Register of Deceased Seamen

Extracts from Register of Deceased Seamen 1935-1936

Extracted from the Registers of Deceased Seamen held in the special collections archive of the Mitchell Library in Glasgow. The following gave their birthplace as Ireland.

This list is presented in date order but you can sort the table - ascending or descending - by any column by clicking on the relevant header.

Surname First names Age Rank Birthplace Last known abode Date of death Cause Place Ship Port of Reg Comments
Savage James 61 AB Co. Down 11 Lewis St., Swansea January 30, 1935 Uraemia Long Island College Hosp. NY Baron Ogilivy Ardrossan
Graham Chris 54 Fireman Armagh 71 Carmel St., Belfast March 17, 1935 Drowning Ayr Docks Oranmore Belfast
McMordie Samuel 49 Ch. Eng. Lisburn Hongkong January 1, 1935 Heart Disease at sea Anjou Hongkong
Beers Aubrey Henry Wm. 45 Baggage Master Belfast 32 Eastbury Avenue, Barking, Essex June 5, 1935 Fell down hold Albert Dock, London Highland Princess Belfast
Mooney Henry 63 Engineer Ballycastle Armoy & Belfast February 25, 1935 Drowning off Carnlea Co. Down Eileen Liverpool
Murphy Edward 48 3rd hand Newcastle 4 Worcester Terr., Gillet St., Hull July 21, 1935 Drowning at sea Capetown Hull
Belshaw James 56 AB Newtownards 67 Bright St., Belfast August 17, 1935 Drowning Lurigethan Belfast
Black Wm. 34 Cook Belfast 135 Madrid St., Belfast October 27, 1935 Fell overboard at sea Carnalea Belfast
Caldwell Samuel 20 Deck Boy Belfast 34 Hannery St., Belfast October 5, 1935 Tertian Malaria Walton Hosp. Liverpool Port Huon London
Kane David 24 AB Co. Antrim Copeland View, Islandmagee October 10, 1935 Drowning Rouen Kilrea Belfast
Scott Andrew 41 AB Co. Antrim 20 Taylorson St., Salford October 19, 1935 Drowning at sea Vardulia Glasgow ship lost at sea
Robinson Louis 56 Mate Co. Down Ardglass December 1, 1935 Drowning Kilchattan Bay, Isle of Bute Trojan Glasgow
Bennie James 54 Boatswain Belfast 34 Chapel St., Devonport December 12, 1935 Cerebral degeneration Colonial Hosp. Gibraltar Petroleum London disch. 23rd Nov.
McWilliams Henry 25 2nd Refri. Eng Belfast 22 Evoline St., Belfast January 5, 1936 Drowned at sea Karamea Southampton  
Armstrong George 45 AB Belfast 58 Carlisle St., Belfast January 9, 1936 Haemorrhage on board at La Plata Highland Monarch Belfast  
Maginnis Andrew F. 47 1st Mate Belfast Erneville, Holywood January 21, 1936 Pneumonia Shameen Nursing Home, Canton Malachite Glasgow  
McNeill Arthur 49 Ch. Eng. Antrim 3 Havelock Pl., Carnlough March 16, 1936 Heart Failure on board at Cork Kwong Sai Hongkong  
Skelton John 63 Bath Steward Down Bangor March 6, 1936 Heart Failure Brighton, Trinidad Georgic Liverpool & pneumonia
Clare John Hugh 57 Chief Officer Dublin White Rock House, Wexford March 20, 1936 Heart Failure Hong Kong Kwong Fook Cheung Hongkong  
Collins Wm. 62 AB Cork 111 Durham Rd., Newport, Mon. March 16, 1936 Heart Failure Gen. Hosp. Tacoma Tremeadow St. Ives cardiac asthma
Murray Charles 27 Wireless Op. Monaghan Glasslough, Monaghan March 8, 1936 Drowned Port Limon Seven Seas Sound Cardiff  
Watson James 21 Carpenter Antrim Carrickfergus March 28, 1936 Drowned R. Thames Merel London between 28/03 - 05/04/36
Gillen Wm. 62 2nd Eng. Donegal 3 Orchard St., Greenock May 15, 1936 Cardiac Failure Greenock Flying Spray Glasgow on board
Keeley John 56 2nd Eng. Down 12 Caulfield Place, Newry May 2, 1936 Heart Failure R. Clyde River Humber Bristol  
Quaid Jeremiah Wolf Tone 37 1st Wireless Op. Wexford Ballydicken, Redmond Pla., Wexf March 29, 1936 Peritonitis at sea Moldavia Liverpool  
Carroll John 36 AB Cork 101 Killigrew Rd, Falmouth March 16, 1936 Cardio vascular disease San Luis Obispo, California Athelempress Liverpool disch. 09/03/36
Doyle Samuel 53 Greaser Belfast 49 Northumberland St., Belfast June 20, 1936 Angina pectoris Liverpool Ulster Queen Belfast on board
James Jervis Edw. 55 AB Donegal 7 Melrose Terr., Waterside, L'Derry May 22, 1936 Cerebral haemorrhage at sea Auramia Liverpool  
McCann James 40 AB Belfast   May 13, 1936 Encelphalomalacia Gorgas Hosp. Ancon Langleecrag Newcastle  
Galbraith James 52 AB Antrim Carnlough July 14, 1936 Perforation of stomach Troon Saint Oran Glasgow  
O'Dorman Alex. 37 Fireman Antrim Stoneyhill, Carnlough July 27, 1936 Drowned Rouen Crewhill Belfast  
Donnechie James 61 Fireman Tyrone 8 Grange St., Grangemouth April 20, 1936 Drowned Burntisland Corland London  
Doris Patr. James 22 Ass. Eng. Londonderry 5 Laird St., Port Glasgow July 15, 1936 Extensive burns Brit. Hosp. Buenos Aires Athelprince Liverpool disch. 13/07 @ Buenos Aires
Hallahan James 37 Donkeyman Kilkenny 23 Brook St., Liverpool August 21, 1936   Belfast Ulster Hero Belfast on board
O'Keefe Patr. 54 AB Cork 5 Maughan St., Penarth, Glam. April 19, 1936 Car accident Savannah Tregenna St. Ives  
Kelly James Patr. 47 Wireless Op. Meath 27 Eyton St., Hull August 14, 1936   at sea Hampton Hill London  
McAuley Alex. 48 AB Belfast Sete Herault, France August 2, 1936 Drowned Sete Herault, France Langleebrook Newcastle  
Meneilly Wm. 56 Ships cook Belfast Mountview, Saintfield rd., N'breda September 10, 1936 Stomach trouble Gothenburg Appalache Newcastle  
Murphy James 41 AB Wexford Sailors Home, Commercial Rd., London September 3, 1936 Heart Failure R. Blackwater Elstree Grange Liverpool  
Byrne Patr. 40 Cook/Steward Dublin 14 York St., Dublin September 26, 1936 Heart Failure Valencia Clonlara Limerick  
Hayes Wm. 43 AB Wexford 4 Quay Hill, Falmouth August 2, 1936 Haemdytic poision Adelaide British Science London  
McDonnell James 43 Fireman Belfast 30 Michael St., Newport, Mon. October 20, 1936 Heart Failure at sea Tresillian London  
Waters Edw. 57 AB Wicklow 80 Butchers Rd., London E16 September 15, 1936 Diseased kidneys at sea Middlesex London  
Brennan Edw. 37 AB Wexford 22 Buchanan Rd., Wallasey October 4, 1936 Septicaemia Brit. & Amer. Hosp. Valparaiso Reina del Pacifico Liverpool disch. 23/07/36 from ship
Donovan James 57 AB Cork Glandore November 21, 1936 Malaria Hamburg Zinal London  
Reilly Patr. 61 Fireman Belfast 28 Villiars St., Sunderland November 19, 1936 Heart Failure North Sea Yew Forest Glasgow  
Reville Nicholas 49 AB Wexford Faythe, Wexford December 15, 1936 Drowned at sea Ramsay London  
Ferguson Joseph 29 Fireman Antrim 19 Arosa Pde., Belfast December 14, 1936   at sea Fanad Head Belfast  
Johnston Alfred Lionel 62 Surgeon Belfast London December 23, 1936 Pancreatic carcinoma at sea Clan Macauley Glasgow  
Crowley James 54 AB Cork 5 Hodges Cottages, Cardiff December 27, 1936 Heart Failure Port Pirie Hosp. Shakespear London  


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