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Marriage extracts relating to McFarland
in Gortin Presbyterian Church, Tyrone

Marriages 1845-1935 (PRONI Ref: MIC 1P/253B)

Date Name Age Status Occupation Residence Father Occupation Witnesses No/Page
28 January 1851 James M'Farlane 30 Bachelor Gentleman Farmer Lisnaserex Parish, Upper Badoney James M'Farlane Gentleman Framer John Ballantine No 19
Page 10
Jane Dunne 20 Spinster Lisnaserex Parish, Upper Badoney Samuel Dunne Farmer Charles Dunne
November 2 1854 William Hamilton 26 Bachelor Steam Boiler Maker Gortcastle, Lower Badoney William Hamilton Farmer Robert Hamlton No 32
Page 16
Mary M'Farland 23 Spinster Minnyduff, Lower Badoney William M'Farland Farmer Wm M'Clenaghan
November 1 1855 Joseph M'Farland Full Age Bachelor Farmer Letherbrall John M'Farland Farmer Andrew Mathinson No 37
Page 19
Mary Ann Moorhead Full Age Spinster Deargbrough John Moorhead Farmer Armour John M'Farland
November 19 1855 Revd Matthew Logan Full Age Bachelor Presbyterian Minister Gortin Samuel Logan Farmer John M'Clure No 38
Page 19
Mary M'Farland 18 Spinster Drumlea James M'Farland Farmer William M'Farland
July 16 1857 Joseph M'Farland Full Age Widower Farmer Plumbridge, Upper Badoney John M'Farland Farmer John M'Farland No 45
Page 23
Jane Brown Full Age Spinster Crockatanty, Lower Badoney William Brown Farmer John James White
May 29 1862 William Crawford Full Age Bachelor Farmer Droit Park, Lower Badoney John Crawford Farmer No 63
Page 32
Margaret M'Farland Full Age Spinster Clovahil–––, Lower Badoney Andrew M'Farland Farmer


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