Register of Deceased Seamen

Extracts from Register of Deceased Seamen 1919-1920

Extracted from the Registers of Deceased Seamen held in the special collections archive of the Mitchell Library in Glasgow. The following were found in the Register of Deceased Seamen and gave their birthplace as Ireland.

This list is presented in date order but you can sort the table - ascending or descending - by any column by clicking on the relevant header.

Surname First Name Age Rank Birth Place Last Known Abode Date of Death Cause Place Ship Comments
Russell Chas 38 Greaser Belfast
Copenhagen Appleleaf
Ryan J 33 Cook Belfast 92 Waverly St., Hull 15/03/1919 Drowned at sea Darban
Harken J.R. 25 Carpenter Belfast 36 Longville St., Liverpool 26/03/1919 Malaria Port Harcourt Egori
Agnew James Alex. 21 2nd Mate Belfast 77 Pennywain, Cardiff 20/04/1919 Pneumonia Halifax, Nova Scotia War Toronto
Gillan George 34 Carpenter Belfast 13 Edenderry Gdns., Tennant St., Belfast 23/08/1919 Kidney Disease Calcutta City of London
Larmour Albert 38 Ch. Officer Belfast Jaymount, Carrickfergus 24/08/1919 Typhoid Ancon Hosp. Canal Zone Guatemala
Heron John 52 Fireman Belfast 40 Fearin St., Newport, Mon. 24/08/1919 Bleeding from lump at sea Treinta-y-tre
McDonald James 40 2nd Mate Belfast 10 Charles St., Briton ferry 02/09/1919 Drowned at sea Kashing
Stitt Wm 27 Fireman Belfast 50 Agra St., Belfast 29/09/1919
at sea Otira
Johnston Wm. 51 Master Belfast 124 Chestnut Ave., Forest Gate, London 03/10/1919
at sea Mahopac
Ferguson Ephraim 23 Sailor Belfast
Pernambuco Garthsnaid Sailing ship
Toner Patrick 45 Trimmer Co. Dublin 14 Dorset St., Dublin 24/10/1919 Cancer of the stomach St. Vincents Hosp. Sydney Durham
Russell John 44 Fireman Belfast 55 Third St., Belfast 15/11/1919 Drowned Antwerp Newshera
Donnan Alex. 22 AB Co. Down Cloughey, Co. Down 18/12/1919 Drowned at sea Constance Ship lost
Donnelly Alex. 35 3rd Eng. Co.Antrim Davis St., Carrickfergus 18/12/1919 Drowned at sea Constance Ship lost
Flannigan Hamilton 33 Mate Belfast 45 Churchill St., Belfast 18/12/1919 Drowned at sea Constance Ship lost
Gunning Wm. 34 Master Co. Down Ballywalter 18/12/1919 Drowned at sea Constance Ship lost
Reid Wm. 37 1st Eng. Belfast 45 Trevor St., Holywood 18/12/1919 Drowned at sea Constance Ship lost
Reid Wm. Jas. 17 Fireman Belfast 45 Trevor St., Holywood 18/12/1919 Drowned at sea Constance Ship lost
McMordie Wm. 55 Cook Belfast Bloomfield Ave., Belfast 18/12/1919 Drowned at sea Theory Ship foundered
Hendry Peter 62 Donkeyman Co. Down 32 Kinning St., Glasgow 10/01/1920 Drowned at sea Treveal Ship wrecked
McVeigh W 24 Fireman Co. Antrim Whitehill Rd., Carnlough 10/01/1920 Drowned at sea Treveal Ship wrecked
O'Gorman Gerald 24 Quartermaster Belfast 15 Queens Parade, Bangor 06/02/1920 Drowned at sea Oxonian
Considine Michael 34 Greaser Ireland Moys Loch, Killaloe, Co. Clare 17/02/1920 Pneumonia Antwerp Princess Beatrice
Gardner George 48 Boatswain Belfast 16 Spencer St., Belfast 28/02/1920 Fractured skull Liverpool Port Bowen
Russel John Stafford 37 Purser Belfast 3 Elblana St., Belfast 05/03/1920 Blackwater fever Accra Boutry
Boyd Robert 26 Purser Belfast Greenmount, Carnmoney 07/04/1920
at sea Rathlin Head
White A 25 Ass. Cook Ireland 10 Murphy St., Belfast 19/04/1920 Drowned Warri, Nigeria Bonny
Black James 54 AB Belfast 301/2 West Wear St., Sunderland 17/05/1920 Broken neck Bilbao Largo
Cairns Wm 41 Fireman Ireland 21 Frampton St., Salford, Manchester 21/05/1920 Injuries sustained through fall Maison de Sante Protestante Bordeaux Vaux
Graham John 57 Cook Belfast 7 Plym St., Plymouth 07/07/1920 Dysentery Hosp. Smyrna Ellida
Kevans John 56 2nd Grade Stew. Ireland Sydney 25/07/1920 Pyaemia St. Paul's Hosp. Vancouver BC Niagra
Byrne Wm 26 Spare hand Ireland 93 Castle St., Grimbsy 28/07/1920 Drowned at sea Imperial Queen Ship missing
Williamson Rich. 41 Cook Ireland 77 Neville St., Grimbsy 28/07/1920 Drowned at sea Imperial Queen Ship missing
Martin Pat 43 1st Mate Co. Antrim Singapore 29/08/1920 Heart Failure Singapore Soon Ann
Barber Daniel 51 Seaman Belfast 10 Gladstone St., Birkenhead 20/09/1920 Coma uremico Rawson Hosp. Buenos Aires Garryvale
Moorhead Wm. John 54 AB Belfast 27 Louise St., Belfast 28/09/1920 Stomach problems at sea Wimbledon
McGlinchey L. 27 Fireman Co. Tyrone Glasgow 05/10/1920 Lymphadenoma, anaemia, cardiac failure Government Hosp. Durban Braemar Castle
McBurney J 26 Fireman Co. Down Upper Brown Nough, Ballymartin, Co. Down 10/10/1920 Fever Antwerp Hosp. Frankier
McGee James 55 Master Belfast Prince Rupert, BC 04/11/1920 Haemorrhage Deaconess' Hosp. Alexandria Cap Finisterre
McCollam Denis 34 2nd Eng. Co. Antrim Mill St., Cushendall 05/11/1920
Bordeaux River Teign


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