Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Extract for the Congregation of Kilraughts

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Alexander Samuel
Kilraughts Private 5th Transport, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Anderson Samuel Wallace
Drumdollagh Private Royal Irish Rifles Died of Wounds
Anderson Robert Neill
Drumdollagh Private North Irish Horse
Bellingham John
Kilraughts Private 91st A. and S. Highlanders Killed in Action
Buick Samuel Alexander
Culban Private 10th Scottish Rifles Killed in Action
Doherty William
Ballyboyland Private 18th Royal Irish Rifles Lost a Leg
Lanigan Bob
Lisboy Private 12th Royal Irish Rifles
Moore David
Blackhills Private 12th Royal Irish Rifles
Patton Samuel
Ballyweaney Lance-Corporal 1st Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers Killed in Action
Patton William
Ballyweaney Private 2nd Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Taggart Andrew F.
Friary, Armoy Private 2nd Royal Irish Rifles Killed in Action
Taggart Thomas
Friary, Armoy
H.M.S. New Zealand
Taggart John
Friary, Armoy Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery Died of Wounds
Tweed Hugh
Lisboy Private Royal Air Force
Wallace Matthew
Turnagrove Private 2nd Royal Irish Rifles
Wallace Robert William
Turnagrove Corporal 3rd M.G.C. M.M.
Workman William
Kilraughts Private 18th Royal Irish Rifles Killed in Action
Workman Andrew
Kilraughts Private 12th Royal Irish Rifles

Boyd Samuel F.
Kilmoyangey Private A.E.F., M.T.
Clyde Robert
Ballyboyland Private Can. 18th Reserve
Hanna James
Culban Private 158th U.S. Inf.
Huey John
Killagan Private Can. Army Service Corps
Kennedy Archie
Ballyboyland Private Can. 1st Div. Supply Co. Died of Wounds
Kennedy Robert
Ballyboyland Private Can. Inf.
Kerr James
Knockahollet Private A.E.F.
Kerr John
Knockahollet Gunner A.E.F., F.A.
Lamont William
Glennylough Private 1st N.Z.R.B.
Logan Andrew B.
Knockahollet Private Can. Entrenching Batt.
Moore Alexander
Knockahollet Corporal A.E.F., M.T.
Moore Archie
Knockahollet Electrician Aust. Navy
Moore Jim
Knockahollet Corporal A.E.F. Engineers
McMillan David
Crosstagherty Private U.S.A. Mounted Guards
Robinson Samuel H.
Pharis Private Canadians
Young William James
Pharis Private 13th Canadians Died of Wounds


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