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by Hugh Alexander Boyd. (R Carswell & Son Ltd. Belfast. 1930)

According to this book, St Patrick founded the parish of Ramoan in about the year 450 A.D, and placed it under the charge of one of his followers, Ereclacius. A church appears to have existed here from 450 A.D. to 1849, although inevitably, it was rebuilt a number of times during this time. In 1849, a new church, St James, was erected about 150 yards from the site of the older ones.

A document relating to the killing of Protestants in the parish during the Rebellion in 1640s, states:
"The Examination of Archibald Stewart, aged about 50 yeares, taken the 18th May, 1643.
Who being duely sworne and Examined what he doth knowe or concerninge the massacre of William Ffynly and his brother with a number of persons more of men, woemen and children being of Protesant persuasion, of the parish of Armoy, weh fled thence toward Bally Castell.
Saith that he was Informed by severall of the country after he came from Colerane to Bally entoy, that these persons were killed in the Church of Ramone wth in a quarter of a mile of Bally Castell by Hugh O'Dullinan, Patricke O'Dullinan, Donnohy McGuigan McCawly wth severall others of the O'Dullinans and McAllisters... "


1801 -- Charles Hopkins and Samuel Kirkpatrick.
1802 -- Francis Stewart (Drumavoley) and John Montgomery (Cloughanmurray)
1803 -- George Brown (The Quay) and William Hill (Moyarget)
1804 -- Daniel McMullen (Tamnaghboy) and Bernard Kane, Jr. (Moyarget)
1805 -- Patrick Lester (Carnamoon) and William Hopkin (Moyarget)
1806 -- George McCurdy (Carnsampson) and James Fullerton (Tuck [Walk] Mill)
1807 -- Neal McElheran (Gortconney) and Samuel Hill (Blacknow)
1808 -- Daniel Corry (Clare) and Robert Hill, Jr., (The Trench)
1809 -- John Hill, Jr. (Hillhead) and Randle Fullerton (Walk Mill)
1810 -- William McCurdy (Carnsampson) and Samuel Sharpe (Drumawillan)
1811 -- James McIntyre (Broombeg) and William Lynd, Jr. (Moyarget)
1812 -- Andrew Boyd (The Isle) and Adam McConaghy (Carnduff)
1813 -- Hugh Boyd (Bromore) and William Boyd (Capecastle)
1814 -- William Sharpe (Ballylig) and Charles Thompson (Drumavoley)
1815 -- Samuel Hill (Cloughanmurry) and Robert Stewart, Merchant (Ballycastle)
1816 -- Daniel McArthur (Novally) and John Woodside (Carnduff)
1817 -- James McConaghy (Carnduff) and James Murphy (Ballycastle)
1818 -- Charles McComb (Ballyveely) and David Wilson (Ballycastle)
1819 -- Charles McGildowny and George Sampson
1820 -- John McNeile and John Hill, Senr. (Carneatly)
1821 - Sibthorpe Jones (Ballycastle) and Peter Sharpe (Toberbilly)
1822 - Alexander Sharpe (Toberbilly) and Samuel ????
1823 -- Alexander McCurdy, Jr., (Clare) and John Murphy (Capecastle)
1824 -- Hugh McNeill (Carnsampson) and Thomas Sharpe (Toberbilly)
1825 -- Edmund McGildowny (Clare) and Hugh Hill (Carnsampson)
1826 -- John Mullan (Carnduff) and Hugh Hill (Carnsampson)
1827 -- Arthur Mullan (Drummans) and James Woodside(Ballycastle)
1828 -- Samuel Hill, Tanner, (Ballycastle) and James Hopkins (Moyarget), but left the parish and Archibald Thomas appointed in his stead.
1829 -- James Black (Ballycastle) and Cahrles Boyd (Ballycastle)
1830 -- Andrew Sharpe (Cloughabrack) and Andrew Sharpe (Moyarget)
1831 -- William Hill, Jnr.(Moyarget) and Neal Thompson(Ballyveely)
1832 -- James Hopkins (Moyarget) and William Moore (Ballycastle)
1833 -- James Campbell (Ballycastle) and Daniel Wilson (Capecastle)
1834 -- John (or William?) Hill, Jr., (Carneatly) and Archibald McMullan (Ballycastle)
1835 -- Frederick Curry(Ballycastle) and John McCormick (Culkenny), but does not appear to have acted. The name of William Hill appears in his stead.
1836 -- Matthew Wilson (Novally) and James Tweed (Ballycastle)
1837 -- John McIlmoyle (Ballydurnin) and Alexander Stewart (Ballycastle)
1838 -- John Stewart (Ballycastle) and Robert Sharpe, Jr., (Toberbilly)
1839 -- James McLees (Gortconney) and John Sharpe, Ironmonger (Ballycastle)
1840 -- William Black (Novally) and Alexander McLean(Ballycastle)
1841 -- John Thompson, Shopkeeper, (Ballycastle) and John Hill, Jr. (Carneatly)
1842 -- Daniel Thompson 9 Drumeeny) and Samuel Mathers(Ballycastle)
1843 -- John McKinley (Church Park) and Denis Black, Tailor (Ballycastle)
1844 -- William Reynolds(late of the Charter School Farm) and Robert Wilson, Leathercutter (Ballycastle)
1845 -- James McDonald (Ballycastle) and John McMullan.
1846 -- John Nickle,Sawyer (Ballycastle) and Alexander Sharpe,Shopkeeper (Ballycastle)
1847 -- William Reynold (late of the Charter School Farm) and William McLees (Gortconney)
1848 -- Samuel Mathers (Ballycastle) and John McGildowny (Clare Park)
1849 -- John Thompson (Ballycastle) and John Stewart (Ballycastle)
1850-1853 - No Record.
1854 -- Denis Black and John McConaghy
1855 -- John Jolly (Ballycastle) and John McNeill (Ballylig)
1856 -- Daniel Thompson (Ballycastle) and Robert McIlherin
1857 -- Hugh Boyd and William Black
1858 -- Thomas McLees and John Scott
1859 -- John Cochrane and Samuel McCook
1860 -- Michael Woods and William Taylor
1861 -- John Nickol and James McMullen
1862 -- Richard Cochrane and William McArthur
1863 -- Denis Black (Ballycastle) and Matthew Watson (Ballylig)
1864 -- Charles McCloy (Ballycastle) and John Jamieson (Cloughabrack)
1865 -- Daniel Thompson and William McLees.
1866 -- William McLees and Daniel Thompson (Drumeeny)
1867 -- William McLees and John McConaghy
1868 -- William McLees and Charles McCaughan
1869 -- William McLees and James McMullan
1870 -- William McLees and John Stewart Moore
1871-1873 -- William McLees and John McConaghy
1874 -- Daniel Thompson (Drumeeny) and John McConaghy
1875-1876 -- Sir Harley Hugh Boyd, Bart., and John McConaghy
1877-1878 -- William Taylor and John McConaghy
1879 -- Major General Ezekiel Gage and Charles McCaughan
1880-1881 -- Major General Gage and Cahrles McCaughan
1882 -- John McGildowny and Charles McCaughan
1883-1885 -- John McGildowny and William Boyes Black
1886-1887 -- John McGildowny and Daniel Thompson
1888-1902 -- Major General Gage and Daniel Thompson
1903 -- Daniel Thompson and Thomas Humphreys
1904 -- Daniel Thompson and Moore Lawrence.
1905 -- Daniel Thompson and Alexander Boyd.
1906 -- Daniel Thompson and William H Belford
1907 -- Daniel Thompson and John Nicholl.
1908 -- Daniel Thompson and Alexander McCollam
1909 -- Daniel Thompson and George H Scarlett
1910 -- Daniel Thompson and Thomas Humphreys
1911 -- Daniel Thompson and Moore Lawrence
1912 -- John Harvey and Alexander Boyd
1913 -- John Harvey and William H Belford
1914 -- John Harvey and John Nicholl
1915 -- Alexander McCollam and George H Scarlett
1916 -- Moore Lawrence and John S. Scarlett
1917 -- Thomas Humphreys and Charles A. McCollam
1918 -- Alexander Boyd and William J. Glass
1919 -- Colonel Alan J. Campbell and William H. Belford
1920 -- Colonel Alan J. Campbell and John Nicholl
1921 -- Colonel Alan J. Campbell and George H. Scarlett
1922 -- John S. Scarlett and Thomas Humphreys
1923 -- Alexander Boyd and Charles A McCollam
1924 -- John Nicholl and William J. Glass
1925 -- William H. Belford and Robert Jamison
1926 -- George H. Scarlett and William J. Kennedy
1927 -- Thomas Humphreys and John S. Scarlett
1928 -- Charles A. McCollam and John Nicholl
1929 -- William J. Glass and Charles M. Lawrence

THE GREAT WAR, 1914-18:

The Roll of Honour contains 112 names. It was compiled in July 1918, by the then curate of the parish, The Rev. R.J. Black, B.A., R.U.I.

Of the 112 who served, 17 made the supreme sacrifice, 3 received the Legion of Honour, 4 the D.S.O., 1 the Croix de Geurre, 2 the M.C, and 3 the M.M. In addition to these decorations one received the M.B.E., one the O.B.E., and one the C.B. The following is the complete list of names: --

Barnes, Frank P., Lieutenant Colonel, D.S.O., O.B.E., A.S. Corps
Barnes, Theodore, 2nd Lieutenant, Essex Regiment.  w
Bell, Frank, Private, R.I.Rifles  w
Bernard, Arthur, Warrant Officer, Australians.
Black, Gordon B., Major, M.B.E. Canadians
Black, Harold. E., Private, Canadians  k
Black, J Thompson, Sergeant, Canadians.
Blackmore, Herbert, Private, M.M. R.I.Rifles.  k
Blackmore, William, Private, R.I.Rifles.  k
Byrne, Aubrey, 2nd Lieutenant, Tank Corps
Byrne, Edgar, Gunner, Private, M.M., Tank Corps.  w
Byrne, H.E., Sub-Lieutenant, R.N.R.Engineers
Callwell, Sir Cahrles, Major General, Knight Companion of the Bath; Commander of the Legion of Honour; Russian Order of St. Stanislaus; Italian Order of the Crown; Belgian Order of the Crown; Greek Order of the Redeemer; Japanese Order of the Rising Sun; Serbian Order of the White Eagle; Romanian Order of the Crown of Roumania. Cameron, John S., Engineer, Mercantile Marine
Cameron, William D., Private, R.Innis. Fus.  w
Campbell, Alan. J, . Brig-Gen , D.S.O., R.I Army.  w
Campbell, Douglas, 2nd Lieutenant, R. Engineers
Campbelll, Robert, A.B., Private, Canadians.
Cochrane, George, Private, R.I.Rifles  k
Cox, Edward Orme, Captain, Indian Army.
Cox, John H., South Africans  w
Cox, Thomas O., Sergeant, Canadians.
Coyles, Alexander, Private, R.I.Rifles
Coyles, John, Stoker, R. Navy
Craig, James, Private, R.I.Rifles  w
Dixon, Alexander, PrivateR.I.Rifles  k
Douglas, Archer, Mercantile Marine
Douglas, Keevers, Mercantile Marine
Douthart, John, Private, R.Innis. Fus.  m
Dunlop, Alexander, Sergeant, R.Innis. Fus.  w
Dunlop, Frank, Private, R.I.Rifles.
Dunlop, William J., Sergeant, R.I.Rifles  w
Ellison, Daniel, R.G.A.
French, Walter, Mercantile Marine
Gage, Alexander, Chaplain, Royal Navy
Gage, Alexander, S.G., Tank Corps
Gage, John, 2nd Lieutenant, R.Innis. Fus.  k
Gage, Richard, F.O.D., 2nd Lieutenant, M.C., R. Engineers  w
Gage, Robert, 2nd Lieutenant, R.F. Artillery
Galloway, James, Private, R.I.Rifles  w
Galloway, William J., Private, R.I.Rifles  w
Hamill, Alexander, Private, A.S.C., M.T.
Hargy, Robert, Private, R.I.Rifles  w
Harrison, Arthur, Sergeant, Canadians  w
Harvey, G, Major, A.S.C.
Hill, Frank, Private, R.I.Rifles
Holmes, Arthur, Private, R.I.Rifles  w
Humphreys, Fred, 2nd Lieutenant, R.Innis Fus.  w
Humphreys, J.J., Lieutenant, R.N.R.
Humphreys, Thomas V. , Chief Engineer, R.N.Trans. S.
Hunter, Arthur P., Sergeant, R.Innis. Fus.
Hunter, Richard E., Private, A.S.C.M.T. Canadians
Hutchinson, George, Captain, R. Innis. Fus.
Hutchinson, Samuel J., Corporal, R.I.Rifles
Jamison, John, Corporal, R.I.Rifles
Jenkins, Thomas G., Private, Irish Guards  w
Johnstone, Jasper B, Captain, A.S.C.M.T.
Kane, James F., Sergeant, R.I.Rifles  w
Laverty, Patrick, Private, R.I.Rifles  k
Lyle, Sydney J, Captain, M.C., R.I.Rifles  w
Macartney, J.J., Private, Gunner, R.F.Artillery
Macartney, Thomas J., Private, R.I.Rifles
Meabank, George, Sergeant, R.I.Rifles.
Miller, Charles Blois, Captain, C.B., Legion of Honour, Croix D'Officier, Royal Navy.
Morgan, William J., Canadians
McCafferty, George, Private, R.I.Rifles  k
McCafferty, John, Corporal, R.I.Rifles  k
McCollam, John, Canadians
McCurdy, Daniel, Private, R.I.Rifles
McCurdy, Henry, Canadians
McCurdy, John, Private, R.I.Rifles
McFall, Robert, Private, R.I.Rifles  w
McGaghy, Henry, Private, R.I.Rifles
McGaghy, James, Private, R.Innis. Fus.  w
McGildowny, William, Major, D.S.O.,R.F.Artillery  k
McIreavy, Daniel, Private, R.I.Rifles
McKay, William, Private, M.G.Trans.,A. S.C.
McKendry, Alexander, New Zealanders
McKendry, Hugh, Private, R.I.Rifles  k
McKendry, John, Private, R.I.Rifles
McKendry, William, Private, Scottish Horse
McKinney,William, J.R.I.Rifles
McLarty, Frank, Private, M.M., Croix De Guerre, R.I.Rifles
McLaughlin, Edward, Private, R.I.Rifles
McLaughlin, Patrick, Private, R.I.Rifles  k
McLaughlin, William (Jnr.) Private, R.I.Rifles  w
McLaughlin, William (Senr)., Corporal, R.I.Rifles
McLean, John, Private, R.I.Rifles
McLean, Nathaniel, American Army  k
McMullen, James, Sergeant, Canadians
McMullen, John, Private, R.I.Rifles
McMullen, William, Private, R.I.Rifles  k
Neill, Moore, Canadians  w
Noble, R.S.H., 2nd Lieutenant, R.I.Rifles  w
Parkhill, James , Private, R.I.Rifles  w
Parkhill, John, Private, R.A.M.C.
Parkhill, Joseph, Private, R.I.Rifles  k
Quigg, Frank, R.A.S.
Quigg, John, Private, R.I.Rifles
Quigg, William, Private, Australians
Sewell, H.S., Brig-General, D.S.O., Legion of Honour
Simpson, Hugh, Private, R.I.Rifles  k
Simpson, James, American Army
Simpson, John, Private, R.I.Rifles  k
Smith, William, Private, R.I.Rifles
Spence, Charles K.P., Canadians
Townsley, William J., Royal Navy
Walker R.L, London Irish Rifles
Walker, William, 2nd Lieutenant, M.G. Corps
Wilson, John, Royal Navy
Wilson, Robert G, Sergeant, R.I.Rifles  w
Woodside, Daniel, eg., Q.M. Sergeant, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry.

k.- Killed, w-Wounded, m.- Missing.

Further information on the Parish of Ramoan can be found at: http://ramoan.connor.anglican.org/

Information on the Church of Ireland can be found at: http://ireland.anglican.org/


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