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The following information was extracted from the book:

A sketch of the History of Knock Methodist Church, Belfast,
by T.B.Andison, F.C.I.S., M.Inst.T. 1869-1957

The foundation stone of the first Methodist Church at Knock, Belfast, was laid by James Lindsay, Esq. on 17th August, 1869. The church was opened for Divine Worship on 13th January, 1870, by the Rev. Wm. Archer, M.A, although it is likely that prior to this, services were held in the houses of various members of the Church.

The first Leaders Meeting was held in the house of Mr. Thomas Pulman, on 30 Dec 1871, and those present were:
Rev. Geo. Alley
Rev. Lindsay Parker
Mr. Thos. Pulman
Mr Robt. Campbell
Mr I. K. Mitchell
Mr Thomas Waugh
Mr Thomas J. Nicholl

In June 1882, a further site for the building of a new Church was obtained, and the Dedicatory Service was conducted on 13 June 1883, by the Rev Charles Garrett, President of the Methodist Conference.

The following were the Trustees of the new Church:-
Rev. James Wherry
Rev. Andrew Armstrong
Mr James Lindsay
Mr John Fulton
Mr J.J. Shillington
Mr Thomas Pulman
Mr William Hinde
Mr J.K.Mitchell
Mr Lancelot Shaw
Mr John L. Pulman
Mr Edward Emerson
Mr W. Wellwood

WW1 Roll of Honour:

The following members of the congregation volunteered for service in the war:-
Emerson, Capt. Crawford
Boyd, Wm.
Cherry, Harry
Coulter, Second-Lieut. F.
Coulter, James
Montgomery, Capt. W.A.
Shillington, Lieut. T.C.
Campbell, Sergeant Hugh
Campbell, Wm. H.
Campbell, Fred
Collins, Sergeant Leslie
Collins, Second-Lieut. F.C.
Eckford, Lieut. J.W.
Evans, Sergeant, W.
Evans, Hubert, 2nd A.M., R.F.C.
Byers, Second-Lieut. Thos.
Barnes, James
Davis, P.L.
Evans, W.
Forde, John Swanton
Magee, David
Martin, Second-Lieut. H.J.
Perrott, James
Stevens, George
Totton, Sergeant T.S.
Davis, J.E.
Burke, John
M'Millen, Second-Lieut. J.H.
Metcalfe, George, A.


James Bowman
Randolph C.Campbell
Herbert E.Totton.

WW2 Roll of Honour:

John T. Brown
George Gibson
James M'Donald
D. Stanley Peattie
Jack Wilson

These also served in the combating forces, including the Merchant Navy:

Adamson, S.
Agnew, D.C.
Agnew, J
Ardill, J
Ardill, W.D
Beattie, T.H.
Black, J.
Black J.A
Black, W
Bonham, M
Bole, J.
Brown, L
Campbell, S.
Cinnamond, H.S.M.
Clifton, J.F.
Corcoran, J.F.
Crone, W.P
Davis, P.L
Dawson, P.
Doran, R.H.
Evans, E.W.
Forbes, J.W.
Forbes, R.
Garrett, E
Glanville, A.
Handforth, C.E.
Handforth, K.S.
Hingston, J.H.
Hopwood, A.
Kennedy, H.
Kennedy, W.A.
Knowles, W.
Larmour, N.
Lennon, R.W.
Lyons, W.T.
Massey, D.W.
Mawhinney, W.
Millar, E.
Millar, J.M
Millar, N.
Milligan, W.
Milligan, P.
Milligan, T.
Mostert, P.
M'Connell, R.B.
M'Fadden, J.T.B.
M'Kee, J.A.
M'Millen, B.
M'Millen, D.
M'Milen, H.
M'Vea, S.S.
M'Vea, W.
Nesbitt, A.
Perrott, M.
Rawlinson, L.R.
Roxburgh, T.C.
Rutter, J.
Sloan, J.
Smith, L.V.
Smyth, A.
Stanley, J.H.
Thompson, J.
Turkington, I.H.
Twist, R.
Williamson, A.
Wilson, W.H.
Woodside, F.


Ballymacarrett Circuit (including Knock)

Date of Appointment: Name
1867 William Cather
1870 Gorge Alley and Andrew M'Ilwaine
1871 George Alley and Lindsay Parker
1872 R Crawford and Samuel Hutchinson
Knock formed into a Separate Circuit, 1874
1873 Joseph W. M'Kay
1876 Wallace M'Mullen
1878 Wallace M'Mullen and S.T. Boyd, B.A.
1879 Andrew Armstrong
1882 James Wherry
1885 William Crawford, M.A.
1888 James D. Lamont
1891 William Guard Price
1893 William Guard Price and James M. Alley
1894 Charles Inwood
1895 Pierce Martin
1898 Caleb S. Laird, M.A.
1899 Caleb S. Laird, M.A. and Richard Green
1900 James Robertson, D.D. and W.J. Robinson, B.A.
1902 James Robertson, D.D., and Hugh M. Watson
1903 Wesley Guard and Hugh M. Watson
1905 Wesley Guard and George A. M'Ilwrath
1906 James D. Lamont and John W.P Elliott
1907 James D. Lamont and Charles H. Crookshank, M.A.
1909 Alexander Egan and Charles H. Crookshank, M.A.
1911 Alexander Egan and Thomas Rutherford
1915 William Corrigan
1919 William H. Smyth, M.A.
1923 Ernest W. Young
1926 Randall C. Phillips
1929 W. Johnstone Hunter
1934 B. Brooke Morton
1935 R.H.Gallagher, B.A.
1937 R.H. Gallagher, B.A. and W.H. Fullerton
1940 Bertram G. East and James P. Carter
1944 Bertram G. East and J. Lennox Booth
1945 W. Moore Graham and J. Lennox Booth
1949 W. Moore Graham and J. Aubrey West
1950 Robert J. Good and W.A. Agnew, B.A.
1953 Robert J. Good and H.F. Aiken
1954 Robert J. Good and N. Cyril Haire
1955 John Hart and William I. Hamilton
1956 John Hart and J.B. Turner
1957 John Hart and J.B. Turner



1869-1879 Not recorded
1880-1882 Thomas Pullman and William Hinde
1883-1885 Thomas Pullman and Lancelot Shaw
1886-1887 Wm. Wellwood and John Watson
1888-1890 Wm. Wellwood and James Boyd
1891-1892 M.L. Shaw and Thomas Pullman
1893 Wm. Wellwodd and D. Jones
1894 Wm. Wellwood and Henry Taylor
1895 Thomas Pullman and Henry Taylor
1896-1899 Thomas Pullmand and James Boyd
1900 Thomas Pullman and John S. Shaw
1901-1902 Thomas Pullman and David Jones
1903-1904 David Jones and W.J. Farrell
1905-1907 J.S. Shaw and Robt. B. Alexander
1908-1910 W.J. Farrell and Hugh M'Millen
1911-1912 W.J. Farrell and Herbert Nixon
1913-1915 W.J. Farrell and David Jones
1916 J.St. J. Phillips and R.B. Alexander
1917-1919 Robt. B. Alexander and Geo. S. Sterling
1920-1923 W.Bambrick and Dr. R.G. Campbell
1924-1927 John Gordon and F. Coulter
1928-1930 C.E. Bourke, J.P., and Wm. A. Gibson
1931-1933 J. Crowe and S.D. Lawrenson
1934-1936 S.D. Lawrenson and J. Robinson
1937-1938 James Robinson and R.J. Wilson
1939-1940 James Robinson and J.V. Addy
1941 James Robinson and R.J. Wilson
1942-1944 James Robinson and W.J.R. Doran, B.SC.
1945-1946 James Robinson and E. Dawson
1947-1949 P.L. Davis and A.E. Johnston
1950-1952 W. Girvan and J. Davison
1953-1955 R.F. Sheldon and R.H. Moffatt
1956-1957 A.V. Bradley and G.R. Black.


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