th October 1942

Sunk by enemy submarine off Canary Islands

Hutchinson, Gerald Guard, 28. Son of Charles & Martha Mary Hutchinson, Bank Buildings, Omagh.

Short, John de Courcy, 26. Son of Edward & Frances Short, St. James, The Folly, Wexford.

Stopford, Winifred Sophia, 41. Strand Ave., Whiterocks.

SS Tanjong Penang

17th Feb. 1942

Sunk by Japanese in Banka Straits east of Sumatra

Lowry, Ellen Carr, Nurse. Dau. of Mr & Mrs. J Fraser Lowry, 45 Eglantine Av., Belfast

Nelson, J.M, Nursing Sister. Dau. of Wm Nelson, Thorndale, Church Rd., Helens Bay.

Skehan, Mary, 27. Dau. Anne Skehan, Kilbane, Broadford, Co. Clare.

RMS Lady Hawkins

19th Jan. 1942

Sunk by enemy submarine between Bermuda and east coast USA

Long, W.H., 219 Grt. Victoria St., Belfast

Macoun, Capt. (retd) Leslie Stuart, 70 (& Julie Maude Macoun, 63, dau of Sir & Lady Fr. Borden of Nova Scotia), 199 Wurtemburg St., Ottawa. Son of Mary Macoun of Holywood.

Sea between Italy and Greece

23rd Jan. 1945

Plane crash

Campbell, John Dermot, MP, DL, 47. 59 Somerton Rd., Belfast


16th Jan. 1944

Kuching POW, Sarawak

Logie, David Garfield, 61, AMIME. 32 Seacliff Rd., Bangor


7th July 1943

Shanghai Police Hosp.

Barry, James Joseph, 47, MM. Superindent Shanghai Police. Son of John & Mary Barry, Ballyman, Co. Dublin. Husband of Margaret C Barry of Shankill, Co. Dublin.


22nd Dec. 1944


Moir, Sally, 62, Hong Kong Aux. Nursing Serv. Dau. James Glover of Kircubbin. Wife of Archibald Black Moir


2nd Dec. 1944


Lawson, Hubert James, 46, MB, B.Ch. Malayan Medical Serv. Son of Wm Lawson Elsinore, Larne Harbour. Husband of Marjorie Lawson


17th Sept 1943

Changi Internment Camp, Singapore

Napier-Magill, G., 58. 74 Scotland Rd., Penang. son of Col. Wm Napier- Magill of Griffinstown, Kellucan, Co. Westmeath. Husband of Isabelle Emily.


6th Sept. 1943

Changi Internment Camp, Singapore

Williamson, Richard, 57. Son of Margaret E. Williamson of Belfast.


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