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This "Roll of Honour" appeared in the Newry Reporter on 2nd February 1915. With thanks to Great War Ulster Newspaper Archive for the original images.

Poyntzpass Roll of Honour.

Forty Defenders of Empire in Small Country District.

Through the indefatigable exertions of Mr. David Allen (of Messrs. Allen Bros., Poyntzpass) he has gathered together the names of all the men who are serving with the colours from Poyntzpass and district. It will be seen from the list below that four have joined out of one family, three out of another, while two families have two each.

Poyntzpass Village, with a population which does not exceed 300, has given 17 men to the Empire. The list is being prepared on an elegant scroll. The artist is Mr. Charles Codd, father-in-law of Mr. White, station-master at Poyntzpass. Although seventy years of age, he has a marvellous artistic gift, and some of his engrossing work is equal to the best professional effort. The list is as follows:--

Close, Maxwell Stewart, 4th Hussars.
Innes, Arthur Charles Wolsley, Royal Irish Rifles.
Innes, Sidney Maxwell, Royal Irish Rifles.
Baird, William, Royal Navy.
* Bicker, George, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.
* Bicker, Andrew, Royal Irish Fusiliers.
* Bicker, James, Royal Irish Fusiliers.
Blore, Charles, Royal Navy.
Clarke, James, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.
Close, Robert, Royal Irish Rifles.
* Cobain, Robert, Royal Irish Fusiliers.
Cunningham, Frederick, North Irish Horse.
Fulton, William, Irish Guards (killed in Action).
* Gilkinson, Edward, Royal Irish Fusiliers.
Graham, Thomas, 6th Inniskilling Dragoons.
* Graham, William, Royal Irish Fusiliers.
* Hanna, Alfred, Irish Guards.
* Hanna, Edwin, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.
* Kimmons, David, Royal Irish Fusiliers.
* Kimmons, Robert, Royal Irish Fusiliers.
* Kimmons, William, Royal Irish Fusiliers.
Lundy, Samuel, Royal Irish Fusiliers.
M'Elwaine, Floyd, Despatch Riding Corps.
* M'Donald, Edward, Royal Navy.
* M'Donald, John, Royal Irish Rifles (killed in action.)
* M'Donald, Joseph, Royal Irish Rifles.
* M'Donald, Patrick, Royal Irish Rifles.
Moody, Charles, Canadian Expeditionary Force.
Moody, Edward, Royal Irish Rifles.
* Morrow, William, Royal Irish Fusiliers.
M'Cready, Alexander, Royal Irish Rifles.
Miskimmin, Ringhan, Royal Irish Rifles.
Parker, George, Royal Irish Fusiliers.
Purdy, M'Dermott, Irish Guards.
* Purdy, James Allen, Royal Irish Fusiliers.
Shanks, Robert, Royal Engineers.
Taylor, Samuel, Irish Guards.
Wilson, George, Royal Irish Fusiliers.
Wylie, George, Royal Irish Fusiliers.
Wylie, Stewart, Royal Garrison Artillery.

* The seventeen, named by a star are the men who left Poyntzpass Village. There are not, it is believed, seventeen men left of military age, so that the village has over fifty per cent, at the front.

An application is being made for a captured gun as a trophy for the square, beside which the names of the men above could be permanently inscribed.


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