Register of Deceased Seamen

Extracts from Register of Deceased Seamen 1929-1930

Extracted from the Registers of Deceased Seamen held in the special collections archive of the Mitchell Library in Glasgow. The following gave their birthplace as Ireland.

This list is presented in date order but you can sort the table - ascending or descending - by any column by clicking on the relevant header.

Surname First names Age Rank Birthplace Last known abode Date of death Cause Place Ship Port of Reg Comments
McEvoy James 51 Fireman Belfast 4 Athcart St., Belfast 16/1/29 Fall Hull Lumen Liverpool
Saunders Frederick 40 AB Wexford 4 Joseph St., Wexford 11/1/29 Drowned West Dock Cardiff Elsie Annie Wexford
Conney Jeremiah 33 Fireman Cork 3 Dumore Place, Cork 1/2/28 Drowned at sea Glendale Glasgow
Price Charles 64 Master Arklow Arklow 16/11/28 Drowned off Anglesey Mary Ann Guernsey
Price Thomas 66 Mate Arklow Arklow 16/11/28 Drowned off Anglesey Mary Ann Guernsey
Cavanagh Michael 42 AB Greencastle, Donegal 12 Byron St., Bootle 31/1/29 Anaemia Long Island Coll Hosp. Brooklyn Memnon Liverpool disch. 11/1 NY
Campbell Thomas 31 Fireman Belfast 31 Townsend St., Belfast 12/11/28
Antwerp Kenbane Head Belfast body recovered 29/11
McIlwain John 54 Master Islandmagee
16/1/29 Drowned Forth & Clyde Canal Dorothy Glasgow
Reilly Pat 51 Boatswain Dublin 117 Falkener St., Liverpool 21/1/29 Drowned at sea Teesbridge West Hartlepool
Burchill George 51 Fireman Brandon, Co. Cork 46 Somerset St., Cathays, Bristol 9/4/29 Heart Failure at sea Bristol City Bristol
Craven Pat 29 Sailor Wicklow 77 King St., Garston 21/4/29 Drowned Rotterdam Cristales Liverpool
Edmond Henry 69 2nd Mate Down Clarmont Ho., 23 Orrell Lane, Aintree 13/3/29 Sarcoma Buenos Aires Kheti Liverpool
Hegarty George 59 Night Watchman Co. Donegal 62 Hamilton Rd., Liverpool 3/5/29 Stomach Ulcer St. Vincents Hospital, New York Albertic Liverpool
Hendrick Philip 33 Fireman Waterford 14 Roche St., Waterford 16/4/29 Drowned Dunkirk Caduceus Newcastle body recovered 21/5/29
Power John 36 AB Cove, Tramore, Waterford
20/4/29 Tubercular peronitiis Magallanes, Chile Sutherland Grange West Hartlepool stomach ulcers
Wilson John 45 AB Carnlough, Co. Antrim High St., Carnlough 13/5/29 Heart Failure Dublin Prase Glasgow
Woods Thomas 50 Cook Dundalk
1/1/29 Abcesses in lungs New Plymouth, NZ Hertford London
McGeown Pat. 29 AB Belfast 60 Comrie St., Belfast 27/5/29 Drowned Cork Ariadne Alexandra London or McGowan
Doyle Nicolas 23 3rd Eng Wexford Swan View Ho., Wexford 10/7/29 Heat Stroke at sea Orient City Bideford
Hassard William John 64 Seaman Co. Cavan 12 Park Rd., Glasgow 10/7/29 Heat Stroke at sea City of Derby London
Reid Albert Ernest 36 AB Belfast 4 Market Place, South Shields 26/6/29 Drowned Sfax, Tunisia Burnhope Newcastle
Tyrell Peter 65 Master Arklow 2 Alexander Terrace, Arklow 22/2/29 Heart Failure Wexford Happy Harry Whitehaven
Blair Thomas James 44 Pumpman Co. Tyrone 26 Charlotte St., Devonport 22/7/29 Strangulation La Brea, Trinidad British Peer London Asphyxia
Cully William 45 AB Belfast
24/7/29 Pneumonia Montreal Manchester Regt Manchester
Donoghue Denis 48 AB Cork 1 Dover Place, Clifton, Bristol 24/8/29 Concussion at sea Tabarka Swansea
Maloney William 45 Boatswain Dublin 1 Blakestone Bay, Hull 25/7/29 Natural causes at sea Westray Hull
Brennan James 41 Fireman Ireland Queenstown 21/8/29 Multiple burns St. Vincents Hospital, New York Lancastria Liverpool
Curley Denis James 20 Wireless Op Offaly
1/9/29 Drowned Bourgas Maid of Crete London
Murphy Tim Noel 18 Apprentice Fermoy Killeens Cottage, Commons rd., Cork 12/8/29 Injuries at sea Indian City Bideford
Murphy Stephen 51 AB Wexford 27 Stuart St., Cardiff 12/8/29 Drowned at sea New Brooklyn Liverpool bronchio pneumonia
McBride Frank Pat. 58 AB Donegal 41 Bacon St., London E13 26/9/29 Heart Failure Lagos Jekri Liverpool
Morris Edward 64 2nd Class Stew. Dublin 60 Roslyn St., Liverpool 21/9/29 Apoplexy European Hosp. Freetown Accra Liverpool
Sanderbeck Margaret 39 Stewardess Drogheda 26 Harrowby Rd., Seaforth, Liverpool 29/8/29 Ptomaine poisoning at sea Highland Brigade Belfast
Turney John 65 Mate Waterford
15/10/29 Natural causes off Folkestone Perserverance Plymouth
Barry James J 46 Chief Eng. Waterford 24 Daisy Terrace, Waterford 11/10/29 Cerebral Haem. Vancouver Teucer Liverpool
Daly Daniel 34 AB Union Hall, Cork 8 Clarence Place, Cardiff 1/10/29
at sea Trevean St. Ives
Murphy John Arthur 36 Steward Mayo 16 Lunt Rd., Bootle 27/10/29 Angina Pectoris at sea Orcoma Liverpool
Smyth Rob 21 2nd Eng Bonnybefore, Co. Antrim
27/10/29 Drowned Treport Harbour Tannamore Belfast
Steele Thomas 52 Fireman Carrickfergus Liverpool 11/10/29 Uraemia Buenos Aires San Manuel London
Brown William 24 AB Belfast 40 Little Corporation St., Belfast 7/12/29 Drowned at sea Glenmaroon Belfast washed overboard
McFall Sam 43 Fireman Belfast 18 Ballymoney St., Belfast 4/12/29 Suffocation Barry Dock Carrickmacross Glasgow
Behen Thomas 49 Fireman Limerick 32 Eldon St., Liverpool 21/12/29 Drowned Coleraine Millocrat Liverpool
Colfer William 48 Lamp trimmer Fethard, Co. Wexford
13/12/29 Accident Shanghai Cyclops Liverpool
Smith Joseph 40 Greaser Limerick
7/12/29 Abcesses in lung Panama Orita Liverpool
Butler Michael 55 AB Dublin Plymouth 31/12/29 Amolbic Dysentary Auckland Hospital Tairoa Southampton Liver abcesse
Martley Thomas 25 Sailor Waterford Cawdor St., Rosslare Harbour 25/12/29 Drowned Barry Dock Hillfern Cardiff
McMullan James 36 Fireman Larne 23 Victoria Rd., Larne 20/3/30 Drowned Larne Harbour Straide Belfast
McCraith Richard Hays 40 Ass. Steward Ireland 5 Seadley Common, Great Worley, Essex 3/3/30 Cardiac Failure Sydney Orvieto Belfast
Watkins George 52 Engineer Larne 8 Allendale Rd., Plymouth 13/4/30 Pneumonia at sea Grelcaldy London
Campbell John 36 Fireman Antrim 74 Broomlands St., Paisley 21/8/30 Drowned R. Clyde Glasgow Toward Glasgow
McKenty Neil 42 AB Glenarm 2 Raglan St., Garston 29/1/30 Drowned Buenos Aires Strabo Liverpool
Hay Alex. Stewart 39 Master Belfast 356 Alderman Rd., Glasgow 17/10/30
at sea Alhama Glasgow
O'Neill Joseph 42 1st Eng. Magheramore, Antrim
2/7/30 Heart Failure at sea San Macedonia London
Kelly John 53 Fireman Londonderry 57 Fieldgate St., London E.1 24/10/30 Cardiac Failure Colonial Hospital Gibraltar Albatross London
Logue Willie 30 2nd Eng Faughanvale Greysteel, Co. L'derry 17/12/30 Fractured skull Weymouth Hospital Bonawe Glasgow
McMurtry Rob 45 Master Islandmagee 10 Crumlin Gardens, Belfast 12/12/30 Drowned at sea Grovehill Belfast
Parker Wm James 67 AB Londonderry 115 Stobcross St., Glasgow 7/12/30 Pneumonia at sea Cameronia Glasgow
Todd Isaac 65 1st Eng. Belfast 22 Mountcollier Av., Belfast 15/12/30 Drowned St. Malo Ardglass Greenock
Curran Joseph 39 2nd Eng Belfast 67 Sheriff St., Belfast 30/1/30 Heart Failure Cork Kerrymore Tralee
Lascelles Rob 55 Master
63 The Mount, Belfast 14/11/30 Erysipelas Preston Hospital M J Craig Belfast
Straney James 65 Fireman Belfast 22 Garmoyle St., Belfast 30/11/30 Apoplexy Kallundborg Ashington Newcastle


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