Register of Deceased Seamen

Extracts from Register of Deceased Seamen 1939

Extracted from the Registers of Deceased Seamen held in the special collections archive of the Mitchell Library in Glasgow. The following gave their birthplace as Ireland.

This list is presented in date order but you can sort the table - ascending or descending - by any column by clicking on the relevant header.

Surname First names Age Rank Birthplace Last known abode Date of death Cause Place Ship Port of Reg Comments
Baldwin Edward 52 AB Laois 6 Cheltenham Place, Chorlton on Medlock January 6, 1939 Bronchitis Antwerp Egyptian Prince London  
Hagan James 48 Greaser Wexford 42 Brynmalyn St., Swansea January 24, 1939 Heart Failure Venice Harburg London  
Kenna Patrick 58 Donkeyman Dublin 32 Lower Mayo St., Dublin January 17, 1939 Haemoptysis Dublin Clarecastle Belfast  
McDade Manus 51 Fireman Donegal 41 Cathcart St., Greenock January 17, 1939 Drowned S Rock Light Warrior Glasgow  
Velander Francis 20 Sailor Cork 4 Ewart Road, Liverpool January 22, 1939 Drowned St. Ives Wilston Glasgow  
Coghlan Thomas M 42 Master Down 7 Edgemoor Drive, Liverpool February 8, 1939 Drowned Atlantic Ocean Maria de Larrinaga Liverpool  
Hartnett Richard James 20 4th Eng. Dublin 11 Upper Clanbrassil St., Dublin February 17, 1939 Broken neck Norfolk, Virginia King City Bideford Fractured skull
McCarthy Michael 51 AB Cork 17 Westbury St., London SW8 March 5, 1939 Natural causes at sea Godfrey B Holt Liverpool  
McLarnon John 24 OS Antrim Cushendall March 16, 1939 Fall Birkenhead Gen. Hosp. Citrine Glasgow Fell down No.2 hold
Smith Joseph 42 Sailor Louth Main St., Clogherhead, Louth February 24, 1939 Heart Failure at sea Lautaro London  
Butler George Patr 37 Mate Dublin Epney nr Saul, Gloucester February 4, 1939 Drowned R. Severn Severn Pioneer Bristol  
Connelly Wm Paul 45 Barman Dublin 25a Queens Terrace, Southampton March 31, 1939 Heart Failure at sea Dunera London  
McQuillan Bernard 24 OS Antrim   March 21, 1939 Drowned Savannah, Galveston Baron Saltoun Ardrossan  
Morrow Leo Joseph 36 Fireman Belfast Baring St., South Shields March 9, 1939 Pneumonia at sea Hardingham London  
Kavanagh Sam 32 Butcher Ireland 102 Nivis St., Belfast April 20, 1939 TB Capetown Empress of Britain London disch. 06/04/39 @ Durban
Blaney Robert 60 Fireman Londonderry 172 St. Johns Terrace, Middlesborough June 17, 1939 Drowned at sea Pacific Hull lost overboard
Elliott James Douglas 34 AB Belfast 16 Garden St., Belfast April 19, 1939 Drowned Singapore Hopecrown Newcastle  
Gilmartin Leonard 40 Sailor Sligo   May 14, 1939 Fatigue Leopoldville Matadian Liverpool Asthenie avitaminosique
Gough John 44 AB Belfast 49 Grey St., Liverpool June 5, 1939 Fall at sea British Tennacity London Fall from fore topmast stay
Roberts Wm Henry 23 Ass. Stew. Dublin 84 Pembroke Road, Dublin June 6, 1939 Drowned at sea Highland Princess Belfast lost overboard
Denash Thomas 58 Bellroom Ass. Sligo 80 Melville Place, Liverpool June 26, 1939 Cerebral Haemorrhage at sea Duchess of Bedford London  
Dolan J 39 Fireman Belfast   May 7, 1939 Heart Failure at sea Tunisia Swansea  
Furlong John 38 Fireman Waterford Crook Road, Waterford May 4, 1939 Drowned Delfzyl, Holland Caduceus Newcastle  
Prendergast James 61 2nd Grade Stev. Tipperary 535 Victoria Road, Sydney July 4, 1939 Myocardiac Degeneration St. Pauls Hosp. Vancouver Niagara London  


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