Register of Deceased Seamen

Extracts from Register of Deceased Seamen relating to the Shetlends 1911-1913

Extracted from the Registers of Deceased Seamen held in the special collections archive of the Mitchell Library in Glasgow.

This list is presented in date order but you can sort the table - ascending or descending - by any column by clicking on the relevant header.

Surname First Name Age Rank Birth Place Last Known Abode Date of Death Cause Place Ship Comments
Stephen Wm. 48 Fisherman Aberd'shire Ham, Bressay, Shetlands 13/01/1911 Drowned Ord of Bressay Ann
Stephen George 16 Fisherman Shetland Ham, Bressay, Shetlands 13/01/1911 Drowned Ord of Bressay Ann
Williamson R. 22 Sailor Shetland Lerwick 09/02/1911 Inflammation of lungs Hosp. Rotterdam Inverness disch. 17/01/1911
Smith And. 25 AB Shetland Horra, Whiteness, Shetland 22/07/1911 Tubercular Meningitis London Hosp. Ancona
Dowell S. 41 Master Shetland Sandness 24/07/1911 Drowned Horse Shoe Bay, Banks Peninsular Bell Flower Vessel foundered
Christie Gideon 27 Hand Shetland Symbester, Burra 02/12/1911 Drowned West Voe, Shetland Matchless sailing ship
Pottinger Peter 21 Hand Shetland North Ham, Burra 02/12/1911 Drowned West Voe, Shetland Matchless sailing ship
Jamieson Robt. 43 1st Mate Shetland 10 North Junction St., Leith 18/12/1911 Drowned at sea Wingrove ship missing
Isbister Jerome 18 OS Shetland Fetlar, Shetland 04/01/1912 Drowned
Archtor ship missing
Leask H. 26 AB Shetland 17 Citadel Leith 04/01/1912 Drowned
Archtor ship missing
Anderson Andrew 26 AB Shetland Sand Gullerwick, Shetlands 14/01/1912 Fractured skull at sea Orama
Twatt Rbt. A. 25 AB Shetland 146 Eldon St., South Shields 04/03/1912 Fell down hold Tabu, West Africa British Monarch
Young Robt. 44 AB Shetland Sailors' home Lerwick 13/03/1912 Endocarditis Long Island Coll. Hosp. Venetia left ship 9/02/1912
Garrick John 45 1st Mate Shetland Sandsting or 27 Bangor Rd., Leith 13/04/1912 Heart failure N. Shiels St., Garnet Wolseley
Holliday And. 38
26/06/1912 Paralysis Episcopal Hosp. Philadelphia Themis
Moncrieff A. 20 Sailor Shetland Sailors' Home Glasgow 19/07/1912 Phthsis Colonial Hosp. Gibraltar Kinsale
Williamson A. 25 AB Shetland Scalloway, Shetland 24/08/1912 Drowned at sea Ruysdael
Leask James 20 AB Shetland 21 George St., Leith 29/08/1912 Drowned Hamburg Sir Walter Scott
MacKay John C. 28 AB Shetland Foethies Mill, Chalerton, Dunfermline, Fife 30/08/1912 Struck by falling coal Santos, Brazil St Hugo
Henderson Joseph 42 Master Shetland Lerwick 20/10/1912 Accident Bordeaux Waterloo
Coutts James 19 Sailor Shetland Mellaculoo, Walls 18/11/1912 Peritonitis Notre Dame Hosp. Montreal Bellona
Cram Andrew Edwin 39 AB Shetland 7 Frederick St. South Shields 26/12/1912 Drowned Dunston Malabar
Bruce Henry 61 AB Shetland 21 Forster St., Monkwear Mouth, S'land. 26/12/1912 Drowned Caen Frankland
Shewan Andrew 55 Master Shetland 76 Denmark St., South Shields 16/02/1913 Abdominal Disch. at sea York
Anderson Wm. 52 Chief Mate Shetland 51 Marine Approach, South Shields 07/03/1913 Fell down hold at sea Millpool
Harper Hynd 54 Ch. Eng. Shetland 6 Goodison Rd., Liverpool 24/05/1913 Drowned off Holyhead Maiorese
Tait Laurence 30 AB Shetland Aith Aithsting, Shetland 24/05/1913 Drowned Methil Ailsa
Cheyne John 20 Sailor Shetland 128 South Frederick St., South Shields 25/09/1913 Drowned Basse-Indre, France Addington
Robertson George 36 AB Shetland 25 South Eldon St., South Shields 26/09/1913 Typhoid Fever Falmouth Waverley
Georgeson Peter 39 AB Shetland 6 Cannon St., Leith 14/10/1913 Drowned Busta Braesher St. Nicholas Ship sunk
Laurenson John 34 Boatswain Shetland 27 Albany St., Leith 14/10/1913 Drowned Busta Braesher St. Nicholas Ship sunk
Robertson James 20 Sailor Shetland Mainland, Dunrossness 17/10/1913 Enteric Fever Colonial Hosp. Gibraltar Nymegen
Hall Isaac 19 Sailor Shetland Gonfirth Voe, South Delting, Shetland 01/11/1913 Drowned off Todd Head Trieste


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