Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Extract for the Congregation of Lurgan, First

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Baxter Charlie
Robert Street Private H.L.I. Killed in Action
Bell Harry
Queen Street Private M.A.C.
Bell R. J.
Queen Street Lance-Corporal 16th A. & S.H.
Black W. S.
Church Place Sergeant Royal Army Medical Corps
Bullick Joseph
Prince's Street Lance-Corporal R.N. Lancs. Prisoner of War
Callaghan R.
Church Place Sergeant 20th Royal Irish Rifles Wounded
Campbell John
Market Street S.M. Army Service Corps M.S.M.
Carson Sam
Toberhuney Private Royal Irish Rifles
Connolly Bob
Queen Street Private 9th R.I.F.
Connolly John
Queen Street Private IC. War Hospital Wounded
Crawford W. B. S.
The Manse Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery
Crozier George
Wellington Street Corporal North Irish Horse
Crozier Harry
Cornrainey Private Royal Air Force
Crozier James
Hamilton Street Private Labour Corps Wounded
Crozier Willie
Hamilton Street Private Royal Air Force
Cully James
Bowen's Lane Corporal 1st R.I.F. Prisoner of War
Cunningham John
Albert Street C.S.M. 10th R.I.F.
Cunningham Tom
Ram Park Private 16th R.I.F.
Dowds George
Factory Lane Private Royal Army Medical Corps
Duffy William
Union Street Lance-Corporal 10th R.I.F. Wounded
Duke W. Thomas
Union Street Lieutenant 16th Royal Irish Rifles
English W. L., M.B.
Oakley Lieutenant Royal Army Medical Corps
Ferguson R.
Dollingstown Sergeant 21st Batt. O.C.
Ferguson Sam
Factory Lane Sergeant 6th Royal Irish Rifles Died
Fitzimons Bob
Robert Street Private 9th R.I.F. Died
Fitzimons Jim
Robert Street Corporal M.G.C. Wounded
Foster Fred.
Market Street Sergeant 9th R.I.F. Killed in Action
Foye William
Robert Street Private Royal Army Medical Corps
Foye Alex.
Robert Street Private 5th Royal Irish Rifles
Gibson Harry
Union Street Private 9th R.I.F. Killed in Action
Gibson James
Brown's Yard Private Royal Engineers
Gibson Robert
Union Street Driver R.I.F.
Gibson Thomas
Queen Street Private 1st E. Lancs. Killed in Action
Gibson William
Brown's Yard Lance-Corporal 9th R.I.F. Killed in Action
Gibson W. J.
Union Street Sergeant North Irish Horse Wounded
Glenn James
Church Place Private Royal Air Force
Glenn William
Church Place Private 9th R.I.F. Killed in Action
Gordon Samuel
Barris's Yard Private Royal Army Medical Corps
Gordon William
Turmoyra Lance-Corporal Royal Field Artillery
Graham Albert
Queen Street Private 9th R.I.F. Wounded
Graham Albert
Factory Lane Private 9th R.I.F. Killed in Action
Graham John
Factory Lane Private 3rd N. Fus.
Hadden Ralph
Avenue Road Sergeant N. Fus.
Hall James
Ram Park Private 9th R.I.F.
Hall William
Rooney's Yard Private 5th Royal Irish Rifles Wounded
Hall W. J.
Ram Park Private Irish Guards Wounded
Hamilton Alex.
Avenue Road Private 9th R.I.F. Killed in Action
Hanna Alex.
North Street Private M. Marines
Hanna Robert
Watson's Lane Private

Hanna William
Watson's Lane Private 1st A. & S.H.
Hanna William
North Street Private Army Service Corps Wounded
Haskis George
Avenue Road Private Royal Army Medical Corps
Hayes Charles, B.A.
Moorefield Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery
Henry James
Barris's Yard Private Royal Air Force
Henry John
Barris's Yard Private 9th R.I.F. Killed in Action
Hill Thomas
Hill Street Lance-Corporal Labour Corps Wounded
Houston Thomas
Northern Bank Lieutenant 10th Royal Irish Rifles
Johnston Arch.
Cornrainey Private Royal Air Force
Johnston Ernest
Grace Hall Lieutenant 8th S. Staffs. Killed in Action
Johnston Herbert
Grace Hall Sergeant 21st O.C.B. Killed in Action
Johnston Percy
Grace Hall Lieutenant Royal Garrison Artillery
Lyttle Isaac
Edward Street Private 10th R.I.F. Wounded
McCaw G. T., M.A.
Tegnavin Lieutenant Royal Engineers
McCleery G. A.
Corcreeny Private Royal Irish Rifles
McCleery James
John Street Private Royal Irish Rifles
McKinstry John
Belfast Lieutenant Royal Irish Rifles
McMurray A.
Flush Place Private Royal Air Force
Magee Edward
Victoria Street Private Garr. Guard Co.
Maguire William
Hill Street Lance-Corporal 5th Royal Irish Rifles
Malcomson David
Church Place Lieutenant Royal Garrison Artillery
Malone Thomas
George Street Private 9th R.I.F. Killed in Action
Matthews Robert
Gilford Road Private Trench Mortar Batt.
Mitchell F. D.
Ulster Bank Captain 10th R.I.F. Died of Wounds
Montgomery E. M.
Ulster Bank Lieutenant Indian Army
Patterson Samuel
Ronney's Yard Corporal Royal Irish Rifles
Patrick R. J.
William Street Private Royal Engineers
Pedlow Robert
Market Street Surgeon Prob. Royal Navy
Plenderleith George
Beech Hill Paymaster Royal Navy
Reid Norman
Corcreeny Corporal 9th R.I.F. Died of Wounds
Seawright Ritchie
Gilford Road Private 3rd H.L.I. Wounded
Smyth Richard
Union Street Driver Royal Field Artillery
Smyth Robert
Union Street Private 9th R.I.F. Killed in Action
Sparkes Richard
Avenue Road Private 16th Royal Irish Rifles Wounded
Sproule A. B.
The Manse Private Royal Air Force
Stewart Thomas
Victoria Street Private Garr. Batt. R.I.F.
Thompson Charles, V.S.
Church Place Captain 1st Batt. Buffs. Wounded
Thompson John M.B.
Church Place Captain Royal Navy
Walls Fred.
Queen Street Cadet Inns of Court

Aiken Hanna
Watson's Lane Private U.S. Army
Clarke Jim
High Street Corporal Can. L.I.
Clarke Mac.
High Street Lieutenant 19th Royal Irish Rifles
Clarke Thomas
High Street Lieutenant Can. Grenadiers
Clarke William
High Street Lieutenant Royal Irish Rifles
Donaldson David
William Street Lance-Corporal Can. F.A.
Foster Archie
Victoria Street Sergeant 75th Can.
Geddis James
High Street Gunner Royal Field Artillery
Hunter Thomas
Legacorry Private Canadians
McIlwaine James
Dollingstown Q.-M.S. Canadians
Ruddy Alfred
Victoria Street Seaman Royal Navy


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