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Honour Roll of the Central Presbyterian Association

The following names where extracted from a number of lists published in the Magazine of the Central Presbyterian Association covering the period 1916-1919.



Surname Christian Name Regiment
Pavis Charles Lance-Corpl., 1st Battalion R.I. Fusiliers.
Hammerton Walter Bugle Major, 14th Battalion R.I.R.
Magee Joseph North Irish Horse.


  Members and Associates:

Surname Christian Name Regiment
Abernethy John 1st A.M.R.F.C
Acheson J. E. 2nd Lieut., East Lancashire Regiment.
Alexander W. H. North Irish Horse.
Asboe W. R.A.M.C.
Asboe A. Y.M.C.A., in Egypt
Asboe E. F. 10th R.I.F.
Baillie John S. Special Service Squadron, Naval Division
Baillie W. B. 2nd Lieut., Royal Irish Regt.
Bannister G. W. R.N.A.S.
Bell Thomas (Name missing in later lists)
Blair A. North Irish Horse.
Blair W.  
Brand Andrew Old Schoolboys' and Men's University Force; later Gentleman Cadet, Sandhurst Royal Military College; later 2nd Lieut., Berkshire Regiment; later Lieut. Berkshire Regt. (West African Frontier Force.)
Brown John Old Schoolboys' and Men's University Force; later Gentleman Cadet, Sandhurst Royal Military College; 20th Batt. Royal Fusiliers
Brown John 2nd Liuet., 8th Battalion R.I.R.
Bullick W. B. Sergt., 6th Battalion Black Watch. (Name missing in later lists)
Campbell Francis 2nd Lieut., 16th King's Liverpool Regiment.
Campbell J. A. 2nd Lieut., 17th Durham Light Infatry
Campbell John Col. Sergt., R.I.R.
Clokey Edmund Lieut., 14th Battalion R.I.R. (Y.C.V.)
Cole Gerald M. R.A.M.C.
Cole David M. H.M. Transport G. 162.
Connolly C. 14th Battalion R.I.R.
Copeland J. S. North Irish Horse.
Coulter J. W. C. Sergt., 6th Battalion Black Watch.
Craig H. E. North Irish Horse.
Crawford E. J. Armoured Car Section, R.N.A.S.
Creelman W. J. 14th Battalion R.I.R. (Y.C.V.)
Cromie John 2nd Lieut., 10th Norfolks.
Crozier T. E. Fort Garry Horse.
Curley Frank Lieut., Royal Anglesey Engineers; (Name missing in later lists)
Curley James 2nd Lieut., 12th Inniskilling Fusiliers
Dickson H. L. 2nd Lieut., 16th Battalion R.I.R.
Dixon John 14th Battalion R.I R.
Dixon B. R. 14th Battalion R.I R.
Douglas R. 14th Battalion R.I R.
Downing W. M. Commissioned
Dunwoody J. E. 2nd Lieut., 6th Battalion Black Watch.
Dunwoody H. H. 2nd Lieut., 10th Res. Batt. R.I.F.
Edgar George R.I.R.
Edwards C. K. 2nd Lieut., 4th R.I.R. (Special Reserve.)
Elliott T. W. E., M.B., B.Ch. Capt., R.A.M.C.
English W. 2nd Lieut., 17th Batt. R.I.R.
Fitzsimon S. E. S. 2nd Lieut, 20th R.I.R.
Frizelle T. E. 2nd Lieut., 5th R.I.F.
Fyffe A. H. N.I.H., Att. 8th Res. Cavalry Regt.
Gailey J. L. 110th Field Ambulance
Gibson Joseph  
Gibson Samuel  
Gibson Geo. Sergt.-Major, E.F.C., Headquarters, 3rd Army
Greer W. A. 14th Battalion R.I.R. (Y.C.V.)
Gihon W. L.-Corpl., 14th Battalion R.I.R. (Y.C.V.)
Gillespie A. P. Assist. Paymaster, R.N.R.
Glass J. B. 2nd Lieut., Northumberland Fusiliers.
Glass Wm. 2nd Lieut., 6th Battalion Black Watch.
Gordon A. 17th Batt. R.I.R
Guiler Jack Canadian Contingent
Hall Jas. 2nd Lieut., 13th Lancashire Fus.
Hamilton Rev. J. E., B.A. Chaplain
Hamilton S. G.  
Harper J. W. Capt., 14th Battalion R.I R. (Y.C.V.)
Hayes W. Sergt., 8th Battalion R.I.R.; later listed with Divisional Cyclist Corps.
Henry Maurice Cadet, Military College, Sandhurst
Hill W. A. L.-Corpl., N.I.H., Att. 8th Res. Cavalry Regt.
Hoey T. S. H. Princess Patricia's Light Infantry, Canadian Contgt.
Hudson J. E. Corpl., Royal Engineers.
Hudson J. C. 2nd Lieut., A.S.C. (Promoted from the ranks).
Hunter R. H. 14th Battalion R.I.R. (Y.C.V.); (Name missing in later lists)
Irwin N. F. Sergt., 16th R.I.R. (Pioneers).
Jackson J. S. 2nd Liuet., 70th Field Company R.E.
Jamison Wm. 18th London Irish Rifles
Jones T. S.  
Johnston J. 14th Battalion R.I.R
Johnston Robt. Army Cyclist Corps
Jordan Johnston 2nd Lieut., Royal Irish Rifles.
Kelman Jas.  
Kennedy H. Cadet, Naval Division; later Cadet. 17th Batt. R.I.R.; later 2nd Lieut. 14th Batt. R.I.R.
Kennedy E. R. Lieut., 8th Battalion R.I.R.
Kenning J. C. Quarter-Master Sergt., 14th Battalion R.I.R. (Y.C.V.)
Kerr Arthur 5th R.I.R.
Kingan T. D. 2nd Lieut., 13th R.I.R.
Kingsberry W. H. 2nd Lieut., Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
Kissick J. L. Corporal, Dispatch Rider, R.E.
Larmour Alex. North Irish Horse; later L.-Corpl., M.M. Police, 54th East Anglican Division
Ledlie Edwin Cadet, 17th Batt. R.I.R.
Lindsay R. Corporal, 17th R.I.R.
Lindsay S. V. Cadet, 10th R.I.F.
Lowe Alfred Cadet, 19th Batt. R.I.R.
Lynch Thos. A.  
MacArthur W. A. Red Cross Service, Naval Division
Mackey J. J. Sergt., 14th Battalion R.I.R. (Y.C.V.)
Magill R. M. North Irish Horse.
Magill A. J. North Irish Horse.
Maitland W. S. Public Schoolboys' and Universities Brigade; later 2nd Lieut., 1st R.I.R.
Mann James Royal Engineers
Malone W. A. 2nd Lieut., 14th Reserve Batt. Cheshire Regiment
Marshall S. H. Capt., 6th Battalion Black Watch.
Marshall W. H. 4th Coy. C.E.F.
Marshall Alex. 2nd Lieut., 9th K.O.S.B.
Martin W. R. Commissioned
Martin W. H. North Irish Horse.
Meechan J. B.  
Mercer Samuel R.I.R.
Miscampbell John  
Moffett J. L. H.M.S. Transport, 2680
Moodie T. L. 12th Scottish Rifles (Cameronians)
Morrow H. G. Cadet, 17th Batt. R.I.R.
Morrow Herbert Corpl., 14th Battalion R.I.R. (Y.C.V.)
Morrow S. E. 17th Batt. R.I.R
Morrow J. S., M.D. Capt., 14th Battalion R.I.R. (Y.C.V.); later R.A.M.C.
Murphy W. S. 2nd Lieut., 3rd Leicestershire Regiment
Murdock T. Canadian Contingent
M'Caughey Wm. Cadet, Royal Military Academy, Woolwich
M'Caw J. E. 9th Inniskillings
M'Cay S. 2nd Lieut., 20th R.I.R.
M'Culloch J. 17th Batt. R.I.R
M'Cullough R. J. North Irish Horse.
M'Cloy J. M. Lieut., R.A.M.C.
M'Coubrey D. D. 17th R.I.R. (Y.C.V.)
M'Diarmid Geo. Driver Mechanical Transport, A. S. Corps.
M'Donald W. W. 6th Battalion Black Watch.
M'Dowell A. 6th Battalion Black Watch.
M'Farland J. H. 142nd Batt. C.E.F.
M'Gown Melville Lieut., A.O.D.
M'Henry J. 2nd Lieut., 18th R.I.R.
M'Kinney T. E. 2nd Lieut., 8th Battalion R.I.R.
M'Kinstry J. 2nd Lieut., Att. 3rd Wilts.
M'Kinstry H. Cadet Corps, Ulster Division; later 2nd Lieut., R.I.R.
M'Kinstry J. M'N. 2nd Lieut., 12th Inniskillings
M'Lean R. Corpl., A.S.C., Ulster Division
M'Lellan A. North Irish Horse.
M'Master Charles Lieut., 14th Battalion R.I.R.; Lieut., 17th Battalion R.I.R.; later Captain, Trench Howitzer Battery
M'Master Lendrick 2nd Lieut., 17th Batt. R.I.R.
M'Mordie J. W. 2nd Lieut., 9th Reserve Batt. Shropshire Light Infantry
M'Naught James C. 6th Battalion Black Watch; later 2nd Lieut., 1st Batt. Royal Irish Regiment
M'Neill R. N., B.L. Lieut., K.O.S.B.
Neely A. 14th Battalion R.I.R. (Y.C.V.)
Noble H. E. 2nd Lieut., King's Own Liverpool Regiment
Paisley Gordon 6th Battalion Black Watch.
Palmer James 16th Batt. R.I.R. (Pioneers)
Patterson P. H. Corpl., 36th Division Army Cyclists
Patton J. H. A. Capt., 5th Battalion R.I.R.
Perry W. R. Lieut., 1/9th Battalion King's Regiment.
Quinn R. B. Commissioned
Rankin M. Lce. Corporal, 14th Battalion R.I.R.
Rankin H. Lce. Corporal, 14th Battalion R.I R.
Reid H. F. M. 2nd Lieut., 12th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers
Ross Campbell 14th Battalion R.I.R. (Y.C.V.)
Scott J. H. 2nd Lieut., 10th Worcesters.
Simms J. S.  
Sinclair Prof. T. Colonel, Army Medical Service
Sinclair J. M. Lieut., 9th Battalion R.I.R
Sinclair H. D. 2nd Lieut., 5th Battalion R.I.R.
Sinclair G. S. 2nd Lieut., 5th R.I.R.
Skillen F. R. Lieut., 12th King's Liverpool Regiment
Stephenson A. M. 14th Battalion R.I.R. (Y.C.V.)
Stevenson D. Sergt., Royal Engineers, Despatch Rider
Stewart W. H. 12th Inniskillings
Tecey Marshall R.I.R.
Thomson Geo., B.A. Capt., 12th Batt. R.I.R.
Thomson R. B. 2nd Lieut., 11th Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers.
Torrens J. C. 14th Battalion R.I.R.
Turnbull Alex. M. Corporal, Motor Cyclist, Royal Engineers, Guards Signal Coy.
Turnbull M. Harper 2nd Lieut., 7th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles.
Tweed William Corporal, Despatch Rider, 1st Army Signals
Tweed David Royal Field Artillery
Verner H. W. Sergt., 14th Battalion R.I.R.
Walker Geo. Cadet Corps, 17th R.I.R.
Watts R. Lieut., 253rd Coy. A.S.C.
White R. A. Sergt., 17th R.I.R.
Williams R. D. 2nd. Lieut., 5th Batt. R.I.R.
Wightman Brice Q.-M. Sergeant, R.A.M.C.; later Sergt.-Major
Wilson James A.  
Witherow T. H. 2nd Lieut., 17th Battalion R.I.R.
Wright R. Cadet, 18th R.I.R.

 Our Noble Dead

  The following members have made the supreme sacrifice for their King and Country:--

Surname Christian Name Regiment
Brown Martin Col. Sergeant and Musketry Instructor, 8th Battalion R.I.R.; later Sergt.-Major, 17th Battallion R.I.R.; later Sergt.-Major, 19th Battallion R.I.R.; name is missing from later lists
Chittick W. H. Honourable Artillery Compy.
Curley Francis Lieut., Royal Engineers.
Dodds Thomas C. Rand Rifles.
Lecky John 2nd Lieut., R.I.R.
M'Dowell J. B. 20th Batt. Royal Fusiliers
M'Fadzean Wm. F. 14th Battalion R.I.R. (Y.C.V.)
M'Kinney Thomas G. Public Schoolboys' and Universities Brigade; later 20th Batt. Royal Fus.
Osborne H. Corry 2nd Lieut., West Yorks.
Owens Alfred Sergeant, 109th Brigade Machine Gun Company
Sloane Thos. G. 14th Battalion R.I.R. (Y.C.V.)
Stephenson W. Sergt., 14th Battalion R.I.R. (Y.C.V.)


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