Register of Deceased Seamen

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Extracts from Register of Deceased Seamen relating to the Shetlands 1919-1925

Surname First Name Age Rank Birth Place Last Known Abode Date of Death Cause Place Ship Comments
Watt James 45
Shetland Anchor Coffee tavern, Cardiff 01/02/1919
Cardiff Ilford
Moffat And. Wm. 22 Sailor Shetland 1 Spiers Place, Leith 02/05/1919 Fall Bo'ness Harbour Bosporus
Arthur H 32 AB Shetland Brough, Whalsay, Shetlands 14/06/1919 Drowned at sea Talus Sailing ship & missing
Tullock Peter 24 3rd Mate Shetland Ayunich, Yell, Shetlands 16/07/1919 Drowned Kotonu Regina
Petrie James 43 Mate Shetland 9 Thurston Rd., Liverpool 18/12/1919 Apoplexy at sea Edith Cavell
Henderson Peter
AB Shetland Gansons Buildings, Harbour St., Lerwick 31/12/1919 Drowned Cork Lubeck
Herculeson Jas. 43 AB Shetland Lerwick 19/01/1920 Drowned Rochester Sunningdale
Smith Andrew 24 AB Shetland 24 Winston St., South Shields 11/02/1920 Grippe Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro Greldon
Abernethy L. 29 AB Shetland Walls, Shetlands 19/06/1920 Measles Eppendorf Hosp. Hamburg Weimar
Colvin Oliver 28 AB Shetland 9 Beaufort Terrace,. South Shields 12/10/1920
Punto Arenas, Chile Brodlea
Barclay Jas. Nicholson 32 3rd Eng. Shetland Mid Yell, Shetlands 10/10/1922 Drowned Leith Breslau
Peterson Arthur 45 AB Shetland 7 Albany St. Lerwick 18/12/1922 Drowned Cairns, Queensland Junee
Yorston Magnus 36 Cook Shetland Bressay, Shetlands 04/01/1923 Aortic aneurism Blaikies Quay, Aberdeen Cape Wrath
Watt Laurence 17 Deckboy Shetland Happy Hansee, Walls, Shetlands 28/02/1923 Drowned off Margate Celtic Pride
Pearson Andrew 27 AB Shetland North Roe, Shetlands 02/03/1923 Drowned at sea Ben Corlie
Williamson Robert John 24 Sailor Shetland Gardens Burravol, S. Yell 26/03/1923 Fell down hold Hospital in Naples Finchley
Mainland John Thomas 22 Seaman Shetland 24 Ellesmere St., South Shields 05/06/1923 Drowned Buenos Aires San Fraterno
Henderson John Thomas 23 AB Shetland 11 Hudson St., South Shields 15/08/1923
St. George's Hospital Bombay Anglo - Egyptian admitted to hospital 6 Aug.
Jamieson Magnus 20 OS Shetland Sand Garderhouse 27/03/1924 Typhoid Fever La Rochelle Hospital Helmwood left ship 24/3/1924 Rouen
Nicolson Charles 21 Sailor Shetland Hagdal 13/07/1924 Heart disease & Angina pectoris Port Empedocle Gracefield
Pottinger John 58 Steward Shetland 92 Collingwood St. South Shields 14/08/1924 Nephritis British Hospital Port Said Medomsley disch. Port Said 7July 1924
Cheyne John Gilbert 35 1st Mate Shetland Glenfarquhar 19/09/1924 Heart Disease at sea Corsican Prince
Anderson James 43 AB Shetland 22 Berwick St. South Shields 14/11/1924 Fell down hold at sea Burmese Prince
Smith Thomas 60 AB Shetland 91 St. Olaf St. Lerwick 25/11/1925 Drowned North Sea Galleon ship missing since 25 Nov. 1925
Spence J. Andrew 26 Sailor Shetland 81 Woodbine St. South Shields 18/12/1925 Drowned North Sea Elsdon ship missing since 18 Dec. 1925
Hawick Christopher 52 2nd Officer Shetland Lerwick 19/04/1925 Broncho- pneumonia Colon Princess Marguerite disch. Colon 8 April 1925


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