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Posted by Dr. Jane Lyons [sniliaghin (at) iol.ie] to the Belfast mailing list.

This is from the enumerator's form, but please note that surnames as spelled on the form are not necessarily as the person who lived in nay house spelled them - they may be different. Jane

Firemen Chichester St. Belfast in 1901

All were listed as being able to read and write.

Surname Name Age Where born Religion
Dark [?] Robert 27 Co. Antrim Presbyterian
Armstrong Samuel 32 Belfast City Church of Ireland
Bowen James 25 Co. Down Church of Ireland
Cummings Alexander 28 Co. Antrim Church of Ireland
Donnelly Patrick 22 Co. Cavan Roman Catholic
Edgar Andrew 24 Co. Antrim Church of Ireland
Ferguson John 25 Belfast City Presbyterian
Hardy William 24 Scotland Presbyterian
Irwin Edward 25 Co. Tyrone Church of Ireland
Jenkins Francis 24 Belfast City Methodist
Johnston James 21 Co. Antrim Presbyterian
Jordan Robert 20 Belfast City Presbyterian
McCullough William 22 Co. Down Presbyterian
McNeill Henry 20 Co. Antrim Presbyterian
Mitchell John 28 Belfast City Presbyterian
Moore Robert 26 Co. Antrim Episcopalian
Moore John 25 Co. Down Presbyterian
Patterson James Alex. 24 Co. Donegal Church of Ireland
Ritchie James 39 Belfast City Presbyterian
Stewart Samuel 22 Co. Antrim Church of Ireland
White James Chas. 22 Co. Cavan Presbyterian


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