Register of Deceased Seamen

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Extracts from Register of Deceased Seamen relating to the Shetlands 1914-1918

Surname First Name Age Rank Birth Place Last Known Abode Date of Death Cause Place Ship Comments
Young Rbt. 40 Master Shetland St. Olaf's St., Lerwick 09/06/1914 Drowned at sea Invincible
Moncrieff Sinclair 23 Sailor Shetland 49 John St., South Shields 10/07/1914 Drowned at sea Wilston
Fraser Magnus 45 Carpenter Shetland Bristol 19/08/1914
Bristol Channel Apollo
Pottinger James 56 Master Shetland 16 Thorndale Rd., Waterloo Rd., Liverpool 05/09/1914 Typhoid Fever Hosp. Constantza Arranmore
Nisbet David 25 AB Shetland 31 Queen St., Leith 31/10/1914 Drowned Whitby Rohilla ship wrecked
Nicolson L. 42 AB & QM Shetland 3 Craighall Cres., Edinburgh 31/10/1914 Drowned Whitby Rohilla ship wrecked
Fullerton George 51
Shetland Papa Isle 11/11/1914 Fatigue & Exposure off Langa Slir
small unreg. Boat
Fraser Lawrence 47 Master Shetland 11 Ashbourne Rd., Liverpool 25/11/1914 Apoplexy Suez City of Vienna
Umphray James
AB Shetland 80 Duke St., Leith 25/12/1914 Drowned off Scarborough Gem
Herculeson J. 47 AB Shetland 9 Commercial St., Lerwick 26/12/1914 Drowned at sea Glenmorven ship missing
Nicholson T. 44 Carpenter Shetland
24/02/1915 Drowned off Scarborough Deptford sunk by enemy
Ridland James 43 Master Shetland 45 Waterloo Pl., North Shields 05/03/1915 Drowned Mostyn Deeps Caithness
Tait John Arthur 30 AB Shetland 30 Lock St., Leith 07/03/1915 Drowned Malta Remembrance
Fraser C 18 OS Shetland Scalpay, Shetland 04/04/1915 Drowned off Shetlands Avanti Savoia
Williamson Peter 66 Mate Shetland 15 Barclay St., Monkwearmouth 12/05/1915 Accident Mudros Tees
Mouat David 42 Fireman Shetland Navy Lynn, Lerwick 19/05/1915 Heart Failure Aberdeen

Cheyne Arthur D 25 AB Shetland 67 Princes St., Leith 12/08/1915 Drowned North Sea Jacona sunk by mine
Tait M 27 AB Shetland 7 Hamilton St., Leith 12/08/1915 Drowned North Sea Jacona sunk by mine
Moncrieff John Wm. 22 Sailor Shetland Scalloway, Shetland 13/08/1915 Typhoid Fever Long Island Coll. Hosp., Brooklyn Inca
Anderson J 39 Mate Shetland
20/09/1915 Drowned at sea Linda Fell ship missing
Johnson Robt. L 37 1st Mate Shetland
12/11/1915 Drowned off Boulogne Nigel sunk by mine
Jamieson James 37 Boatswain Shetland Longhill, Levenwick, Shetlands 26/12/1915 Drowned Orkneys Active ship foundered
Leask Wm. 37 Master Shetland Bigton, Lerwick, Shetlands 31/12/1915 Drowned Orkneys Active ship foundered
Colvin J T 50 Master Shetland 8 Aldwych St., South Shields 31/12/1915 Drowned at sea Tynemouth
Hunter John 62 Boatswain Shetland Barns Court, Shetlands 13/01/1916 Fell down bunker hatch at sea Solway Queen
Crawford James 58 Seaman Shetland 37 Stuart St., Cardiff 15/01/1916 Accident at sea Trident
Inkster Wm. 56 2nd Mate Shetland 45 Agnes St., South Shields 01/02/1916 Drowned at sea Franz Fischer ship sunk by mine
Cluness John 27 AB Shetland
20/02/1916 Drowned Rouen City of Swansea disch. 27/11/1916
Williamson Bruce 59 AB Shetland
24/02/1916 Drowned at sea Arbonne ship missing
Sinclair John 25 AB Shetland Burland, Scalloway, Shetlands 05/03/1916 Drowned Dunkirk West Marsh
Smith A A 49 AB Shetland Lerwick 02/04/1916 Drowned off Yarmouth Perth
Smith Benjamin 26 AB Shetland 36 Louise St., Cardiff 08/04/1916 Fell down hold Hosp. Sydney Anglo Australian
Shearer James 51 AB Shetland
04/06/1916 Dropsy Colonial Hosp. Gibraltar Lackenby entered hosp. 03/05/1916
{Co}utts George 26 AB Shetland Funzie, Fetlar, Shetlands 01/07/1916 Drowned Firth of Forth Agnes Duncan
Williamson Matt 41 Boatswain Shetland Mid Yell, Shetlands 01/08/1916 Drowned at sea Lodaner
{?}bister James 30 2nd Officer Shetland 10 Victoria St., South Shields 24/08/1916 Shell wounds Hosp. Marsala, Sicily Swedish Prince
{ ? } Thomas 47 1st Mate Shetland 179 St. Vincent St., South Shields 08/09/1916 Drowned at sea Elswick Park ship missing
Thomson T 20 OS Shetland 20 Bernard St., Leith 04/10/1916 Drowned White Sea

Tait A 41 Carpenter Shetland 2 Crown St., Leith 04/10/1916 Drowned White Sea

Hardy Charles 25 2nd Mate Shetland 28 Buckingham Avenue, South Shields 24/10/1916 Drowned at sea

{ ? }ry R Bryden 41 Master Shetland
04/11/1916 Drowned at sea Skerries
Poleson L 20 Deckhand Shetland Shetlands 17/11/1916 Drowned at sea

Laing or Lang Hugh 29 AB Shetland
23/11/1916 Haemorrhage Gen. Hosp. Colombo

Peterson A 33 AB Shetland South Lee, Shetlands 20/12/1916 Drowned North Sea

Herculson James 23 AB Shetland South Pund, Gulstra, Lerwick 31/12/1916 Drowned North Minch

Ridland George 61 Carpenter Shetland 100 Princess St., Edinburgh 25/01/1917 Drowned at sea

Mouat Henry 60 2nd Mate Shetland Cross House, The Law, South Shields 10/02/1917 Drowned Stockton

Hardy David 18 Sailor Shetland
10/03/1917 Drowned Calcutta

Duncan Peter 32 AB Shetland 24 James St., Garston 26/03/1917 Drowned at sea

Johnston Thomas 45 1st Mate Shetland South Shields 29/03/1917 Drowned at sea

Shearer Magnus 21 AB Shetland Walsey, Lerwick, Shetlands 29/03/1917 Drowned at sea

Tulloch M. 24 Seaman Shetland East Yell, Shetlands 06/04/1917 Drowned at sea

Halcrow Adam 19 Sailor Shetland 8 St. Magnus St., Lerwick. 11/04/1917 Drowned at sea

Irvine W 46 Master Shetland 49 Upper Sandhurst Rd., Bristol 11/04/1917 Drowned at sea

Fraser R 31 1st Mate Shetland 82 Watt St., Glasgow 11/04/1917 Drowned at sea

Nicolson W H 26 Steward Shetland 15 Nelson's Bark, South Shields 20/04/1917 Drowned at sea

Nicholson L. 24 2nd Mate Shetland 24 Ellesmere St., South Shields 20/04/1917 Drowned at sea

Leask Wm 34 Boatswain Shetland
23/04/1917 Drowned at sea

Goudie P 50 1st Mate Shetland 4 Wesley Av., Liscard, Cheshire 05/05/1917 Drowned at sea

Henry William 25 2nd Hand Shetland 31 Albany St., Leith 06/05/1917 Drowned at sea

Manson W 40 AB Shetland Hull 17/05/1917 Drowned at sea

Jameson G 39 Sailor Shetland East Yell, Shetlands 18/05/1917 Drowned at sea

Thompson George 47 Boatswain Shetland London 04/06/1917 Cirrhosis of the Liver French Mil. Hosp. Saffi, Morrocco

Harnson A 28 AB Shetland Easting, Shetland 11/06/1917 Drowned at sea

Wilson John 53 Ship Cook Shetland 17 Catherine St., South Shields 28/06/1917 Haemorrhage Alexander II Hosp. Archangel

Lamb Magnus 58 Steward Shetland 24 Pomeroy St. Docks, Cardiff 09/07/1917 Drowned at sea

Jamieson W.H. 28 AB Shetland Vidland, Shetlands 16/07/1917 Drowned at sea

Brown James 47 Master Shetland 42 Tiverton St., Liverpool 21/07/1917 Drowned at sea

Robertson G 40 3rd Mate Shetland Barryvoe, Shetlands 31/07/1917 Drowned at sea

Tait John 45 Master Shetland 16 Bright St., South Shields 01/08/1917 Sunstroke New York

Fraser W. 24 Sailor Shetland Papastour, Shetland 04/08/1917 Drowned at sea

Jamieson M 61 Boatswain Shetland Papastour, Shetland 04/08/1917 Drowned at sea

Scott J.R 28 Sailor Shetland Papastour, Shetland 14/08/1917 Drowned at sea

Angus C.J. 41 1st Mate Shetland 68 Thorneycroft Rd., Liverpool 21/08/1917 Drowned at sea

Peterson James J 22 Seaman Shetland
21/08/1917 Haemorrhage of the lungs at sea

Johnson Charles 24 Sailor Shetland West Houlland, Bridge of Walls, Shetlands 24/08/1917 Drowned at sea

Anderson Wm.
2nd Mate Shetland 20 Bernard St., Leith 31/08/1917 Drowned R. Tyne

Williamson Lawrence 23 Seaman Shetland Burravoe, Yell, Shetlands 05/09/1917 Drowned San Fernando, Trinidad

Smith J.B. 35 Seaman Shetland 50 Queens Ave., Goole 22/09/1917 Drowned at sea

McWhirter T 49 Boatswain Shetland 9 Admiralty St., Leith 24/09/1917 Drowned at sea

Inkster James 73 Master Shetland 14 Belvedere Cres., Aberdeen 25/09/1917 Drowned at sea

Williamson Lawrence 30 Ch. Mate Shetland South Shields 04/10/1917 Appendicitis Marseilles

Johnson Wm 45 Master Shetland
19/10/1917 Drowned at sea

Laurenson J 63 AB Shetland
19/10/1917 Drowned at sea

Urquhart A 52 Boatswain Shetland
19/10/1917 Drowned at sea

Williamson T 59 AB Shetland
19/10/1917 Drowned at sea

Fraser W. 22 AB Shetland 2 Sydenham St., Barry 22/10/1917 Drowned at sea

Garrick J 27 AB Shetland 11 Burlington St., Barry 22/10/1917 Drowned at sea

Morrison C 45 Master Shetland Weisdale, Shetlands 25/10/1917 Drowned at sea

Gray T 39 1st Eng. Shetland Murthley, Perthshire 06/12/1917 Killed by explosion Halifax, Nova Scotia

Robertson W. J. 30 Seaman Shetland West Sandwick, Shetlands 07/12/1917 Drowned at sea

Coutts Daniel 18 2nd Hand Shetland Mid Yell, Shetlands 16/12/1917 Drowned at sea

Moncrieff Jas. R. 31 Leading Seaman Shetland Spiggie, Dunrossness 16/12/1917 Drowned at sea

Hawick Andrew 50 2nd Mate Shetland 51 Commercial St., Leith 20/12/1917 Drowned at sea

Nicholson J 23 Seaman Shetland Lerwick 27/12/1917 Drowned at sea

35 AB Shetland
12/01/1918 Drowned at sea

Tait John A 21
12/01/1918 Drowned at sea

Hunter M.G. 47 Mate Shetland P.O. Whiteness, Shetlands 23/01/1918 Drowned at sea

Johnston John 37 Fireman Shetland 8 Chromate Lane, Lerwick, Shetlands 12/02/1918 Drowned at sea

Smith W.H. 40 Master Shetland 8 Union St., Leith 14/03/1918 Drowned at sea

Shewan Wm. S. 42 Master Shetland 11 Fulwell Rd., Sunderland 29/03/1918 Drowned at sea

Edwardson James 31 Seaman Shetland Baltsound, Shetlands 10/04/1918 Drowned at sea

Johnson Hugh M 28 Carpenter Shetland Grumforts, Nesting, Shetlands 14/04/1918 Drowned at sea

Johnson Alex. 20 Sailor Shetland Offerswick, East Yell 16/04/1918 Drowned at sea

Mann J 26 Boatswain Shetland Mid Yell, Shetlands 16/04/1918 Drowned at sea

Robertson Francis 37 AB Shetland Bixter, Shetland 16/04/1918 Drowned at sea

Scollay Peter 21 Sailor Shetland Ayxick, East Yell, Shetlands 16/04/1918 Drowned at sea

Smith J 23 Lamps Shetland Mid Yell, Shetlands 16/04/1918 Drowned at sea

Rendall H 37 Master Shetland 9 Armstrong Terr., South Shields 21/04/1918 Exposure at sea

Irvine Robt.
Sailor Shetland Brough, Whalsay, Shetlands 22/04/1918 Drowned at sea

Jamieson George 27 Sailor Shetland Swinster, Sandwick, Shetlands 24/04/1918 Accidentally drowned Genoa

Mouat Thomas 53 Boatswain Shetland 131 Corbridge St., South Shields 09/05/1918 Drowned at sea

Georgeson Thos. 45 AB Shetland 21 H S Edward St., South Shields 10/06/1918 Drowned at sea

Manson G.W. 56 2nd Mate Shetland 34 Birchington Ave., South Shields 10/06/1918 Drowned at sea

Gray James 54 Master Shetland Inglenook, Kinghorn, Fife 11/06/1918 Drowned at sea

Johnson Gilbert 38 3rd Eng. Shetland 4 Collingwood Terr., Dunston on Tyne 21/06/1918 Drowned at sea

Sharp R 45 Boatswain Shetland Cuppister, Yell, Shetlands 27/06/1918 Drowned at sea

Gray Gilbert 49 AB Shetland 5 Hope St., Leith 02/08/1918 Drowned at sea

Oakes Magnus J 29 Seaman Shetland Lerwick 02/08/1918 Drowned at sea

Anderson Peter 34 AB Shetland 25 South Eldon St., South Shields 28/08/1918 Drowned at sea

Isbister Lawrence 29 AB Shetland 25 Southeast St., South Shields 28/08/1918 Drowned at sea

Sinclair W 62 Sailor Shetland 6 S. William St., Cardiff 07/09/1918 Drowned at sea

Christie Wm 22 AB Shetland Sonther Ho., Burra Isles, Shetlands 15/09/1918 Drowned Howden Docks, Tyne

Nicolson Wm 22 Seaman Shetland Collivoe, Lerwick, Shetlands 29/09/1918 Pneumonia Suez

Clarke John J. 18 Deckboy Shetland Sailors Home, Cardiff 03/10/1918 Drowned at sea

Williamson M 59 AB Shetland 7 Church Way, South Shields 27/10/1918 Pneumonia Brit. Mil. Hosp. Genoa

Pole A 45 AB Shetland 30 Patrick St., Cardiff 11/11/1918 Drowned Mediterranean

Gifford Ogilvy 34 AB Shetland Bressay, Shetlands 12/11/1918 Influenza at sea

Stein John 41 Boatswain Shetland 47 Clanny St., Sunderland 12/11/1918 Pneumonia Sunderland

Halcron Wm 30 AB Shetland Bressay, Shetlands 14/11/1918 Broncho- pneumonia Naval Base

Smith Wm 40 Carpenter Shetland 32 Bentley Road, Gravesend, Kent 14/11/1918 Heart Failure at sea

Pole Peter 28 AB Shetland
29/11/1918 Flu Rock Ferry Albuera disch. 18/11/1918
Bain Robt. 64 AB Shetland Watson's Boarding Ho., South Shields 10/12/1918 Drowned Cork

Hughson Wm 30
Shetland 26 Lower Granton Rd., Leith 22/12/1918 Broncho-pneumonia Hospital Boston Valverda


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