Register of Deceased Seamen

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Extracts from Register of Deceased Seamen relating to the Shetlends 1911-1913

Surname First Name Age Rank Birth Place Last Known Abode Date of Death Cause Place Ship Comments
Stephen Wm. 48 Fisherman Aberd'shire Ham, Bressay, Shetlands 13/01/1911 Drowned Ord of Bressay Ann
Stephen George 16 Fisherman Shetland Ham, Bressay, Shetlands 13/01/1911 Drowned Ord of Bressay Ann
Williamson R. 22 Sailor Shetland Lerwick 09/02/1911 Inflammation of lungs Hosp. Rotterdam Inverness disch. 17/01/1911
Smith And. 25 AB Shetland Horra, Whiteness, Shetland 22/07/1911 Tubercular Meningitis London Hosp. Ancona
Dowell S. 41 Master Shetland Sandness 24/07/1911 Drowned Horse Shoe Bay, Banks Peninsular Bell Flower Vessel foundered
Christie Gideon 27 Hand Shetland Symbester, Burra 02/12/1911 Drowned West Voe, Shetland Matchless sailing ship
Pottinger Peter 21 Hand Shetland North Ham, Burra 02/12/1911 Drowned West Voe, Shetland Matchless sailing ship
Jamieson Robt. 43 1st Mate Shetland 10 North Junction St., Leith 18/12/1911 Drowned at sea Wingrove ship missing
Isbister Jerome 18 OS Shetland Fetlar, Shetland 04/01/1912 Drowned
Archtor ship missing
Leask H. 26 AB Shetland 17 Citadel Leith 04/01/1912 Drowned
Archtor ship missing
Anderson Andrew 26 AB Shetland Sand Gullerwick, Shetlands 14/01/1912 Fractured skull at sea Orama
Twatt Rbt. A. 25 AB Shetland 146 Eldon St., South Shields 04/03/1912 Fell down hold Tabu, West Africa British Monarch
Young Robt. 44 AB Shetland Sailors' home Lerwick 13/03/1912 Endocarditis Long Island Coll. Hosp. Venetia left ship 9/02/1912
Garrick John 45 1st Mate Shetland Sandsting or 27 Bangor Rd., Leith 13/04/1912 Heart failure N. Shiels St., Garnet Wolseley
Holliday And. 38
26/06/1912 Paralysis Episcopal Hosp. Philadelphia Themis
Moncrieff A. 20 Sailor Shetland Sailors' Home Glasgow 19/07/1912 Phthsis Colonial Hosp. Gibraltar Kinsale
Williamson A. 25 AB Shetland Scalloway, Shetland 24/08/1912 Drowned at sea Ruysdael
Leask James 20 AB Shetland 21 George St., Leith 29/08/1912 Drowned Hamburg Sir Walter Scott
MacKay John C. 28 AB Shetland Foethies Mill, Chalerton, Dunfermline, Fife 30/08/1912 Struck by falling coal Santos, Brazil St Hugo
Henderson Joseph 42 Master Shetland Lerwick 20/10/1912 Accident Bordeaux Waterloo
Coutts James 19 Sailor Shetland Mellaculoo, Walls 18/11/1912 Peritonitis Notre Dame Hosp. Montreal Bellona
Cram Andrew Edwin 39 AB Shetland 7 Frederick St. South Shields 26/12/1912 Drowned Dunston Malabar
Bruce Henry 61 AB Shetland 21 Forster St., Monkwear Mouth, S'land. 26/12/1912 Drowned Caen Frankland
Shewan Andrew 55 Master Shetland 76 Denmark St., South Shields 16/02/1913 Abdominal Disch. at sea York
Anderson Wm. 52 Chief Mate Shetland 51 Marine Approach, South Shields 07/03/1913 Fell down hold at sea Millpool
Harper Hynd 54 Ch. Eng. Shetland 6 Goodison Rd., Liverpool 24/05/1913 Drowned off Holyhead Maiorese
Tait Laurence 30 AB Shetland Aith Aithsting, Shetland 24/05/1913 Drowned Methil Ailsa
Cheyne John 20 Sailor Shetland 128 South Frederick St., South Shields 25/09/1913 Drowned Basse-Indre, France Addington
Robertson George 36 AB Shetland 25 South Eldon St., South Shields 26/09/1913 Typhoid Fever Falmouth Waverley
Georgeson Peter 39 AB Shetland 6 Cannon St., Leith 14/10/1913 Drowned Busta Braesher St. Nicholas Ship sunk
Laurenson John 34 Boatswain Shetland 27 Albany St., Leith 14/10/1913 Drowned Busta Braesher St. Nicholas Ship sunk
Robertson James 20 Sailor Shetland Mainland, Dunrossness 17/10/1913 Enteric Fever Colonial Hosp. Gibraltar Nymegen
Hall Isaac 19 Sailor Shetland Gonfirth Voe, South Delting, Shetland 01/11/1913 Drowned off Todd Head Trieste


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