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Newtownards Sailors and Soldiers of the King.

The information below was published in the Newtownards Chronicle, Saturday, 26 September 1914.

THE FOLLOWING LIST, comprising, as it does, no less than 387 names of Newtownards men, who are at present serving in the Army and Navy, reflects very great credit upon the patriotic zeal of our fellow-townsmen. It is proposed to issue, at an early date, a booklet containing all these, and other names to be added later on, with a blank space to record their history during the Great War; a permanent record will thus be made which can be handed down to future generations to show how Newtownards bore its part in the gigantic struggle against the enemies of liberty and righteousness. We hope to add from week to week in our columns the names of new recruits, and if there are any omissions in the lists issued to-day, we shall be glad if these are notified at our office as soon as possible.

The census presented below was compiled by a committee organised by the Rev. W. L. T. Whatham, rector of the parish. The schedule was drawn out by Mrs. Whatham and Mr. John M'Neilly.

The enumerators were: Miss Cassie Heron, Miss Kelso, Miss M. M'Auley and Miss A. Denard, Miss L. M'Cullough, Mr. S. Warden, Miss M. Cooke, Miss Morgan, Miss M. A. Dickson and Miss M. M'Neilly, Miss A. M'Neilly, Miss M'Neilly and Miss Lamon, Miss Jamison, Miss Morrison, Mr. James Stevenson, Mr. D. M'Neilly, Mr. Alex. Newman.

Scrabo Isles.

Rev. Dr. John M. Simms, K.H.C., Principal Chaplain, with rank of Brigadier-General, with the Expeditionary Force on the Continent.
Wm. M. Wright (son of Rev. Dr. Wright), U.V.F.

R. R. Webb, Motor Cyclists Despatch Corps,
Elliott Johnston, U.V.F.
B. Copeland, Irish Horse.
George Meikle.
Sergeant-Major Parker, Pensioner-Clerk.
Colour-Sergt. W. J. Patterson, Recruiting Sergeant.

Mill Street.

Robert M'Kee, 101 Mill Street, 4th R.I.R.
James M'Keown, 105 Mill Street, U.V.F., 2379.
Charles M'Keown, 105 Mill Street, 6th R.I.R., 16.
Wm. J. M'Keown, 105 Mill Street, 4th R.I.R., 4810.
Frank Kirk, 109 Mill Street, U.V.F,, 12795,
James Wood, 109, Mill Street, 6th R.I. Fus.
Watson M'Taggart, 122 Mill Street, 4th R.I.R., 6750.
Thomas M'Taggart, 122 Mill Street, 4th R.I.R.
John M'Taggart, 122 Mill St., Inniskilling Fus., 9436.
Thomas Carnduff, 145 Mill Street, 4th R.I.R.
Robert Dunbar, 147 Mill Street, 4th R.I.R., 2597.
Hamilton Mawhinney, 187 Mill St., 6th R.I. Fus.
Samuel Henderson, 191 Mill Street, 4th R.I.R., 191.
Wm. J. Patterson, 197 Mill Street, U.V.F., 2368.
Wm. Thompson, 161 Mill Street, U.V.F., 12094.
Thos. Harris, 142 Mill St., 1st Con. Rangers, 9596.
Andrew Harris, 142 Mill Street, 2nd R.I. Fus., 9965.
Edward M'Avoy, 140 Mill Street, U.V.F.
John M'Avoy. 140 Mill Street, U.V.F.
John Weir, 65, U.V.F., 2536.
James M'Kay, 41 Mill Street, U.V.F., 10453.
Edward Kelly, 95 Mill Street, 4th R.I.R.
Louis M'Keag. 123 Mill Street, U.V.F., 5684.
Samuel Beattie, 194 Mill Street, 2nd Innis. Fus.
James Fulton, 45 Mill Street, 2nd Innis. Fus., 7712, (wounded).
Valentine Carnduff, 49 Mill St., 3rd Innis. Fus.
Wm. J. Johnstone, 33 Mill Street, U.V.F.
Robert Johnstone, 33 Mill Street, 4th R.I.R.
David Edmunds, 114, 6th Inniskilling Fusiliers.
Wm. J. Wright, 6 Mill Street, U.V.F.
Samuel Orr, 34 Mill Street, 5th Inniskilling Fus.
Robert Millar, 54 Mill Street, U.V.F.
Thomas Trueman, 74 Mill Street, 4th R.I.R., 9176.
Wm. Carnduff, 82 Mill Street, 4th R.I.R,
Samuel Carnduff, 82 Mill Street, U.V.F.
James Carnduff. 82 Mill Street, 4th R.I.R.
Walter Sandford, 86 Mill Street, H.M.S. Bittern.
Walter Adair, 86 Mill St., H.M.S. impregnable, 6050.
Alex. Thompson, 93 Mill Street, 4th R.I.R., 5320.
James Farrell, 91 Mill Street, 4th R.I.R.
John Slowey, 91 Mill Street, 4th R.I.R.
David Smyth, 87 Mill St., 2nd R.I.R., 7741. (Wounded and returned to regiment.)
James Harkness, 47 Mill Street. U.V.F.
Patrick Johnston, 79 Mill Street. 4th R.I.R., 6671
James Johnston, 88 Mill Street, 4lh R.I.R., 6779.
Wm. Auld, 18 Mill Street, 6th R.I.R., 10859.
George M'Lean, 129 Mill Street, 6th R.I.R.

Gibson's Lane

D. Gamble, Gibson's Lane.

John Street

David Thompson, 57 John Street, U.V.F.
Charles Pegg, 50 John Street. 4th R.I.R., 4631.
Wm. Dorrian, 45 John Street, U.V.F., G.5689
Samuel Gordon, 44 John Street, U.V.F.
Wm. R. Gray, 23 John Street, R.A.M.C., 14773.
Hugh Purdie, 7 John Street, 24th R.F.A., 42249.
Robert Allen, 28 John Stieet, U.V.F.
Joseph M'Cartan, 32 John Street, 99th R.F.A , 49341.
John M'Cartan, 32 John Street, 4th R.I.R.
Bob Kingham, 25 John Street, 4th Scot. Highlanders.
Samuel Robinson, 14 John Street, U.V.F.
Wm. Carnduff, 1 John Street, U.V.F,
William Campbell, 184 Mill Street, U.V.F.
Bugler S. Mulligan, Circular Road. 4th R.I.R.
Colour-Sergt, Jas. Kirk, John Street Lane, 4th R.I.R.
Colour-Sergeant R. Wallace, John Street, 4th R.I.R.
Colour-Sergeant C. Kelly, John Street, 4th R.I.R.

James' Street and Britannia Place

Q.-M.-Sergt. Rogers, 72 Britannia Pl. 4th R.I.R. 4287.
S.-Maj. Field, 74 Britannia Pl. 4th R.I.R., 3482.
Joshua Williamson, 70 Britannia PL, 6th R.I.F.
Sam. J. Reid, James' Street, 27th R.I.F.
Hugh Reid, 30 James' Street, ----- 6659.
Thomas M'Cullagh, 26 James' Street, R.I.R., 2711.
Wm. Prentice, 28 James' Street. R. In. F.
Hugh M'Connell, 2 James' Street.
Wm. Alf. M'Kimm, 24 James' Street.
Ambrose M'Kimm, 24 James' Street.
Hamilton Orr, 50 James Street, 4th R.I.R., 6795.
Joseph M'Clure, 35 James' Street, H.M.S. Superb, 33.
Thomas Doggart, 20 James Street.
Colour-Sergeant Sharkey, James' Street, 4th R.I.R.

Mark Street

Wm. Francis, 4 Mark Street.
Alexander Woods, 63 Mark Struct, 4th R.I.R., 5073.
John Russell, 61 Mark Street, 4th R.I.R., 6377.
Thos. Russell, 18 Mark Street, High. L. In. 12161.
Samuel Russell, 18 Mark Street, R.I.R., 6800.
Andw. Russell, 18 Mark St., Cameronians, 6693.
Joseph Russell, 18 Mark Street, R.I.R., 4151.
John Harvey, 77 Mark Street, U.V.F.
Samuel Rowley, 20 Mark Street, R.I.R.
Wm. Armstrong, 26 Mark Street, U.V.F.
Charles Rowley, 20 Mark Street, U.V.F.
Thomas Beattie, 44 Mark Street, U.V.F.
Garrett Beattie, 44 Mark Street, U.V.F.
Wm. Beattie, 44 Mark Street, R.I.R.
Fred Stratton, 48 Mark Street, 4th R.I.R., 6761.
Wm. Cardy, 48 Mark Street, R.I.R.
Robert Graham, 30 Mark Street, 4th R.I.R., 6759.
Robert Houston, 109 Mark Street, R.I.R.
Archibald Cairns, 50 Mark St., 3rd Innis. Fus. 7565.
Alexander Cardy, 115 Mark Street, 4th R.I.R., 7164.
James Cardy, 115 Mark Street, 4th R.I.R., 7078.
Robert George, 121 Mark Street, 4th R.I.R., 6793.
Wm. Cardy, 107 Mark Street, 4th R.I.R., 6651.
Wm. Simpson, Mark Street, U.V.F.
David Woods, 63 Mark Street, 4th R.I.R., 7077.
John M'Kibben, 8 Mark Street, 4th R.I.R., 6079.
Wm. M'Kibben, 8 Mark Street, 2nd R.I.R., 10425.
Norman M'Clean, 12 Mark St., R. Engineers, 28646.
Jas. M'Auley, Mark Street,-------- 8232.
Robert Bell, Mark Street, U.V.F.
Bugler S. J. Leary, Balfour Place, 4th R.I.R.
Bugler C. Madden, Mark Street, 4th R.I.R.
Bugler J. Freasham, Mark Street, 4th R.I.R.

East Street and Windmill Row

Wm. J. Bailie, 97 East Street, U.V.F.
Jas. M'Meekin, 125 Fast Street, U.V.F.
Wm. Bell, 102 East Street, U.V.F.
John Dorrian. 80 East Street, U.V.F.
David Corry, 96 East Street, U.V.F.
Tom Dorrian, 95 East Street, U.V.F.
Alex. Dorrian, 95 East Street, U.V.F.
Samuel Ledgerwood, 64 East Street, U.V.F.
John M'Chesney, 45 East Street, U.V.F.
James Wallace, 110 East Street, U.V.F.
Jim Irvine, 84 East Street, U.V.F.
Wm. M'Dowell, 73 East Street, U.V.F.
Samuel Parker, 51 East Street, U.V.F.
Robert Stratton, 56 East Street, R.I.R.
Henry Stratton, 56 East Street.
Tom Corry, 96 East Street, R.I.R.
John M'Cracken, 22 East Street, U.V.F.
Wm. Graham, 8 East Street, U.V.F.
John Marshall, 11 East Street, U.V.F.
Wm. Marshall, 11 East Sheet, U.V.F.
Andrew Marshall, 11 East Street, U.V.F.
Thomas Carnduff, 92 East Street, R.I.R.
Wm. Beckett, 87 East Street, R.I.R.
Wm. Campbell, 3 East Street, U.V.F.
H. Todd, 8 East Street.
P. M'Mullan, 61 East Street.
J. Marshall, 11 East Street.
Wm. Mullan, 61 East Street, R.I.R.
W. Allen, 69 East Street.
Wm. Belshaw.

William Street

Wm. Millar, 25 Wiiliam Street, U.V.F.
John O'Neill, 34 William Street, U.V.F.
James A. O'Neill, 34 William Street, U.V.F.
Wm. O'Neill, 34 William Street, 2nd K.O.S.B.
James Dorrian, 76 William Street, U.V.F.
Wm. Boyd, 81 William Street, U.V.F.
Sergeant Jas. Ducat, 12 William Street, 4th R.I.R.
Sergt. Wm. Stadius, 14 William Street, 4th R.I.R.
Sergeant C. Stevens, 85 William Street, 4th R.I.R.
James M'Clements, 51 William Street, 4th R.I.R.
Hugh M'Clements, 51 William Street, 4th Innis. Fus.
Hugh Finlay, 17 William Street, 4th Innis. Fus.
Richard Wilson, 9 William Street, H.L.In.
Thos. Robinson, William Street Road, U.V.F.
David Reid, William Street Road, R.I.R.

Talbot Street

John Boyd, 1 Talbot Street, U.V.F.
Hugh M'Clure, 6 Talbot Street, U.V.F.
James M'Clure, 6 Talbot Street, U.V.F.
Robert Dorrian, 4 Talbot Street, K.O.S.B.
David Mullen, 1 Talbot Street, U.V.F.

South Street

Wm. Buckley, South Street, 103 R.F.A., 46908.
Sam Thompson 33 South Street, Naval Barracks, 235.
Wm. Wilson, 83 South St., 32nd Gar., R.F.A., 30316.
Peter Johnstone, South Street, 4th R.I.F., 6830.
Jas. Johnstone, 34 South Street, 3rd R. In. Fus., 8150.
John Gilliland, 45 South Street, U.V.F.
Henry Moderate, 49 South Street, U.V.F.
Chas. Newell, 54 South Street, U.V.F.
Sam. De Voy, 58 South Street, U.V.F.
Wm. Russell, 56 South Street, U.V.F.
Joseph Burns, 66 South Street.
John Montgomery, 14 South Street, R. In. Fus.
Samuel Thompson, 33 South Street, Navy.

Court Street

Robert Smyth, 61 Court Street, U.V.F.
Hugh Clarke, 5 Court Street, U.V.F.
Sam Davis, 12 Court Street, U.V.F.
Jas. Hollinger, 18 Court Street, U.V.F.
Jas. Snodden, Court Street, 1st Inniskilling Fusiliers.
John Cooke, Court Street, Queen's Own Rifles.
Joseph Goodman, Court Street.
Win. Clarke, 23 Court Street, U.V.F.

West Street

Wm. Vance, 8 West Street, 4th R.I.R., 6078.
David M'Master, 8 West Street, 6th R.I.R.
Samuel Matier, 27 West Street, 4th R.I.R., 3863.
John Dunn, 33 West Street, H.M.S. Caesar, 36 Mess.
Jas. Ferguson, 51 West St., Gordon Highlanders, 5796.
Alfred Blyth, 53 West Street, U.V.F.
S. Wright, West Street, 4th R.I.R.
Thomas Clarke, West Street, North Irish Horse.
J. Malone, 22 West Street, 4th R.I.R.

Victoria Avenue

Q.-M.-Sergt. G. Hamilton, 40 Victoria Av., 4th R.I.R.
Geo. Johnson. 97 Victoria Av., 4th R.I.R., 16901.
Thos. H. Kerr, 55 Victoria Av,. U.V.F.
Frank Clark, 32 Victoria Avenue, 6th Black Watch.
Sergt.-Bugler Bright, Victoria Avenue, 4th R.I.R.
Col.-Sergt. Nicholson, Victoria Ave., 4th R.I.R.

Ann Street

Hugh Dunlop, 17 Ann Street, U.V.F.
James Smyth, 8 Ann Street.
Colour-Sergeant J. Campbell, Ann Street, 4th R.I.R.
Sergeant R. MacGregor, Ann Street, 4th R.I.R.
Sergeant D. Rafferty, Ann Street, 4th R.I.R.
Sergeant J. Monks, Ann Street, 4th R.I.R.

Movilla Street

John Russell, Movilla Street.
Robert John Warden, 79 Movilla Street, R.I.R.
David Irvine, 31 Movilla Street, R.F.A., 32115.
Alex. Gibson, 6 Up. Movilla St., H.M.S. Dominion.
Joseph Thompson, Upper Movilla Street.
Jas. Crothers, 42 Upper Movilla Street, U.V.F.
Henry Crothers, 42 Upper Movilla Street, U.V.F.
Wm. M'Quiston, 76 Upper Movilla Street, U.V.F.
Robert Paden, 97 Upper Movilla Street, U.V.F.
Alex. Russell, 56 Upper Movilla Street, U.V.F.
Wm. J. Shields, Movilla Street, 2nd R.I.R., 8568.
John Irvine, Movilla Street.
Robert Irvine, Movilla Street.
Wm. Irvine, Movilla Street.
Joseph Shields, Movilla Street.
E. Kelly, 34 Movilla Street.
Alex. Carnduff, 16 Upper Movilla Street.
Thomas Dorrian, 69 Movilla Street.
John A. Gray, 46 Upper Movilla Street, U.V.F.

Mary Street

John Montgomery, 24 Mary Street, U.V.F.
Samuel Irvine, 14 Mary Street, U.V.F.
Hugh Brown, Mary Street.
Alex. Robinson, 3 Lower Mary Street, U.V.F.
Wrn. Jas. Delaney, Lower Mary St., 6th Innis. Drag.

North Street

Col.-Sergt. Jas. Heron, North Street, Y.C.V.
Jas. M'Neilly, 61 North Street, U.V.F.
Gordon Bennett, 11 North Street, U.V.F.
John Boyle, 5 North Street, U.V.F.
R. Orme, 45 North Street.


Robert Mayne. Shuttlefield, U.V.F.
Thomas Mayne, Shuttlefield, U.V.F.
Thomas Walsh, Shuttlefield.
Robert Milby, Shuttlefield, 4th R.I.R,

Balfour Street

Wm. M'Hugh, 11 Balfour St., 2nd Scots Guards, 3356.
Duncan M'Clean, 13 Balfour Street, U.V.F.
Robert Carnduff, 51 Balfour Street, U.V.F.
George Hamilton, 53 Balfour Street, Medical Corps.
Wm. Graham, 71 Balfour Street, R.I. Fus., 8360.
John Livingstone, 57 Balfour Street, U.V.F.
Joseph M'Dowell, 86 Balfour Street, U.V.F.
Samuel Crooks, 69 Balfour St., H.M.S. Thunderer.
Samuel M'Dowell, 10 Balfour Street, U.V.F.
John M'Grath, 38 Balfour Street, R.I.R., 739.
John Clarke, 48 Balfour Street, R.F.A.. 50076.
David Burling, 74 Balfour St., Irish Guards, 3221.
Fred Everett, 74 Balfour Street, U.V.F.
Walter M'Cartney, 76 Balfour St., N.I.H., 564.
James Gibson, 82 Balfour Street, U.V.F.
Wm. J. Gibson, 82 Balfour Street, U.V.F.
Sergeant H. Oliver, Balfour Street, 4th R.I.R.

Frances Street

John Tate, 12 Frances Street, U.V.F.
Sergt. Andrew Heron, 4Q Frances St., 4th R.I.
Thomas Lavery, 50 Frances Street, 6th Innis. Fus.
Hugh Lavery, 50 Frances St., 7th K.O. Liverpool.
John Douglas, 52 Frances Street, U.V.F.
Wm. Galbraith, 16 Little Frances Street, U.V.F.
Thos. Oliver, 42 Little Frances Street, R.I.R.
Jas. Martin, 23 Little Francis St., 6th Innis. Fus.
Sam M'Auley, 24 Little Frances Street, 1st K.O.S.B.
Alex. Thompson, 1 Zion Place, U.V.F.
Archie Campbell, Little Frances Street, U.V.F.

Wallace Street No. 2.

John M'Cready, 9 Wallace Street, R.I.R., 7170.
David White, 19 Wallace Street, U.V.F.
Andrew M'Connell, 31 Wallace St., 2nd R.I.R., 8243.
Peter M'Avoy, 37 Wallace Street, U.V.F.
Samuel Orr, 39 Wallace St., 2nd Irish Guards, 2212.
Robert M'Connell, 22 Wallace Street, U.V.F.
Wm. M'Dowell, 26 Wallace Street, 2nd R.I.R.
Wm. J. Orr, 40 Wallace Street, U.V.F.
Wm. Kelly, 55 Wallace Street, U.V.F.
George Kelly, 55 Wallace Street, U.V.F.
David M'Connell, 22 Wallace Street, U.V.F.
VV. Moore, Wallace Street.
Andrew M'Dowell, Wallace Street.

Wallace Street No. 1.

Samuel Duff, 6 Wallace Street, R.I.R.
David Robb, 28 Wallace Street, R.I.R., 4824.
Daniel Bell, 22 Wallace Street, U.V.F.

Thomas Street

Thomas Woods, 26 Thomas Street, U.V.F.
Robert Hedley, 32 Thomas Street, U.V.F.
Patrick Watterson, 36 Thomas Street, 4th R.I.R.
John Watterson, 36 Thomas Street, 4th R.I.R.
Robert Lockhart, 9 Thomas Street, Roy. Eng., 45423.
George Stratton, 13 Thomas Street, R.I.R.

Frederick Street

Robert Allen, 18 Frederick Street, U.V.F.
Joseph O'Neill, 24 Frederick Street, Artillery.
Wm. Caughey, 36 Frederick Street, Scot. Fus., 12048.
Geo. M'Clinton, 36 Frederick St., R. In. Fus., 9311.
Samuel Russell, 38 Frederick Street, 4th R.I.R., 7266.
Robert Russell, 38 Frederick Street, 6th R.I.R.
John Russell, 40 Frederick Street, 4th R.I.R., 2838.
Robert Fairley, 46 Frederick Street, 4th R.I.R., 4633.
Richard Wilson, 48 Frederick Street, 11th H.L.1.
Hugh Stevenson, 17 Frederick Street, R.F.A., 4422.
Samuel M'Hendry, 25 Frederick Street. R.F.A.
Thomas Gamble, 27 Frederick Street, R.I.R.
Samuel Anderson, 45 Frederick Street. R.I.R.
John Bennett, 53 Frederick Street, R.I.R., 6903.
John Gordon, 59 Frederick Street, R.I. Fus.

Bangor Road

James Irvine, Bangor Road, Y.C.V.
George Mahaffy, 3 Ellas Villas, U.V.F.

Kimberley Buildings

James Magilton, 14 Kimberley Bdgs., 12th H.L.I.
Alex. Foster, 16 Kimberley Buildings, U V.F.

Shore Road

Samuel Cavan, Shore Road, R.I.R.

Castle Street

Colour.-Sergt. Griffiths, Castle Street. Y.C.V.

High Street

Bertie Murphy, 15 High Street, U.V.F.
Q.-M.-Sergt. S. V. Morgan, High Street, 3rd R.I.R.
Sergeant J. Morgan, High Street, 2nd R.I.R.
Bugler H. Morgan, High Street. 4th R.I.R.

George Street

Hugh Harvey, George Street.
John M'Gowan, George Street, U.V.F.
James Carnduff, George Street.
David Carlisle, George Street, U.V.F.

Regent Street

Thomas J. Harrison, Lodge Lane, U.V.F.
Wm. Amberson, 60 Regent Street, U.V.F.
Wm. Smith, 48 Regent Street, U.V.F.
Claude Gordon, 6 Regent Street, U.V.F.
Corp. C. Stockton, Regent Street, 4th R.I.R.

Church Street

James Meredith, Church St., 2nd Innis. Fus., 6221.
Robert Gamble, Church Street, R.A.M.C., 34478.
James Mullen, Church Street, 4th R.I.R., 4805.
Robert Johnstone, 18 Church Street, U.V.F.
John Johnstone, sen., 19 Church Street, U.V.F.
John Johnstone, jun., 19 Church Street, U.V.F.
Samuel Keenan, Half-Acre Lane, U.V.F.
James Wright, Half-Acre Lane, U.V.F.
James Stevenson, Church Street, 2nd R.I.R.
Alex. Skimmin, 4 Frederick Place, U.V.F.
Kenneth Morrow, 80 Church Street, U.V.F.
David Mills, 44 Church Street, 4th R.I.R.
Colour-Sergeant D. Ferris, Church Street, 4th R.I.R.

Greenwell Street and Market Street

Wm. Anderson, 157 Greenwell Street, U.V.F.
Thos. Calderwood, 159 Greenwell Street, U.V.F.
George Jamison, 165 Greenwell Street, R.I.R., 1040.
Robert Russell, 174 Greenwell Street, U.V.F.
Robert Algie, 174 Greenwell St., H.M.S. Hawke, 5311.
W. Jas. Gibson, 166 Greenwell Street, U.V.F.
Hugh Gore, 147 Greenwell Street, H.M.S. Erin.
James Gore, 147 Greenwell Street, Royal Marines.
Alex. Hanna, 146 Greenwell Street, U.V.F.
Hugh Graham, 128 Greenwell Street, H.M.S. Lion.
Wm. Poole, 110 Greenwell Street, U.V.F.
David Gunning, 120 Greenwell Street, R.I.R.
Thos. Gunuing, 120 Greenwell St., 1st R. Innis. Fus.
Wm. R. M'Cully, 116 Greenwell St., R. Innis. Fus.
Jas. Wallace, 61 Greenwell Street, R.I.R.
Wm. Hy. Smyth, 59 Greenwell Street, R.I.R.
Adam Smyth, 59 Greenwell Street, U.V.F.
Jas. Johnson, 54 Greenwell Street, R.I.R.
Benjamin Baxter, 52 Greenwell Street, R.I.R.
Hugh Brown, 37 Greenwell Street, U.V.F.
Robert Marshall, 2 Greenwell Lane, R. Innis. Fus.
Jas. Vance, 19 Greenwell Street, U.V.F.
Alex. Vance. 19 Greenwell Street, R. Innis. Fus.
Thomas Barnes, 47 Greenwell Street, R.I.R.
Robert Bell, 7 Market Street, U.V.F.
John Bell, 7 Market Street, R.I.R.
H. Majury, 3 Market Street.


Edward M'Bride, Ballywatticock, U.V.F.
Hugh Shanks, Loughries, U.V.F.
Robert Lowry, Ballywatticock, U.V.F.
John Rutherford, Greengraves, U.V.F.
R. Donaldson, Greengraves. U.V.F.
Wm. Quinn, Killarn, U.V.F.
Wm. Donaldson, Greengraves, U.V.F.
W. Montgomery, Whitespots.
Edward Rooney, Whitespots.
Bugler W. J. Doherty, Bowtown, 4th R.I.R.
Thomas Jamison, Ballywatticock, U.V.F.
Wm. Rogers, Ballyrogan, U.V.F.

Royal Engineers (Signalling Division)

David John Stratton, 97 Balfour Street.
Thomas Maddock, 25 Balfour Street.
Richard Maddock, 25 Balfour Street,
Samuel M'Kibben, 23 Marquis Street.
James Magilton, Canal Row.
John Heron, Kiltonga.


The following additions were published in the Newtownards Chronicle on Saturday, 17 October 1914.

Our Soldiers and Sailors of the King.


In our issue of September 26th we published a list of Newtownards men who are at the front serving in the army and navy. There were 387 names on the list, but since then, mainly through the instrumentality of Rev. Mr. Whatham, we have received the appended names which, added to the original roll, bring the number of Newtownards men up to 418.

Greenwell Street

William Moore, 154 Greenwell Street, Royal Irish Rifles.
Edward Hugh Kearney, 14 Greenwell Street.
George Gregory, 118 Greenwell Street.
Thomas Hanna, 100 Greenwell Street.
David M'Briar, 156 Greenwell Street.

Queen Street

William Gunning, 21 Queen Street, U.V.F.
James M'Knight, Queen Street.

George Street

John Hutchinson, 7 George Street, Fusiliers.

East Street.

Hugh Doggart, 46 East Street, 1st class gunner, H.M.S. "Drake."
James N. Doggart, 46 East Street, 1st Inniskilling Fusiliers, 8496.
Wm. James Logan, 52 East Street, 4th R. I. Rifles, 6900.
Robert M'Quiston, East Street (formerly Wallace's Street), 4th R. I. Rifles.

Church Street

Andrew Muir, 56 Church Street, U.V.F.

Court Street

Squadron Quarter-Master-Sergeant Jas. Watters, 6th Inniskilling Dragoons.
Robert Gilliland, 7 Upper Court Street, Royal Irish Rifles.

Front Shuttlsfield

James Gamble, 4 Front Shuttlefield, 1st R. I. Fusiliers, 8290.

William Street

James Young, 44 William Street, U.V.F.
Alex. Arnold, William Street.

John Street Lane

Robert M'Cartney, 17 John Street Lane, U.V.F.

South Street.

John Shannon, 99 South Street, U.V.F. (R. I. Rifles, 9155).
Robert Gilliland, South Street.

Brown's Lane

Able Mallon, Brown's Lane.

Movilla Street

Robert John Warden, Movilla Street.
James Wallace, Movilla Street.

James Street

James Algie, James Street.

Frances Street

Thomas Dooley (son of Mrs. T. G. Kirk), Motor Transport Service.


Matthew Wright (son of Rev. Dr. Wright), Y.C.V.


James Turney, Ballywatticock.

Appointed to Commissions

Lieutenant H. W. Webb, M.B., Royal Army Medical Corps.
Second-Lieutenant G. W. Webb, 3rd Royal Irish Rifles.
Second-Lieutenant K. W. Webb, Royal Garrison Artillery.


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