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Posted by Brian Magaoidh [bmagaoidh (at) yahoo.com] to the Belfast mailing list.

I was going through some of my old notes, and found this list which may be helpful to some of you.

Please note, this is not the full register and as in all transcriptions, mistakes may have been made.


Milford Street Infant Boys. (PRONI reference Sch/ 385/1/5)

Date of Entrance Pupils Name Religion/DOB Residence Parent/guardian occupation
02/01/1917 McClenaghan, Pat RC Greenland Street Orphan
02/01/1917 Boyle, James RC Peel St. Slater
03/01/1917 Bell, Micky RC Pound St Orphan
04/01/1917 Morris, Willie RC Raglan St Mechanic
04/01/1917 Evans, Dickie RC Milford St Labourer
05/01/1917 Sloan, Charlie RC English St Carman
08/01/1917 Loughran, Johnie RC Mary St Labourer
19/01/1917 Evans, John RC Milford St Labourer
30/01/1917 Owens, Ned RC Mary St Docker
08/02/1917 Russell, James RC, 13/08/1913 Bow St Soldier
26/02/1917 O'Neill, Bobbie RC, 02/12/1914 Pound St Orphan
27/02/1917 Barr(?), Jemmie RC Roumania St Docker
08/03/1917 Kearns, Willie RC Jude St Soldier
14/03/1917 McDonald, Jamsie RC English St Docker
15/04/1917 Lewsley, Eddie RC Roumania St Soldier
15/04/1917 McNally, Henry RC Milford St Docker
19/04/1917 McCann,John RC, 13/03/1915 Roumania St Soldier
27/04/1917 Ferrie(?), Hugh RC Roumania St Soldier
30/04/1917 McShane, John RC Durham St Soldier
07/05/1917 Connll(?), Tommie(?) RC Baker St Soldier
08/05/1917 McConnell, Gerard RC English St Painter
15/05/1917 O'Neill, Paddy RC Cullingtree Road Soldier
23/05/1917 McGeo(?), Jack RC Alex. St. West Docker
28/05/1917 O'Neill, Teddy RC Cullingtree Road Soldier
04/06/1917 Armstrong, Joseph RC Cinnamond St Soldier
05/06/1917 Summerville, Willie RC, 15/09/1913 English St Soldier
05/06/1917 Curley, Charles RC, English St Soldier
06/06/1917 O'Neill, Paddy RC, Albert St Soldier
06/06/1917 Arthurs, Peter RC Hasting St Labourer
11/06/1917 McAllister, Francis RC, McMillan St Labourer
12/06/1917 Morgan, Eddie RC Albert Place Soldier
12/06/1917 McArdle, Willie RC Ross St Soldier
13/06/1917 McKee, Francis RC McMillan St Soldier
20/08/1917 Jenkins, Bobbie RC Nail St Soldier
21/08/1917 Love, Alfred RC Albert St Slater
24/08/1917 Townsend, John RC Albert St Soldier
03/09/1917 Reid, Harry RC Bow St Soldier
03/09/1917 Reid, Joe RC Bow St Soldier
03/09/1917 Haddock, John RC Frere St Labourer
03/09/1917 Haddock, Joseph RC Frere St Labourer
05/09/1917 Carson, Willie RC Albert St Soldier
10/09/1917 Kearns, Tom RC Bow St Soldier
10/09/1917 Kearns, Paddy RC Bow St Soldier
17/09/1917 O'Neill, Paddy RC English St Soldier
17/09/1917 Austin, Tom RC, 23/11/1913 Lady St Soldier
17/09/1917 McCann, Eddie RC Lady St Soldier
18/09/1917 Ward, Malachy RC Bow St Soldier
20/09/1917 Hagens, Harry RC Bow St Soldier
25/09/1917 McKensie, Paul RC Nail St Soldier
01/10/1917 McKee, Francis RC McMillan St Soldier
16/10/1917 McNally, Dan RC Cinnamond St Soldier
22/10/1917 Mulcahy, Jack RC Milford St Soldier
20/11/1917 Kearney, Joseph RC Nail St Soldier
23/11/1917 McKeever, Richard RC Pound St Labourer
05/12/1917 Doherty, Gerard RC Curry St Labourer
16/12/1917 McArdle, Willie RC Ross St Labourer
17/09/1917 Love (Lowe?) Johnnie RC, 17/09/1911 Scotch St Soldier
17/09/1917 Love (Lowe?), James RC, 16/08/1912 Scotch St Soldier
17/09/1917 Love (Lowe?), John RC, 17/09/1912 Scotch St Soldier
04/12/1917 Rice, Joe RC, 04/12/1911 Baker St Labourer
11/12/1917 Burns, James RC, 11/12/1912 McDonnell St Painter
12/10/1917 Hagins(?), James RC, 12/04/1912 Bow St Labourer
15/12/1917 Doherty, Gerard RC, 15/09/1913 Irwin St Soldier
18/12/1917 McArdle, Willie RC, 18/12/1914 Ross St Soldier
10/01/1918 Parke(s?), Willie RC, 18/12/1914 Milford St Labourer
14/01/1918 Magee, Harry RC, 14/01/1914 Lady St ?
17/01/1918 Scullion, Tom RC, 17/12/1914 Milford St Shopkeeper
24/01/1918 Adams, David RC, 24/01/1914 Cinnamond St Fr. Polisher
05/01/1918 Walsh, Willie RC Boomer St Labourer
26/08/1918 Magee, James RC, 13/08/1914 Lady St Labourer
18/08/1921 Brown, Joseph RC, 09/04/1915 Pound St Labourer
14/09/1921 Dogherty, James RC, 08/09/1918 Milford St Carter
24/10/1921 Dogherty, Patrick RC, 03/09/1921 Falls Road Shopkeeper



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